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This game is under construction. Please excuse its informal appearance while it is being worked on. We hope to complete it as soon as possible!

Don't edit this page. HOWEVER. I'm not english, so if you think there's an error/mistake, well... go ahead. Please feedback the game, positively or negatively.

-DestROY13103 V

Super Smash Bros. X (known in Japan as Dairanto Smash Bros. Universe) is the fifth installment for the Nintendo ZeroCube in the Super Smash Bros. series, succeeding Super Smash Bros. for 3DS and Wii U. The game itself is considered the definitive Smash game, just for its high number of characters and stages.

Developer(s) GameZ Inc., Hal Inc., Sora
Publisher(s) Nintendo
Platform(s) ZeroCube
Genre(s) Fightning-Action/Adventure-Platform
Release Date(s)
13th October 2021
Single Player, MultiPlayer, Online
Age Rating(s)
UGR, Universal Game Rating: 12+
Media Included ZeroCube Disc Xet9.0
Manual(s) Bonus Edition only
Available Input ZeroCube Controller, ZeroCube Controller Z, Smash Controller, GameCube Controller, WiiMote, WiiMote+Nunchuk, Wii Controller, Pro Classic Controller, Classic Controller U, GamePad
Storage Needed 30 GB
Cost Normal Edition: €50, $60

For More Editions, go on the "Edition" Section.

Update Log

V Added this section, template with stuff like "I'm not english" and "In construction V" and revamped Character Section, added various events and Ultimate edition stuff, stages infos, Story Mode infos, and more. This was a broken edit.

V,b,c,d,e,f,X: Rewrote the page.

V Little to none edit.

V 0.8.7: Stages. Stages are important in a fan game.

V More stages.

V Even more stages.

V 0.8.7.XYZ.BACK : Added some shit like the logo which is entirely made with Paint (wow!) and revamped Mechanics section.

V Minor update 'cause I'm lazy

V Another minro update: RIDELY REMOVED.


Like all Smash Bros. games, the gameplay is generally different from other fightning games. The point of the game is throw away opponents and make 'em go off the screen. Instead of using tradional (and BORING) health bars, there is a %. More you've got kicked in the ass, more the % will increase. And more the % increases, more it's easier for the opponent make you go off the screen and send you to death.


A: Standard Attack

B: Special Attack

X: Jump

Y: Short Hop

Control Stick: Move, Jump, Crouch

R-Stick: Smash

L-R: Shield

ZL-ZR: Grab

D-Pad: Taunt


New Mechanics

  • New Final Smash System: A brand new system that allows you to use the Final Smash in modes where the Smash Ball can't be in (Story Mode, For Glory, etc...), but can be used as well in other mode (Smash, Special Smash, etc.). The more you hit, the more you fill up a meter, the Smash Meter. When it's full, you can unleash your Final Smash by pressing B as always.
  • Super Camera: Lets you rotate by 360° and lets you zoom much more. You can move the camera when watching replays, too.
  • Alternate Moves
    • Alternate Specials: Characters, much like Palutena and Mii Fighters in SSB4, have different special moves which differ entirely from each other. A character has 3 Specials, 3 Side Specials, 3 Up Specials, and 3 Down Specials. That makes a character have 12 Special Moves. However you can't use them all together: you must customize. Example: Mario - Side + B1: Cape - Side + B2: Hammer
    • Alternate Final Smashes: Now characters have a total of 3 Final Smashes. Example: Dedede - Final Smash 1: Dedede Burst - Final Smash 2: Masked Dedede
    • Alternate Dash Attacks: Each character has now 2 Dash Attacks. Example: Kirby - Dash 1: Breakdance Spin - Dash 2: Burning Attack
  • Airdodge: Now you can actually set your favourite airdodge: Melee (Helpless), Melee (No Helpless), Brawl (Default), and X (Brand new one, which resembles the one used in the fangame Super Smash Bros. Crusade. Y'know, the real one, not the one here on Fantendo.).
  • New Stage Type: Alpha Stages are now Battlefield versions of the stages. Press Y to go in Alpha Stage Page.
  • Alternate Costumes: Brand new costumes. An example is Ness in his Pajama costume, or Lucas in his Commander Lucas costume.
  • Combo Announcer: If you do more than 3 hits in a row, the announcer will yell: "Good!" "Very Good!" "Good Job!" "Perfect!" "Awesome!" "Fantastic!" "SMASHING!"

Reused Mechanics

  • Final Smash makes a comeback.
  • Omega Stages are here.
  • Gameplay Speed is the same of SSB4 just a bit higher.
  • more to be added...




Battle against your friends! Up to 12 Players!


Main Mode! Pick any character available and choose your opponents (if you have no humans other than you playing). Then, pick a stage and fight! You can customize the game type rules, turn off customizations, turn off items and more. You can also fight in teams (there are four teams: Red, Blue, Yellow, Green). Play to beat your opponents and show who's the best! This is a list of types of Smash. They are all available in Omega Smash and Special Smash.


Compete for the most KOs within the time limit. When you KO an opponent, you get +1 point. When you get KO'd or self-destruct, you get -1 point. If there are multiple players with the same number of KOs when time runs out, they'll be thrust into a Sudden Death battle where all participants will start with 300% damage.


The number of Kos you get doesn't matter—it’s all about being the last fighter standing. You start with a set stock of lives that decreases by one every time you get KO’d. If your stock drops to zero, you’re out of the battle. If you're the only human player and you died, or all the human players died and remains only CPU, you can skip to the end of the battle for the results


The player who collects the most coins within the time limit wins. Hit enemies to knock coins out of them, and then pick up the coins. You'll lose half the coins you goy if you get KO'd.


Set a goal of kills (from 5 to 300). The first player who gets that number of KO wins. If one dies, they will not lose stocks or points- it's just about how many KOs you can get. Time can be setted.


A returning Melee mode.


Use HP instead of %. Much like in Project M, you can remove blast zones, put stocks for multiple sets of HP, and stuff like that.

RPG Smash

An expansion of HP mode. You can set the HP, and knockback is removed. In RPG Smash you must use your skills during turns, like an RPG. Special Attacks will cost you PP, that you can set. Items can appear on the stage. When there is an item, you must use "Take Item", and that is a turn. Some times, you'll fail for taking the item.

RPG Smash Party

A variation. Instead of using a single chraracter, you must choose a party of up to 3 selected-by-you characters.

Party Smash

Party Smash is a new mode where it's possible choose 3 fighters with every player. You control just one character, but at every moment you can change character, resembling UMvC3. Check it out and you'll have an idea of it.


Tournament is a mode for 4 -128 players. It has got 3 modes.

  • Tourney: Players battle against each other in turns. Several options can be chosen for tournaments.
  • Loser Out: this is also played in turns, but unlike Tourney, where the game ends when a final winner is proclaimed, this lasts forever (or at least until the player decides to stop playing).

The loser of each match "drops out" and has to wait until it is his or her turn again.

  • Winner In: it is used for Free for All matches containing 3 or 4 players. When a match is complete, all players except the winner swap out. If four players are in each match, the three losers will swap out. Similarly, in 4-player Free for All matches, players may choose to keep the best two players in, while the other two swap out.

Special Smash

In this mode, you can set various rules for a Smash battle. Now, here's the list:

Body: Metal, Tail, Rocket Belt, Screw, BackShield, Invisible

Size: Little, Big

Weapon: BEam Sword, Ray Gun, Fan, Star Rod

Status: Curry, Reflect, Turbo,

Gravity: Light, Heavy

Speed: Slow, Fast

One Button: Attack, Special

Camera: Fixed, Angled

Omega Smash

From 5 to 12 players can play together. Omega Stages return.


A returning mode from SSB3DS, with the function of online or local multiplayer, as well as singleplayer.


