This is a full list of items that appear in Super Smash Bros. Victory.

Image Name Description
Assist TrophyZz-smashbros-icon- (20)

When picked up, once the character lands on the ground, they will perform a short animation and summon a random character to aid them in the fight.

AsteroidZz-smashbros-icon- (18) When thrown, a slow Meteor Shower will aim at the thrown spot.
Ball 'n ChainZz-smashbros-icon- (21) TBA
BarrelZz-smashbros-icon- (3)

When thrown, struck, or lands on a hill, may roll across the stage and damage what it hits before breaking.

Beam SwordZz-smashbros-icon- (20) Gets longer when swung depending on character.
BeetleZz-smashbros-icon- (21)

Can be thrown towards an opponent, and the item will grab the opponent and fly off into the air with them.

Bike PiecesZz-smashbros-icon- (22)

Produced by Wario's side special move. Must be destroyed before Wario can use the move without being nearby.

Back ShieldZz-smashbros-icon- (8) Defends the player from their back.
Blast Box Zz-smashbros-icon- (20) Very poor throwing distance. Explodes upon taking 30 damage or a flame attack.
Bob-ombSSB Mario Series If not grabbed within a few seconds of its appearance, it lights its own fuse and begins walking around, exploding on any character it meets. If it doesn't meet a character it will blow itself up after a while.
BombchuZz-smashbros-icon- (21)

Can move up walls and across floors and ceilings. Explodes on contact with opponent.

BoomerangSSB Mario Series

Can be thrown at and grabbed by opponents. Gains power when caught.

Bottled FairyZz-smashbros-icon- (21) TBA
Bullet BillSSB Mario Series Turns players into bullet bills and fire them in certain directions.
Bunny HoodZz-smashbros-icon- (21) Increases the user's movement speed, jump height, and falling speed.
Cannon BoxSSB Mario Series When garbbed, it will shoot cannonballs for 10 seconds.
CapsuleZz-smashbros-icon- (20) Contains a single item. Has a chance of exploding.
Chomp RockZz-smashbros-icon- (24) Can be pushed to a direction, creating a barrier.
CrateZz-smashbros-icon- (20)

Contains many items. Has a chance of exploding when thrown, or hit.

