Super Smash Bros. Vision is the 5th game in the Super Smash Bros series, and is the first one being developed by Team Blue Star. It brings back story mode, and some mainstay characters were cut to fit the creator's preferences.

Playable Characters

Playable Characters Description
200px-Mario Artwork - Mario Party Island Tour
SSB Mario Series
Nintendo's mascot and a very balanced character, Mario's moveset has been changed slightly to incorporate more of his power-ups, such as the Cat Suit and Propeller Mushroom.
Hyrule Warriors Link TP Clothes
SSB The Legend of Zelda Series
The legendary hero of Hyrule, Link mostly uses his normal moveset, using his sword, bow and arrow, bombs, boomerang, and hookshot. He also can drink potions, that give him randomized status affects such as enhanced strength, speed, or stamina. However, these buffs only last about 30 seconds.
Kirby Wii
SSB Kirby Series
The hero of Dream Land, Kirby retains his original play style of swallowing opponents and using their neutral special, but now his moveset also incorporates copy abilities from games in the Kirby series.
Samus Aran
SSB Metroid Series
A skilled bounty hunter, Samus stays mostly the same, using her arm cannon and can roll into a ball to dodge attacks.
Donkey Kong
SSB Donkey Kong Series
Donkey Kong, Mario's former rival, returns to battle. He uses his traditional moveset of strong punches, but also can throw barrels at opponents.
502px-SSB4 - Pikachu Artwork
SSB Pokémon Series
The electric mascot of Pokemon, Pikachu hasn't changed much either, using his traditional lightning-based moveset.
Little Mac Smash
Little Mac
SSB Punch-Out Series
An underdog boxing champion, Little Mac hasn't changed much either. He uses standard punching attacks, as well as his charged knock out punch. Also, like in the previous game, he has poor recovery.
Professor Layton
New Challenger Approaching!
The first newcomer confirmed, Layton is a detective who uses puzzle solving and a sword in battle.
Shulk SSB3M

Xenoblade Chronicles Symbol
The wielded of the Monado, Shulk uses strong sword strikes in battle.
Bomberman BDIY
New Challenger Approaching!
200px-Bomberman symbol
The first 3rd Party fighter confirmed, Bomberman uses bombs as most of his attacks, as well as using melee attacks.
SSB Kid Icarus Series
An angel and the loyal servant of Lady Palutena, Pit uses his bow as a long ranged attack, or split it into two swords for melee blows. He can also fly.
Kid Icarus Uprising - Dark Pit

SSB Kid Icarus Series
The dark copy of Pit, Pittoo's moveset is far more diverse then his counterpart's, utilizing the many weapons from Kid Icarus Uprising.
480px-Daisy winter games
New Challenger Approaching!
SSB Mario Series
Daisy is quite an athletic character, mostly attacking with sports items. Her attacks are strong and quick, but takes more damage then other characters and has lackluster recovery.