The movesets for all the characters in Super Smash Bros. War Zone.


STANDARD: Fireball - Mario shoots a fireball

SIDE: Cape - Mario turns to the side and hits the enemy with his cape

UP: Ground Pound - Mario jumps up and does a ground pound, causing a mini earthquake

DOWN: Breakdance Kick - Mario does the "breakdance kick" from SM64, knocking back anyone behind him

FINAL SMASH: Mega Mario - Mario eats a Mega Mushroom and turns giant, like Giga Bowser


STANDARD: Fireball - Luigi shoots a fireball

SIDE: Koopa Shell - Luigi throws a Koopa Shell at the enemy

UP: Flutter Kick - Luigi flutter jumps into the air, kicking the enemy as he glides to the ground

DOWN: Warp Zone - Luigi randomly teleports to another part of the stage

FINAL SMASH: Poltergust 4000 - Luigi pulls out the Poltergust and starts to suck up all the enemies with it


STANDARD: Frying Pan - Peach hits the enemy with a frying pan

SIDE: Toad - Peach pulls a Toad out of nowhere and hits the enemy with it

UP: Parasol - Peach pulls her parasol out and flies up into the air

DOWN: Turnip - Peach pulls a turnip out of the ground and throws it at the enemy

FINAL SMASH: Peach Blossom - Peaches start to rain from the sky as the enemies all fall asleep


STANDARD: Fireball - Bowser breathes a ball of fire that flies forward

SIDE: Shell Attack - Bowser slams into the enemy with his shell

UP: Body Slam - Bowser grabs the enemy, jumps into the air, and smashes them to the ground

DOWN: Shell Shock - Bowser curls up into his shell and spins back in forth, hitting anything in his path

FINAL SMASH: Paratroopa Swarm - A flock of Koopa Paratroopas swoop down and swarm the enemies


STANDARD: Punch - Wario punches the enemy

SIDE: Bob-Omb - Wario throws a Bob-Omb

UP: Ground Pound - Similar to Mario's Ground Pound, except the earthquake is much much bigger

DOWN: Cartwheel Kick - Wario does a cartwheel kick at the enemy

FINAL SMASH: Wario Man - Wario eats some garlic and turns into Wario Man


STANDARD: Wand Smack - Rosalina smacks the enemy with her wand

SIDE: Luma Throw - Luma flies into the enemy

UP: Luma Fly - Luma flies into the air, pulling Rosalina up with it

DOWN: Gravitational Pull - All the enemies and items are suddenly pulled toward Rosalina

FINAL SMASH: Luma Tornado - Several Lumas appear and swarm around the enemy, forming a tornado


STANDARD: Tounge Punch - Yoshi shoots out his tongue and hits the enemy with it

SIDE: Eat - Yoshi pulls the enemy into his mouth with his tongue and "deposits" them as an egg

UP: Flutter Jump - The same as Luigi's Flutter Jump move

DOWN: Egg Roll - Yoshi lays an egg and rolls it at the enemy

FINAL SMASH: Super Dragon - Yoshi turns giant and grows wing, flying back and forth across the stage

Dr. Mario

STANDARD: Clipboard - Dr. Mario pulls out a clipboard and smacks the enemy on the side of the head with it

SIDE: Pill Throw - Dr. Mario throws a pill at the enemy

UP: Jet Propelled Jump - Dr. Mario shoots a bunch of pills at the ground, boosting himself into the air

DOWN: Leg Sweep - Dr. Mario crouches down and uses his leg to swipe under the enemy's leg, knocking them down

FINAL SMASH: Emergency Room - Dr. Mario turns giant, grabs all the enemies, puts them in gurneys, and rolls them off the side of the stage

Donkey Kong

STANDARD: Kick - DK kicks the enemy

SIDE: Barrel Blaster - DK pulls out his Barrel Cannon and shoots the enemy with it

UP: Jump Kick - DK jumps up and kicks the enemy as he falls back to the ground

DOWN: Barrel Roll - DK pulls out a barrel and rolls it at the enemy

FINAL SMASH: Old Habbits - A little platform appears in the background and DK jumps onto it, then starts throwing giant barrels at the enemy like in the Donkey Kong arcade game

Diddy Kong

STANDARD: Headbutt - Diddy headbutts the enemy

SIDE: Banana Throw - Diddy throws a banana at the enemy

UP: Banana Machine Gun - Diddy pulls out a Banana blaster and shoots several bananas up into the air

DOWN: Handstand Flip - Luigi crouches down and flips into a handstand, kicking whoever is behind him

FINAL SMASH: Uncle DK - A gigantic Donkey Kong appears and starts smashing everyone with his humongous fists


STANDARD: Sword Jab - Link pushes his sword out forward, jabbing it into the enemy

SIDE: Bomb - Link throws a bomb at the enemy, blowing them up upon impact

UP: Arrow - Link launches an arrow up into the air

DOWN: Low Arrow - Link ducks down and shoots an arrow forward

FINAL SMASH: Triforce Slash - Link jumps up in the air, pulls out his sword, and flies across the screen with it, slashing the shape of a triforce


STANDARD: Sparkle Ball - Zelda shoots a ball of magic energy out of her finger

SIDE: Lightning Blast - Zelda blasts multiple beams of energy forward, knocking back the enemy it hits

UP: Vortex Ball - Zelda extends her arm upward, conjuring a tiny ball in the palm of her hand that pulls all the enemies toward her

DOWN: Slide Dash - Zelda slides forward, hitting everone in her path

FINAL SMASH: Light Arrow - Zelda pulls out a bow and fires a powerful magic arrow forward


