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Super Smash Bros. Vortex
Developer(s) Typhoon6

Masahiro Sakurai Shigeru Miyamato

Publisher(s) Nintendo, Ad Hoc
Platform(s) Wii U
Release Date(s)
*Australia- June 28, 2014
  • U.S.A.- July 15, 2014
  • Japan- June 28, 2014
  • China- July 12, 2014
  • Europe- July 16, 2014
  • Others- July 28, 2014
Single Player, Multiplayer
Age Rating(s)
PG 8+
Genre(s) Fighting, Adventure, Action
Media Included *Nintendo Wii U Disc
  • Soundtrack CD (Platinum)

Super Smash Bros. Vortex is a fighting game for the Wii U. It is the 5th Super Smash Bros. game in the SSB series. The game is planned to be released in mid-2014. Some people call it SSBV, because Super Smash Bros. Vortex is too long, for some people.

Super Smash Bros. Vortex will be made, after Kirby's Dreamland 3D has been completed. It has  a few characters from the game and involves various enemies from it too.


The game plays the same as previous installments, but SSBV is especially based on Super Smash Bros. Brawl (SSBB). Players fight against one another, on stages based off famous Nintendo series. Each character has their own Final Smash, based on their game history. The player wins by knocking their opponents off the screen. Moves like taunting and attacking also return. However, the game also uses the Wii U Gamepad. Players can use items by using the Touch Screen. The player can also control and select the characters, stages, or options in Super Smash Bros. Vortex. It takes over most of the Wii Remote's functions. The game is much easier to play, when you use the original Wii Remotes or the Wii Remotes and Nunchuck, then it is with the Wii U GamePad.

The game has the same ways of attacking, taunting etc. as Brawl. Most characters have the same movesets from the previous games, but some have new moves, even if they are Veterans.

Every character has advantages over some characters and disadvantages over others. But some characters are equal, meaning they do average damage, on the opposing character. No charatcer beats everyone in Super Smash Bros. Vortex, although Tabuu has the advantage over most characters.

SSBV features a shopping system. This is a virtual shop, which lets you purchase many items, such as costumes, some characters, vitamins, levels to play on, extended story lines,, the list is endless. The costumes are super cheap, while the characters and extended story lines are expensive. The shop can only be obtained after you unlock 5 SSBV brawlers.

In SSBV you can buy and/or unlock Costumes. These 'Costumes' can be worn only by the Mii's. They give the Mii the ability to change their Standard B, Up B, Down B and Side B. The costumes are easy to but, because they only  cost 1 Smash Coin, or for non SSBV brawlers, 2 Smash Coins. They can be unlocked, by finding the brawler in Story Mode. The non SSBV brawler costumes can only be purchased, but occasionally there might be sales, meaning you can get 2 non SSBV brawler costumes, for the price of one. There are twenty non SSBV brawler costumes, to buy.


In SSBV you can buy and/or unlock Costumes. These 'Costumes' can be worn only by the Mii's. They give the Mii the ability to change their Standard B, Up B, Down B and Side B. The costumes are easy to but, because they only  cost 1 Smash Coin, or for non SSBV brawlers, 2 Smash Coins. They can be unlocked, by finding the brawler in Story Mode. The non SSBV brawler costumes can only be purchased, but occasionally there might be sales, meaning you can get 2 non SSBV brawler costumes, for the price of one. There are twenty non SSBV brawler costumes, to buy.

Controls (Wii Remote & Nunchuk)

Every character has a unique moveset, but all of the characters have the same amount of moves.

-General Moves

Players move around the stages using the Analogue Stick, and can jump by pressing the C Button. It is possible to jump again in the air a single time. Some characters also have the ability to multi-jump in the air. By pressing the Analogue Stick downwards, the player can crouch or move a layer down on the stage. By tapping the Analogue stick twice (in different directions) very quickly, you can perform a Dodge, which lets you avoid most attacks. By double tapping the Analogue Stick (in the same direction) you can start to run around.

-Smash Attacks

Smash Attacks, which are the basic attacks for each character, they are performed with the A Button or the B Button. When moving the Analogue Stick to a direction, the player can attack upwards, downwards or to either sides, these moves are all different based on the direction you are attacking. When the A Button is pressed repeatedly, the character performs a standard combo, a fast sequence of weak attacks. When the Analogue Stick is tilted, fast and  the B or A Button is pressed at the same time, the player can perform a Super Smash Attack. Super Smash Attacks are very powerful which cause a lot of damage, to nearby enemies. The A Button is always a close up attack, while the B Button could be any type of attack. There are also sky attacks. Sky attacks are basic attacks, which can be performed while in mid-air, by pressing the A or B Button. Most characters have the ability to attack while running, which can deal decent damage.

