Super Smash Bros. Worlds Collide is the 5th installment to the Super Smash Bros series. It is being developed by Namco Bandai Games Inc, Platinum Games Inc, and Sora Ltd. The games feature mostly identical gameplay, but with several differences in other areas. This is the first game of the series to be released on a Nintendo Switch. This game is about various video game characters fighting each other.


Super Smash Bros. Worlds Collide have some similarities and differences from Super Smash Bros. 4. Final Smashes and Footstool Jumping make a return, while the "tripping" mechanic has still been removed. The pace of battles has also been stated to be in between Super Smash Bros. Melee and Super Smash Bros. Brawl, though with some new changes.

Movesets and animations of some returning characters were changed more significantly than during the transition from Super Smash Bros. Melee to Super Smash Bros. 4, with some returning characters having completely new moves, and major alterations (such as Link and Ness). The games are much more stylized and visually intense than previous entries, with the overall colors being bolder and brighter and many elements having been redone to stand out more. Like in all games, Worlds Collide has its traditional fighting game mode with its customized rules where four chosen fighters play on chosen stages. This includes the Stamina mode (where players get HP that decreases), Time (time limit), Stock (lives) and Coin Battle (winner is the one that collects the most coins). Special Smash also returns in this version, allowing players to battle under certain conditions

8-Player Smash has also. In this special game mode, most stages are restricted when five or six players are playing and even more when seven or eight are playing; in stages that are playable in 8-Player Smash, stage hazards are also removed for optimization purposes, though stage incompatibility has shown to be mostly arbitrary, with even some incompatible stages featuring 8-Player spawn points. Omega variants of the same stage may allow for more players.

Air Dodging also returns to the style of SSB Melee and so will Wavedashing. Some series will also be getting icon changes, such as the Mega Man franchise being changed from metal blade to Mega Man's helmet.

Game Modes


Classic mode also plays the same style as Super Smash Bros. Brawl, acting the same way. Players pick a character, and then go through a barrage of fights. Each stage appears in an uncertain order, with any unlocked character's stage appearing first, and a Pokémon stage appearing third. Like the last game, certain conditions are set in a few matches. A few examples are fighting a giant version of an opponent, either with two allies, one ally, or none, or the player fighting a metal version of another player. A small heart appears next to a teammate's logo in the matches with allies. When a level is finished, the score is added up, and coins are earned. These can be used in the Coin Launcher. Clearing this mode will give the player a trophy of the character used to complete it.

The final two stages feature a Multi-Man Smash, fighting against either 20 Miis (based upon the Miis saved on the console), or 20 of a randomly selected opponent. Following this stage is a boss battle that differs depending on difficulty. Master Hand will always appear as a final boss, with Crazy Hand being added beginning at 4.8; Master Core replacing the two hands once they are damaged a certain amount beginning at 6.0; and a harder variation of Master Core, with the Master Fortress phase, added beginning at 8.0. If fought at the highest difficulty level, the player will have to defeat all of Master Hand, Crazy Hand, Master Core, Master Fortress, as well as Giga Bowser in a replica of his Super Smash Bros. Melee boss battle.


All-Star Mode returns from previous installments. Like the past games, All-Star Mode pits the player against every playable fighter in the game with limited healing options. Like Brawl, All-Star Mode will only be available when every last character on the roster has been unlocked. DLC characters will be added on once downloaded.

Similar to the installments, the matches are organized by the years the fighters have been originated. Between 2 and 6 fighters may be fought during a round, with each round getting harder and harder as the CPU gets stronger. The order will always pit Mr. Game and Watch first and Dr. Coyle last. Only the Mii's dont appear, but can be playable.

The stage depends on what characters you are fighting. For example, if you're fighting a team of six with Black Mage, you would be fighting on the Chaos Shrine stage. If their home stage isn't unlocked, the stage chosen will be Final Destination

Multi-Man Smash

Multi-Man Smash is a type of mode that pits the player (or two players) up against large groups of opponents. There are several different variations of the Multi-Man Smash, all of which return from previous instalments.