STANDARD: Throwing Star - Throws a shuryiken forward

SIDE: Double Kick - Kicks forward twice

UP: Head Smack - Sheik puts both her arms in the air and puts them down fastly, smacking any nearby enemies

DOWN: High Kick - Sheik crouches down and does a high kick

FINAL SMASH: Transform - Sheik transforms into Zelda and preforms her "Light Arrow" Final Smash, but then turns back to normal

Toon Link

STANDARD: Gut Punch - Toon Link slightly crouches and punches the enemy in the gut

SIDE: Ice Arrow - Toon Link fires an arrow that freezes the enemy until the next time they are hit, however, if they remain frozen long enough they eventually thaw out again

UP: Up Punch - Toon Link pumps his fist into the air, hitting anyone above him

DOWN: Sword Sweep - Ducks down and swipes his sword in front of then behind him along the ground

FINAL SMASH: Triforce Vortex - Toon Link jumps up into the air and starts hovering as the shape of the Triforce appears behind him and sucks all the enemies into it, and then, once all of them are trapped inside it, blows them all up


STANDARD: Energy Fist - Ganon's fist is engulfed in dark energy as he punches the enemy

SIDE: Shadow Beam - Ganon fires a dark blast of energy at the enemy

UP: Fly - Ganon zooms into the air, hitting anything above him

DOWN: Shadow Teleport - Like Luigi's Warp Zone move, except wherever Ganon teleports a mini earthquake happens

FINAL SMASH: Beast Ganon - Ganon turns into a giant beast and begins jumping up and down, shaking the whole stage


STANDARD: Rapid Fire Punch - Kirby punches repeatedly at a super fast speed

SIDE: Inhale - Kirby sucks the enemy into his mouth, and, if the player presses down, Kirby will swallow the enemy and get their side move

UP: Float - Kirby inhales some air and floats up to the top of the screen, allowing him to avoid falling off the stage

DOWN: Stone Kirby - Kirby hardens into a rock form, becoming briefly invincible

FINAL SMASH: Chef Kirby - Kirby takes all of the enemies and puts them into a pot and cooks them, creating random items

King Dedede

STANDARD: Waddle Throw - Throws a Waddle Doo at the enemy

SIDE: Hammer Shockwave - Smashes his hammer to the ground, causing a small earthquake that knocks back all the enemies

UP: Hammer Dash - Points his hammer up into the air and zooms up to the top of the screen, hitting anything in his way

DOWN: Ground Hammer - Pulls back the hammer and then spins it horizontally along the ground

FINAL SMASH: Waddle Dee Rain - Several Waddle Dees begin to rain from the sky, crashing down on the enemies

Meta Knight

STANDARD: Ram - Meta Knight rams into the enemy with his head

SIDE: Forward Slash - Pulls his sword back for a second, then slashes in front of him

UP: Triple Blade - Slashes above him three times

DOWN: Double Swipe - A front to back sword strike where he slashes in front of him, then behind

FINAL SMASH: Galaxia Darkness - Meta Knight flips his cape and the entire stage in consumed by the darkness within, trapping all the enemies and allowing Meta Knight to attack them with several sword strikes

Pokemon Trainer


STANDARD: Headbutt - A simple headbutt to the enemy

SIDE: Ember - Blasts the enemy with several fireballs

UP: Tackle - Jumps up and crashes down on the enemy, pinning them to the ground

DOWN: Smokescreen - Generates a cloud of smoke, temporarily covering the entire screen


STANDARD: Bite - Totodile chomps on the enemy and briefly clamps onto them

SIDE: Hydro Pump - Blasts the enemy with a stream of water

UP: Scary Face - Jumps up in midair and roars with his eyes glowing red, doing huge knockback to anyone near him

DOWN: Growl - Causes a tiny shockwave around Totodile that knocks back any nearby enemies


STANDARD: Scratch - Chikorita simply swipes at the enemy once

SIDE: Razor Leaf - Fires a super-sharp leaf at the enemy

UP: Vine Whip - Launches a vine up into the air that hits anything in it's path

DOWN: Pound - Chikorita hops up and crashes down to the ground

FINAL SMASH: Triple Finish - All three Pokemon come out at the same time and use super-charged versions of their side smashes on the enemy, doing great knockback and sending them flying off the side of the stage


STANDARD: Headbutt - Pikachu rams into the enemy with it's head

SIDE: Lightning Bolt - Pikachu fires a single bolt of electricity forward

UP: Iron Tail - Pikachu flips very fast, attacking with it's tail

DOWN: Electric Headspin - Spins on the floor and releases electricity, shocking all nearby opponents

FINAL SMASH: Evolve - Pikachu transforms into Raichu, increasing all it's attacks incredibly and their knockback even more


STANDARD: Forward Kick - Hops forward with it's foot slightly sticking out, knocking back the enemy

SIDE: Double Slap - Jumps up and slaps the enemy twice

UP: Head Bash - Hops up, hitting anything above it with it's head

DOWN: Pound - Jigglypuff hops up and smashes to the ground

FINAL SMASH: Puff Up - Jigglypuff inflates to grow huge, knocking back any nearby enemies and pretty much filling up the entire stage


STANDARD: High Kick - Mewtwo releases a quick and powerful high kick

SIDE: Shadow Burst - Mewtwo dashes forward, releasing a gust of dark energy

UP: Psychic Storm - Mewtwo extends his arm up, releasing a bolt of psychic energy from his palm and blasting lightning bolts up into the air

