This is the storyline for Super Smash Bros. Zero.


Chapter 1

  • Mario and Knuckles (only if Mario won the fight)
  • Sonic and Luigi (only if Sonic won the fight)
  • Link and Kirby
  • Falco

Bosses and Minibosses


  • Egg Walker (final boss of Chapter 1)


  • Sonic/Mario (depending of your choice, Chapter 1)
  • Dedede (Chapter 1)

Chapter 1: The Grand Tournament

A big brawl tournament, which entrants will be all starter characters, you start playing at the final round, where you choose either Mario and Sonic. After the fight, the one who losed will be launched off the stadium, all of a sudden Bowser appears along with Doctor Robotnik. And uses Dark Cannon to finish the winner, just then Luigi and Knuckles jump from the Crowd onto the stadium. The loser of the previous battle gets shot with the Dark Cannon Gun! The winning team them espaces from the villains, as they present a machine, which Bowser opens, revealing Draabu inside. Everyone espaces in the while, as Draabu sucks the stadium to Subspace. However, everyone succefully espaces, but got seperated. A day after the event, Link founds himselfes in a mysterious forest. After exploring it, he found a small house, which he entered. After he entered, he saw some odd machines, and he turned one on. However, enemies had come from it, so he defeated them and turned machine on. Then, Ganondorf and Dedede appeared having trophy Kirby and Zelda. As soon as Link wanted to destroy the machine, Ganondorf said that he should stop, or he won't rescue Kirby and Zelda. He them walking towards Ganondorf, wanting to rescue his friends, but Ganondorf stunned him using Deku Nut. He them took Zelda trophy, but as Dedede started to espace, he forget about Kirby, however as soon he noticed it, Link recovered from stun, and revived Kirby. Dedede returned to defeat Link and Kirby, but he lost. Link and Kirby then tied Dedede up, and trapped into the house, going to find other heroes. A bit before Link founds himselfes in the Forest, Fox and Falco espaced from the stadium using Arwing, and flew to the Great Fox, which is operated by Krystal. The duo enters the Great Fox, from which Fox is now operating to find other smashers. After flying a bit, they saw Link and Kirby in the forest, but as soon as they saw them, some Wolfens are attacking the ship under command of Wolf. Fox ordered Falco and Krystal to enter Arwings which they do, but Wolf enters, hacking in Great Fox, which closed as soon as Falco left, and leaving Fox and Krystal trapped. Wolf makes a phone call to an mysterious person that he finished the mission. A day later, Mario/Sonic and Knuckles/Luigi are exploring around the Green Hill Zone, with having an feeling that they are watched. They see a shop, which sells Dark Cannons. They quickly run over there and Knuckles/Luigi takes one to check it, and Eggman appear, paralizing the heroes and getting ready to shoot them with the Dark Cannon. Luckingly, before he could charge the Dark Cannon, Mario/Sonic get normal, destroying Eggman's Egg Mobile and Dark Cannon. He them takes his Egg Walker, attacking the heroes. However, he fails, and get thropified. As the heroes approach Eggman's thropy, Bowser appears and revives Eggman, espacing quickly and leaving smoke bomb.

Chapter 2

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