Not really a section, it just appears above all the stuff. It shows things like, "New Update V 1.1! Come see what's new!" "New DLC! Get it in the DLC Shop!" "<insertnintendogamenamehere> was released the <insertreleasedate>!"



Play Single-Player or Co-op modes! Note: Difficulty is rated from 1.0 (easiest) to 10.0 (hardest).


In Classic players progress through a series of 12 matches (interrupted by a bonus stage after every six matches), culminating in a final battle with the game's boss, Master Hand & Crazy Hand and at higher difficulties Master Core and his 10 forms, excluding Core and Swarm. A "Rule" section can be accessed. In here, you turn on or off stuff, like turn off items, and such. There's also an Omega thing, where there are only Omega Stages and items are off and the New Final Smash System is enabled.

Beating Classic mode grants the character's trophy.

Classic Rules
  • Classic, which is basically Brawl's Classic mode;
  • World Map, which is based off SSB3DS's Classic mode;
  • Arena, which is based off SSBU's Classic mode.
  • Omega: explained in the section above.
  • Item-less: items are off.
  • RPG: Classic with RPG rules!
  • Party: Classic with Party rules!
  • Classic/World Map/Arena

Classic Quest

Basically 1-P game from Smash 64. A set order of opponents will appear. There will be bonus stages like Board the Platforms and Race to the Finish.

  • Round 1: Mario Bros.
    • Opponents: Lvl 8 Mario, Lvl 9 Luigi, Lvl 8 Paper Mario, Lvl 9 Paper Luigi, Lvl 8 Dr. Mario, Lvl 9NES Mario - 1 stock each
    • Allies: Lvl 7 Bowser, Lvl 6 Bowser Jr. - 1 stock each
    • Time Limit: 6:00
    • Stage: Mushroom Kingdom
  • Round 2: Kirby!
    • Opponents: Lvl 7 Kirby, Lvl 8 King Dedede, Lvl 7 Meta Knight, Lvl 9 Magolor, Lvl 7 Bandana Dee - 1 stock each
    • Allies: None
    • Time Limit: 8:00
    • Stage: Great Cave Offensive
  • Round 3: Samus
    • Opponents: Lvl 8 Samus, Lvl 8 Zero Suit Samus
    • Allies: Lvl 7 Dark Samus
    • Time Limit: 4:00
    • Stage: A Metroid stage
  • Bonus Round: Break the Targets
    • Time Limit: 1:00
  • Round 4: Swordsmen
    • Opponents: Lvl 6 Ike, Lvl 7 Marth, Lvl 8 Lyn, Lvl 7 Roy
    • Allies: Lvl 9 Link
    • Time Limit: 4:00
  • more to be added...


Adventure is a returning mode from Melee which is made up of different stages. In each, the player needs to complete the objective to progress in the story. Like in Classic Mode, The player can choose their character, the number of stocks, and the difficulty. The stages generally follow a fixed pattern, but there are possible divergences depending on what actions the player performs. In any rare case, if you run out of time (7:00), you try that stage or battle again from the beginning. However, no stock gets lost. Can be played alone or with a friend.

Beating Adventure mode grants the character's alt trophy.


All-Star mode is unlocked by unlocking all of the characters in the game. In this mode, the player fights through every character in the game with one life. Between matches, the player enters the Rest Area. Here, there are 4 Heart Containers, which are the only way to regain health. Random trophies also appear after every 5 battles. The characters appear in this order: Mario, Kirby, Zelda, Metroid, Earthbound, Paper Mario, Smash, Fire Emblem, Pokémon, Star Fox, Yoshi, Donkey Kong, Wario, Kid Icarus, F-Zero, Ice Climbers.... Can be played alone or with a friend.

Beating All-Star grants the character's Final Smash 1 trophy.


A mode where the player can manipulate the environment, teach the CPU advanced techniques like Wavedashing, and experiment with the CPU without restrinctions of standard matches. This mode allows the player to do many things, like spawning items, changing gameplay speed, put the CPU to various modes like "Walk", "Do Nothing", "Human", "Jump" etc.. The player can choose an opponent. In Training mode only, Sandbag can be chose as an enemy. When you train with him, the "Human" mode can't be activated, so he isn't playable.

Smash Labyrinth

A variation of Smash Run! There aren't boosts, it's just about going around the labyrinth for some minutes, earning treasures and defeating monsters. The labyrinth is truly HUGE, it's easy to get lost. Don't worry! You have a map! It doesn't work like a GPS, so there is nothing to mark where are you. This labyrinth is also full of secrets and treasures, so it's the better way to gain them quickly. If you clear a labyrinth from its treasures, you will earn the double of your gold and you will receive 10 Rare Trophies. Usually the layout is randomized, but if before entering the maze you talk to a Primid near the entrance, he will ask you if you want to use the labyrinth you used in the last run, but at a price: he will ask for 33% percent of the treasures. When this mode is completed, you can choose the treasures you will give to him. After you earned treasures, you must face the multimen and finally the boss.. Claw Master.

Beating Smash Labyrinth grants the character's Smash 1 Trophy.

Tower of Smash

A giant tower filled with enemies and bosses. You get three different characters to try and clear this behemoth. Each room you clears nets you some treasure. The total of rooms is 51. In the last room, you face the final boss of Smash Tower... Zero. Can be played alone or with a friend.

Beating Tower of Smash grants the character's Final Smash 2 Trophy.

Smash Darkness

A peculiar fusion of Smash Run and Classic Mode. Smash Darkness drops players into an eldritch battlefield about half the size of the Smash Run area, and has twelve fights with random shadow characters and then face the boss, Zero Two. However, the player does not switch battlefields after defeating an opponent, but stays within the existing battlefield. The main gimmick of Smash Darkness is the battlefield itself, which is constantly changing into different forms, editing its own physics, and spawning in hazards randomly. In Smash Darkness, the environment is just as hostile as the opponents you must face. Can be played alone or with a friend.

Beating Smash Darkness gives the grants's Final Smash 3 Trophy.

Special Orders

In Special Orders you complete the challenges that Master Hand and Crazy Hand have set.

Master Orders

In Master Orders, the player is given a set of passes (or "Orders" as the game calls them) that can be purchased. These tickets can only be tried one time each. Challenges include: one-on-one battles, team battles, horde battles, target smash, etc. Custom characters are permitted. Sometimes, a ticket may include extra effects, such as the player being given "mega" status and everybody having a launch rate of 1.4x. For some weird reason, this mode cannot be played with a friend.

Beating Master Orders grants the character's Smash 2 Trophy.

Crazy Orders

Similar to Master Orders except with a greater entrance fee but potentially greater rewards. After paying the price of 5000G or a Crazy Orders Pass, the player selects his or her character and begins play on Turn 1. Like Master Orders, there are three normal options to choose among, beginning with simple ones such as a one-on-one with a low-level computer, and each having its own reward. Unlike Master Orders, no ticket includes extra effects. A player advances turns by choosing and winning a battle. After the first turn, Crazy Hand becomes the fourth option, and the player may choose to end the Crazy Order by choosing him at any turn. There is a time limit, but it's rarely an obstacle; because some damage is carried from one turn into the next, the danger of losing a battle increases with each, and a player should consider choosing to battle Crazy Hand depending on whether they can win another turn. This one can be played with a friend.

Beating Crazy Orders in less than 20 turns grants the character's Smash 3 Trophy.

Beating Crazy Orders in more than 20 turns grants both the character's Smash 3 and Smash 4 Trophy.

Core Orders

Just mentioned in the ZeroCube 50-Fact Extravaganza.

Pit of 100 Trials

The Pit of 100 Trials is a special mode where you have to clear 100 rooms filled of enemies and traps. It works like Super Paper Mario's.