DOWN: Downward Dash - Mewtwo dashes downward engulfed in dark energy flames

FINAL SMASH: Psychic Coma - All the enemies collapse to the ground as Mewtwo levitates them into the air and repeatedly smashes them into the ground


STANDARD: Mega Punch - Lucario strongly pushes his fist forward

SIDE: Aura Energy - Lucario puts his hands together, generating a fireball made out of blue aura energy, and blasts it at the enemy

UP: Circle Kick - Lucario flips in midair, shoving his foot up and kicking anyone above him

DOWN: Aura Shockwave - Lucario releases a shockwave of aura energy, pushing back anyone around him

FINAL SMASH: Mega Lucario - Lucario transforms into Mega Lucario and releases a huge explosion of blue flames, sending everyone flying into the air


STANDARD: Water Spout - Greninja fires multiple small streams of water from his fingers

SIDE: Ice Beam - Greninja blasts some blue energy from his hands at the enemy, briefly freezing them

UP: Surf - A spout of water blasts up from the bottom of the stage underneath Greninja, pushing him up to the top of the screen and hitting anyone above him

DOWN: Dark Pulse - Greninja charges up his energy and releases a burst of dark energy

FINAL SMASH: Family Attack - Froakie and Frogadier appear behind Greninja and they all use their powers to create a giant rain storm that fills the screen with water, damaging all the enemies as they get caught in it


STANDARD: Fireball - Charizard opens his mouth and spits out multiple balls of fire

SIDE: Tail Whip - Charizard spins around quickly, hitting the enemy with his tail

UP: Blaze Rocket - Charizard quickly flies up to the top of the screen with a trail of fire behind him

DOWN: Wingspan - Charizard pulls in his wings, crouches down, and quickly releases them, smacking the enemies and sending them flying backward

FINAL SMASH: Inferno Blizzard - Charizard generates a huge field of fire, filling up the screen as fireballs rain down from the sky, exploding upon impact


STANDARD: Grenade - Fox throws out a grenade that blows up the enemy and sends them flying into the air

SIDE: Ray Gun - Fox blasts the enemy with his ray gun

UP: Quakejump - Fox jumps up, flips in midair, and crashes down to the ground, causing a mini earthquake around himself

DOWN: Charged Jump Attack - Fox crouches down and jumps into the air, knocking back any enemy around him (the attack does more damage the longer you charge it up)

FINAL SMASH: Do a Barrel Roll! - A starfighter swoops down and Fox jumps in it, flying to the other side of the stage, turning around, and doing a barrel roll, crashing through everyone in the process


STANDARD: Flip Kick - Falco flips forward and kicks in midair

SIDE: Elbow Ram - Falco runs and crashes into the enemy with his elbow out

UP: Jump Smash - Falco jumps in the air, does a flip kick, and crashes back down to the ground, knocking back anyone near him

DOWN: Spin Kick - Falco stands on one foot and spins in a circle with his leg extended, kicking anyone close enough to him

FINAL SMASH: Landmaster - Falco jumps aboard his Landmaster, a powerful tank that fires missiles and explosive bombs, and rides back and forth across the stage


STANDARD: Forward Jab - Marth points his sword forward and dashes, jabbing it into the enemy.

SIDE: Spin Slash - Marth extends his sword and spins around, hitting any enemy on either side

UP: Sword Swing - Swings his sword in a large arc above his head, front to back

DOWN: Lower Cut - Marth crouches down and quickly slices at the enemy's legs, knocking them down

FINAL SMASH: Critical Hit - Marth holds back his sword, charging the attack, then zooms forward, extending the sword in front of him, and impaling it right through the enemy


STANDARD: Rapid Slash - Ike quickly slashes at the enemy with his sword, knocking them back a little

SIDE: Double Strike - Ike jabs his sword at the enemy, pulls it back, and then kicks them down

UP: Blade Jump - Ike points the sword above him and does a spin jump, slicing through anyone above him

DOWN: Ground Strike - Ike points his sword to the ground and strongly jabs it forward

FINAL SMASH: Cyclone Blade - Ike swings his sword from in front of him to behind him repeatedly, sucking the enemy toward him and getting them caught in his attack


STANDARD: Thunder - Robin blasts the enemy with an electric projectile which can be charged to increase the damage

SIDE: Arcfire - Robin shoots out a pillar of flames at the enemy

UP: Elwind - Robin blasts down wind beneath him, sending himself into the air and blowing back any nearby enemies

DOWN: Nosferatu - Robin curses the enemy, slowly draining health from them and healing himself at the same time

FINAL SMASH: Double - Robin summons Chrom and they use both their attacks on the nearest enemy, sending them flying off the screen


STANDARD: Swift Chop - Lucina repeatedly stabs the enemy with her sword then kicks them, knocking them back

SIDE: Spin Slice - Lucina jabs the enemy with her sword and spins it quickly, creating a circle of flames that burns them

UP: Air Slash - Lucina jumps into the air and slashes her sword from one side to another, hitting any enemies nearby

DOWN: Cartwheel Slice - Lucina does a cartwheel with her sword out, slicing any enemies she goes past

FINAL SMASH: Sword Tornado - Lucina sticks out her blade and spins in a circle, pulling all enemies near her and then immediately hitting them and knocking them off the stage with her sword


STANDARD: Yo-Yo Forward - Ness shoots his Yo-Yo in front of him, hitting the enemy

SIDE: Bat Smack - Ness holds back his bat and swings it forward, knocking down the enemy

UP: Around The World - Ness spins his Yo-Yo from the ground in front of him, up above him, and to the ground behind him, hitting anyone near him

