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Super Smash Bros. Y is a Super Smash Bros. game developed by Pyro Enterprizes as a what-if game, inspired by Jake's Super Smash Bros. and Locky's Super Smash Bros. Additionally, the game acts as an introduction to the "Pyro's Nintenverse", and will take all games by Pyro Enterprizes as canon as well as Nintendo-developed games.

The game underwent a reboot as of the 2015 Spooky Scary Fantendo Showcase.


Y features 2D knockback-based battles similar to the rest of the Super Smash Bros. series, with players utilizing attacks to build up an enemy percentage and knock them off of the screen. The general speed and playstyle is a combination between Melee and Sm4sh, being faster than the latter but slower than the former.



  • Adventure Mode- The Enigma Engine: An extended story mode similar to the Subspace Emissary mode from Super Smash Bros. Brawl. The mode is heavily influenced by the Great Maze level from said game, and takes a Metroid-style gameplay as opposed to the prior mode's Kirby-inspired gameplay.
  • Classic Mode: Face off against a CPU tournament in this simple ladder-based mode. There are eight levels in the mode: clear one to advance to the next. Clearing Classic Mode grants a trophy of the character used to clear it. The levels follow a simple order:
    • LV 1: A normal battle against a character from the player's home series. If multiple people are playing, LV 1 is against a character from the first player's series. Random stage, items on.
    • LV 2: A normal battle against two random characters. Random stage, items on.
    • LV 3: A battle against a single random character, permanently under the effects of the Mushroom item. Random stage, items on.
      • LV B1: Bonus Round 1. Triggers a game of Target Smash with equivalent difficulty to the selected difficulty of Classic Mode. If Classic Mode is being played with two players, Target Tag is played instead. Trigger by clearing LV 1-3 without losing a stock.
    • LV 4: A normal battle against three random characters. Random stage, items on low.
    • LV 5: A battle against a random boss, fought on the stage in which the boss is found. Items on low.
    • LV 6: A battle against a single random character, permanently under the effects of the Metal Box item. Random stage, items on low.
      • LV B2: Bonus Round 2. Triggers a game of Platform Rush with equivalent difficulty to the selected difficulty of Classic Mode. Trigger by clearing LV 4-6 without losing a stock; can trigger even if LV B1 has not triggered.
    • LV 7: A battle against the player's designated rival character, with slightly above-average difficulty. Uses the rival of the first player if multiple people are playing. Final Destination only, items off.
    • LV 8: A 25-man round of Multi-Man Smash. The first 24 opponents are simply Smashsects, but the final opponent is a slightly weaker random opponent. Battlefield only, items off.
    • LV 9: A battle against the ultimate boss of Classic Mode, Master Hand. If difficulty is over Normal, then Crazy Hand will appear as well, and if these conditions are met over Difficult, Master Giant will appear as well. Final Destination only, items off.
      • LV ???: If the player has cleared all 9 levels within 8 minutes, a secret boss fight against Lady Omega will trigger. Time does not pass in Bonus Rounds, and the loss of a stock will result in a 30-second deduction from this time limit. Defeating Lady Omega grants the player a bounty of rewards, as well as a Lady Omega trophy for the first time the fight is cleared.
  • All-Star Mode: Similar to Classic Mode in that it is a ladder-based championship, but All-Star is much more difficult, having the players battle all characters in the game on the same stock, with a limited amount of healing supplies between rounds.

Similarly to Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS, the rounds progress in chronological order, with the oldest characters being fought first.

(Round List TBA)



New Features

Customization Changes

Custom moves have been edited for Y. As opposed to three variants on an existing move, each character now has three entirely unique moves for each slot. In addition, stat customization has been enhanced, as there are six stats that can be changed in Y, as opposed to the original 3. These stats are:

  • Arms: Controls power and durability of attack items and effectiveness of healing items. Increasing Arms reduces Attack.
  • Attack: Controls power of normal and special attacks. Increasing Attack reduces Launch.
  • Launch: Controls knockback of normal and special attacks. Increasing Launch reduces Weight.
  • Weight: Controls the amount of knockback that the player takes. Increasing Weight reduces Agility.
  • Agility: Controls the speed and jump height of the character, as well as the amount of lag on all attacks. Increasing Agility reduces Defense.
  • Defense: Controls the amount of damage players take from attacks. Increasing Defense reduces Arms.