-Item Use

Items appear on the stage at random and can be used by the players. Items have various effects and some trigger by themselves. They can also grant players with special effects like items that explode on contact, or a use for a weapon, instead of the average A Button. When the players are standing next to an item, they can press the A Button to pick the items up and press the Minus Button to throw it away. Some weapons have ammo, in them. This means you only get a certain amount of time to use a weapon. By running and clicking Minus, you are able to peg the item at the direction you are facing.


By pressing the Z Button, the player can activate his/her shield. Shields can be used to prevent most attacks from a character or an item. Grabbing someone who is using their shield will break through their shield and the target can be thrown like a ragdoll. The shield's power decreases every time it is used, and when the shield break the player will be unable to move for a short amount of time, because of the confusion. All characters have different coloured shields, these shield look like neon/ glowing spheres in many colours. First player has a red shield, Second player has a blue, Third player has a yellow and Fourth player has a green shield. Shields also change colours based on their team colours (red, blue or green).


Every character has 3 different taunts. These taunts are used for multiple reasons, for example to sign your victory after you defeat an enemy or sometimes you can use it to receive rewards. You can taunt any time in a battle. To do a taunt all you have to do is press 1, 2 or 1, 2 at the same time.


Super Smash Bros. Vortex has a total of 50 Characters, 18 of them are Default and 32 of them are unlockable. As well as this, you can get Samus' Suit, Ancient Minister, Ticken, Poppant as Transforming Characters. Transforming Characters can be turned into by using Special Moves, or the characters Down Special. There are many new characters in SSBV. In SSBV there are also 10 Downloadable Characters, one every week will be available.


Image: Name: Final Smash: Series: Description: Moves:
Mario d
Mario Mario Finale Mario Mario is an all arounder, meaning he has equal stats in just about everything. But Mario has equal stats in everything, which is the same as the Mii's. Mario is an easy character to play, great for beginners.
Olimar sa
Olimar End of Day Pikmin Olimar mainly uses his Pikmins in battle. In SSBV Olimar has a complete new moveset, which makes him easier to play than Brawl. He is a good choice for beginners.
Link Triforce Strike

Legend of Zelda

Link is normaly a heavy-weighted character, but in this game he becomes a medium-weighted character. Link mainly uses his sword in battle, as well as bombs, boomerangs etc. He isn't hard to control but not easy.
Yoshi Rainbow Storm

Yoshi's Island

Yoshi is a character which can jump many times. Yoshi has a few new moves, but he keeps most of his old ones. He is pretty easy to control, although he has terrible power.
Pikachu Volt Tackle Pokemon/ Pokepark Pikachu is one of the most powerful light-weighted characters, in this game. He mainly uses electricity as attacks and can deal lots of damage. He is a good choice for advanced players.

Zero Suit Samus

Magnet Rush Metroid Zero Suit Samus is an agile, athletic, light character. She has terrible power but she has great speed and jumps. She mainly uses gadgets as attacks, for instance Guns, whips etc. She is not hard to master, but not easy aswell.
Donkey chong

Donkey Kong

Jungle Jig DK Donkey Kong is one of the heaviest SSBV characters, but also one of the slowest. He falls very fast, but has pretty high jumps. He is an easy character to master.
Kirby Cook Kirby Kirby Kirby is a light-weighted character, with a unique ability. Kirby is able to switch his Special, to another player on field. He is able to jump multiple times, much more then others. He is one of the easiest characters to master.
Kid icasca
Pit Army of Angels Kid Icarus Pit is an extremely light, for a medium weight character. He uses fast combos, quick attacks and has the unique ability to fly. He jumps high, but his defence lacks. He is a tricky character to master.

Fox McCloud

Landmaster Skill (Blue) Star Fox Fox is a fast, weak medium-weighted character. Fox is a pretty light medium weight and falls fast. He has terrible strength, but has quick, flinching attacks. He isn't hard to master, but he isn't easy either.
Marth Critical Hit Fire Emblem Marth is an obvious middle weight character. He falls slowly and can produce great strength. He mainly uses his sword in battle, which can deal a good amount of damage. He is a hard character to master, and is a good character for advanced players.
Maxwell Sibling Strike Scribblenauts Maxwell is a balanced, middle-weight character. He is a tricky character to master and uses items he creates from his book. He is a great choice for advanced players.
Ice Climbers Glaciate Ice Climbers

The Ice Climbers are some of the heaviest medium weights (combined). They are pretty hard to control, but also pretty strong for medium weights. If Popo dies, Nana dies too, but if Nana dies, Popo is still able to fight, but can lose some of his moves.