DOWN: Duck Swing - Ness crouches down and swings his Yo-Yo from side to side, hitting anybody in front of or behind him

FINAL SMASH: PK Starstorm - Several meteorites come crashing down onto the stage, hitting all the enemies

Captain Falcon

STANDARD: Falcon Kick - C. Falcon kicks his leg forward, with his foot engulfed in blue energy

SIDE: Falcon Punch - C. Falcon shoots his fist forward, engulfed in blue energy

UP: Double Air Kick - Captain Falcon does two high kicks into the air

DOWN: Cartwheel Falcon Kick - Captain Falcon does a cartwheel toward the energy, with both his foots engulfed in blue energy

FINAL SMASH: Blue Falcon - Captain Falcon jumps into his Blue Falcon and crashes into the enemies, sending them flying

Samus Aran

STANDARD: Blast - Samus fires a ball of energy out of her arm cannon

SIDE: Arm Cannon Punch - Samus pushes her arm cannon forward, hitting the enemy

UP: Quadruple Shot - Samus points her arm cannon into the air and fires four energy blasts

DOWN: Morph Ball - Samus curls up into her Morph Ball form

FINAL SMASH: Zero Blaster - Samus charges up her arm cannon until a huge ball of purple energy has formed in front of it, then blasts it forward, blowing up anything in it's way


STANDARD: Cyclone Kick - Villager sticks out his leg and spins

SIDE: Plant Toss - Villager throws a potted plant at the enemy

UP: Plunger Throw - Villager throws a plunger up into the air

DOWN: Shovel - Villager pulls out his shovel and digs down, creating a small hole that other fighters can fall into

FINAL SMASH: Dream House - Tom Nooki and his sons jump down, and build a cabin around the enemy, which blows up with them inside, launching them up into the air and back down to the ground

Mega Man

STANDARD: Blast - Mega Man points his arm cannon forward, blasting an energy ball forward

SIDE: Ice Slasher - Mega Man blasts an icicle forward that cuts through all the enemies

UP: Thunder Bolt - Mega Man aims his arm cannon into the air and fires a bolt of lightning that zaps anything above it

DOWN: Hyper Bomb - Mega Man jumps up and shoots a bomb to the ground, not only knocking back any nearby enemies but also boosting Mega Man into the air

FINAL SMASH: Quick Boomerang - Mega Man launches a rocket-powered boomerang that spins in a circle around Mega Man repeatedly, hitting anyone who gets too close and creating a huge cyclone around Mega Man that sucks in all other fighters

Little Mac

STANDARD: Punch - Little Mac punches forward

SIDE: Jab - Little Mac bends his arm down and jabs his fist into the enemy's gut

UP: Spinning Uppercut - Little Mac spins in a circle and uppercuts the enemy, sending them flying

DOWN: Below the Belt - Little Mac crouches down and jabs the enemy below the waist

FINAL SMASH: K.O. Uppercut - A meter appears and fills all the way up, causing Mac to do a super-charged uppercut that blasts the enemy into the air

Wii Fit Trainer

STANDARD: Head Smash - Puts her arms straight up into the air and leans to the side, smacking them on top of the enemy's head

SIDE: Yoga Ball - Throws down a yoga ball that bounces off of the ground and hits the enemy's head, knocking them down

UP: High Kick Pose - Leans to the side, kicking her leg up, hitting the enemy

DOWN: Toe Touch - Bends over touching her toes on one foot and kicking back with the other leg, hitting anyone behind her

FINAL SMASH: Wii Fit - Everyone begins doing yoga poses, unable to attack, allowing the Wii Fit Trainer to attack them all she wants

Mr. Game & Watch

STANDARD: Headbutt Dive - G&W jumps in the air and dives down head first, crashing into the enemy

SIDE: Torch - G&W pulls out a torch and swings it forward

UP: Helmet Bash - With a diving helmet on, G&W leans backward, then snaps back forward, hitting his head into the enemy

DOWN: Vermin - Mr. Game & Watch pulls out two hammers and swings them down on both of his sides

FINAL SMASH: Octopus - G&W morphs into a giant octopus that roams freely through the stage, hitting everything in it's path


STANDARD: Eye Beam - R.O.B shoots a tiny laser out of his eyes

SIDE: Sonic Dash - Jet Thrusters appear on R.O.B's back, blasting him forward right into the enemy

UP: Jet Zoom - A rocket booster underneath R.O.B launches him into the air, crashing into anything above him

DOWN: Arm Swing - R.O.B's arm stick out as R.O.B spins, hitting anything on either side of him

FINAL SMASH: Diffusion Beam - R.O.B fires a giant plasma beam out of his eyes, blasting everything in front of him

Sonic the Hedgehog

STANDARD: Spin Dash - Sonic curls up into a ball and rams into the enemy

SIDE: Speed Kick - Sonic sticks out his foot and zooms forward, ramming into the enemy

UP: Curl Jump - Sonic curls up into a ball and zooms up into the air

DOWN: Speed Cartwheel - Sonic cartwheels forward at a super-fast speed

FINAL SMASH: Super Sonic - Sonic transforms into Super Sonic, giving him the abilities of flight and insanely increased knockback


STANDARD: Knife Swipe - Snake slashes his knife in front of him

SIDE: Shotgun - Snake pulls out a shotgun and shoots at the enemy

UP: Bazooka - Snake pulls out a bazooka and aims up into the air, firing a rocket that hits anything above it

DOWN: Grenade - Snake crouches and throws a grenade that explodes upon impact

FINAL SMASH: Shagohod - The Shagohod appears and Snake jumps inside of it, launching heat-seeking missiles all over the stage

