Super Smash Bros. Worlds is a game for the Nintendo DSi. It is downloadable from the shop for 800+ (1000, which is $10) points. It supports Download Play. Up to 6 players can Smash with each other.

Story: There's an event that causes the Smash universes to come close together, the universes hold a event known as "The Great Smash". The universes fight each other to see who is the greatest... Let the Smash begin!

Gameplay: The game uses the DSi's dual screens to fight. Use the top screen to watch your characters, and the bottom to watch their percentages. New to this game is using your World Power (WP). The more WP you have, the more powerful you become. The max WP you can have in a single match is 9999.

Modes: VS: Smash | World Smash | Duel Smash | Special Smash | Tourney Smash |

Solo: Story | Classic | Adventure | Trophy Grab | Events |

Vault: Trophy and Sticker Hoard | Photo Room | Stage Builder | Masterpieces | Replay Theater |

Others: Online | Tips | Data | Options | Connect to other SSB Games |


Kingdom Tour (Mario) Music: Kingdom Tour/Super Mario Bros. 3 Medley

Cloudtop Cruise (Mario) Music: Cloudtop Cruise/Moonview Highway

Mario Bros. (Brawl) (Mario) Music: Mario Bros./Famicom Medley DX

Mushroom Kingdom II (Melee) (Mario) Music: Mushroom Kingdom II/Title/Ending (Super Mario World)

Rainbow Cruise (Melee) (Mario) Music: Rainbow Cruise/Underwater Theme

Dr. Mario (Dr.Mario) Music: Fever/Chill

Wooly World (4) (Yoshi) Music: Wooly World/Yoshi Park Medley

DK Island (Donkey Kong) Music: Donkey Kong 64 Medley/Battle for Storm Hill

Microgame Tower (Wario) Music: WarioWare, Inc/Wario Land Medley

Wrecking Crew (4) (Wrecking Crew) Music: Wrecking Crew/The Mysterious Murasame Castle Medley

Temple of Time (The Legend of Zelda) Music: Temple/The Dark World

Spirit Train (The Legend of Zelda) Music: Full Steam Ahead!/Clock Town

SR-388 (Metroid) Music: Metroid Medley/Menu (Metroid Prime)

Port Town (F-ZERO) Music: Casino Palace/Mach Rider

Winters (EarthBound/Mother) Music: EarthBound/Mother

Celestial Valley (Kirby Air Ride) Music: Celestial Valley/The Arena

Fountain of Dreams (Melee) (Kirby Super Star) Music: Fountain of Dreams/Boss Theme Medley

Dream Land (4) (Kirby's Dream Land) Music: Dream Land Medley/Starship

The Great Cave Offensive (4) (Kirby Super Star) Music: The Great Cave Offensive/Revenge of the King

Rainbow Route (Kirby and the Amazing Mirror) Music: Amazing Mirror Medley/Mysterious Trap/Track 31

Aquas (Star Fox) Music: Area 6/Corneria (Brawl)

Burned Tower (Pokémon) Music: Burned Tower/Driftveil City

Unova Pokémon League (4) (Pokémon) Music: N's Castle Medley/Route 209

Prism Tower (4) (Pokémon) Music: Prism Tower/Kanto Medley

Overworld (Kid Icarus) Music: Kid Icarus Medley/Kid Icarus Orignal Medley

Under Construction

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