Event Character Opponents Description
Three Trouble Kings

Mario (x2)

Bowser (x2)
King K. Rool (x2)
King Dedede (x2)

"A third greedy king? And you thought two were bad enough..."
Predators of the Night Olimar (x2) Pikachu (x∞)
Greninja (x∞)
"The Pikmin are nearing extinction! Survive through the night (2 min) to ensure a brighter tomorrow."
Weapon Triangle King Dedede (x1) Marth (x1)
Ike (x1)
Lucina (x1)
"Your weapon may be at the disadvantage, but you still need to win!"
Unauthorised Zero Suit Samus (x1) Bowser (x1)
Charizard (x1)
Adam: "Samus, we need to test your abilities without your Power Suit. I am revoking its authorization."
The Power of Flight Pit (x2) Bowser (x2)
Donkey Kong (x2)
King Dedede (x2)
"Lady Palutena's powers aren't normally this... rudimentary. Pit must finish the fight before landing!"
Actual Size May Vary Little Mac (x2) Samus (x1) "Size may not be everything, but this is just ridiculous. Snag the Mushroom and gain the upper hand!"
Big Game Hunting Duck Hunt (x2) Giant Donkey Kong (x1)
Giant Charizard (x1)
"It's open season! Now go out there and bag some big ones!"
Two Falchions Robin (x2) Lucina (x∞) Chrom: "Robin, our last foe stands before us. Allow me to finish them off!"
Your New Leader Bowser (x1)
Bowser Jr. (x1) (CPU)
Male Villager (x1)
Female Villager (x1)
"This looks like a good place to set up your empire. But the current rulers won't give it up without a fight."
Fire Emblem Pride...? Any (x2) Marth (x1)
Roy Koopa (x1)
"Once again, the heroes of Fire Emblem join forces to fight you! But wait, something's not right..."
Birds of Prey Any (x1)
Falco (x1) (CPU)
Captain Falcon (x1) (CPU)
Duck Hunt (x2) "Duck Hunt Dog likes to kill birds. Protect Falco and Captain Falcon from getting killed from Duck Hunt Dog."
Mini Mario Mayhem Mario (x1)
Mini Mario (x1) (CPU)
Mini Mario (x1) (CPU)
Donkey Kong (x1) "DK's on a rampage! Protect the mini Marios!"
Space Travelers 2 Ness (x1) Olimar (x1)
Ridley (x1)
"More travelers from space! Ness steps up again to welcome them."
Marth vs. Marth Marth (x2) Lucina [Masked Marth] (x2) "There's only room for one Hero King around here. Defeat the imposter!"
The GIANT Battle Mini Olimar (x1) Giant Ridley (x1) "It's the biggest versus the smallest? Who will come out on top?"
The New FOXHOUND Snake (x2) Fox (x1)
Mr. Game & Watch (x1)
Snake (x1)
"Snake has to deal with this new special forces group! Something seems familiar about all this..."
Quick Draw Kirby (x1) Bandana Dee (x1)
Takamaru (x1)
Meta Knight (x1)
"Kirby has to be quick to defeat these enemies!"
Marth vs. Marth Marth (x1) Lucina [Masked Marth] (x1) "There's only room for one Hero King around here. Defeat the imposter!"
A Familiar Foe Kirby (x1) Bandana Dee (x1) "One of Kirby's old foes has come back for a rematch"
Good Old Duel Link (x1) Marth (x1) "Link has been challenged to a Stamina Match by the greatest swordsman in town. Can he possibly win?"
A Hostile Creature Olimar (x1) Charizard (x1) "Exploring this planet, I have found what appears to be a mythical fire dragon. It doesn't take well to interaction, however..."
Cosmic Defense Rosalina & Luma (x3) Black Shadow (x1)
Ridley (x1)
Wolf O'Donnell (x1)
"The universe's most infamous criminals are on the loose. It is up to Rosalina & Luma to restore peace."
Holy Weapon Eradication Ghirahim (x2) Link (x1)
Marth (x1)
Pit (x1)
"Holy weapons... they smite the evil in this world. For his master plan to succeed, Demise has tasked Ghirahim to defeat their wiedlers."
Space Travellers Ness (x2) Wolf O'Donnell (x1)
Pikmin & Olimar (x1)
Ridley (x1)
Samurai Goroh (x1)
Black Shadow (x1)
"More travellers from space! Ness steps up again to welcome them."
Impa's Defense Impa (x1)
Zelda (x1) (CPU)
Ganondorf (x1) "Without the Hero of TIme, Ganondorf is unstoppable, or is he..."
Goroh's Ultimate Bounty Samurai Goroh (x1)
Captain Falcon (x1) (CPU)
Black Shadow (x1) "It's a bragging rights battle, as Goroh competes with his rival to snatch Black Shadow's bounty."
The Real Captain of this Ship Captain Syrup (x1) Captain Falcon (x1)
Captain Toad (x1)
Pikmin & Olimar (x1)
"Avast ye! Seems that other "pirates" are trying to take over your ship. Make these tyrants walk the plank and regret messing with you."
Regicide Bandana Dee (x1)
King Dedede (x1) (CPU)
Samus (x1)
Captain Falcon (x1)
"There's a bounty on your king's head! Protect him at all costs!"


Event Character Opponents Description
Blast from the Past!! Pit (x1)
Little Mac (x1)
Ice Climbers (x1)
R.O.B. (x1)
Mr. Game & Watch (x1)
Takamaru (x1)
"Retro revivals VS. Forgotten gems! Pit & Little Mac must defend their time in the limelight from other retro characters."
Sidekicks Unite! Luigi (x1)
Diddy Kong (x1)
Bowser (x1)
King K. Rool
"The heroes are out of town! Looks like it's up to the second bananas to handle the big bads."
Warlocks United Link (x1)
Captain Falcon (x1)
Ganondorf (x1)
Black Shadow (x1)
"Link and Captain Falcon face off against their sworn enemies. Will good prevail?"

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