  • 10-Man Smash: You are fighting against 10 randomly generated Mii Fighters. Some of the fighters could be some characters from the roster.
  • 100-Man Smash: The player fights against 100 fighters. Every 20 fighters, a randomly picked character from the roster will appear.
  • 3-Minute Smash: The game challenges the player to fight an onslaught of fighters while surviving for three whole minutes.
  • 15-Minute Smash: The player is challenged by the game to get the most KO's in the next fifthteen minutes while surviving.
  • Rival Smash: The player fights against a shadow version of the character they chose and will defeat as many fighters to win. If the rival is KO'ed, he/she will respawn.
  • Endless Smash: The match has no time limit and the player will keep beating many fighters until he/she has been defeated.
  • Cruel Smash: All of the CPU's will be super strong, even stronger than a Level 9 fighter. The player's knockback has also been changed and no items will spawn.

Smash Run

Smash Run is a gameplay mode that first appeared on Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS. It is a combination of platforming and exploration, along with the traditional fighting gameplay. Unlike it's prequel, the island you travel on is a lot larger and there's more to see. The timer is also available to edit, ranging from a 5 minute match to a 15 minute match.

Players are tasked with strengthening their attributes by finding items in chests, as well as defeating numerous enemies from The Subspace Emissary and other game series. Bonus stages are also hidden behind doors in the map also allow for players to take part in challenges that can give them further boosts to their various attributes and more prizes. Special events occur on the map and provides tasks like defeating a mini boss or finding hordes of the same enemies. In Multiplayer mode, players can press giant P-Switches that drop huge Bob-ombshidering players progress. Enemies do attack the player and some make them drop their power-ups sometimes. If you get KO'd, some of your stats will be decreaded as a penalty.

Items can also be found throughout place including "Powers" you can add to your custom character. When the time limit has expired, all power-ups collected are added to the character's stats, and the players compete in one of a variety of "Final Battles", selected randomly, lasting one minute. After a Smash Run match, players will obtain the trophies, character customization items, gold, and powers that they collected while in the adventure course.

Smash Run can now also be played online with other players, or locally with one other player. Players can also run into each other in the map and fight, with a player able to steal half of a player's collected stats should they defeat another player. Co-op mode is also playable in Smash Run.


Bonkers Kirby The Fighters 2
Boom Stomper-kiu
KTD Bronto Burt artwork
200px-Goomba - MarioPartyStarRush
JSSB Green Koopa
Bulborb - Pikmin 3
Bumpety Bomb
Chain Chomp Transparent
Crobat Dreamworld
Shy Guy-1
Darknut TP
Flame Chomp
MK4DS Fly Guy
SSBB Generator
Giant goomba
Gordo SSBB
657px-Hammer Bro-NSMBuU
Kritter SSB for Wii U
Kamek magikoopa render by nintega dario-dbs3osp
Monoeye SR
SS Octorok
Tiki Buzz
Shotzo New Render
Sir Kibble Kirby the Fighters 2
1280px-Buzz Bomber Tails19950
Tiki Goon
Fire Primid
Pointy Tuck DKCTR
Shantae HGH Tinkerbat
KTD Clown artwork
Plasma Wisp 3DS Trophy
Fig 20 zinger
KSA Driblee Artwork


Polar Trophy
Polar Bear
Petey Piranha
Mr. Frosty
Mr. Frosty
Big Beanie YNI
Green Beanie
Charger Chuck
Chargin' Chuck


When an enemy is defeated, they will drop Stat Bonuses that will be added to your stats. The six stat boosts you can obtain are Speed, Attack, Special, Jump, Arms, and Defense.

Stat Boosts Description
Increases damage of all normal attacks.
Increases jump height and falling speed. This stat does affect double jumps and wall jumps.
Increases damage of all special moves.  Some special moves may gain increased range or a shortened charge time.
Increases walking speed, dashing speed, air speed, and traction. 
Increases strength of projectiles, item attacks, healing effects from items, and throws. Grabbing range is also increased, items of timed duration last longer, and the user is less likely to drop items when attacked. 
Makes it more difficult to launch characters and increases flinch resistant. Additionally, the shield becomes harder to break

Trophy Rush

Trophy Rush first debuted in Super Smash Bros. for Wii U, and is the easiest way to obtain collectables such as trophies, customization parts, and stickers. The player sets a timer by spending gold (five gold for a second), with 10:00 being the highest set of time.

The player is placed on a platform and tasked with destroying various crates, some explosive that comes from the sky, which holds coins when collected and fills the Fever meter. Once filled, you activate Fever Rush, which increases the amount of crates and sometimes gives you rare items. However, being KO'd subtracts 5 seconds as a penalty.

