Please do not edit this page without permission. Items will randomly fall on the stage. Players can adjust how often they will appear and which ones will appear. Certain new items have appears wheres some have been removed. Most of the items are from the Mario series.

Sample: Name: Series: Description:
Smash Ball SSB Attacking one of these until it breaks gives the ability to use a Final Smash.
Assist trophy
Assist Trophie SSB Summons a random character to help the character who used it. Scroll down to see a list of all the Assist Trophies.
Chain chomp
Chain Chomp Mario A rare melee item, it can be used as a mace to attack opponents. It is very powerful, but hard to obtain, as it can bite when touched.
Thwomp Mario A common thing, it will come down and smash anything in the way and send it flying even yourself.
Metal box
Metal Box Mario Turns the user temporarily into metal. They get heavier and get greater resistance.
Music box
Music Box Mario All players fall asleep, except the summoner. The duration depends on the distance the players were from the box. If they are hit, they immediately wake up.
Hom run bat
Home-Run Bat Mother Performing a Side Smash while holding this item will make a home-run-sized swing that sends opponents flying. It's rare and very strong when thrown.
Beam Sword Wii When performing a Smash Attack, the player can perform a slash with the sword. The longer it is held, the more powerful it gets.
File:Party ball.jpg
Party Ball Legend of Zelda Hit it and either all the bombs come out and blow up or you hit it and it gives you food,assist trophies and pokeballs to collect.
Dragon pieces
Dragoon [3 pieces] Kirby When a player manages to collect all 3 parts of it, he/she can then ram into the stage, knocking out all players within the crosshair.
Food All Heals the player who eats them. There are 28 of them which reduce the player's gauge in a different percentage.
Warp Star Kirby The user take a ride on the Warp Star to launch a vicious attack from above on the opponents.
Miini mushroom
Mini Mushroom Mario The user will be shrunk for 18 seconds.
Mega Mushroom
Mega Mushroom Mario The user becomes huge for 6 seconds.
Homing Launcher Star Fox Will shoot 5 powerful rockets that will seek the opponents character but it will blow up in 10 seconds.
Hammer 2
Hammer DK The user unleashes a barrage of hammer swings. It is very powerful, but the user cannot use any other attack or mid-air jump while using it.
Bannana Peel DK Makes opponents trip.
Gum gum fruit
Gum Gum Fruit One Piece Eat this fruit and you will not gain any health just you attacks can stretch from 3cm longer and causes stronger attacks.
Banjo banjo
Banjo Wii Use Banjo and press B and you will make them asleep and if A yuo will smash them[19 damage done].
Spirit gem
Crystals Spyro the Dragon Crystals will either give health[red] smash ball[blue] purple will let you turn invinsible for 5 seconds.
NV Crash Bandicoot With the NV you can run up and attack a player after that use a punch and then you get to control the player allowing you to use all there attacks and letting you to be invincible with that player but the player you stgeal will take all the damage.
Bumper SSB When thrown, it lies on the ground or floats in the air and hits back all characters touching it. It is common but powerful.
Soccer ball
Soccer Ball Mario This item cannot be picked up, but when hit with a powerful attack, it will burst into flames and fly into the air, hitting anyone in its path. It is very powerful.
Fan slap
Fan SSB May let you slap the opponent with a 3% damage counter for as much times as you want but if fallen out of your hands you can't get it again untill a long time.
Gas ball
Gas Ball SSB Gas Ball will let you have a clear shot at you and will blend in with the gas that want let you see you, you can pick it up but in 10 seconds it will explode if in hands.
Mr. Saturn Mother Can be thrown to opponents. He is very weak but very useful.
Golden Key SSB Will let you go through a really powerful door that will give you many treats and rare pokemon and others.
Beam Gun SSB Shoot green beams that will end in 20 shots[19 damage each].
Boots h
Boots of Speed Legend of Zelda Boots of speed will let you dash to any place you just need to aim at it and it will run to that distance[only works for 1minute then it will selfdustruct and do 089%]
Heart container2
Heart Container Legend of Zelda Heals the player who eats it by 100 percent.
Slow Time SSB Will make you slow down or slow everyone around you behsides you, it might turn everyone to slow down on any stage.
Night Sword Wii

Night sword will turn everything dark and you can see but they can't. You will be able to use powerful bullets and slash that will do 047%.