Ice Climbers

STANDARD: Icicle - The Ice Climbers blast an icicle straight at the enemy and knocking them back

SIDE: Squall Hammer - Both Climbers stick out their hammers and spin around the stage, hitting back any enemies they hit

UP: Grappling Rope - One Climber throws a rope up to the top of the screen and the other one climbs on it and zooms up the rope, blowing back any enemies nearby 

DOWN: Blizzard - Both Climbers crouch down and blow back the enemies with a gust of icy wind

FINAL SMASH: Iceberg - The Ice Climbers summon an enormous iceberg up from the ground that covers almost the entire stage and makes all platforms (including the iceberg itself) slippery for all the enemies


STANDARD: Forward Fly Dash - Pit flies forward, ramming into the enemy

SIDE: Flaming Arrow - Pit launches a flaming arrow forward

UP: Spin Fly - Pit flies upward, spinning around in a circle

DOWN: Sword Slash - Pit pulls out two swords and slashes them both upward on both sides of himself, slashing at anyone on either side of him

FINAL SMASH: Three Sacred Treasures - Pit equips with the Three Sacred Treasures and start shooting at the opponents with arrows, and after that, he finishes them with lasers from the sky


STANDARD: Glow Slide - Palutena slides forward while glowing, doing damage to anyone she touches

SIDE: Staff Stab - Palutena's staff begins to glow as she stabs it forward

UP: Mystic Symbol - Palutena clasps her hands together and faces the screen as the symbol of her army appears above her, doing damage to anyone that comes in contact with it

DOWN: Palutena lifts her staff, then slams it to the ground, causing light to spill out around her feet, causing damage

FINAL SMASH: Palutena's Army - Palutena begins glowing and sends the Centurion sto attack all the enemies



STANDARD: Blast - Mii blasts a single laser beam forward

SIDE: Triple Cannon - Mii blasts three lasers at once

UP: Explosion Ball - Mii launches a ball of energy up into the air that immediately explodes upon hitting the enemy

DOWN: Tornado Blast - Mii spins on it's head, blasting laser beams in all directions


STANDARD: Jab - Mii jabs the sword forward

SIDE: Slash - Mii slashes the sword in front of itself

UP: Air Slash - Mii quickly slashes the sword from the ground into the air, hitting anyone above it or in front of it

DOWN: Side Slice - Mii slashes the sword from behind it, along the ground, to in front of it, hitting anyone on either side of it


STANDARD: Fireball - Mii sticks it's hands out in front of it, blasting a single fireball forward

SIDE: Foot Slide - Mii swiflty slides it's foot forward, hitting the enemy, then quickly brings it up, kicking the enemy's head

UP: Spinning Jump Attack - Mii extends it's arms upward, jumps up into the air, and spins

DOWN: Roundhouse Kick - Mii crouches down, sticks out it's foot, and does a roundhouse kick to the enemy

FINAL SMASH: Mii Party - All the Miis the player has on their console fall from the sky and begin dancing, causing everybody else on the stage to dance besides Mii, allowing it to attack the enemies who are unable to stop dancing


STANDARD: Orb Blast - Pac-Man opens his mouth and blasts out a bunch of orbs that hit the enemy, doing great knockback

SIDE: Chomp - Pac-Man dashes forward with his mouth wide open and clamps it down as soon as he makes contact with the enemy, then turns around and spits out the enemy

UP: Galaga - Pac-Man jumps on top of the 8-bit ship from Galaga and launches up into the sky, hitting anyone above him

DOWN: Ghost Summon - Pac-Man crouches down as Blinky and Inky appear on both sides of them, then they both zoom off their side of the stage, hitting and pushing any enemy in front of them

FINAL SMASH: Old School - Pac-Man turns into his giant 8-bit form as all the enemies turn blue and begin running around the stage, and Pac-Man goes through and eats them all, then spits them all out off the side of the stage


STANDARD: Tennis Racket - Waluigi pulls out a tennis racket and smacks the enemy with it

SIDE: Mario Kart - Waluigi hops into his kart from Mario Kart and zooms forward, crashing into the enemy

UP: Spring Jump - Waluigi, using his special spring shoes, jumps up into the air, hitting everyone above him

DOWN: Bowling Ball - Waluigi ducks down and rolls a bowling ball toward the enemy, knocking them down

FINAL SMASH: Waluigi Tennis - Waluigi turns giant and pulls out a huge tennis racket, hitting the enemy with it and sending them flying off of the stage


STANDARD: Bomb - Mouser throws a bomb at the enemy, blowing them up upon impact

SIDE: Headbutt Ram - Mouser rams into the enemy with his head

UP: Banzai Bill - Mouser blasts a Banzai Bill straight up into the air

DOWN: Bomb Roll - Mouser crouches down and rolls a bomb toward the enemy that blows them up

FINAL SMASH: Bomb Rain - Mouser laughs evilly as a million bombs start to rain down from the sky and blow up on all the enemies

Skull Kid

STANDARD: Fairy Crash - Tatl and Tael fly out and ram into the enemy

SIDE: Mask Screech - The Majora's Mask leaps off of Skull Kid's face, ramming into and screeching at the enemy and causing great knockback

UP: Levitate - Skull Kid floats up into the air surrounded by dark energy, knocking back anyone who gets too close to him

DOWN: Mask Quake - Skull Kid floats up into the air and smashes down to the ground, causing a huge earthquake around himself