World Collisions

World Collisions is the new story mode where it takes place 3 years after Tabuu's defeat and the Subspace Emissary in Super Smash Bros. Brawl.

Online Play

Everything has been the same for Online Play ever since Super Smash Bros. 4.

  • With Friends: Play with friends online by connecting to the network.
  • With Anyone: Play with any Super Smash Bros. player by connecting to the internet.
  • Tournaments: Enter and battle in online tournaments with friends or strangers.

With Friends mode gives the player the option to create a room and set up custom rules for the match for friends.

With Anyone is divided into two modes:

  • For Fun: For fans who plays for fun. Results are not recorded. All items and gimmicks are on and players can use custom characters. Final Destination will not be playable.
  • For Glory: For serious players. For this mode, the results are recorded and all items, custom characters and stage gimmicks are turned off. Final Destination is also playable unlike the latter.

Tournaments will allow people to fight in a tournament bracket match similar to Tournament Mode from Super Smash Bros. Brawl. The players can also bet on who will win by setting the amount of coins they wish to bet, as the risk of losing the bet.


There are a total of 117 fighters (53 veterans, 54 newcomers). Not to mention the addition of 26 DLC fighters, bringing the total to 143 fighters. Many franchises such as Pokemon, Sonic the Hedgehog, and Mega Man have expanded to more than one representative for that series (the addition of more characters such as Tapu Koko, Metal Sonic, and Bass). Other series have also been introduced like Disgaea, Shovel Knight, and Paper Mario. All DLC characters from SSB4 (except Corrin) have returned as playable or unlockable characters. Some characters will also be changing forms by taunting such as Samus and Zelda. All characters will also be getting a unique animation when being picked, like in the original Super Smash Bros.

Bold = New, Italic = Unlockable

Name Image Special Moves Final Smash Series

B - Fireball Side - Cape

Up - Super Jump Punch

Down - F.L.U.U.D

Mario Finale Super Mario
250px-Luigi SSB4
B - Thunderhand

Side - Green Missile

Up - Super Jump Punch

Down - Luigi Cyclone

Poltergust 5000 Super Mario
Peach (Super Mario 3D World)
B - Emotional Outbreak

Side - Peach Bomber

Up - Peach Parasol

Down - Vegetable

Peach Blossom Super Mario
B - Fire Breath

Side - Flying Slam

Up - Whirling Fortress

Down - Bowser Bomb

Giga Bowser Super Mario
Bowser Jr/ Shadow Mario
Bowser Jr and Shadow Mario
B - Fireball/ Graffiti

Side - Clown Car Dash/ Paintbrush Swipe

Up - Abandon Ship/ Color Portal

Down - Transform

Mecha Jr./ Shadow Mario Paint Super Mario
Rosalina & Luma
B - Star Bits

Side - Luma Shot

Up - Launch Star

Down - Luma Spin

Starbit Storm Super Mario
Dr. Mario
Dr. Mario-0
B - Science Lab

Side - Clipboard

Up - Super Jump Punch

Down - Dr. Tornado

Doctor Finale Dr. Mario
Captain Toad
Captain Toad-0
B - Green Star

Side - Super Pickaxe

Up - Propeller Box

Down - Patch Pluck

Turnip Cannon Super Mario
200px-Daisy MP10
B - Mega Strike

Side - Flower Swing

Up - Flower Trampoline

Down - Crystal Smash

The Mysterious Spaceman Super Mario
150px-Yoshi - Mario Party 10
B - Egg Lay

Side - Egg Roll

Up - Blimp Fruit

Down - Yoshi Bomb

Super Yoshi Yoshi
B - Chomp

Side - Wario Bike

Up - Corkscrew

Down - Wario Waft

Wario-Man Wario
Cap. Syrup
B - Shake It

Side - Pillar Bomb

Up - Twisting Teacup

Down - Mecha Kuri

Three Wishes Wario
Donkey Kong
B - Giant Punch

Side - Headbutt

Up - Spinning Kong

Down - Hand Slap

Arcade Donkey Kong
Diddy Kong
200px-Diddy Kong Artwork - Donkey Kong Country Tropical Freeze
B - Peanut Popgun

