The Stadium is a mode in Super Smash Bros. Violet Sunset where players can compete in minigames.

Target Smash

Target Smash is a mini-game appearing in the first three instalments of the Super Smash Bros. series. The goal of the game is to smash all 10 targets scattered throughout a special arena as quickly as possible. The game records the shortest time taken to smash all ten targets. If a character has never smashed all the targets, the game will also record how many targets were smashed in that time. There is also a total time that is kept that includes the cumulative time taken to clear every character's stage, which appears only after all characters have cleared their stage.

Home-Run Contest

The Home-Run Contest is a minigame in Super Smash Bros. Violet Sunset in which the player(s) must knock a Sandbag as far as possible, usually with the Home-Run Bat given. The player has ten seconds to rack up damage to lengthen the home-run. The most effective technique for dealing high damage very quickly is known as bat dropping. The minigame takes place in the Home-Run Stadium, a unique stage otherwise inaccessible in other game modes without hacking.

Multi-Man Frenzy

Multi-Man Frenzy is a minigame in Super Smash Bros. Violet Sunset that pits the player against multiple consecutive foes, challenging them to defeat as many of them as possible while under various pretences. While the player has only one stock, the enemy team often has a low artificial intelligence level and lacks the ability to perform special moves or grab ledges, and usually have reduced values of varying properties that allow them to get knocked back easily. The opponents fought in this mode are Mii Fighters based on the creators of the game.

Trophy Rush

Trophy Rush is a minigame in Super Smash Bros. Violet Sunset. Its primary use is to attain trophies, though it can dispense coins as well. In Trophy Rush, the player selects any character they wish, then selects how long they wish to play the game. The minimum length of time is 30 seconds, though it can be increased by one second for every six Coins the player adds to the cost, with the maximum possible playtime being 150 seconds.

Boss Battles

Boss Battles is an unlockable minigame in Super Smash Bros. Violet Sunset that is very similar to All-Star Mode, except the player fights all the bosses rather than all the playable characters. Boss Battles mode is unlocked after the player completes both Classic Mode and Story Mode / Arcade Mode for the first time, or in other words, has defeated each boss at least once.

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