Assist Trophies:

Sample: Name: Series: Description:
Koopalings brawl
Koopalings Mario When the Koopalings are summoned they will all seperate attacking everyone with all there favourite moves in New Super Mario Bros Wii. They will keep attacking and will never attack Bowser Jr. The Koopalings will keep attacking untill they all deal atleast 25% damage to you. They are rare but are really strong.
Captain Rainbow Captain Rainbow He will keep runing up to you and use a galaxy punch that will reviele 057% but he is still allowed to punch and kick and that will do a total damage of 012%.
Angela Ratchet & Clank Angela will run up and keep using rench slam that will change the level it is an hard assist trophy to get, angela will only attack when summoned and you have over 100% damage done to you.
Pikmin green
Green Pikmin Pikmin Green Pikmin are new it can smash its fist on the ground but if miss and hits the stage all mini pikmin come out of its are[20 pikmin] it will to crusn you if hit this will do 045%.
Clank brawl
Clank Ratchet & Clank Clank will summon other bots hammer, muscle, bridge and mini that will go to 4. all of them have an attack and diffent skill like bridge bot will protect you from getting wiped from the stage.
Jak brawl
Jak Jak & Daxter Jak will mimic the character who summoned it he will turn into you and then he will change positions and then attack you.
Banjo brawl
Banjo Banjo & Kazooie When Banjo is summoned he will jump up and down like Snorlax in brawl but as he goes down he will do musical pulses knocking and confusing all players who get hit by it. It will deal 20% damage to the player each time they get hit. He is a common character.
Vector brawl
Vector Sonic Vector will use green music wavesthat will take damage to you rapidly if it reaches you and touches. If you get purple vector he will run up to 3 enemies and once punched you will go flying really hard to get.
Eggplant Wizard Kid Icarus Common assist trophy he will shoot 3 times 5 directions each so either way it will be difficult to dodge this eggplant wizards moves. Bullets will turn the players into fruit.
Metroid brawl
Metroid Metroid It will fly around when touches the players it will suck and deal alot of damage. Most of the damage will hold on that one character it can only use 100 then it will vanish into thin air.
Barbara brawl
Barbara Rock and Roll Barbara will create music blasts all across the screen and is nothing like ssbb barbara the music will explode on impact that will do 045% for 3 it is really powerful.
Isaac Golden Sun Issac will shoot golden force palms that will try stopping you from going back up so it will keep pushing you untill you go out of the screen it will still do damage.
Lyn Fire Emblem Lyn will run up slashing all her opponents and then use a special green bullet that will paralyze you then she will use green heart fire that will do 056% damage.
Excitebiker Excitebiker Exitebiker will summon little exitebiker that will drive around the stage hitting anyone in its way.
Starfy brawl
Starfy Starfy Starfy will walk around in circles he will spin around in circle it is a sucky assist trophy it is really easy to hit and get out of your way it will vanish if does not touch anyone in a minute.
Dark Sora Kingdom of Hearts Sora will run up and use a golden slash with the key and will run up and open a secret place on each stage that will give you infinate stars, food and many more to collect.
Heartlesses Kingdom of Hearts Heartless seperates into 2 if you hit and then it will keep split once it touches you it will defeat the character it is the hardest assist trophy to get.
Andross Star Fox Andross will shoot mini pavements that will push you and damage you and make you slide downwards and everywhere he will try and shoot all characters on the field.
File:Hammer bros.jpg
Hammer Bro Mario Hammer Bro will throw many hammers that is really powerful and the same on storymode it is one of the strongest assist trophies in the whole game.
Zolo One Piece Zolo will run on the screen and keep slicing his opponent, he will keep damaging you untill you have a whole load of damage to lose alot of health and then stops.
Kat & Anna Wario Ware Kat and Anna will come from corners and will keep slashing one of them will push you and the other will do mild damage and damage alot of damage.
Lakitu brawl
Lakitu Mario Lakitu will drop spike shells and they will walk around and eventuly lakitu will vanish but the shells stay untill they damage you so they can stay for the whole game if so.
Knuckle joe
Knuckle Joe Kirby Knuckle Joe will run and use rapid punch and does one of the strongest attacks in the game, he will run and pick on the person 1st player then 2nd ect.
Ray mk 2
Ray MK II Ray MK II Ray will keep running and once seen he will shoot fire bullets and will explode untill everyone is down behsides the one who has summoned the assist trophy
Samurai Goroh F-Zero Samari Goroh is heavy and only jumps a tiny distance, Goroh will sprint and smash the opponents, he can also destroy items so be careful if you get him.
Jill Rasanda Jill will send fire missles up that has a good visiion because this time the missles will come out and follow and will explode on impact.
Fairy pk
Fairy Pokemon Pokemon Fairy pokemon are manaphy[swaps the bodies of different characters], victini[shoots huge fire balls that will follow you untill it blows up] , celebi[celebi will bring stickers and will bring paper], Jirachi[ will give you trophies] and mew[he will give you invinsibility and 5 trophies and 10 pictures.
Jeff Earth Bound Jeff will throw one dynamite and everyone will lose a life you need to use shield or else you will vanish the person that used it will still have 040% damage done to you.
Blue behemoth
Behemoth Kingdom Hearts Behemoth will charge and use purple rages of waves that knocked out anyone in that straight line or they will go flying off the screen.
Saki Amamiya Saki Adventures She will run and use her dolphin gun to finish you up, you would be finished. Dodge the move and she will keep seeking if she missed 3 times she will vanish and it would of been a waste.
Klonoa Adventures of Klonoa Klonoa will use dark pulse that will either blow you up with dark magic and might use bright light that will blind you then you can strike at full speed then you will be finished.
Moogle Final Fantasy Moogle will fly around and give you coin and fruit that will save you by 100 health it will be risky because he can throw bob ombs will blow you up.
Bugzzy Kirby Bugzy will fly around throwing pieces and items to collect and use against opponents once fly out of the screen it would not come back untill 100 battles.
Sam and Max Sam and Max Sam and max are agents that will keep shooting 3 bullets and then use teleport slam and knock any people in the corners of the stage.