Side - Monkey Flip

Up - Rocketbarrel Boost

Down - Orange Grenade

Rocketbarrel Barrage Donkey Kong
220px-Kirby Wii
B - Inhale

Side - Hammer Flip

Up - Final Cutter

Down - Stone

Ultra Sword Kirby
King Dedede
KSA King Dedede artwork
B - Inhale

Side - Gordo Throw

Up - Super Dedede Jump

Down - Jet Hammer

Dedede Burst Kirby
Meta Knight
Meta knight return to dreamland style render by nibroc rock-daahgib
B - Mach Tornado

Side - Drill Rush

Up - Shuttle Loop

Down -Dimensional Cape

Galaxia Darkness Kirby
Bandana Dee
KSA Bandana Waddle Dee
B - Spear Throw

Side - Wheelie

Up - Spear Copter

Down - Waddle Bomb

Megaton Punch

Prince Fluff
B - Yarn Whip

Side - Digger

Up - Rocket

Down - Weight

Tankbot Kirby
Dark Matter
Dark Matter HoD

B - Bullet Cluster

Side - Dark Rainbow

Up - Distort Form

Down - Orbital Doom

Darkest Matter Kirby
Link breath of the wild render by jrrenders-dad872p
B - Ancient Arrow

Side - Tri Boomerang

Up - Para Glide

Down - Remote Bomb

Divine Beasts Legend of Zelda
Toon Link
554px-SSB4 - Toon Link Artwork
B - Skull Hammer

Side - Fire Rod

Up - Deku Nut

Down - Mole Mitts

Ballad of Gales Legend of Zelda
B - Nayru's Love/ Needle Storm

Side - Din's Fire/ Burst Grenade

Up - Farore's Wind/ Vanish

Down - Phantom Slash/ Bouncing Fish

Light Arrow/ Ballad of the Sheikah Legend of Zelda
B - Dead Man's Volley

Side - Sword of Sages

Up - Dark Dive

Down - Wizard's Foot

Beast Ganon Legend of Zelda
Tetra/Toon Zelda
SSBBRZS ToonZeldaTetra
B - Spoils Bag/ Magic Arrows

Side - Bombchu/ Mirror Shield

Up - Catapult/ Sage Bridge

Down - Change Form

Pirate Barrage/ Goddess Pearls Legend of Zelda
630px-Hyrule Warriors Impa Longsword Artwork

B - Sheikah Force

Side - Umbra Barrier

Up - Rising Eclipse

Down - Water Dance

Into The Void Legend of Zelda
HWL Lana Cover Artwork
B - Spell Dash

Side - Deku Spear

Up - Light Wall

Down - Magic Trap

Giant Cucco Legend of Zelda
HWL Linkle Crossbow
B - Bomb Launcher

Side - Cucco Kick

Up - Compass Smash

Down - Shooting Run

Crossbow Detonation Legend of Zelda
SSBDF Marth Render
B - Shield Breaker

Side - Dancing Blade

Up - Dolphin Slash

Down - Counter

Critical Hit Fire Emblem
B - Eruption

Side - Quick Draw

Up - Aether

Down - Counter

Great Aether Fire Emblem
B - Thunder

Side - Arcfire

Up - Elwind

Down - Nosferatu

Pair Up Fire Emblem
B - Flare Blade

Side - Double Edge Dance

Up - Blazer

Down - Counter

Critical Hit Fire Emblem

B - Thrust Stab

Side - Critical Hit

Up - Pegasus Slash

Down - Fire Spirit

Sol Katti Fire Emblem
250px-Shulk SSB4-1
B - Monado Arts

Side - Back Slash

Up - Air Slash

Down - Vision

Chain Attack Xenoblade Chronicles
Samus SSBV
B - Charge Shot/ Paralyzer

Side - Missile/ Plasma Whip

Up - Screw Attack/ Boost Kick

Down - Bomb/ Flip Jump

Zero Laser/ Gunship Metroid
B - Fairy Dust

Side - Flower Panel

Up - Rainbow Run

Down - Garbage Block

Fairy Magic Panel De Pon
B - Thunder Jolt

Side - Iron Tail

Up - Quick Attack

Down - Thunder

10,000,000 Volt Thunderbolt Pokemon
Pokemon Trainer-0
B - Water Gun, Bullet Seed, Flame Thrower