Assist Spheres

Assist Trophies have been removed and replaced with Assist Spheres. While the general effect is the same- summoning a character to fight at a player's side- Assist Spheres are not actual items and objects that must be equipped to a character in customization. Assist Spheres may then be activated once per battle by pressing both the L and R buttons at once (Pyrohedron controller).


In contrast to past Smash games, where certain characters had a counter as a special move, counters in Smash Y are tied to the shield button. Pressing the shield button as soon as an attack hits a character will negate the damage, as well as cause the character to attack the opponent with a forward smash. This maneuver possesses approximately the same timeframe to pull off as a traditional counter and/or a perfect shield, replacing the latter. Characters that formerly possessed counters as special moves have them edited or replaced.


Wraith is a special technique available once a character has reached 200% damage without being KOd. Pressing the secondary shoulder buttons (ZL and ZR on Pyrohedron controller) initiates Wraith, which causes the character to begin emitting blue fire around itself. While Wraith is active, the character deals more damage and knockback, and has drastically enhanced speed. The effect will end after a short period, which gets slightly longer depedning on the player's actual percentage. After it wears off, stats are slightly reduced.

Reaper is a special variant on Wraith that replaces the technique when the player reaches 300% without being KOd. When activated, the character emits more furious purple flames, and has their stats boosted even further. However, Reaper is considered a last resort by the game, and the player will lose a stock as soon as the effect ends. Additionally, respawning after this takes longer than usual, and the character has decreased stats for a short time after respawning.