Sample: Name: How Rare: Description:
Suicune Non Common Suicune is not common she will come out and start and huge ice beam that will freeze you the it will cause an instant KO move if you get hit by suicune that is, if you dodge it it will vanish.
Entei Non Common Entei Would be hard to get because once summoned it will change a huge fire cyclone in that one stage it is really powerful, if you go in it you will mildly burn untill it vanishes you will be flying off the stage.
Raikou Non Common Raikou is not easy you need to win 50 brawls then if you get a pokeball it will be him, he will create a slight powerful statik charge that will paralyze you and you will turn into little pieces.
Shadow Lugia Rare Lugia will use dark aeroblast to wipe what is in the middle of the stage that will do alot of damage and it will push you off the cliffand you can't hold on it forever or swoop your blown away.
Ho-Oh Ultre Rare Ho-Oh is not common he will come out and swoop along the stage then it will use pyroburn that covers 1/3 of the stage, it is twice as big as Entei but it still will do the same technique and strength.
Zapdos Super Rare Zapdos will come out it will use a electric force that will protect you, reflect bullets and if someone touches you they are sent flying across the stage. If Articuno and Moltres are sent out in the same time they will all come out and give you 3 Unlockable characters only works once.
Articuno Super Rare Articuno comes out and she will make the stage covered in ice that will melt and everyone will lose 1 life behsides who used it.If Zapdos and Moltres are sent out in the same time they will all come out and give you 3 Unlockable characters only works once.
Moltres Super Rare Moltres will be summoned and burn everyone that is on the same surface and eventuly you will crisp to death or be destroyed. If Zapdos and Articuno are sent out in the same time they will all come out and give you 3 Unlockable characters only works once.
Reshiram r
Reshiram Hardest Reshiram will destroy the whole stage, items and other equiptment she will cause all other pokeballs that come down and domolish anyone on the stage, it also will create everyone to burn that will make water on the end of the stage and then they will fall off and die because you can' t control it.
Zekrom lightning
Zekrom Hardest Zekrom is intelligant he can only be summoned 5 times so try to get a photo. Zekrom will let you unlock any character in the game [Alloys] he will create a huge massive sidewards thunder charge that is a sudden death move that will make you in a stage where who ever attacks the opponent wins auto matic.
3d snorlax
Snorlax Common Snorlax will be summoned and jump once up and down then he will use a enormous jump then falls straight down to the bottom of the screen, if anything goes in the way it will turn and steam will come from your bottom and zoom across the page.
Dugtrio Common Dugtrio is common, he/her will dig into the ground that will pop out of no where and then it will selfdestruct once it jumps up.
Infernape Rare Infernape is rare, it will dig into the ground then he will pop out either side of the stage and jump burn attack three times in a row then vanishes into a fire cyclone.
Munchlax Common Munchlax is really common, it will start from one edge and will it all items and this time munchlax will do 012% damage if you go in munchlax's way.
Torchic Common Torchic will burn a 3 cm fire cyclone around him, the person who uses it can go through but if it' s not yours you will lose health [005%] . A really common pokemon to get.
Belossom Common Belossom will make people go to sleep, she/he will run around the stadium going passed people and making you asleep untill belossom vanishes, she is a common pokemon.
Deoxys Super Rare Deoxys is a super hard and rare pokemon to get, deoxys will fly up where deoxys has been summoned and then he lures them and uses a massive beam of light.
Drifblim Rare Drifblim will jump up and then whoever summoned Drifblim if you fall off the cliff it will teleport and save you 3 times.
3d meowth
Meowth Common Meowth will throw coins and other items at you, it will also change sides if you move and uses fury swipes to scratch you close up.
1.1future blow up
Eevee Common Eevee will bring a big board and everyone gets to throw 1 dart each player and what ever one it is it will keep following you and attacking you,[flareon will burn you, umbreon will use shadow fang, espeon will confuse you and change all your controls, jolteon will paralyze you and want let you move, varporeon will change the stage and make river rush on top of you, leafeon will make you get trapped from a leaf storm and glaceon will freeze you over and over again.
Braviary Common Braviary will use a massive gust wind that will blow away all enemies in that section where you have through it, Braviary will use a gust ball aswell that will use a straight arrow of wind.
Mankey Common Mankey will dig in the ground and keep popping out destroying the land you are on it will work the whole level untill 1 person wins.
Marowak Uncommon Marowak will throw a bone that will come back like a boomerang untill he gets the big bone that will send you flying across the screen.