Side - Rapid Spin, Razor Leaf, Flare Blitz

Up - Waterfall, Vine Whip, Fly

Down - Switch Pokemon

Mega Evolution Pokemon
B - Aura Sphere

Side - Force Palm

Up - Extreme Speed

Down - Double Team

Mega Lucario Pokemon
250px-Jigglypuff SSB4
B - Rollout

Side - Pound

Up - Sing

Down - Rest

Puff Up Pokemon
Kalos Pokemon Trainer

B - Pin Missile, Fire Blast, Water Shuriken

Side - Seed Bomb, Psybeam, Shadow Sneak

Up - Vine Whip, Fire Spin, Hydro Pump

Down - Switch Pokemon

Super Effective! Pokemon
B - Shadow Ball

Side - Confusion

Up - Teleport

Down - Disable

Psystrike Pokemon
Pokken Victini
B - Searing Shot

Side - Flame Charge

Up - Fusion Bolt

Down - Light Screen

V - Create Pokemon
B - Secret Sword

Side - Bubble Beam

Up - Aqua Jet

Down - Double Kick

Resolute Forme Pokemon
Hoopa Dream
B - Energy Ball

Side - Light Screen

Up - Teleport

Down - Phantom Force

Hyperspace Hole Pokemon
B - Power Gem

Side - Reflect

Up - Sandstorm

Down - Rock Throw

Diamond Storm Pokemon
Tapu Koko
Tapu Kokogo
B - Volt Switch

Side - Wild Charge

Up - Brave Bird

Down - Electric Terrain

Guardian of Alola Pokemon
B - PK Flash

Side - PK Fire

Up - PK Teleport

Down - PK Hypnosis

PK Rockin Earthbound
B - PK Freeze

Side - PK Fire

Up - PK Thunder

Down - PK Absorb

PK Love Earthbound
B - PK Freeze

Side - PK Brainshock

Up - PK Thunder

Down - PK Ground

PK Starstorm Earthbound
Duck Hunt Duo
Duck hunt duo.png
B - Trick Shot

Side - Clay Shooting

Up - Duck Jump

Down - Wild Gunmen

Open Season Duck Hunt
Cap. Falcon
524px-Captain Falcon SSB4
B - Falcon Punch

Side - Raptor Boost

Up - Falcon Dive

Down - Falcon Kick

Blue Falcon F-Zero
B - Palutena Bow

Side - Upperdash Arm

Up - Power of Flight

Down - Guardian Orbitars

Three Sacred Treasures Kid Icarus
532px-Palutena SSB4
B - Autoreticle

Side - Reflect Barrier

Up - Warp

Down - Counter

Black Hole Laser Kid Icarus
Dark Pit
Dark Pit Obliteration
B - EZ Cannon

Side - Earthmaul Club

Up - Power of Flight

Down - Pandora Claws

Dark Pit Staff Kid Icarus
B - Viridi Palm

Side - Viridi Claws

Up - Flower Cannon

Down - Cragalanche Crush

Reset Bomb Kid Icarus
B - Blaster

Side - Fox Illusion

Up - Fire Fox

Down - Reflector

Landmaster Star Fox
B - Blaster

Side - Falco Phantasm

Up - Fire Bird

Down - Reflector

Arwing Star Fox
B - Robo-Beam

Side - Reflector Arm

Up - Robo Burner

Down - Gyro

Super Diffusion Beam Famicon
Mr. Game & Watch
B - Chef

Side - Judge

Up - Fire

Down - Bucket

Game Attack Game and Watch
Olimar SSBObliteration1992
B - Pikmin Pluck

Side - Pikmin Throw

Up - Winged Pikmin

Down - Pikmin Order

End of Day Pikmin
B - Homing Attack

Side - Light Dash

Up - Spring Jump

Down - Spin Dash Charge

Super Sonic Sonic
B - Energy Arm Cannon

Side - Tail Swipe

Up - Twister

Down - Spin Dash

Tornado 3 Sonic
B - Pink Typhoon

Side - Vaulting Hammer

Up - Propelling Hammer

Down - Maiden's Gift

Team Rose Sonic
Dr. Eggman
Dr. Eggman-0
B - Lock-On Missiles

Side - Egg Drill

Up - Egg Propulsion

Down - Bumpers

Big Arms Sonic
Metal Sonic
Metal Sonic-2
B - Fusion Beam

Side - Max. Overdrive

Up - Jet Boost

Down - Black Shield

Metal Overlord Sonic
Chaos by Nibrocrock

B - Elastic Chaos

