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This game is from the original game is Super Smash Bros. World Dominations

This page is new it has all the stages and levels you verse.


Sample: Name: Series: Description:
Battlefield Wii Battle Field is the first stage in the select stage, there is nothing special about this field besides the three bases will move over again that will injure if it hits you.
Starship Mario Mario Starship Mario is a stage with teleporters to give help to get away from opponents, the mario will spin around causing and earthquake that you need to jump or you fall off the cliff.
Mushroom kingdom
Mushroom Kingdom Mario Mushroom Kingdom is a moving level you will die if you do not keep moving, objects will appear in your way does not matter either bright or inside the castle watch out do not get big mushrooms or you will get stuck.
Rainbow road
Rainbow Road Mario Rainbow Road is a special level where stars come out from anywhere and gives you invinsible, stars can be dangerous when a flock of stars come it is a lot like mario circuit just out of space and with stars.
Mario Cicuit Mario Mario Circuit is on land it does not move except when you battle 3 arrows will tell you where toads, shyguy and goombas driving if you get hit the car will stop and spin but you get hurt 016% damage.
Palkia pillar
Spear Pillar Pokemon Spear Pillar has 3 pokemon Palkia, Diaga and Cresselia each one damages players for instance, Dialga changes the directions and the screen, Palkia sends pink beams that is like Samus special move and cresselia will shoot moon crescents that follows the character and then knocks you off but only once.
75m DK 75m is a DK level, donkey kong in the left top corner will send springs that does a lot of damage that can cause you falling and sending you off the screen, all the three items will stand for health for instance 050% health and e.c.t.
Bridge of Eldin Legend of Zelda Bridge of Eldin is a good character for rolling except when the ganon comes and drops a bomb that sends a black portal in 3 seconds, the portal gets 1-3rd of the stage.
Pk stadium
Pokemon Stadium Pokemon Pokemon Stadium is from brawl, on the back is a board that tells you who is winning eventually it will say a type and then one of the 3 types turn the stage different like ice has pokemon like the others snover, Jellicent and Seel cheering the 1st player on.
Pk stadium2
Pokemon Stadium 2 Pokemon Pokemon is the same of number pokemon stadium it has different types that are fire, flying and ground there is many pokemon there [5 pokemon]. Pokemon stadium 2 is more detailed.
New Pork City Mother New Pork City is where a little demon dog appears that chases you and it is an instant kill that will fire you straight to the edge of the screen that you only have 3seconds to run, there is a secret lair in the middle then go left a bit.
Shadow Mosses Island Metal Solid Snake Shadow Mosses Island is from Metal Gear Snake, this stage eventually a robot that descole controls tries and destroys you including lasers, following rockets, and other attacks that will stop you.
Wuhu Island Wii Wuhu Island is a fun island with crazy spaces, it is like castle siege the levels change for this all sports people play and hit you for fun, some items will explode that they through.
Onett Mother Onett is like all stages there are platforms, stages and cars wait not cars, the cars trucks and new cyclone comes across the screen that is extremly dangerous it will suck you in and then blow you off the stage.
Wario Ware Inc. Wario Wario Ware Inc. is a level with stages that change if you pass the challenge you recieve a gift for instance invinsibility, grow big and 3 other rewards all challenges are mild some you just need to stay still.
Pirate Ship Legend of Zelda Pirate Ship is a toon level that mild weather, rocks and storms are dangerous at that part. The ship will move but you don' t, the stage or ship will get sucked up that will kill you if you fall down off the cliff because it is in air.
Boot Camps Lair Scaler Green normal platforms that will have a signal it is going to vanish. Warning boot Camp descides to use a green breath that burns you and paralyze you doing 56% when you are on the stage it will move pieces eventually like Castle Siege.
Pokepark Pokemon It is a stage with a wide screens with pokemon just jumping up and attacking or just staying still and cheering you on. Snorlax will come down many times that will block you from leaving him or he will explode or let you sleep then your opponents can attack you.
Anciet Temple Metroid Ancient Temple is a changed name that will change the level. The stage will flip and then where you are you will fall off unless you are in the middle of the stage. The background has a mutant that will smash the stage and burn you and chase you.
Temple Topple DK Temple Topple is a level with Tiki's popping out then they will confuse you and change many of your controls. The Stage is Mysterious because in 10mins it turns black and you all lose a life.
Ice k
Ice Palace Crash Bandicoot Ice Palace is hard it is so hard to run because if to far you will slide and trip, ice balls come down that will freeze you and then you will slide from the angle. The stage will go on a curve that will slide you.
Kitchen [birds eye view] Chibi- Robo Kitchen is a stage with a dangerous knifes and weapons that randomly come down hitting you and sending enemies and you flying.
Petey Ring Mario Petey ring is a stage with pipes, inside the pipes Petey Pirahna lives that pops out and attacks you with mild damage that sends you flying, all characters get bumped up and that causes a pow system.
Babylon Road Sonic the Hedgehog Babylon road is a stage with a little city inside, the babylon road has many redirected sonic characters that zoom past you just like Mario Circuit in this game. Little Chao comes bye shooting a bullet that turns a part of the stage vanish only comes three times.
Crystal Caverns Wii Crystal caverns is a stage with crystals that will freeze you and stop you that can stop moving and fall off this stage. This stage is moving so if you stop you can fall and lose a life.
Primid Palace SSB

Primid Palace is a stage where Primids just pop out and attack you, if you are playing primid the new character, they will ignore you and attack the other characters.

Lizard Lab Scaler Lizard lab is a stage where all the people battle to the death, the purple berries explode that give an instant K O move.
Yoshi's Island Yoshi
Birdo city
Birdo City Yoshi
Noki island
Noki Bay Mario
Summit Ice Climbers
Bullet Bill Bouncer Mario
Green edge
Green Vortex SSB
Chaotix Headquarters Sonic the Hedgehog
Distant Planet Pikmin
Castle Seige Fire Emblem
Meridian City Ratchet & Clank
Bottle Ship Metroid
Dragon lake
Dragon Lake Dragon Universe
Map akaneia
Akaneia Fire Emblem
Sackbot Factory Little Big Planet
Metal ship
Halberd Kirby
Epic Yarn levels Kirby
Kid icarus
Skyworld Kid Icarus
Smashville Wii
Picto Chat DS/DSI
Lylat Cruise Star Fox
Reala's Nightmare Nights Journey in Dreams
Flat Zone Mr Game & Watch
Japan Picto Chat DS/DSI
Famicom Wii
Bowser jr playroom
Bowser Jr's Playroom Mario
Merry Go Round One Piece
Fountain of Dreams Kirby
Cyber Land SSB

Unlockable Stages:

Sample: Name: Series: Description: How You Get It:
Battle of Origin
Star City
Mystic Lake
DeDeDe Mansion
Fountain of Dreams
Cortex's Lair
Malefor's Lair
Silver City
Super Swamp
Green Hill Zone
Desert Oasis
Shadow Ruins
Medusas Lair
Tropical Island
Jungle DK
Outer Space Unirverse
F-Zero Ship
Star Road
Pitless Dock
Convexity Space

lockable Stages:

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