Character Info
Mario fightning pose
Who doesn't know Mario by this point? Mario is the classic all-around character, lacking any real strengths or weaknesses. The only real change that he has received is the regaining of his Mario Tornado down special, and is otherwise extremely similar to his incarnation in Super Smash Bros. 4.
Princess Peach Toadstool (SSBWIIU)
Princess Peach has been the classic damsel in distress for years, but her skill at fighting is nonetheless powerful. Peach lacks offensive capability, but is heavyweight and skilled at recovery. She can also use her specially-designed dress to float in the air temporarily.
Bowser (SSBWIIU)
The fearsome Koopa King is no slouch in battle. While he has long been a powerhouse in terms of weight and brute force, his speed is also very high for his weight class, with his one true weakness being his lack of projectiles. No longer- Bowser's Neutral Special is now Fireball, granting him a ranged option he used to lack.
Rosalina Model SSB4
Known as the guardian of the cosmos, Rosalina is a more strategic character than most. He is accompanied at all times by Luma, her small, star-shaped companion that copies all of her moves exactly. The two characters can be separated at will, letting Rosalina attack from the opposite side of the stage.
Link Soulcalibur II
The Hero of Hyrule and wielder of the Triforce of Courage. Link is a great swordsman, but his true role comes in his zoning potential, as he possesses a multitude of projectiles, such as bombs, arrows, boomerangs, and more. His arrows have been buffed with bomb and elemental variants, but he no longer holds his shield out in front of him, lowering his defensive potential.
Zelda sprte
Princess of Hyrule and wielder of the Triforce of Wisdom. Zelda may not be the strongest or fastest character in Smash, but she is a powerful mage, and is capable of powerful offensive and defensive magic. This has been expanded upon since Super Smash Bros. 4, as she possesses multiple new standard attacks with magical effects.
Hyrule Warriors Impa Artwork
A Sheikah ninja who acts as a guardian of the Hyrulean royal family. Impa is essentially former Smasher Sheik with a slightly revamped moveset, as she retains most of Sheik's attributes and special moves. There are two main exceptions to this; Impa's down smash is a Deku Nut flashbang, which dazes opponents instead of damaging them, and her side special has been replaced with the new Rising Eclipse move.
Triforce Heroes
Triforce Heroes
Heroes from the far-off land of Hytopia, where fashion rules all. The Triforce Heroes act as a totem of three most of the time, but can be knocked apart if hit hard enough, in which case they lose most of their defensive and offensive power, reuniting if they attack each other. Each hero has a unique weapon; the Green Hero uses a sword, the Blue Hero uses a bow, and the Red Hero uses Fire Gloves. The attacks of the totem depend on the Hero on the top.
Samus Aran
A bounty hunter who travels across the galaxy on various missions, often coming into contact with the villainous Space Pirates. Samus is a bit slow, but powerful, and she has an array of strong projectiles at her disposal. One new addition to her arsenal is her Ice Beam, an attack obtained when her Charge Shot is double-tapped.
Zero Suit Samus
Samus after taking off her protective Varia Suit, leaving her in only the Zero Suit. She lacks the power that her armored form possesses, but makes up for it via the Paralyser, a gun-like weapon that stuns opponents with its attacks. ZSS is highly agile, and is capable of evasive maneuvers most characters lack.
Effectively the face of the Pokémon series, this Electric-type mouse Pokémon is one of the fastest characters in Smash. He zips too and fro, delivering electrical jolts to his opponents. His speed is his one true plus, however; aside from his new Zap Cannon Neutral Special, he lacks kill moves and has low defense and weight.
Pokken Mewtwo
One of the most truly malevolent Pokémon in existence, Mewtwo's mental powers are a true force to be reckoned with. He is highly reliant on ranged attacks, including his Shadow Ball and Psycho Cut abilities, giving him the ability to rack up damage from far away very easily. His weight is low, but his recovery gives him the ability to continue fighting after a good hit.
A Grass/Poison-type Pokémon notable for their beautiful roses, Roserade is nevertheless a deadly plant. Roserade is a mid-heavyweight character with both ranged and melee attacks, most of which have the Pokémon's unique skill in Smash Bros.- poisoning opponents. While Roserade's recovery is lacking, she can remain in the fight for some time with her high defense and decent power.
Leader of military team Star Fox, Fox is a favorite character for many Smash veterans. His playstyle is incredibly well-rounded, with high speed, good kill moves, handy projectiles, and, of course, his Reflector special, a single-frame attack that can break an opponent's attack or reflect ranged attacks. In Y, his speed has increased even further... though some of his better kill moves have been nerfed.
KRTDL Kirby Hi3
He may look cute and cuddly, but there's a reason why Kirby's called the super tuff pink puff. He lacks direct power and is lightweight, making him take heavy knockback, but he also blows nearly every other character out of the water in terms of recovery. He's also capable of inhaling opponents in order to absorb their Neutral Specials.
Magolor SSB4
A mysterious alien being with strange powers, Magolor's ultimately a nice guy... with a thirst for power. Magolor is a lightweight character with amazing recovery, much like Kirby, but while Kirby specializes in melee attacks, Magolor is a mage character, using projectiles to attack from afar. He is also capable of charging his Smash Attacks for twice the time and three times the power; this leaves him open, but boosts the strike to ridiculous levels.
Classic render marth
Marth is a prince notable for actually being a powerful warrior and fighting alongside his army (unlike some people). Marth fights with his rapier, the legendary Falchion, and his playstyle is a graceful, strategic affair that has drawn the attention of many competitive Smashers. He's weak normally, but the very tip of his sword deals massive damage.
Robin, also referred to as the Avatar, is a tactician from the Ylissean vigilante group known as the Shepherds. Robin fights with a massive variety of weapons; a bronze sword, four elemental spell tomes, and their signature magically-charged Levin Sword. These weapons are extremely powerful (and the Nosferatu tome even lets Robin heal themselves at will), but all but the bronze sword have durability limits, and will eventually break.
Much like Corrin, Azura is the child of two kingdoms, a Nohrian princess stolen by Hoshido... though it seems Azura wasn't treated nearly as well as Corrin was. Azura is a mid-weight fighter with slow attacks, but her lance-like staff gives these attacks rather long range. Her Songstress class comes into play as well, letting her use song to boost her attacks speed as well as that of her allies.
Lyndis (usually just called Lyn for short) is a wandering swordswoman born in the Sacaen Plains. She is bar none the fastest swordfighter in the game; she's effectively Pikachu or Fox given a permanent bladed weapon. While she seems like the stereotypical swordfighter character with low weight, she also has plenty of evasive moves and a ranged arrow attack.