Side - Whirling Chaos

Up - Chaos Geyser

Down - Chaos Shot

Perfect Chaos Sonic
Alex Kidd
B - Janken

Side - Power Bracelet

Up - Peticopter

Down - Ninja Crystal Ball

Miracle Ball Alex Kidd
PAC-MAN Nibroc-Rock 1
B - Bonus Fruit

Side - Rev Roll

Up - Pac Dot Chain

Down - Fire Hydrant

Super Pac-Man Pac-Man
Dig Dug
Dig Dug-0
B - Pump

Side - Fygar

Up - Pooka Ride

Down - Jackhammer

Rock Slide Dig Dug
B - Wind Bullet

Side - Boomerang

Up - Bean Gnome

Down - Hammer

Thunder Hurricane Klonoa
Lloyd Irving
Lloyd Irving - Vorpal Sword and Flamberge
B - Demon Fang

Side - Sonic Thrust

Up - Rising Falcon

Down - Grave Blade

Falcon Crest Tales of Symphonia
Wii Fit Trainer
600px-Wii Fit Trainer SSB4
B - Sun Salutation

Side - Header

Up - Super Hoop

Down - Deep Breathing

Wii Fit Wii Fit (Wii Fit)
Villager cover SSB4
B - Pocket

Side - Lloid Rocket

Up - Balloon Trip

Down - Timber

Dream Home Animal Crossing
Little Mac
Little Mac Smash
B - Straight Lunge

Side - Jolt Haymaker

Up - Rising Star

Down - Slip Counter

Giga Mac Punch Out!
Bomberman Smashified
B - Bomber Shoot

Side - Remote Bomb

Up - Bomber Jet

Down - Line Bomb

Revenge Bomberman
Chibi robo smash bros style render by nibroc rock-d9ak4np-0
B - Chibi Blaster

Side - Zip Lash

Up - Chibi-Copter

Down - Tooth Brush

Giga-Robo Chibi Robo
Paper Mario
B - Hammer

Side - Koops

Up - Paper Airplane Glide

Down - Barry

Scissors Paper Mario

B - Magic Sphere

Side - Dimension Flip

Up - Dimension Warp

Down - Boom Field

Super Dimentio Paper Mario
Dr. Coyle
Dr Coyle SSBDiscord Crop
B - Lokjaw

Side - Parabola

Up - Spring-a-Ling

Down - Brrchuk

Lilac Smashified
B - Vortex Wave

Side - Cyclone

Up - Dragon Boost

Down - Pangu Star

Holo-Dragon Freedom Planet
Shovel Knight
Shovel knight render by mrthatkidalex24-d9al7vt
B - Chaos Sphere

Side - Dust Knuckles

Up - Propeller Dagger

Down - War Horn

Catch Her Shovel Knight
Plague Knight
B - Casing

Side - Fleet Flask

Up - Float Burst

Down - Vat

The Ultimate Potion Shovel Knight
B - Belly Dance

Side - Scimitar Charge

Up - Risky's Cannon

Down - Pike Ball

Genie Trap Shantae
B -  Magic

Side - Strike Raid

Up - Flowmotion

Down - Aero

Trinity Limit Kingdom Hearts
Neku Sakuraba KH
B - Pyrokinesis

Side - Force Rounds

Up - Vulcan Uppercut

Down - Splish Splash Barrier

Final Fusion The World Ends with You
D1 Laharl
B - Overlord's Wrath

Side - Blade Rush

Up - Blazing Knuckle

Down - Counter

Meteor Impact Disgaea
B - Gone With the Cotton

Side - Sea Horse Charge

Up - Angelic Knuckle

Down - Prinny Parade

Sicily Delivery Disgaea
Arle Nadja
Arle PuyoPuyoChronicles
B - Fire

Side - Ice Storm

Up - Lightning

Down - Diacute

Bayoen Puyo Puyo
Mega Man
Mega Man SSB4
B - Metal Blade

Side - Rolling Cutter

Up - Beat

Down - Jewel Satellite

Super Mega Man Mega Man
Proto Man
B - Proto Buster

Side - Break Dash

Up - Proto Jet

Down - Proto Shield

Big-Bang Strike Mega Man
B - Bass Buster

Side - Spread Drill

Up - Treble Boost

Down - Power Stone

Super Adaptor Mega Man
Demille SSB
B - Gear Yo-Yo

Side - Catscratch

Up - Banana Surfboard

Down - Pyramet

Parsley's Song Tomato Adventure
Earthworm Jim
Earthworm Jim New Render
B - Plasma Blaster