Bomberman Bomb Bardment Bomberman Bomberman is one of the characters that isn't heavy, but isn't light. He can jump many times when carrying a heavy object and his bombs are really powerful. He is a great choice for beginners.
Little Mac Giga Mac Punch-Out Little Mac is an obvious lightweight, which has great power and speed. His attacks are fast, but sadly none of his moves are able to travel to long distances. He is a great choice for players who like fighting, with close combat.
Peach Lullaby Mario Peach is an elegant light weighted character. She isn't around Feather weight, but she is still pretty light. She uses many new moves, in SSBV. She is able to float slowly down, with her parasol, but she has very poor power and recovery.
Zelda Light Bow

Legend of Zelda

Zelda, the princess of Hyrule is a light, medium weighted brawler. She uses many magic attacks, as well as she has the ability to turn into Sheik. She has strong Elemental Power and has alot of equal stats. She is a good choice for advanced players.
Mii Golden Armour Spinner Nintendo Mii have balanced stats, in everything, just like Mario. The Mii are able to wear costumes, of SSBV Brawlers and some extra characters like Emolga, Piplup, Ridley etc. While wearing this costume, their regular B's (Up, Down, Side, Standard) all change to the costumes moves, but the Mii keep their stats. They are really easily to master and are fun to play with.


Image: Name: Final Smash: Series: Description: Moves: How to Unlock:
Luigi Negative Zone Mario/Luigi's Mansion
Bowser Meteor Rain Mario
Bowser jansi
Bowser Jr. Koopaling Craze Mario
Diddy kcraofcpf
Diddy Kong Allergy Attack DK
King k. roolfb
King K. Rool Kremling Crusher DK
Wario Garlic Gas Wario Ware Inc.
Midna Twilight Zone

Legend of Zelda

Sheik Light Arrow

Legend of Zelda

Ganondorf Ganon Strike

Legend of Zelda

Saki Amamiya Rufian Slash Sin and Punishment
Meowth Golden Glory Pokemon
Zoroark Night Daze Pokemon
Axew Haxorus' Rage Pokemon
Isaac Super Psynergy Golden Sun
Meta knighto
Meta Knight Cape Slice Kirby
King defes
King Dedede Masked Dedede Kirby
Lyn Shadow Slash Fire Emblem Lyn is one of the lightest medium weight characters. She has weak attacks, but is extremely fast. She dodges attacks very easily and is easy to master.
Chrom Final Falchion Fire Emblem
Samus Suit Laser Cannon Metroid
Wolf Landmaster Skill (Red) Star Fox
Krystal Pilot Skill Star Fox
Magnus Axe of Despair Kid Icarus
Palutena Palutena's Wrath Kid Icarus
Shulk Giga Slash Xenoblade
Pax Spore Shrink Mushroom Men
Dillon Boulder Bash Rolling Western
Ness PK Starstorm EarthBound
Captain cahlsd
Captain Falcon Blue Falcon F-Zero
Takamaru Ultimate Samurai Nazo No Murasame Jo
Bubblun Bubble Stampede Bubble Bobble
Penguin Anchors Ahoy! Kaio: King of Pirates

Poppant (Team Shadow Bug)

Shadow Bug Swarm SSBV
Ticken (Team Shadow Bug) Shadow Bug Swarm SSBV
Primid Team Shadow Bug) Shadow Bug Swarm SSBV
R.O.B.(Ancient Minister) Spinning Top Madness SSBV

Ancient Minister (R.O.B.)

Subspace Bomb SSBV
Tabuu Butterfly Blow SSBV


The DLC Characters move the character selection screen around, squeezing them in the gaps they could go in. These DLC Characters have to be downloaded, by connecting to the Internet. Every week a new DLC Character will be available, if you miss them they will come back later in the year.

Image: Name: Fianl Smash: Series: Description: Moves:
Waddle dee
Bandana Dee Spear Rain Kirby
Falco Arwing Skill Star Fox
Quote Music Blaster Cave Story
Eag Cannon Bonaza Kaio: King of Pirates
Kat Pink Hurricane Kaio: King of Pirates
??? ??? ???
Barbara Hyper Voice Band Brothers
Neku Sakuraba All Psyched Up The World Ends With You
Sonic da hedgash
Sonic the Hedgehog Super Sonic Sonic the Hedgehog
Dewy Strong Rainstorm Dewy's Adventure