CuccoZz-smashbros-icon- (21) Can be thrown at opponents. Once it hits, it summons various Cuccos that attack the target.
Deku NutZz-smashbros-icon- (21) When thrown, damaged, or after a short time (even if held), nearby characters are stunned (if grounded) or launched (if aerial).
DragoonZz-smashbros-icon- (9) Appears in three pieces that must be collected all at once; characters can lose pieces from their possession when hit or KO'd. Once one character has all the pieces the Dragoon is assembled and flown into the stage for a one-hit KO ram attack.
Egg Block Zz-smashbros-icon- (24) Will release food each time it is hit.
Fire FlowerSSB Mario Series Produces a continuous stream of fire.
Flipper Zz-smashbros-icon- (2) Once thrown, halts in the air and bops characters that run into it.
FoodZz-smashbros-icon- (20) Each type of food recovers a different amount of damage. Can be produced in large numbers by Peach Blossom.
FossilZz-smashbros-icon- (1) When thrown, it will summon a random Dinosaur Fossil aiding the one who threw it.
Franklin Badge Zz-smashbros-icon- (4) Temporarily makes the wearer immune to projectiles by automatically reflecting them. Can be knocked off.
FreezieSSB Mario Series Slides across the stage, freezing characters when struck by it. Can be destroyed before being picked up.
GeosphereZz-smashbros-icon- (6) TBA
Giant BananaZz-smashbros-icon- (3) A large banana peel that will trip you when touched and deals damage
Godess' HarpZz-smashbros-icon- (21) Will play a random song, making everyone fall asleep.
Green ShellSSB Mario Series When thrown, attacked, or landed on, slides across the stage and damages everything it hits.
HammerZz-smashbros-icon- (3) One of the most feared items in the game due to its range, damage, and knockback. However, it limits the user to walking and a single jump; the user cannot even choose to drop the item. May randomly lose its head and become useless; the head can be picked up and thrown for massive damage.
Heart ContainerZz-smashbros-icon- (21) Strong recovery item, recovering up to 100% damage.
Hocotate BombZz-smashbros-icon- (3) A bomb shaped like the Hocotate Ship, that will fly off, and then crash down when "least expected".
Home-run Bat Zz-smashbros-icon- (3) An extremely powerful item. Its forward smash is among the most powerful attacks in all three games, being a one-hit KO in every one. As a throwing item, it maintains its high knockback and is a semi-spike. In Brawl, forward smash uses a unique animation. It becomes stronger when hit on the tip.
HoneyhiveZz-smashbros-icon- (1) TBA
Huffin' Puffin ChicksZz-smashbros-icon- (24) When thrown, it will create a long platform like in Yoshi's Woolly World.
Hyper PotionZz-smashbros-icon- (15) Strong recovery item, recovering up to 200%.
Laser BarrierZz-smashbros-icon- (20) Will create a large laser damaging other opponents except the one who threw it.
Lip's Stick Flowers opponents. Has a limited supply of short-range spore projectiles produced on f-tilt or f-smash.
Magic ArmorZz-smashbros-icon- (21) Will make the player immune to everything but will slow him down.
Master BallZz-smashbros-icon- (15) Just like the Poké Ball but it is guaranteed to release a Legendary Pokémon.
Maxim TomatoZz-smashbros-icon- (9) The third most powerful recovery item, healing up to 50% damage.
Metal BoxSSB Mario Series Increases the weight and falling speed of the user, while also reducing the chances of flinching. Can be activated by pickup or by direct attack; indirect attacks will do nothing.
Mini-MarioZz-smashbros-icon- (3) Can be thrown, walks on the stage and duplicates itself every 2 seconds. They give damage to players. The only way to get rid of it is by throwing them of the stage.
Motion-Sensor BombZz-smashbros-icon- (20) Attaches to the stage once thrown; characters that approach it after a short time cause it to explode.
Mr. SaturnZz-smashbros-icon- (4) Walks around the stage and can be knocked about by attacks.
Ore ClubZz-smashbros-icon- (8) Can be swung or used to unleash tornadoes.
ParasolZz-smashbros-icon- (9) Reduces the holder's falling speed.
Party BallZz-smashbros-icon- (20) Once activated by being thrown or damaged, float into the air and opens, dropping its items.
PickaxeZz-smashbros-icon- (3) Acts similar to the hammer but the head will never fall of.
PitfallZz-smashbros-icon- (1) Embeds itself into the ground once thrown; characters that approach it after a short time will be buried or plunged.
Poison MushroomSSB Mario Series Slides across the stage. When touched, shrinks the character.
Poké BallZz-smashbros-icon- (15) Once thrown and lands on the ground, unleashes a Pokémon to aid the user.
Red ShellSSB Mario Series When thrown, attacked, or landed on, slides across the stage and damages everything it hits. Aims for nearby characters and avoids sliding off edges.
Rock MushroomSSB Mario Series Will transform you in a rock and can roll on the stage.
Screw AttackZz-smashbros-icon- (11) Turns the holder's jumps into Screw Attacks.
Skull HammerZz-smashbros-icon- (21) Similar to the Hammer but is slower and deals more damage.
Sleep BombGolden Sun Emblem When exploded everyone nearby will fall asleep.
Smart BombZz-smashbros-icon- (18) Produces a large explosion when thrown or attacked. Has a chance to be a dud.
Spiny Shell SSB Mario Series

Can be thrown towards an opponent, and the item will grab the opponent and fly off into the air with them.

Star RodZz-smashbros-icon- (9) Has a limited supply of long-range star shots produced on f-tilt or f-smash.
StarmanSSB Mario Series Renders the character it touches invincible for a limited time.
Steel DiverSteelDiverSeries A smaller gun-like version of the Steel Diver from the self-titled game for the Nintendo 3DS. Fires a torpedo which travels slowly at first.
Sticker CometSSB Mario Series When touched, all your opponents will get stuck by stickers.
Super HornSSB Mario Series Will create a big shockwave stunning your opponents and dealing damage.
Super LeafSSB Mario Series

Gives the user raccoon ears and tail. Allows the user to float in mid-air using the jump button.

Super MushroomSSB Mario Series Slides across the stage. When touched, enlarges the character.
Super ScopeZz-smashbros-icon- (20) Can shoot a total of 48 small rapid-fire pulses of energy or charge 3 large blobs of energy.
Superspicy CurryZz-smashbros-icon- (9) Causes the user to constantly shoot short-range fireballs and be incapable of walking slowly.
Tennis RacketSSB Mario Series An item that has to be swung. It has a high knockback range.
TimerZz-smashbros-icon- (20) Slows down all opponents. Can backfire and slow down the user, or slow down the entire game.
TurnipsSSB Mario Series Produced by Peach's down special move. Deals varying damage depending on its facial expression.
Warp StarZz-smashbros-icon- (9) Once picked up, the user flies into the sky and then crashes down with an explosion.
WhipZz-smashbros-icon- (21) A long whip with a little knockback but it can deal damage up to 25%.
Winged CloudZz-smashbros-icon- (24) Flies around the stage. When a projectile touches it, some random items will appear.
X BombZz-smashbros-icon- (8) Creates a cross-shaped explosion that spans most of the screen.

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