Side - Worm Whip

Up - Heli-Head

Down - Hyper Plasma

Pocket Rocket Earthworm Jim
B - Flashfield

Side - Dragonsphere

Up - Crashbolt

Down - Recharge EP

Voltanic Chains Azure Striker Gunvolt
B - Splat Dualies

Side - Splat Brella

Up - Inkjet

Down - Ink Dive

Inkstrike/Tenta Missiles Splatoon
B - Legendary Staff

Side - Archer Harp

Up - Riffbird

Down - Brass Slapper

Harmonic Symphony Harmoknight
B - Hadoken

Side- Hurricane Kick

Up - Shoryuken

Down - Focus Punch

Shinku Hadoken/Shin Shoryuken Street Fighter
B - Kikoken

Side- Spinning Bird Kick

Up - Tenshou Kyaku

Down - Hazanshu

Kikosho Street Fighter
B - Blade Beam

Side - Cross Slash

Up - Clim Hazzard

Down - Limit Break/Finishing Touch

Omnislash Final Fantasy
Black Mage
Blackmage (1)
B - Stop

Side - Haste

Up - Warp

Down - Meteor

Flare Final Fantasy
White Mage
Mariosports white mage
B - Curaga

Side - Dia

Up - Warp

Down - Reflect

Holy Final Fantasy
B - Bullet Climax

Side - Heel Slide

Up - Witch Twist

Down - Witch Time

Infernal Climax Bayonetta
B - Fist Throw

Side - Plunger Gun

Up - Helicopter

Down - Lockjaw

Hi-Ho Moskito Rayman
B - Turbo

Side - Wheelie

Up - Air Time

Down - Donut

Victory Lap! Excitebike
Mii Fighters
B - Depends

Side - Depends

Up - Depends

Down - Depends

Depends Wii/Wii U/3DS


Name Image Moves Final Smash Series
Snake Clear SSBB
B - Hand Grenade

Side - Remote Missile

Up - Cypher

Down - C4

Grenade Launcher Metal Gear Solid
Ice Climbers
Ice ClimbersSSBVFull
B - Ice Shot

Side - Squall Hammer

Up - Belay

Down - Blizzard

Iceberg Ice Climbers
Specter Knight
Specter Knight of Torment
B - Chronos Coin

Side - Dread Talon

Up - Hover Plume

Down - Judgement Rush

Skeletal Army! Shovel Knight
B - Bullet Seed

Side - Dragon Claw

Up - Leaf Storm

Down - Detect

Mega Sceptile Pokemon
Prof. Layton
Hershel Layton
B - Slot Machine Gun

Side - Fencing

Up - Umbrella Propeller

Down - Camera

No Puzzle Unsolved! Prof. Layton
Krystal (Star Fox)

B - Fire Blaster

Side - Freeze Blast

Up - Staff Booster

Down - Ground Quake

Krazoa Call Star Fox
Galacta Knight
B - Knight Beam

Side - Spin Slash

Up - Knight Spin

Down - Ground Twister

Revolution Kirby
Dixie Kong
250px-Dixie Kong - Donkey Kong Country Tropical Freeze
B - Bubble Gum Popgun

