Super Smash Bros. X Cross is going to be the fifth edition in the Super Smash Bros. series for the NX sequelling the Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS / Wii U.


Image Character Series
Mario Super Mario
Luigi (Unlockable) Super Mario
Peach Super Mario
Bowser Super Mario
Captain Toad (NEWCOMER!) Super Mario
Rosalina (Unlockable) Super Mario
Bowser Jr. (Unlockable) Super Mario
Paper Mario (NEWCOMER/Unlockable) Super Mario
Yoshi Yoshi
Birdo (NEWCOMER/Unlockable) Yoshi
Wario WarioWare
Ashley (NEWCOMER/Unlockable)
Link The Legend of Zelda
Zelda The Legend of Zelda
Impa (NEWCOMER) The Legend of Zelda
Midna (NEWCOMER/Unlockable) The Legend of Zelda
Ganondorf (Unlockable) The Legend of Zelda
Young Link (Unlockable) The Legend of Zelda
Samus Metroid
Zero Suit Samus Metroid
Ridley (NEWCOMER) Metroid
Dark Samus (NEWCOMER/Unlockable) Metroid
Donkey Kong Donkey Kong
Diddy Kong Donkey Kong
King K. Rool (NEWCOMER) Donkey Kong
Dixie Kong (NEWCOMER/Unlockable) Donkey Kong
Kirby Kirby
King Dedede Kirby
Meta Knight Kirby
Waddle Dee Kirby
Marth Fire Emblem
Tiki (NEWCOMER) Fire Emblem
Ike Fire Emblem
Robin (Unlockable) Fire Emblem
Anna (NEWCOMER/Unlockable) Fire Emblem
Fox Star Fox
Falco Star Fox
Wolf (Unlockable) Star Fox
Krystal (NEWCOMER/Unlockable) Star Fox
Pikachu Pokémon
Charizard Pokémon
Squirtle Pokémon
Ivysaur Pokémon
Meowth (NEWCOMER) Pokémon
Lucario (Unlockable) Pokémon
Jigglypuff (Unlockable) Pokémon
Zoroark (NEWCOMER/Unlockable) Pokémon
Mewtwo (Unlockable) Pokémon
Pit Kid Icarus
Palutena Kid Icarus
Viridi (NEWCOMER/Unlockable) Kid Icarus
Magnus (NEWCOMER/Unlockable) Kid Icarus
Inkling (NEWCOMER) Splatoon
Octoling (NEWCOMER) Splatoon
Squid Sisters (NEWCOMER/Unlockable) Splatoon
Villager Animal Crossing
Isabelle (NEWCOMER) Animal Crossing
Tom Nook (NEWCOMER/Unlockable) Animal Crossing
Ness Earthbound
Lucas (Unlockable) Earthbound
Captain Falcon F-Zero
Black Shadow (NEWCOMER/Unlockable) F-Zero
Olimar Pikmin
Alph (Unlockable) Pikmin
Shulk Xenoblade Chronicles
Elma (NEWCOMER/Unlockable) Xenoblade Chronicles
Little Mac Punch Out!!!
Doc Louis (NEWCOMER/Unlockable) Punch Out!!!
Isaac (NEWCOMER) Golden Sun
Chorus Men (NEWCOMER) Rythym Heaven
Ice Climbers Ice Climbers
Mr. Game & Watch (Unlockable) Game & Watch
R.O.B (Unlockable) NES
Duck Hunt Dog (Unlockable) Duck Hunt
Chibi-Robo (NEWCOMER) Chibi-Robo
Balloon Fighter (NEWCOMER/Unlockable) Balloon Fight
Andy (NEWCOMER/Unlockable) Advance Wars
Excitebiker (NEWCOMER/Unlockable) Excitebike
Wonder Red (NEWCOMER/Unlockable) The Wonderfull 101
Takamaru (NEWCOMER/Unlockable) The Mysterious Murasame Castle

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