After choosing your character and pressing Start, you will warp near a pipe. You must enter it by pressing down. So you warp in the Pit of Trials. If you ever played SPM, well, it's almost the same thing. In every room, there are enemies which you have to defeat. Randomly, when one of the enemies is defeated, it will give you a key to procede to the next room. If none of the enemies grants you the key, it will just spawn next to the door. You have a 5:00 time limit for each room. You can't exit the mode whenever you want: you can't press L+R+A+START to end. In room 10, 20, 30, 40, 50, 60, 70, 80, 90 and 1XX (which is just before the 100th) there will be a pause. On the left of this rooms, you can find a pipe, which will make you exit the thing. Then you can find 2 treasure chests, which contain collectables. In this Break Rooms a Primid will randomly appear and will sell you food. Food means recovering HP instantly, but he'll ask you some coins. At room 1XX, he sells you the Super Duper Medicine which completely heals you.

You have only 300 HP.

In room 100, you must face against the two bosses: Wracktail and Shadoo. Don't worry though, you have to fight them separetely. Wracktail has now new attacks compared to SPM. It can shoot lasers from its weak point. Wrackles now bash at you and hit you with their new claws. And much more. Shadoo will transform in a shadowy version of you, much like Master Shadow, however the more you hit him the more he gets stronger and bigger. He will sometimes heal himself; he has 600 HP.

Screenshot of Room 67, which has enemies from Super Paper Mario, playing as Paper Mario:


DLC Tower

You face off against the DLC characters and bosses. Unlocked only when ALL the DLCs are present.

DLC Shop

A section found in the main menu after several updates. All DLCs can be bought here, from characters to stages and pack collections.


This mode is found inside the Solo menu.

The whole thing has 232 chapters (by chapter I mean stage).

Volume 1: Darkness's Raise

This volume contains 50 out of 232 chapters plus 5 of the Extra Chapters. All information about the plot is ACTUALLY unknown, except for a part of the very first chapter which was unveiled in the last Smash Direct.

We can see Mario, Kirby and Pit chasing Bowser on his Clown Car. Then he gets off the car and faces off his opponents. So the 3 heroes face off Bowser and win. However... the thing cuts near to Bowser's Castle, where there are many airships. 8 of them suddenly depart and arrive to the battlefield. An army of unknown enemies land on it. A mysterious character, which seems to be a Koopatrol similar to Captain Basilisx from SMBZ. And then... the end of this first cutscene.

Also the name for the first five chapters' names were unveiled.

Chapter 1: The Beginning of Everything

Chapter 2: Flying Colossus

Chapter 3: Undungeon

Chapter 4: The Revival of a Masked Man

Chapter 5: Haunted Mansion

Volume 2: Ascension

This volume'll contain 61 out of 232 chapters plus 15 of the Extra Chapters plus the 10 Chaos Chapters (X1, X2 etc.). It'll contain the last chapter, of course. The first chapter of this volume Chapter 51, is called "2 Months Later".

Volume 3: Project X

The only informations available are these: it will take place after the Main Story, and it will have 30 out of 232 chapters.

Volume 4: Chaos Dimension

A sort of sequel to the Chaos Chapters in Main Story's Volume 2: Ascension. It will have 20 out of 232 chapters.

Volume 5: Genesis

A prequel of every other story mode, The Subspace Emissary included. It'll have 15 out of 232 chapters.

Volume 6: It's Coming

A story that happens in an alternative dimension. During the timeline, it happens between Project X and Chaos Dimension. It'll have other 15 out of 232 chapters.

Volume 7: Apocalypse

Also known as "Fate", "Doomsday", "Universal Destiny" and "I Won't Save You From Apocalypse", it will take place after every other story mode, will be the final Story in the overall plot, and will have 41 out of 232 chapters. Unlike the other Volumes, at the end it will show "END", not "END?", much like Mother 3 did. This declares that in the next Smash games there will NOT be Story modes, or at least they aren't connected to this. However ???'s tale will be continued in GameZ Inc.'s future series GlitchED, even if at the end he appears to die.

DLC: Volume 0: The Subspace Emissary+

And as a DLC a remastered version of The Subspace Emissary! It has this game's Graphics, Gameplay Mechanics, and much more! There are a bunch of Extra Stages for unlocking every other character that wasn't in Brawl!



Smash Run is an entirely new category, which contains modes based off of the Original Smash Run, though the new modes may vary greatly compared the Original Smash Run. Also 3 new boosts got added: Technique, Range and Aerial Attack. It is possible set how much time you can explore. The layout of EVERY labyrinth is randomized. Up to 4 players locally and up to 8 online.


There are several labyrinths in here. If there is a (S) that means it is based on a location of Story Mode.

  • The Smash Labyrinth
  • Smash Dungeon
  • Running Maze
  • Flux Volcano
  • Void Islands
  • Moving Fortress (S)
  • Darkness Ruins
  • Palace in the Skies
  • Skyworld
  • Smash Costellation (S)
  • Outer Space
  • Bitlands
  • Icy Tower
  • Spike Palace
  • Abandoned Lab
  • SecretVerse (S)
  • Forest Maze
  • Doom Desert (S)
  • Simple Plains (S)
  • Planet's Core (S)
  • Halberd
  • Floating Islands
  • Wind Riding (S)
  • Spacecraft
  • Moon Mansion
  • Force Fields (S)
  • Fightning Fortress (S)
  • Secret Zone
  • Thunder Tops (S)
  • Cool Caves
  • Pipe Maze (S)
  • The Castle (S)
  • The Core (S)
  • Master Fortess
  • Subspace
  • Tower of Smash (S)
  • Windy Froze Fortress
  • Mechanical Castle (S)
  • Dark Palace of the Winds (S)
  • Chaos Dimension (S)
  • Entrance to the End (S)
  • Apocalypse Maze (S)
  • Apocalypse Cavern (S)
  • Ultimate System (S)
  • Black Hole Towers (S)
  • Black Hole Castle (S)
  • Destruction Temple (S)
  • In The Black Hole (S)

Original Smash Run

Original Smash Run returns as a mode from Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS. Not much has changed, aside from all the stuff Special Run brings. Random bosses will appear. This can be a big risk, as the bosses drops a large amount of boosting items, but if the boss defeats the player, he/she will lose the 80% of his/her boosts.


RPG Run takes place in a hostile dimension, known as the Dark Dimension. The new variation is that it takes place in a 2D dimension, much like RPGs games like Zelda 2D games, Earthbound, and Final Fantasy. Much like Earthbound, there aren't "random encounters", but the turn battle starts when physical contact occurs between the character and the enemy. Except from this, it's the same thing. When you defeat an enemy, you'll gain boosts. Then the battle is a normal fight in 2.5D.




This mode can be found in the Solo menu.

-Target Smash: A classic mini-game which didn't appear in SSB4 (technically it did: in Smash Run of SBB3DS there is a Challenge Door). The goal of the game is to smash 10 targets as quickly as possible. The game records the lowest time taken to smash all ten targets. If a character has never smashed all the targets, the game will instead record how many targets were smashed at maximum. There is also a total time that is kept that includes the cumulative time taken to clear every character's stage. The total time only appears after all characters have cleared their stage. There are two stages for each character: one Easy/Medium and the other Hard. There is also a universal stage. Can only be played alone.