Side - Barrel Blast

Up - Ponytail Twirl

Down - Guitar Jam

Rambi the Rhino Donkey Kong
Issac Smashified
B - Ragnorak

Side - Move

Up - Planet Diver

Down - Quake

Judgement Golden Sun


B - Dragon Fang Shot

Side - Dragon Lunge

Up - Dragon Ascent

Down - Counter

Torrential Roar Fire Emblem
B - Geno Beam

Side - Geno Whirl

Up - Geno Boost

Down - Geno Blast

Geno Flash Mario
B - Thunderbolt

Side - Psychopath

Up - HP Rain

Down - Snowy

Star Rain Mario
255px-Knuckles the Echidna

B - Deep Impact

Side - Rock Free Fall

Up - Spiral Uppercut

Down - Shovel Claws

Maximum Overheat Knuckles Sonic

B - Curse

Side - Flame Spell

Up - Wind Cyclone

Down - Vaati's Eyes

Vaati Reborn Legend of Zelda
Masked Man
Masked Man SSB

B - Beam Shot

Side - Shield Killer

Up - Jet Pack Boost

Down - PSI Magnet

Intense Lightning Mother
Prince Sable

B - En Garde

Side - Wasabi

Up - Frog Jump

Down - Snake Venom

Igari Z For the Frog Whom the Bells Tolls
B - Pinwheel Knife

Side - Deflect

Up - Rising Sun

Down - Invisibility Technique

Inazuma Lightning Mysterious Murasame Castle
B - Polygon Blast

Side - Kamek Clone

Up - Whirl Warp

Down - Minion Summon

Super Koopa Coven Yoshi
B - Chaos Spear

Side - Chaos Control

Up - Chaos Snap

Down - Chaos Magic

Chaos Blast/Super Shadow Sonic
180px-Ashley Model SSB4
B - Magic Spell

Side - Wand Boomerang

Up - Magic Broom

Down - Plant Monster

Magic Cloud Wario

B - Petrify Side - Vortex

Up - Warp

Down - Kiss of Oblivion

Monstrous Medusa Kid Icarus
B - Telekinesis

Side - Psychic Knife

Up - Levitate

Down - Psycho Shock

Super Silver Sonic
B - Power Slash

Side - Cherry Bomb

Up - Galestorm

Down - Viel of Mist

Celestial Brush Gods Okami

Alternate Costumes

Most of the roster have color swaps for their pallete swaps, but other characters such as Olimar and Bowser Jr. have alternate looks.

Name Alternate for...
Cap.Toadette Cap. Toad
Yarn Kirby Prince Fluff
Koopalings Bowser Jr
Lucina Marth
Neo Metal Sonic Metal Sonic
Male Wii Fit Trainer Wii Fit Trainer
Female Corrin Corrin
Dark Meta Knight Galacta Knight


Assist Trophies

Assist Trophies return once again from Smash 4 and Brawl. They still function the same where a player picks it up and summons a character to aid you. There are a total of 51 Assist Trophies, 35 returning ones and 16 new ones. However some Assist Trophies have to be unlocked by playing as a certain character or completing an achievement.

Bandit MP11
Andross: Spits out projectiles at players. Bandit: Jumps at and bites players while chained to a stake. Dillon: 
JSSB Boom Boom
Wright SSB4
Barbaba:  Boom Boom: Dr. Wright:
2016 eggrobo legacy render by nibroc rock-daouljj
Chain Chomp: Dark Samus: Rapidly shoots gunfire and creates blasts of Phazon; can be K.O'd if she takes enough damage. <EggRobo>:
Color TV-Game 15: Two paddles on the sides of the stage bounce a ball back and forth, with the ball damaging players. Devil: Elec Man:
657px-Hammer Bro-NSMBuU
300px-Ghirahim Demon Blade - HW
Hammer Bro: Ghirahim: Ghost Gang:
Dr. Kawashima: Lakitu: Infantry:
MetroidSamusReturns Metroid
Jill y Drill Dozer Drill Dozer
Metroid: Jill Dozer: Jeff:
Kat &amp; ana start
Isabelle: Kat & Ana: Tingle:
Cranky Kong, DK Jungle Climber
Waluigi Golf
Phosphora: Cranky Kong: Waluigi:
UMvC3 Arthur
D1 Etna
Sukapon: Arthur: <Etna>:
Goemon render
Rawk Hawk
Goemon: Midna: Rawk Hawk:
Mike jones
Mike Jones: Beck: <Gooey>:
Knuckle Joe: Magnus: Mother Brain:
Starfy SSB stock icon
Skull Kid Obliteration2017
Starfy: Skull Kid: Starman:
Sheriff SSB4
Samurai Goroh: Sheriff: <Riki>:
MMX6 Zero
Saki: Nintendog: Zero:
Lord Fredrik
<Samba De Amibo>: Bonkers:

Lord Fredrik:

Italics = New

< >= Unlockable

Unlocking Criteria

Etna Win 100 Battles as Laharl or Sicily
Samba De Amigo Complete the event, Music Session
Riki Unlocked along with Shulk
Gooey Beat Classic Mode on 6.0 with Dark Matter
EggRobo Play Smash Run without getting KO'd as Dr. Eggman



  • Sylux, Genesect, Maxwell, Wonder Red, Nights, Starfy, Mickey, Axl, Quote, Marina Liteyears, Jill Valentine, Loppunny, Cia and Dragonite were planned to be playable characters.