Tharja (FE13 Artwork)

SMTxFE Tharja

A powerful dark mage with an obsession over Robin, Tharja is one of the more interesting characters in the game. She has no actual melee attacks, with all of her moves being various types of dark magic. This means that her abilities are extremely varied compared to a normal Smasher; of course, players should mind her low defensive stats.
A simple Homs engineer with the unique capability of wielding the Monado, a god-like weapon with incredible power. The Monado is Shulk's biggest draw; it grants him the ability to utilize Monado Arts, which change his stat spread to fit Shulk's given situation. Naturally, he's an all-around character with fair range and power, but given the right circumstances, the Monado can let him become a godly force to be reckoned with.
A leading member of BLADE, a military organization now tasked with colonizing the alien planet Mira. Elma is a fast, lightweight character with two attack stances, each with their own unique standard and smash attacks; dual guns, which have higher range and speed, and dual swords, which have higher overall power. Each weapon pair breaks down over time, requiring cooldown to repair.
The main character of the Golden Sun franchise, Isaac is a highly strategic character. He seems like a slightly heavy defensive character with low power, but his signature mechanic- Psynergy- resolves this. All of Isaac's non-special attacks have a Psynergy-boosted variant, which possesses increased power and variable effects. Each attack slowly charges up individually, so space out your attacks and power up!
Inklings are the ultra-competitive descendants of squids, who have evolved into humanoid forms and begun to live on land. In Smash, Inkling primarily fights with their Splattershot and other ranged weapons, though can utilize Rollers and Brushes for melee attacks as well. Their ink-based attacks leave ink on the ground- transform into a squid by crouching and moving to gain extreme speed.
Sonic 2006 pose
Sonic's the name, speed's his game! Don't do drugs, kids. Speed is Sonic's definitive trait, while he's not very strong or defensive, he's easily the fastest thing in the entire game, in terms of both movement and attacks. In terms of moves, he hasn't changed much since his last battle, but his Down Special has now been changed to the all-new Sonic Tornado.
Official Judgment Simon
Simon Belmont
The first hero of the legendary Belmont clan, this whip-wielding warrior dedicates his life to slaying the fiend Dracula. In Smash, Simon is a heavyweight fighter whose main attribute is his whip. It can be freely flailed around for his single smash attack, giving it unprecedented range and versatility. He can also use subweapons from his home game for specials, acting as various types of powerful projectiles.
A former member of the SOLDIER mercenary group and current member of bio-terrorism group AVALANCHE. Cloud is an average character in terms of stats, but is definitely not average in terms of his special attacks. Not only are they all fairly powerful, but his Down Special, Limit Break, can be used to upgrade a special attack for one use. Charge up and strike back!
Warriors of Light
Legendary warriors tasked with restoring the world's crystals to power and saving all life from destruction- it's a tale as old as time, people. The Warriors of Light act as a switching character akin to Pokémon Trainer, but they truly act as a party, with unique skills and stats for every character. Each individual party member can be incapacitated, which hinders the remaining warriors, but they can also team up for attacks and assist each other.
Time traveller and classic hero, Crono has seen it all and done it all. He's yet another swordfighter, but his stance and choice of weapon grant him a far more unorthodox style than most other blade users, and he focuses on raw strength over speed and defense. His Neutral Special, Chrono Trigger, also allows him to rewind himself in time to undo damage and retrace his steps on the stage.
The vestal of wind, Agnès is just a somewhat normal girl who utilizes skills acquired from gems called asterisks in order to fight. Her standard attacks are based off of the various types of weapons from her home series; her held weapon switches with certain moves, and affects her smash attacks and primary Final Smash. She also possesses alternate costumes of the other playable characters in her home series.
Mega Man
Super fighting robot Mega Man returns to Smash! Mega Man is unique in that hardly any of his attacks are melee; almost all of them are some form of projectile. This helps him greatly in terms of range, but gives him a unique hinderance in that almost all of his attacks can be reflected or absorbed. Watch out for characters who can do just that!
Pac-Man is essentially the first real video game character out there, and lays claim to the Pac-Man Mania that occurred back in his prime. In Smash, Pac-Man's highly unorthodox in terms of abilities. He has a chargeable projectile with different properties for each level, truly bizarre recovery, and the ability to summon fire hydrants to control the stage. If you want weird, Pac's got your back.
Lloyd Irving
Lloyd is a powerful warrior and a representative of the Tales franchise, and has a unique style never seen in Smash before: dual-wielding. Lloyd wields two weapons at once, and his fighting style can be compared to a hurricane as he constantly blitzes across the battlefield. Of course, he is very much a glass cannon, so he may have to play defense... In that case, he can use one of his projectiles.
Professor Layton
A noted archaeology professor and all-around gentleman, Layton is known for his infatuation with puzzles. Layton is an all-around character who focuses on multi-hit attacks, and he leans a bit more to the light side than characters with similar stats such as Mario. His specials are a bit quirky, relying on confusing or hindering opponents over dealing direct damage... when that's needed, his pipe will do just fine.
Nathan / Katie
Wielder of the Yo-Kai Watch, a legendary artifact that enables the user to see the manipulative spirits known as the Yo-Kai. Nathan (or Katie when using alternate costumes) barely fights on their own, and instead rely on their summoned Yo-Kai for attacks beyond basic punches and kicks. They also have no customizable moves, instead having a variety of Yo-Kai to switch between.
Indivisible - Shantae
Half-human half-genie hero Shantae is far more magical than most other Smashers. Her entire special moveset is dedicated to transforming into various animal forms, each adept at a certain situation. You could take on the speed of a monkey, the raw power of an elephant, the aerial prowess of a harpy... And all on a moment's notice! Be wary of the weakness that each form carries, however, as it could spell doom.
Shovel Knight SSB3M
Shovel Knight
Shovel Knight is, despite his portly figure, an exceedingly terrifying aerial fighter. His down aerial is his classic shovel drop technique, which lets him bounce off of enemies repeatedly much like in his home game, letting him rack up damage quickly and easily. His special attacks tend to rely on projectiles, based on relics from his home game.
Legendary Super Sayian and the strongest warrior in the universe-
Wait, Goku got in Smash?!
...Well, at any rate, Goku has amazing strength and speed, far surpassing most of the cast. However, most of his attacks have a unique hinderance; they have lots of start and end lag, meaning that more often than not they can be avoided with relative ease. Goku also has a Ki Meter mechanic that fuels his special attacks and Final Smash.
A guest fighter from the farthest reaches of the galaxy appears to test her might in yet another challenge! Fera is a slightly lighter and faster heavyweight character, but she excels in defense in a different way; her shield blocks attacks from the front when she crouches. In terms of special attacks, Fera's all over the grid; she has a projectile, melee combos, decent recovery, and defensive capacity.