-Home-Run Contest: The Home-run Contest is a minigame in which one must knock Sandbag as far as possible, usually with the Home-run Bat. The player has 10 seconds to rack up damage to lengthen the home-run. Can be played alone, in Co-Op with a friend, up to 4 with turns, or against up to 3 CPU (works like the one mentioned before)

-Multi-Man Smash: A challenge to defeat as many opponents as possible, under various pretenses, before falling from the stage or self-destructing, themselves. There are various modes: 10-Smash, where you fight 10 Multi-Men; 100-Smash, where you fight 100 Multi-Men, every 25 there will be a pause of 7 seconds then a random character will spawn in; 3-Minutes, where the player has to defeat more Multi-Men than possible under 3 minutes; 7-Minutes; 15-Minutes; Rival, where the player has to defeat more Multi-Men than the opponent; Endless, where it's just endless; Cruel, where the Multi-Men are Level 9 CPUs, have high knockback and damage. There are also various Multi-Men types: Fightning Polygon Team, Fightning WireFrame Team, Fightning Alloy Team, Fightning Mii Team, Fightning Dark Rush Team, Fightning Omega Team, Dark Swordsmen 64

-Target Blast: It is similar to Home-Run Contest and Target Smash, where you still need to break the targets, however there's no bat, no Sandbag, but a bomb. The platform is surrounded by a force field, preventing the bomb from accidentally falling off before the player can launch it. The countdown starts when players touch the bomb, and in 10 seconds they need to rack up damage and deal a massive hit (a Smash Attack, for example) for launching off the bomb. When the countdown ends, the bomb will explode.

-Waves of Enemies: A peculiar fusion of Smash Run (for the enemies) and Multi-Man Smash (for the gameplay). You are in big stage where will come several waves of enemies from various video game franchises. The objective is to defeat as many enemies before a certain amount of time, each enemy leaves an amount of points, the player who has cast most points at the end of the game wins. Can be played against CPU or in CO-OP. Can also be played alone, just for the fun of being a killing machine.

-Boss Fight: A mode where all bosses from various Solo modes, Story Volumes included, must be fought. There are various types, which include: Volume 1 Bosses, Volume 2 Bosses, Volume 3 Bosses, Volume 4 Bosses, Volume 5&6 Bosses, Volume 7 Bosses, Other Bosses, ALLSTAR FIGHT (where you have to defeat ALL the bosses in the game with two stocks. If you clear it, you'll gain 10 billion coins).

-Board the Platforms DLC: A returning Mini-Game directly from SSB64. The goal is to land on 10 platforms the fastest time possible. There is one stage for each character.

-Race to the Finish! DLC: There are two modes: Multi-Level and Timed Race.

Multi-Level: Based on the one in SSB64, this version is a simple multilevel stage with multiple hazards, such as Fighting Polygons, Bumpers, and explosives. You have 1 minute to clear this.

Timed Race: Based on the one in Melee, this version is a timed dash to the end of a labyrinthine corridor with many doors along the way. Touching one of these doors will end the game and give you coins based on how far you got into the area. Time is 1 minute.

-Competitive Mini-Games DLC: Includes... Sandbag Soccer, Race Mode, and much more! Just pick a friend and play!


Online Mode


Tournaments online. GameZ Inc. will create everyday 3 new tourneys, (you can only enter one based on your Global Smash Power) one for Beginners (GSP: Very Low, Low, Bit Above Low), one for Smashers (GSP: Med-Low, Average, Med-High), and for PRO Smashers (GSP: High, Very High, More than High). A fourth tourney is available for those who have their GSP at EXTREMELY HIGH, but only 4 people can have this GSP Rating. However, everyone can create their own tourneys, which can be set in For Fun or For Glory, and With Friends or With Everyone.

For Fun

In this mode, players fight each other in four-player free-for-alls or two-on-two team battles, with all items turned on. All stages are playable except for Final Destination; stages are selected at random with no player choice. It's directed to casual matches. This mode affects the player's character records, but does not keep explicit statistics on the player's performance (in particular, only the player's number of wins are recorded while their losses are not). It's possible to set various stuff like how much time or if you want to play with Coins. It can be played with Friends or With Everyone, and a second local player can play.

For Glory

In this mode, players fight in Omega Stages and Final Destination, with items turned off, and Special Move Customization "OFF". However, the New Special Moves are allowed, and even the New Final Smashes and New Dash Attacks. The New Optional Final Smash System is the only way to perform a Final Smash: you must fill the Smash Meter by hitting the opponent/s. Matches will always be on Stocks. Players can set: 1 on 1 with two stocks with a five minute limit; 2 on 2 by playing with a local friend or just another online player, two stocks each and a 8-minute limit; or simply a Free-For-All with each two stocks and no time limit.


Spectator is: you watch a random smash without identities of the players, place in-game coins on a player, and if the player that you voted get first, you'll earn the triple of the coins you placed. If the player you voted doesn't get first, you will lose the coins you placed.


In this game, there is a whopping total of ??? characters. Of these, ??? are default, ??? are unlockable, and ??? are downloadable.

Bold means unlockable. If there's a tagline and a (!), that means he's a newcomer. The more ! are there, the more the character was liked as newcomer.

Super Smash Bros. Universe (4)

Mario Universe (12), with Paper Mario Universe (16)

Paper Mario Universe (4), Counted as Sub-Universe, with Mario (16)

Kirby Universe (12)

The Legend of Zelda Universe (9)

Metroid Universe (4)

Earthbound Universe (8)

Fire Emblem Universe (7)

Pokémon Universe (11)

Star Fox Universe (3)

Kid Icarus (3)

Other Universes (A total of 20 Universes and 21 Characters)

Mii Fighters

This game adds some stuff to the Miis - for example, it DOUBLES the amount of Special Move each, so 6 New Special Moves for each and a total of 24 Special Moves for each Mii. There is a total of 4 Miis (there's the all-star but doesn't count) for a whopping total of 96 SPECIAL MOVES IN JUST 4 CHARACTERS.

DLC Characters

Earthbound (1)

Kirby (2)


Stage Description

SSB Super Smash Bros. SeriesBattlefield

Starting Stage

A flat stage that takes place on a main platform with three little platforms floating above it. This time it keeps SSB for Wii U's style.


Max Players: 4

Battlefield 64

SSB Super Smash Bros. SeriesBattlefield 2

Unlockable Stage

Also known as Battlefield 64 or as Duel Zone, this version was taken from SSB and remade in new stunning HD.


Max Players: 4

How to Unlock: Play on Battlefield 64 times

As A Past Stage: Super Smash Bros. (64)


SSB Super Smash Bros. SeriesBig Battlefield

Starting Stage

Battlefield extended and readapted for Omega Smash. It can be played even in Normal Smash.


Max Players: 12


SSB Super Smash Bros. Series Final Destination

Starting Stage

Just a flat stage. In every Smash game to date, the overall looking of this stage used to change. Not Today.


Max Players: 6

SSBS! - Final Destination
SSB Super Smash Bros. SeriesFinal Destination 2

Unlockable Stage

Another flat stage. This uses a new platform which resembles Melee's and Subspace-based backgrounds.


How to unlock: Play on Final Destination 128 times.

Max Players: 6

SSB Super Smash Bros. SeriesFinal Destination 3

A flat stage, known also as Final Destination 64.


How to unlock: Beat Classic Quest 64 times.

Max Players: 8

Boss: The Hands (64)

SSB Super Smash Bros. SeriesMetal Cave

Known as Metal Mario's Stage, Meta Crystal or Metal Mario's Residence, this (at the times) unplayable stage was remastered in HD. I wonder if Metal Mario returns.... ________________________________

How to Unlock: Beat Chapter X1: A Metallic Revenge (Volume 2)

Max Players: 4

Boss: Metal Mario

SSBBRZS Midair Stadium

Midair Stadium A new stage based off Brawl's Midair Stadium. Simple stage with two platforms above it.


How to unlock: Play at x0.5 Speed 10 times, may be a reference to the fact that Brawl was the slowest entry in the series.

Max Players: 6


SSB Mario SeriesMushroom Kingdom

An 8-Bit Version of Mushroomy Kingdom. Only 1-1 will appear. ________________________________

Max Players: 10

Game of Origin: Super Mario Brothers


SSB Mario SeriesOne Dash One

A scrolling stage based off Super Mario Bros. 3.