FINAL SMASH: Majora's Moon - The moon from Majora's Mask crashes down to Earth out of the sky, blowing up all enemies besides Skull Kid, who is protected by an energy shield around himself


STANDARD: Magma Blast - Demise fires a ball of lava forward that explodes upon impact

SIDE: Mega Punch - Demise's fist becomes engulfed in flames and he jabs his fist into the enemy's gut

UP: Fist Smash - Demise jumps into the air and smashes his fists into the ground, causing an earthquake

DOWN: Lava Spew - Demise crouches down and shoots lava out all over the enemies

FINAL SMASH: Ground Shake - Demise creates several earthquakes that launch the enemies into the air, and then he blasts them all with fireballs as they are still up above the ground

Knuckle Joe

STANDARD: Kick - Knuckle Joe simply hits the enemy with a high kick

SIDE: Megaton Punch - Knuckle Joe's fist turns giant and begins glowing as he zooms forward, hitting everyone in front of him

UP: Air Punch - Knuckle Joe points his fist up into the air and begins spinning as he zooms up into the sky, punching away everyone above him

DOWN: Earthquake Punch - Knuckle Joe flies up in the air and punches the ground, causing a mini shockwave that knocks back all enemies

FINAL SMASH: Giant Fists - Knuckle Joe grows huge and begins pounding all the enemies with his fists repeatedly


STANDARD: Scratch - Fennekin jumps up and lands down on the enemy, scratching them

SIDE: Flame Charge - Fennekin dashes forward, totally engulfed in flames

UP: Headbutt - Fennekin hops up into the air, hitting anyone above him with his head

DOWN: Growl - Fennekin crouches down to the ground and growls, releasing a mini shockwave from his mouth that hits the enemy, doing great knockback

FINAL SMASH: Evolution - Fennekin evolves into Braixen and does Flamethrower, launching several different fire blasts all over the stage that follow down and hit all the enemies, sending them flying to their doom


STANDARD: Fly Dash  - Zapdos flies into the enemy at high speed, covered in electric energy

SIDE: Hyper Beam - Zapdos blasts a huge beam of energy at the enemy, sending them flying

UP: Electro Tornado - Zapdos spins around, shooting lightning bolts everywhere, and zooms up to the top of the stage

DOWN: Mega Bolt - Zapdos ducks down and summons a huge bolt of electricity that hits the ground, electrocuting all the enemies

FINAL SMASH: Legendary Birds - Moltres and Articuno fly up next to Zapdos and begin repeatedly blasting the enemies with lasers of their specific elements (electric, fire, ice)


STANDARD: Staff Jab - Krystal pulls back her staff and jabs it into the enemy's gut, a move that can be charged to do more damage

SIDE: Staff Beam - Krystal blasts the enemy with her magic staff

UP: CloudRunner - Krystal flies up into the air on her CloudRunner and divebombs down onto the nearest enemy

DOWN: Electro Shockwave - Krystal swings her staff and smashes it onto the ground, creating an electric shockwave that briefly paralyzes all enemies who get caught by it

FINAL SMASH: Thunder Clouds - Krystal points her staff to the sky and summons clouds that shoot big lightning bolts to the ground that create electric shockwaves much like her down special, but bigger with longer lasting effects and all over the entire stage.

Masked Man

STANDARD: Blaster Shot - Masked Man fires a beam of energy from his hand blaster

SIDE: Light Sword - Masked Man impales the enemy with his light sword

UP: Quadruple Cannon - Masked Man points his hand blaster into the sky and blasts four different beams that go off in different directions, hitting everyone above him

DOWN: Beam Bomb - Masked Man points his blaster to the ground and fires a shot, making a mini explosion upon impact with the ground that blows away all nearby enemies

FINAL SMASH: Psychic Lightning Storm - Masked Man blasts three beams into the sky that form into thunder clouds and shoot out several heat-seeking lightning bolts that hir and blow up all the enemies

Samurai Goroh

STANDARD: Drop Kick - Samurai Goroh jumps up and drop kicks the enemy in the gut, knocking them down

SIDE: Elbow Dive - Samurai Goroh sticks out his elbow and dashes into the enemy, jabbing it into them and sending them flying

UP: Upside Down Kick - Samurai Goroh does a hand stand and zooms up to the top of the screen with his legs sticking out, kicking back anyone he hits

DOWN: Meteor Drop - Goroh pounds the ground with his fists, making mini explosions when his fists hit the ground

FINAL SMASH: Fire Stingray - Goroh jumps into his Fire Stingray and crashes into all the enemies at high speed, like Captain Falcon's Blue Falcon final smash

Black Shadow

STANDARD: Speed Headbutt - Black Shadow charges at the enemy at high speed and headbutts them, knocking them back

SIDE: Shadow Kick - Black Shadow's foot begins to glow blue and he hits the enemy with a powerful high kick, sending them flying

UP: Double Uppercut - Black Shadow hits the enemy with two quick uppercuts in a row, sending them flying into the air

DOWN: Heavyweight Stomp - BlacK Shadow's foot begins to glow blue and he stomps it into the ground, causing the enemy next to him to shoot up into the air

FINAL SMASH: Black Bull - Black Shadow jumps into his Black Bull and crashes into the enemies at high speed, like Captain Falcon and Samurai Goroh's final smashes


STANDARD: Charged Punch - A punch attack that can send the enemy flying if charged up enough

SIDE: Screech Blast - Ridley screeches at the enemy so loud it sends them flying backward

UP: Fly Smash - Ridley flies up into the air super-fast and headbutts whoever's above him from beneath, sending them flying up into the air

