SSB Undertale Symbol
Determined Child
Availability Starter
Status Newcomer
Series Undertale
First Appearance Undertale (2015)
Final Smash SAVE / ERASE

Frisk is the primary protagonist in Undertale, and is a playable character in Super Smash Bros. Y. This makes the game the first appearance of an Undertale character in Smash and the second appearance of Undertale on a Pyro Enterprises system, the first being Undertale: Remastered Edition.


Frisk, much like their home game, is built around the concept of choice, having two forms akin to transforming characters such as Zelda and Sheik or Samus and Zero Suit Samus. However, these two forms are considered the same character, and Frisk has no method of switching between them at will, so there are consequences for using each form- much like in Undertale.

On the surface, Frisk is a lightweight speedster, with low defensive and offensive stats. The main difference is that Frisk is intended to be a pacifist character, and that they are essentially the first true support character to appear in Smash. They are not intended to attack enemies directly, but use ACT Commands, their Neutral Special, to SPARE opponents and boosts their points non-violently.

If Frisk deals 99% damage on a single stock, regardless of whether or not it was concentrated on a single enemy or spread between multiple enemies, Frisk shifts from Pacifist Mode to Genocide Mode, denoted by their normally-closed eyes opening and a red aura surrounding them. Frisk gains a massive boost in strength and changes most of their special moves, but they lose their ability to SPARE the opponent, meaning Frisk has to be far more up close and personal than before.


Frisk's moveset changes depending on which state (Pacifist or Genocide) they are currently in.

Pacifist Mode

Ground Attacks

Damage Description
Neutral Combo 3% (hit 1-2), 5% (hit 3) Frisk slaps the air in front of them twice, then pushes forward with both hands. Only the last hit has knockback.
Dash Attack 4% Pushes forward with both hands. Can hit multiple times.
Side Tilt 8% Feeble swipe forward with the knife.
Up Tilt 4% Raises arms skyward. Low knockback, good for juggling.
Down Tilt 0% Sidesteps in place. Does no damage but acts as a shorter dodge that can be acted out of sooner.
Side Smash 10% A transparent Papyrus sprite appears behind Frisk as their Soul turns blue and three bones rapidly jab forward in succession. Does not count as "Genocide damage".
Up Smash 12% A transparent Mettaton sprite appears behind Frisk as their Soul turns yellow and it fires a quick projectile upwards. Projectile does little knockback but travels fast. Does not count as "Genocide damage".
Down Smash 14% A transparent Undyne sprite appears behind Frisk as their Soul turns green and two energy spears jut out from either side. Heavy damage and knockback; one of Pacifist Frisk's best kill moves. Does not count as "Genocide damage".

Genocide Mode

Alternate Costumes

Name Info
FriskSSBY Default costume. Based on Frisk's most common depiction in fanwork.
FriskSSBY1 Alternate costume 1. Based on Sans's coloration.
FriskSSBY2 Alternate costume 2. Based on Papyrus's coloration.
FriskSSBY3 Alternate costume 3. Based on Toriel's coloration.
FriskSSBY4 Alternate costume 4. Based on Undyne's coloration.
FriskSSBY5 Alternate costume 5. Based on Mettaton EX's coloration.
FriskSSBY6 Alternate costume 6. Based on Asgore's coloration.
CharaSSBY Alternate character. Based off of the Chara sprite and Steam Badge design of the Real Knife. Reffered to by game as "Chara" instead of "Frisk".



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