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SSB BravelyDefault
Availability Starter
Status Newcomer
Series Bravely Default
Magnolia is a starting newcomer in Super Smash Bros. Y, and is the game's sole representative of the Bravely Default franchise. While Magnolia is the default character, her alternate costumes switch her to the other playable characters in the series, akin to Bowser Jr. and his Koopaling alts.


Magnolia is an all-around character, with somewhat low weight, high speed, good recovery, and slightly low power. Her basic attacks all utilize different weapons from her home series- swords, rods, knuckles, etc.- and her equipped weapon changes depending on the last utilized normal attack (standards, smashes, or aerials). The equipped weapon affects her Primary Final Smash's effect.

Magnolia's specials are all inspired by Job Abilities from her home series, but tend to focus on those introduced in Bravely Second. She has a support-based edge to many specials, focusing on buffing, debuffing, or indirect damage as opposed to melee attacks.


Standard Moves

Smash Attacks

Aerial Moves


Special Attacks


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