Character Info
Luigi (Mario and Luigi Patners in Time pose)
Luigi, ever the over-shadowed younger brother, returns as an unlockable character yet again! Luigi retains his unique slippery traction, and has similar moves to Mario in many respects. However, he also has a lot of unique traits that it would be best to watch out for...

Play 25 matches, then defeat Luigi in Luigi's Mansion.
Clear Classic once, then defeat Luigi in Luigi's Mansion.
Team up with Luigi in The Enigma Engine.

Super Mario Maker - Mario Artwork 01 v2
Construction Mario
This hard hat-wearing Mario takes the place of former Smasher Dr. Mario, acting as a stronger, slower Mario clone. Like all clones in Super Smash Bros. Y, however, Construction Mario's specials are completely unique from his source. Construction Mario utilizes course-building elements, such as Brick Blocks and Pipes, to manipulate the stage instead of attacking directly.

Play 180 matches, then defeat Construction Mario in Mario Maker.
Team up with Construction Mario in The Enigma Engine.

HW Ganondorf - Era of Twilight Armor
The wielder of the Triforce of Power and the King of Evil, Ganondorf requires nothing more than brute force to slaughter his enemies. While his moveset has been changed around due to his new broadsword weapon, his general playstyle has remained the same; Ganondorf is slow, but exceedingly powerful. He also loses his Wizard's Foot move in exchange for the reflective Dead Man's Volley.

Play 75 matches, then defeat Ganondorf in Gerudo Valley 3DS.
Clear Classic on 7.0+, then defeat Ganondorf in Gerudo Valley 3DS.
Team up with Ganondorf in The Enigma Engine.

HWL Linkle Crossbow
A female warrior who bears much resemblance to Link. Linkle dual-wields crossbows, giving her an incredible ranged game most characters can only dream of alongside the unique ability to strafe; however, this means most of her attacks can be reflected. She is fast and relatively lightweight, but lacks recovery, focusing more on ranged offense than getting from point A to point B.

Play 45 matches, then defeat Linkle in Hyrule Castle 64.
Team up with Linkle in The Enigma Engine.