Max PLayers: 6

Game of Origin: Super Mario Bros. 3


SSB Mario SeriesPeach's Castle 64

Peach's Castle remade in stunning HD graphics.


Max Players: 4

Game of Origin: Super Mario 64


SSB Mario SeriesWet-Dry World

A stage filled with platforms and water. Several buttons, if punched, will change water's level. There are also some moving platforms and Walking Walls. ________________________________

Max Players: 8

How to Unlock: Complete Event 23: Shocking Arrow Lifts

Game of Origin: Super Mario 64

Delfino Secret PM

SSB Mario SeriesDelfino's Secret

A "returning" stage from Project M. Replaces Delfino Plaza. If you want some in-depth description, don't look here.


Max Players: 4

How to Unlock: Complete Master Orders with 30 different characters, at least 5 of them must be Mario series characters (Paper Mario series included).

Game of Origin: Super Mario Sunshine


SSB Mario SeriesComet Observatory

For its main layout, it is a "returning" stage from SSF2. The stage after some time will warp players in different galaxies:

Good Egg Galaxy, Honeyhive Galaxy (aesthetically changes when playing in Autumn in Gold Leaf Galaxy), Space Junk Galaxy, Battlerock Galaxy, Ghostly Galaxy, Gusty Garden Galaxy, Freezeflame Galaxy, Dusty Dune Galaxy, Toy Time Galaxy, Dreadnought Galaxy, Matter Splatter Galaxy, Bowser's Galaxy Reactor, Starship Mario, and finally Gateway Galaxy (the one known in SSB4 as Mario Galaxy). Each of them can be played separately by pressing X when pointing at this stage. ________________________________

Max Players: 10

Game of Origin: Super Mario Galaxy 1 & 2

How to Unlock: Unlock Rosalina.


SSB Mario Series New Mushroom Kingdom

The third and final Mario series scrolling stage. It is 1-1 of New Super Mario Bros. Wii.


Max Players: 8

Game of Origin: New Super Mario Bros. Wii

How to Unlock: Complete Chapter 187: Two Brothers, One Enemy


SSB Mario Series3D Land

A returning stage from SSB3DS.


Max Players: 6

Game of Origin: Super Mario 3D Land

Bowser World

SSB Mario SeriesWorld Bowser

A new big stage based on World Bowser. This was the last stage confirmed, so there isn't that much information about it. ________________________________

Max Players: 12

Game of Origin: Super Mario 3D World

How to Unlock: ????

640px-MK8 RainbowRoad

SSB Mario SeriesRainbow Road

A new stage based on Mario Kart 8. It is similar to Rainbow Road 7, however has some keychanges, like Shy Guys only appearing in the Background.


Max Players: 8

Game of Origin: Mario Kart 8


SSB Mario SeriesMario Circuit

A returning stage from SSB for Wii U.


Max Players: 8

Game of Origin: Mario Kart 8

How to Unlock: Play the Super Mario Kart masterpiece 20 times.


SSB Mario SeriesMario Maker

A stage based off Mario Maker. It will be a stage with random layout everytime. ________________________________

Max Players: 12

Game of Origin: Super Mario Maker

How to Unlock: Unlock NES Mario


SSB Mario SeriesGhost House

A recurring stage in several Mario games. It features: the vine, which serves as a ladder; Boos, who will attack the players from behind; appearing and disappearing platforms; fake platforms; and much more.


Max Players: 8

Game of Origin: Super Mario World

How to Unlock: Complete Chapter 116: Waltz of the Boos


SSB Mario SeriesForest Maze

The Forest Maze. Everyone made of it music and video tributes, claiming it as super hard to beat, but it was just the music which was awesome. Aside from this, it's just a simple stage. Sometimes Bowyer from the background will attack with arrows, which do low damage but somehow high knockback. ________________________________

Max PLayers: 4

Game of Origin: Super Mario RPG

How to Unlock: Beat Chapter 221: A Vanishing Maze or Beat Chapter X9: Forest Maze


SSB Mario SeriesBowser's Castle

A hazard filled stage based on the New Super Mario Bros. series, it features enemies such as Thwomps, Podoboos, and sometimes the stage will even flip upside down. ________________________________

How to Unlock: Play as Bowser 100 times.

Max PLayers: 10

Game of Origin: New Super Mario Brothers Wii


SSB Kirby SeriesDream Land

A classic SSB stage remastered in HD. The main platform became larger. ________________________________

Max Players: 4

Game of Origin: Kirby's Dream Land


SSB Kirby SeriesGreen Greens

A stage from Melee. The center platform became larger as well.


Max Players: 6

Game of Origin: Kirby's Dream Land

KatRC Whispy

SSB Kirby SeriesWhispy Woods

A walk-off plain stage. It features Whispy Woods, which sometimes becomes a boss.


Max Players: 4

Game of Origin: Almost every Kirby game featuring Whispy

Boss: Whispy Woods

How to Unlock: Fight Whispy Woods 30 times.


SSB Kirby SeriesFountain of Dreams

A returning stage from Melee. The reflection was removed. ________________________________

Max Players: 4

Game of Origin: Kirby's Adventure


SSB Kirby SeriesRainbow Resort

A brand new stage. The layout? You can see it in the image. If you stay still for too much, you will freeze.


Max Players: 8

Game of Origin: Kirby's Adventure

How to Unlock: Play as Kirby 75 times.

KFZ Dedede Arena

Masked arena

SSB Kirby SeriesDedede's Arena

A brand new stage somewhat similar to Boxing Ring. Layout? "Normal".. Sometimes, the stage will transform as Masked Dedede's Arena (Masked). ________________________________ Game of Origin: Several Kirby titles

How to unlock: Use King Dedede's Final Smash: Masked Dedede 10 times.

Max Players: 6


SSB Kirby SeriesBattleship Halberd

A returning stage from Brawl.


Max Players: 6

Game of Origin: Kirby Super Star


SSB Kirby SeriesHalberd Interiors

A scrolling stage based off the hazey-mazey Halberd. Enemies will appear. Will make a semi-complete tour of the Halberd as seen in Super Star.


Max Players: 8

How to Unlock: Beat Chapter X2: Return of the Flying Colossus

Boss: Heavy Lobster

Game of Origin: Kirby Super Star

The Great Cave Offensive SSB4

SSB Kirby SeriesGreat Cave Offensive

A returning stage from SSB for Wii U. It became a bit smaller.


Max Players: 12

Game of Origin: Kirby Super Star


SSB Kirby SeriesHyper Zone

One main platform and 4 platforms floating above it. Sometimes Zero and Zero Two might appear.


Max Players: 8

Game of Origin: Kirby's Dream Land 3

Boss: Zero, Zero Two

How to Unlock: Beat Chapter 49: Zero, Zero Two will appear only if Chapter 78: Zero Two is completed

Checker Knights

SSB Kirby SeriesChecker Knights

A stage similar to Mute City 3DS: the stage doesn't have any lower blast line, if someone stands on the road he will be launched upwards, and various vehicles from Air Ride act as platform. The vehicles sometimes fly. A main platform is also available.


Max Players: 8

Game of Origin: Kirby Air Ride

How to Unlock: Use both the Dragoon and the Hydra in the same match.

Mirror room

SSB Kirby SeriesMirror Room

A "returning" stage from SSF2 V 0.7. It's the complete version with all doors. There are no hazards in here, tho.


Max PLayers: 8

Game of Origin: Kirby & The Amazing Mirror

Boss: Dark Mind

How to Unlock: Beat Smash Darkness, Master Orders and Pit of 100 Trials as Simirror at any difficulty.


SSB Kirby SeriesLor Star Cutter

Home stage to Magolor, this stage travels across various levels, but only the background changes.


Max Players: 8

Game of Origin: Kirby Returns to Dreamland/Kirby's Adventure Wii

How to Unlock: Beat Classic Mode, Adventure Mode and Tower of Smash with Magolor at 8.0 difficulty.