DOWN: Low Punch - Ridley crouches down and puts both his fists to his chest and then pushes both of them out as fast as he can, punching both enemies on either side of him and knocking them over

FINAL SMASH: Meta Ridley - Ridley transforms into Meta Ridley, making him super-fast and increasing the damage of all his attacks tremendously

Mother Brain

STANDARD: Tail Punch - Mother Brain punches the enemy back with her metallic tail

SIDE: Acidic Spit - Mother Brain spits out a glob of green blue that slowly drains the enemy's health as long as it sticks to them

UP: Spit Glob - Mother Brain looks up, opens her mouth, and spits out a purple glob that hits the enemy and makes them slower for as long as it sticks to them

DOWN: Stomp Quake - Mother Brain stomps both of her feet down, making mini earthquakes each time she does so

FINAL SMASH: Metroids Unleashed - Millions of Metroids jump up onto the stage and begin attacking the enemies

Yellow Devil

STANDARD: Super Punch - Yellow Devil pulls back his fist and bashes it into the enemy, launching them away

SIDE: Spin Kick - Yellow Devil sticks out his leg and does a spin kick that knocks back all enemies on both sides of him

UP: Fist Blast - Yellow Devil puts both his arms in the air, and his fists shoot right off and launch straight up, smashing into everyone above him and then landing right down back on his arms

DOWN: Disassemble - Yellow Devil crouches down and disassembles into several yellow orbs that fly around, crash into everyone, and then go back together again

FINAL SMASH: Double Sized - Yellow Devil disassembles into yellow orbs again, which multiply in midair and go back together, forming a Yellow Devil that is twice as big and six times as powerful as he was before


STANDARD: Plasma Blade - Zero slashes at the enemy with his plasma blade, knocking them back

SIDE: Speedy Blast - Zero blasts several beams of energy forward super fast

UP: Jump Slash - Zero jumps into the air and slashes above him with his plasma blade

DOWN: Spin Slash - Zero crouches down and spins with his plasma blade out, slashing anyone on either side of him

FINAL SMASH: Blaster Storm - Zero points his arm blaster into the air and super charges his blaster, blasting several shots into the air that rain down from the sky, causing explosions upon impact with the ground


STANDARD: Shield Smack - Protoman slides forward with his shield in front of him, knocking back whoever he hits with it

SIDE: Shield Reflect - Protoman sticks out his shield, reflecting any projectile attacks back onto the enemy who fired it

UP: Shield Spin - Protoman jumps into the air with his shield out and spins, knocking back anyone nearby

DOWN: Crouch Kick - Protoman crouches and kicks out in front of him

FINAL SMASH: Super Charged Strike - Protoman jumps up to the top of the screen, points his blaster to the ground, charges it up, and releases a humongous energy orb that blows everyone on the ground off of the stage


STANDARD: Roll Cannon - Roll's hand transforms into a blaster and she shoots an electric blast at the enemy

SIDE: Drill Hand - Roll's hand transforms into a drill and she drills into the enemy with it

UP: Cannon Up - Roll shoots three beams straight up into the air with her hand blaster, hitting anyone above her three times

DOWN: Down Drill - Roll drills into the ground with her Drill Hand, making a little shockwave that knocks back the enemies as she does so

FINAL SMASH: Drill Shot - Roll sticks out both her arms and both hands turn into Drill Hands then launch off her arms, fly around, and crash into everybody before going back onto her arms

King Hippo

STANDARD: Hippo Punch - King Hippo pulls back his arm, charges it, and punches into the enemy's gut, sending them flying back

SIDE: Triple Knee Attack - King Hippo knees the enemy three times in a row

UP: Driller Punch - King Hippo sticks both his arms in the air, clenches both his fists, and spins around as he shoots into the air, hitting everyone above him

DOWN: Fist Quake - King Hippo punches the ground once, causing a mini earthquake

FINAL SMASH: Dropper Bomb - King Hippo grabs the nearest enemy, jumps in the air, and spins as he smashes the enemy down into the ground, causing a giant earthquake as he does so and knocking all the other enemies off the stage


STANDARD: Jump Kick - Frogger jumps up in the air in front of the enemy's face and kicks out his leg, knocking back the enemy

SIDE: Head Jump - Frogger jumps on to the enemy's head and proceeds to pound on it

UP: Jump Flip - Frogger headstands with his legs up in the air and jumps up, then flips in midair and kicking back the enemy above him

DOWN: Headstand Kick - Frogger does another headstand, kicking back the enemy behind him

FINAL SMASH: Hit and Run - A monster truck zooms onto the stage, hitting all the enemies besides Frogger, who jumps up above the truck as it zooms by

Duck Hunt Dog

STANDARD: Zapper Shot - Duck Hunt Dog pulls out the Nintendo Zapper and blasts the enemy away

SIDE: Duck Crash - A duck flies onto the stage and crashes into the enemy, knocking them down

UP: Duck Fly - The Dog jumps onto a duck and flies up into the air, crashing into anyone above him

DOWN: Zapper Spin - The Dog crouches and sticks out both arms, holding Zappers in both hands, then spins while shooting, blasting anyone nearby

FINAL SMASH: Level 100 - Millions of ducks begin to swarm across the screen, crashing into all the enemies as Duck Hunt Dog chuckles mischeviously 


STANDARD: Headbutt - Knuckles ducks down briefly and smacks his head up, hitting the enemy with it

SIDE: Spiked Punch - Knuckles pulls back his fist and jabs into the enemy, knocking them back

UP: Double Handed Uppercut - Knuckles uppercuts the enemy with both fists, sending them flying up into the air