HW - Tetra
A pirate captain with more than one world-threatening crisis in her lifetime, Tetra is extremely similar to veteran Smasher Toon Link in terms of stats and weight. However, Tetra's moveset is completely original, focusing on using various items alongside her flintlock pistol. Her forward Smash Attack utilizes this pistol, and is a highly explosive attack with extreme power.

Play 125 matches, then defeat Tetra in Windfall Island
Play on the Windfall Island stage 10 times, then defeat Tetra in Windfall Island.
Team up with Tetra in The Enigma Engine.

Ghirahim Hyrule Warriors
The self-proclaimed Demon Lord, Ghirahim is a master swordsman who is more comparable to Marth than other characters, focusing on finesse and strategy over brute force. However, like Link, Ghirahim also has a focus on projectiles, utilized more for direct damage than zoning like his heroic counterpart. He can transform his own body into a sword for Smash Attacks, giving them low range but insane power.

Play 250 matches, then defeat Ghirahim in Skyloft U.
Team up with Ghirahim in The Enigma Engine.

Classic render pokemon trainer
Pokémon Trainer
A Pokémon Trainer from the Kanto region. He doesn't fight himself, but instead switches between his three Pokémon; Charizard, Squirtle, and Ivysaur. Charizard is slow but powerful, Squirtle is fast but weak, and Ivysaur relies on projectile attacks; when they all work together, powerful strategies can be achieved. They've been buffed, too, as the stamina and weakness mechanics are gone and movesets have been switched around.

Play 205 matches, then defeat Pokémon Trainer in Kanto Pokémon League.
Team up with Pokémon Trainer in The Enigma Engine.

Greninja is what his name implies- a ninja-like character. His entire playstyle revolves around misdirection, teleporting to and fro and countering attacks with the powerful Substitute move. However, he's frail, has a harder-than-usual time recovering, and is a bit hard to control. All in all, Greninja is a fighter that more technical fighters- or those with better concentration skills- will be sure to love.

Play 30 matches, then defeat Greninja in Prism Tower 3DS.
Team up with Greninja in The Enigma Engine.

The Plasma Pokémon, Rotom's main ability is the power to hijack and control certain types of machinery. As such, this control over technology is its main attribute in Smash, as it specializes in hijacking and cancelling opponent abilities with moves such as Shock Wave. It can also transform into its appliance forms for elemental attacks.

Play 140 matches, then defeat Rotom in Distortion World.
Team up with Rotom in The Enigma Engine.

A Ghost/Poison-type Pokémon known for its mischievousness and dark powers. Gengar is an interesting beast- he has the speed and defense of a heavyweight, but the low power and recovery of a lightweight, meaning that Gengar focuses more on surviving than dealing damage. He utilizes moves such as Shadow Punch and Curse, but also utilizes cartoonish weapons such as oversized hammers and scary props.

Play 75 matches, then defeat Gengar in Pokémon Stadium X.
Team up with Gengar in The Enigma Engine.

Issac's son and another Golden Sun hero. Matthew is essentially a clone character of Isaac, sharing almost all of the same standard attacks. However, like all clones in Y, Matthew possesses unique special moves, and also has a prominent distinction from his source character. While he's smaller, lighter, and faster, his basic attacks are more efficient than Issac's, and his Psynergy-charged standards aren't as enhanced.

Play 310 matches, then defeat Matthew in Aqua Rock.
Complete the "Bring Your Child To Work Day" Event on Normal+ difficulty.
Team up with Matthew in The Enigma Engine.


Bosses work differently than in past Smash games. While SSB4 had bosses as hazards on certain stages, and Quantum utilized the Boss Trophy item, Y has entire stages dedicated to bosses, accurately known as Boss Stages. These bosses cannot be defeated through any means, but if they take enough damage, they will begin working for one of the players, similarly to SSB4's Ridley.


Items are various object that can spawn within the middle of a match, and can be used by players in order to gain an advantage. Item rate can be adjusted to have more or less items appear; however, a new feature to the game is Item Ranking. Items are categorized into three types: Common, Uncommon, and Rare. If items are turned on low, the rarer items will become relatively more common, and if items are turned on high, then they will become relatively less common.

Items can no longer be turned off entirely, though certain specific items (Pokéballs, Assist Trophies, Dragoon pieces, etc.) can be deactivated in Options.

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