KTD Another Dimension

SSB Kirby SeriesAnother Dimension

A simple, flat stage with walkoffs. Sometimes, some dark energy appears and damages the fighters.


Max Players: 10

Game of Origin: Kirby Returns to Dreamland

How to Unlock: Complete Event 98: Darkness Takes Over, Finale


SSB The Legend of Zelda SeriesHyrule Fields

A stage based on the Hyrule Fields across the years and games. The stage is a bit big.


Max Players: 8

Game of Origin: The Legend of Zelda

LoZLttP Dark World

SSB The Legend of Zelda Series The Dark World

A Delfino Plaza-like stage: a platform drops you in various places of the Dark World. Can be unlocked.


Max Players: 8

How to Unlock: Complete Event 65: Darkness Takes Over, Part 4

Game of Origin: The Legend of Zelda A Link to the Past


SSB The Legend of Zelda Series Hyrule Castle

A returning stage from SSB64 now remade in HD.


Max Players: 6

Game of Origin: The Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time

South Clock Town

SSB The Legend of Zelda SeriesClock Town

Clock Town is a big stage that takes place on several roofs. After a minute, the Majora Moon crashes and kills everyone on the screen.


Max Players: 6

Game of Origin: The LEgend of Zelda Majora's Mask

How to Unlock: In Smash Run, defeat a total of 500 enemies from the Zelda series.


SSB The Legend of Zelda Series Dragon Roost Island

The fan-favorite island, not because it was a good island, but because of the music. It's a big stage.


Max Players: 12

Game of Origin: The Legend of Zelda Wind Waker

How to Unlock: Complete 100-Smash as Toon Link


SSB The Legend of Zelda Series Bridge of Eldin 2

It's Bridge of Eldin with the center destoyed and some platforms above it. Bulbin doesn't appear and there's no walkoff. Also as time passes the time changes: morning, day, dusk, night.


Max Players: 8

Game of Origin: The Legend of Zelda Twilight Princess

more to be added.... more to be added...


Similarly to the bosses in Kirby's Return to Dreamland, some bosses if half of their health is gone, they will enrage and do more powerful attacks. This occurs for Whispy Woods,

Boss Description
Master Hand and Crazy Hand KDL3D

Master Hand & Crazy Hand Two hands who appear to be the player's. They have many attacks, including slapping, punching, grabbing and slamming. Master Hand can be fought alone, and he is faster but weaker. He is also somewhat relaxed and he is happy to fight the warriors that challenge him; he represents the creation. Crazy Hand can be fought only with his bro. He is slower, but a lot more powerful. He is more chaotic and destructive. In fact, he represents destruction. They can be fought in: Classic Mode, Special Orders, and Story Mode under Dark Possession. Difficulty: 6/10. Tracks: Master Hand, Master Hand 64 (when in Final Destination 3)

MasterCore render

Master Core

After damaging enough the Hands, who share their HP together, Crazy Hand will disintegrate and Master Hand's glove opens and it reveals Master Core. This Master Core has various form he can change to, from Master Edges to Master Beast to Master Hurricane to Master Fortress.

It is a somewhat mysterious subject, but in Story Mode it was explained what really is Master Core. Difficulty: 8/10. Tracks: Master Core, Shadow of the Core (remix which plays only at 10.0 difficulty), Master Fortress Wave 1-2-3

Whispy Woods 2
Whispy Woods will be the easiest boss you'll face off. Whispy Woods is a tree (don't you say) which attacks players by letting apples fall on them. He can also throw Gordos and other undefeatable enemies. At half health, however, he will do more powerful attacks, including inhaling the player, puffing 7 small tornados, and attacking with its roots which act as powerful spikes. Difficulty: 1/10, 4/10 (when half of health is gone). Tracks: Vs. Boss 1
more to be added.... more to be added....

Tier List

It will be the last thing I'll work on.


Events are managed much like in Brawl. There will be a total of 204 Events.

Here's a list of events:

  • Daily Event: Every day a new event for gaining big prizes like Trophy Boxes, Bank Accounts, Special Orders Tickets, Price Minus Tickets, Demo Tickets, Online+ Tickets, Trip to Smash Dimension Ticket, and much more! Events can be played only the day they are released, so after 5 years you can't play Day 1 Event. Even when Day 2 Event is playable you can't play Day 1 Event.
  • Event 1: Three Trouble Kings?!?
  • Event 2: Darkness Takes Over, Part 1
  • Event 3: Nightmare In Dream Land
  • Event 4: Fast or Furios?
  • Event 5: Weegee Time!
  • Event 6: Saltwater
  • Event 7: Lucky Seven
  • Event 8: To the 8th Power
  • Event 9: Striking Thunder, Part One
  • Event 10: All-Star Match: The Twelve Starters
  • Event 11: Unfair Zone
  • Event 12: Just do it
  • Event 13: Onett Baseball Team
  • Event 14: Look, a Flying Little Mac
  • Event 15: Pac-Dots
  • Event 16: To the 16th Power
  • Event 17: Bounty Hunter Clash 2
  • Event 18: Saltwater's Revenge
  • Event 19: Paperization
  • Event 20: All-Star Match: The Thirteen Melee Comers
  • Event 21: Striking Thunder, Part 1X
  • Event 22: Piggy Guys
  • Event 23: Shocking Arrow Lifts
  • Event 24: Doctor Who? Doctor Mario!
  • Event 25: Fire Power
  • Event 26: Assault!
  • Event 27: Darkness Takes Over, Part 2
  • Event 28: Climbing to the Top
  • Event 29: Building a New Mech
  • Event 30: All-Star Match: Brawl Comers
  • Event 31: Itsame, Bowser! Letsago!
  • Event 32: To the 32th Power
  • Event 33: 01001000100001
  • Event 34: Top Tier
  • Event 35: Swordmasters Clash
  • Event 36: Halberd Protecting
  • Event 37: A Challenger from the Shadows
  • Event 38: Accomplished
  • Event 39: Darkness Takes Over, Part 3
  • Event 40: All-Star Match: Brawl Comers 2
  • Event 41: Void
  • Event 42: Striking Thunder, Part 2
  • Eeveent 43: Eevee Attack
  • Event 44: Legendaries
  • Event 45: Playing Favourites
  • Event 46: #DustyNess
  • Event 47: Ready.... GO BACK!
  • Event 48: Bottom Tier
  • Event 49: SAKURAAAI!
  • Event 50: All-Star Match: Smash 3DS & Wii U Part 1
  • Event 51: Star Fox, Ready for Action!
  • Event 52: Striking Thunder, Part 3
  • Event 53: THUNDER SMAASH
  • Event 54: Defense
  • Event 55: Great Falcon Punch
  • Event 56: Objection!
  • Event 57: Overshadow
  • Event 58: I Don't Wanna Be Number 2!
  • Event 59: Metallic Danger
  • Event 60: All-Star Match: Smash 3DS & Wii U Part 2
  • Event 61: Lor Opponentcutter
  • Event 62: Robotic Rampage
  • Event 63: Striking Thunder, Part 4
  • Event 64: To the 64th Power!
  • Event 65: Darkness Takes Over, Part 4
  • Event 66: Metroid 64
  • Event 67: Epic Failure
  • Event 68: Final Smash Clash
  • Event 69: The Final Showdown
  • Event 70: All-Star Match: Clone Wars
  • Event 71: King of Fighters
  • Event 72: Look, a flying temple
  • Event 73: Windy Blast
  • Event 74: The Truth
  • Event 75: Retro Madness
  • Event 76: A Project for Melee
  • Event 77: Lucky Me
  • Event 78: Inkling? Nah.
  • Event 79: Subspace Revenge
  • Event 80: NEWCOMERS!!!
  • Event 81: Wah wah wah!
  • Event 82: Striking Thunder, Finale
  • Event 83: All According to the Plan
  • Event 84: The Mighty Score
  • Event 85: Porky, Evil Lord
  • Event 86: Mother 3's End (Spoiler Alert)
  • Event 87: Crusading Bros.
  • Event 88: Crazy Eight!
  • Event 89: Pokémon! Yeah!
  • Event 90: NEWCOMERS!!! PART 2!!!
  • Event 91: The Difference
  • Event 92: A Mask, an hammer, and a penguin
  • Event 93: TAKE THAT!
  • Event 94: Find. A. Way. Out.
  • Event 95: Rated E for Eyeball
  • Event 96: Treasures
  • Event 97: A Story for Glory
  • Event 98: Darkness Takes Over, Finale
  • Event 99: Good 'Ol Nintendo
  • Event 100: NEWCOMERS!!! PART 3!!!
  • Event 101: How to play Event Match 101
  • Event 102: Yet Another Fight
  • Eeveent 103: Eevee's Return
  • Event 104: This is for taking my place in Brawl
  • Event 105: Partners in Time
  • Event 106: Gourmet Race
  • Event 107: Exiting the forest is super simple
  • Event 108: You Don't Want To
  • Event 109: Ike Climbers
  • Event 110: NEWCOMERS!!! PART 4!!!
  • Event 111: I Fight for My Friends
  • Event 112: I Fight for Myself
  • Event 113: Terrific
  • Event 114: How about Slippy? Nah.
  • Event 115: Scrapped Metal
  • Event 116: Super Duper Mario
  • Event 117: Glitch
  • Event 118: Escape from the Temple
  • Event 119: Vs. Ridley
  • Event 120: NEWCOMERS!!! PART 5!!!
  • Event 121: New Battlefield
  • Event 122: Metal Mario's Rampage
  • Event 123: Timed Race
  • Event 124: How about Master Hand? Not a character.
  • Event 125: This one
  • Event 126: Is different from the others
  • Event 127: Mission on Brinstar
  • Event 128: Power of Thunder
  • Event 129: !.sorB hsamS repuS
  • Event 130: FINAL NEWCOMERS!!!!
  • Event 131: Going Backwards
  • Event 132: Good 'Ol Times
  • Event 133: Epic Ness
  • Event 134: Pichu will NEVER return
  • Event 135: The Adventure of Link
  • Event 136: Invading
  • Event 137: A Charming Magician
  • Event 138: Over Powered
  • Event 139: Brawl was too competitive
  • Event 140: All-Star Franchises: Super! Mario! Brothers!
  • Event 141: Under Rated
  • Event 142: Years
  • Event 143: PK Grounded
  • Event 144: Miracle Code
  • Event 145: Guide
  • Event 146: One Lifetime Chance
  • Event 147: Hangin' On the Mountains
  • Event 148: Sonic? I never liked him-
  • Event 149: Seriously
  • Event 150: All-Star Franchises: Kirby Kirby Kirby!
  • Event 151: Hyper Extreme Luigi
  • Event 152: Mission on the Halberd
  • Event 153: Shiny
  • Event 154: Snapshots
  • Event 155: Take A Rest
  • Event 156: Running Crazies
  • Event 157: Coold
  • Event 158: Not Even That Good
  • Event 159: The Triforce
  • Event 160: All-Star Franchises: Legend about Zelda
  • Event 161: Emblem of Ice
  • Event 162: Punching People
  • Event 163: Why
  • Event 164: N64
  • Event 165: Diddy Kong? NO!
  • Event 166: Olimar? Are you serious?
  • Event 167: Pokémon Battle
  • Event 168: Mighty Wario
  • Event 169: Flash
  • Event 170: All-Star Franchises: Bound to Earth
  • Event 171: Electroplankton
  • Event 172: Robotic Fight
  • Event 173: Snake? Let's delete his files.
  • Event 174: Yes or No
  • Event 175: All-Star Franchises: Meh Troid
  • Event 176: Animal Crossing
  • Event 177: Platforming Challenge
  • Event 178: A Hand and its cohort
  • Event 179: Rated E for Eyeball's Revenge
  • Event 180: All-Star Franchises: Emblem of Fire
  • Event 181: PK Thunder 2
  • Event 182: I Fight For My Mother.
  • Event 183: I'm not Exhausted
  • Event 184: Pikmin Assault
  • Event 185: All-Star Franchises: Gotta Catch 'Em All!
  • Event 186: Return to your Original Position
  • Event 187: !eeleM .sorB hsamS repuS
  • Event 188: Running Wild
  • Event 189: Modern Minds
  • Event 190: All-Star Franchises: Winged Guys
  • Event 191: Assembling
  • Event 192: All-Star Franchises: Star Animals
  • Event 193: Ridley? Oh Yeah!
  • Event 194: All-Star Dudes: G&W, DK, Yoshi, Shulk, Captain Falcon, Little Mac
  • Event 195: He's Watching
  • Event 196: All-Star Dudes: ROB, Villager, Ice Climbers, Isaac, Mach Rider, Takamaru
  • Event 197: Near the End
  • Event 198: All-Star 3rd Parties: Pac-Man, Mega Man, Peashooter, Quote, Shovel Knight, Phoenix Wright, Maxwell, Bomberman, Zero
  • Event 199: End? No!
  • Event 200: All-Star Mii Fighters: Mii Brawler, Mii Gunner, Mii Swordfighter, Mii Wizard, Mii All-Star
  • Event 201: All-Star Franchises: Super Smash Bros.
  • Event 202: The Final Battle
  • Event 203: The Unexpected Final Battle
  • Event 204: The FINAL Final Battle!!!


Vault Minigames

Vault Minigames are minigames for earning trophies/cds/tickets/extra hammer/custom parts and such.

-Vault Rush: It's trophy rush, but with other elements like CDs, Tickets, Golden Hammers, Custom Parts, and more.

-Snag the Treasures: It's Snag the Trophies, but with more elements. Requires money to enter.

-Coin Launcher: The Mini-Game from Brawl, but with more elements. Every time you'll shoot you'll lose a coin.

-Lottery: The Lottery of Melee. This time, you can win other elements.

-Pinball: Pinball, a classic.


Manage your amiibo's data.

Master Pieces

There are MasterPieces from: NES, SNES, N64, GB, GBA games. Demos are longer than before. List of Masterpieces: Super Smash Bros. (provisional title) for ZeroCube/ Masterpieces


Trophy Gallery: Check your trophies and their description.

Trophy Hoard: See all your trophies in a big scenario.

Musics & Sounds

CD Collection: See all the CDs you have so far. Now CDs have a description.

Music Room: Listen to all of your favourite music.

Sound Room: Listen to all of the sounds in the game, like announcer clips, attack effects, and such.

My Music: Set your favourite tracks and decide how much often they will appear.

Music Loader: Load your favourite Gaming track in your stage!

Smash TV

Watch your replays or go online and see other people's.

Smash Album

Take a look to all of the photo you took.


Can you beat all 750 challenges? You can use Golden Hammers, which can be obtained through various ways.


Set various options, like "Screen", "Controls", "Deflicker", "Rumble".


General Records: Records like Play Time, Solo Time, Story Mode Time, Group Time, Online Time, etc.

Fighter Records: Records like Falls, SDs, KOs, Damage Given, Damage Taken, etc. It has 5 main pages: Group Statistics, On-Line Only Statistics, Solo Modes Statistics, Story Mode Statistics, All-Round Statistics.

Notices: Recontrol all of your notices.


Short blurbs of informations. They both appear here and on loading screens. Some extra tips can be bought for in-game coins.


Relax and watch movies of story mode, newcomer trailers, how to play videos, the E3 video, and such.