DOWN: Crouched Uppercut - Knuckles crouches and uppercuts at the enemy, hitting them from beneath and knocking them down onto the ground

FINAL SMASH: Master Emerald - All the Chaos Emeralds fly onto the screen and go together, forming the Master Emerald which shoots all the enemies with lasers that blow them up off of the stage


STANDARD: Knife Slash - Raiden pulls out his pocket knife and slashes it at the enemy

SIDE: Smoke Bomb - Raiden throws down a bomb that releases a cloud of smoke which stuns and damages whoever gets caught in it

UP: Brass Knuckle Uppercut - Raiden uppercuts the enemy with brass knuckles, sending them flying

DOWN: Detonator Bomb - Raiden places down a mini bomb that can be detonated at any time by pressing Down+B again

FINAL SMASH: Slow Motion Slash - Everyone besides Raiden goes into slow motion as Raiden flies across the screen, slashing everyone


STANDARD: Double Punch - Ryu punches the enemy twice

SIDE: Hadouken - Ryu puts both his hands out and fires a blast of blue energy forward

UP: Shoryuken - Ryu jumps up and does a spin kick/uppercut to the enemy

DOWN: Crouch Kick - Ryu ducks down and does a high kick, knocking over the enemy

FINAL SMASH: Rapid Fire Hadouken - Ryu begins glowing with blue energy, starts levitating in the air, and fires multiple hadoukens forward at a super-fast speed, blowing away all the enemies


STANDARD: Gut Kick - Blanka jumps up and kicks his foot into the enemy's gut, knocking them back

SIDE: Triple Scratch - Blanka scratches the enemy three times super-fast

UP: Jump Slam - Blanka jumps up in the air and comes crashing down on top of the enemy

DOWN: Electric Shock - Blanka crouches down and shocks the enemy with electricity

FINAL SMASH: Electric Strike - Blanka charges up an electric blast and unleashes a humongous bolt of lightning onto the enemies, sending them all flying off the stage


STANDARD: Freeze Punch - Sub-Zero freezes his own fist, covering it in solid ice, and punches the enemy, sending them flying back

SIDE: Icicle Blast - Sub-Zero sticks out his arm and blasts out a huge icicle at the enemy

UP: Freeze Ray - Sub-Zero blasts a beam of blue energy out of his hands up into the air, freezing anyone above him for a brief ammount of time

DOWN: Snowcap - Sub-Zero crouches down, covering the ground beneath him with snow that damages anyone who steps in it

FINAL SMASH: Arctic Freeze - Sub-Zero sticks both arms up into the air as blue clouds appear in the sky and snow down on all the enemies, doing a tremendous ammount of damage as the snow hits

Johnny Cage

STANDARD: Punch Kick - Johnny punches the enemy and then kicks them immediately after

SIDE: Flip Kick - Johnny flips backward, kicking the enemy as he does so

UP: Uppercut Head Bash - Johnny uppercuts the enemy then brings his fist back down, smashing the enemy's head into the ground

DOWN: Low Punch - Johnny gets down on his knees and punches the enemy in the groin

FINAL SMASH: Paparazzi - Johnny starts posing as several paparazzi appear, repeatedly snapping photos as the flash does damage to the enemies


STANDARD: Tail Smack - Nintendog turns around, smacking the enemy back with it's tail

SIDE: Pounce - Nintendog jumps up and pounces down on the enemy

UP: Fleas - A flea jumps off of Nintendog's back straight up into the air, hitting anyone above it as it does so

DOWN: Squeaky Toy - Nintendog crouches down and picks up a bouncy ball in it's mouth, then spits it out at the enemy

FINAL SMASH: Unleashed - A bunch of other dogs appear and join Nintendog as they charge at all the enemies, knocking them all off the stage

King K. Rool

STANDARD: Boxing Glove Punch - King K. Rool punches the enemy with a boxing glove, knocking them up into the air

SIDE: Swashbuckler - K. Rool pulls out a pistol and shoots it at the enemy

UP: Helicopter Pack - K. Rool puts on a backpack with a propeller on top and flies up into the air

DOWN: Mega Stomp - K. Rool jumps up in the air and stomps down on the ground, making a shockwave that knocks back all the enemies

FINAL SMASH: Boxer K. Rool - K. Rool grows giant and puts on boxing gloves, then proceeds to pummel all the enemies


STANDARD: Power Slash - Amaterasu slashes at the enemy with her tail

SIDE: Instrument Attack - Amaterasu attacks the enemy with one of the Divine Instruments

UP: Vine - Amaterasu shoots up a vine that wraps around whatever it hits and pulls her up to it

DOWN: Divine Instrument Change - Amaterasu switches whatever Divine Instrument she currently has out (Solar Flare, Tundra Beads, Thunder Edge)

FINAL SMASH: Celestial Brush - The Celestial Brush appears on the screen and can be controlled by the player to attack all the enemies with

Master Hand

STANDARD: Flick - Master Hand flicks away the enemy with his fingers

SIDE: Punch - Master Hand clenches into a fist and crashes into the enemy

UP: Pointer Finger - Master Hand sticks his pointer finger straight up into the air, knocking back anyone it hits

DOWN: Smack Wave - Master Hand flattens out and smacks the ground, creating a shockwave that blows away any enemies

FINAL SMASH: Rock, Paper, Scissors - Master Hand clenches his fist and smashes the ground, sending all the enemies up into the air, then flattens out his hand like paper and catches them in midair, and then sticks out his fingers like scissors and slashes everyone with them, then when he's done he grabs everyone and throws them all off the stage

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