Wobbuffet, the Patient Pokemon

Wobbuffet Common Wobbufet will reflect and move and if wobbling and you touch it you will get badly injured or hurt.
Camerupt Uncommon Camerupt will walk around the stage while shooting 2 lava plumes that will push you up to the top of the screen while making many damages done to you.
Darkrai Ultre Rare Darkai is one of the extremely rare Pokemon. Once summoned, it uses Dark Void to create a black hole in the centre of the stage, so massive, that covers nearly an entire Final Destination. It inflicts a lot of damage and has decent knockback.
Cobalion Rare Cobalion is extremely rare. Once summoned it will randomly pick an opponent and the summoner will take direct control of that opponent for a short time, doing everything the player does. Blue aura surrounds the chosen opponent for as long as it dures.
Noctowl Common Noctowl will use a highly strong aerial ace just like tabuu's special move he comes in the middle and sends a big huge bang that blows everyone away even who used it.
Togepi Common Togepi is a rare Poke Ball and will use Mentronome to do various kinds of effects, the very same ones it had from Brawl.
Mioltic Rare Mioltic will create water pulses that will confuse you and change all controls but it only works 5 times then she will go dashing sidewards.
Starmie Common Starmie will spin around the stage shooting swift at all the players behsides who used it, starmie might turn shiny and then purple beam will come out.
Absol Common Absol will move the direction of the board dragging the stage and pulling the characters or you will get badly hurt losing 010% damage done to you from off stage.
Ambipom Common Ambipom will grab all items and throw them at you but they are not real items they are ones that he picks that will explode unless you catch and throw it to ambipom then he will stop.
Groudon 2
Groudon Super Rare Groudon will rush sprinting in one spot smash all the opponents who touch him he is really hard to get.
Kyogre Super Rare Kyogre will splash using hydropump pushing all people he/her will follow you pushing you with water and untill you die he/her will vanish.
Gallade Common Gallade will run crazy using phychic beams that explodes on any playable characters and he might use a massive beam if you get shiny form.
Gardevoir Common Gardevoir will protect you from attacks but she will walk around and if a tiny part is out it hurts but any shooting moves it will reflect and sends faster at you.
Shelgon Ultre Rare Shelgon will turn into a iron ball that covers a quarter of a screen then he will roll and back, forward all the boulder dashing little rocks are coming out that will do 012% damage done to you but it might explode any time that is an instant KO move.

If you have some ideas please send them in thankyou.

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