Manage your data here: copy/move it to an SD card or delete some stuff, like characters, stages, records, or even everything-


Customize your characters. You'll need Custom Parts, though.


Share all your content here: Stages, Replays, Photos, Custom Mii Fighters, and such.


Buy trophies, CDs, snapshots.

Stage Builder

Touch Functionality

Like SSBU, the Stage Builder supports the touch screen. Be careful when you draw!


None of them has been revealed.

Special Drawing Tools

Changes your default drawing tool.

  • Stairs (works when you make it diagonal)
  • Platform (if you press down when you're on them, you'll fall)
  • Ice (you slide on it)
  • Background Block

Special Parts & Hazards

  • Conveyor Belt (slow or fast)
  • Ladder
  • Cannon (weak or strong)
  • Magma (thin or thick)
  • Moving Platform (little or big)
  • Spring (little or big)
  • Spawn Points (you must place at least 4 different spawn points).
  • Enemies
  • Minecarts
  • Spikes
  • Laser Cannon
  • Button

Weight, Size

The weight of the stages is... unlimited! Yes, you can add all the stuff you want! However, the stage can be playable, and a scan will occur. If it scans the stage as "unplayable", it gives you the reasons.

There are 6 sizes for the stage. Tiny, Little, Normal, Big, Huge, Colossal. Big and Huge can be played in Omega Smash. Up to 6 players can play only Normal and Big stages. From 7 to 8 players can play only Big and Huge stages. From 9 to 12 players can only play Huge and Colossal stages.


After you finished creating your stage, you can share it to the world! You can also download new stages made by other people. The fun never ends with the stages! However, if you find a stage with the DLC backgrounds, and you don't have the DLC you can't download it.

Minor Fixes

Platforms don't require anymore a set distance to be grabbed. A select thing is available. Select a zone of your stage, copy or cut it, and paste.

Secret Files

Secret Files are very important. They are informations about something. You can unlock'em by folder, and there are 1000 folders. Every folder will be of a single thing. For example, there's Kirby folder, or also FInal Destination folder, or Master Hand folder, or Smash Ball folder. Secret Files are a complete guide to that thing (how to use him/her like a pro, how to dodge that certain boss' attacks, etc). There are Secret Files for every character, stage, boss, mode...

Voice Cast


(Note: the announcers are fake person except for Xander Mobus.)

NTSC English Announcer/ English PAL Announcer: Xander Mobus

Italian Announcer: Leonardo Perfodo

German Announcer: Klotr Spile

Spanish Announcer: Doritan de la Siegu

French Announcer: Jacques Frais

Japanese Announcer: Sevichi Tairumo

Leaks and Rumors

Several leaks can be found on the internet. Most of them are fake, for example Vimage656's infamous leak.

Vimage656's Leak

Vimage656 affirmed to work at Nintendo of America. She stated this exact things:

"There will be several newcomers in the new Smash Bros, installment. They will be:

  • Tom Nook (fake)
  • Doc Louis (fake)
  • Toad (fake)
  • Slippy (scrapped)
  • Klonoa? (fake)
  • Snake (fake)
  • Krystal (fake)
  • Hector (fake)
  • Inkling (fake)
  • Diddy Kong (fake)
  • Dixie Kong (fake)
  • Proto Man (scrapped)
  • Chorus Men (scrapped)
  • Mii Athlete (fake)
  • Sonic (fake)
  • Tails (fake)
  • Knuckles (fake)
  • Shadow (fake)
  • Silver (fake)
  • Metal Sonic (fake)
  • And one which I didn't get, it sounded like... "Conway". I don't know who is this.

I don't know the others. I heard those character being stated by DestROY13103 himself in a private discussion with Masahiro Sakurai.

Actually, Vimage656 really worked at Nintendo of America... as a cleaner. She was cleaning near a private room, and heard all of this. However, what DestROY13103 really said is: "These characters will not be in our Project." That's what Vimage656 did not heard.

Accidental Vaati Leak

In Nintendo Direct #03, a clip is shown where the announced newcomer, Lyndis, can be seen taunting. In the background, Vaati can be actually seen offscreen.


English Translation: Nintendo of America Translation Team

Italian Translation: GameZ Inc. Director DestROY13103

Other: GameZ Inc. PAL Team


Normal Edition: €50, $60

Just the game and nothing else.

Super Duper Edition: €70, $80

The game, plus:

  • All DLCs included (After a month there was not DLCs but the owners of this would have get them at the release).
  • A book of artworks, called Project Smash: Art and Concept
  • 7 CDs, 6 of which are part of a collection of discs called "Smashing Heroes". These CDs include all the OST of the game. The seventh CD contains tracks from previous installments in the Smash series and new tracks. It is called "Smash Heroes Deluxe".
  • A collectible book at a detailed history and newly revealed info about the series' development, called Project Smash: Development
  • Another collectible book, entirely focused on the Story mode. It is an in-deep walkthrough; it is called Project Smash: Story.
  • An Amiibo Code. An amiibo code is a special ticket that lets you take an amiibo for free, choose your favourite!

Collection Edition: €55, $65

The basic game + Super Smash Bros. Collection.

Bonus Edition

This for 4 months replaced the basic edition. It has the same price. Later, this edition can be found only in certain stores. It includes a "Beginner's Guide" manual, which is a major help of gameplay and modes for beginners. No stuff of Story Mode can be found. It also includes a special coin which was present with Super Smash Bros. 4's Pre-Order Edition.

Hyper Ultimate Edition: €100, $100

  • All of Super Duper Edition's stuff.
  • All of Bonus Edition's stuff
  • The Smash Controller, which is a controller with 3 SPECIAL BUTTONS: B1, B2, B3. So the New Special Moves can all be used at once. It is a lot different to play with this, so there are separate Online Tournaments and Matches for who have this one.
  • A GameCube Controller.
  • 4 more Amiibo Codes.
  • The last CD of Smash Heroes, called "Smash Heroes: Hyper Smash"
  • A collectible book, called "Project Smash: Unlockables!" which will help on unlock characters, stages, trophies, etc.
  • The Special Trophy "Hyper Edition".


  • A Steam version was in development, but then canceled.
  • In the game's files, these files were found: diddy, conway, chorus, proto, sonic, olim, inkling, slippy.
    • diddy refers to Diddy Kong. Of all the unused character, he is the one with less data. Reason of the cut? "The Donkey Kong series doesn't need two reps. People wanted for characters like Dixie or K. Rool, but we instead left DK alone."
    • conway is the game's unknown character, like Brawl's pra_mai. There are various theories of this, but none is correct. However, a day DarkCrafter13 claimed on SmashBoards that conway was Richard Conway, a character from Gunpoint, a PC game. This was later proven true, in fact DarkCrafter13 was the director DestROY13103 himself. "Not much people know his game."
    • chorus can be reasonably assumed to the Chorus Men, an unused character in SSB4 too. "At the time the character was imagined in Smash, a major bug popped out and we had to fix it. Then we had no time left to add the Chorus Men".
    • proto can be assumed to Proto-Man. "Maybe next time."
    • sonic refers to Sonic.
    • olim can be assumed to Olimar. "Olimar couldn't get in due to time constraints. Even if in his appearences in Smash he wasn't the best character, I still wanted him. I was even gonna add a clone of him, like Alph. If there is gonna be DLC, we'll probably release him, tho."
    • inkling refers to Inkling, a character in Splatoon. The reason of the cut? "Inkling would be a particular character, and when we were thinking of the roster we aimed for particular choices. There was enough time to develop him. The only thing wrong with Inkling is that EVERYONE adds him in. Uh? What do I mean? Only certain people can get it, right, Fantendo?" The director meant that in almost every Smash on Fantendo there was the Inkling.
    • slippy refers to Slippy, a character from the Star Fox series. "Slippy would kinda be meh. I don't think he would have made it in anyway."

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