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A Fitting Block
Universe Tetris
Appears in Super Smash Bros. Versus
Debut Tetris (June 6, 1984)
Availability Unlockable
Tier N/A

Tetris was confirmed to be a playable character in Super Smash Bros. Versus.


Ground Attacks

Smash Attacks

Aerial Attacks

Grabs & Throws

Special Moves

  • Neutral Special: Pong - Tetris transforms into a large single block that can be used as defense. It will reflect any projectile and nulify any recoil damage, thus still will receive the damage itself.
    • Custom 1: Arc Pong - projectiles will be send back with an arc towards the point where it came from.
    • Custom 2: Angled Pong - you can angle the direction in which you want to send the projectile.
  • Side Special: Block Shot - Tetris transforms into an L-shaped block that will assume the position of a gun and shoot a single Tetris block from the tip. The block has a special property as when it hits something it will reflect and go back towards Tetris (unless something is in the way on the way back). It will inflict damage on the opponent and the damage will increase the longer Tetris reflects the block, the block will also become faster with each reflect from Tetris. It can be cancelled by not reflecting the block with the neutral special.
    • Custom 1: Rapid Block Shot - shoots out three smaller blocks that do less damage.
    • Custom 2: Mega Block Shot - shoots out a block consisting out of four smaller blocks that inflicts more damage, but only can be reflected once.
  • Up Special: Snake - Tetris transforms into a row of blocks, forming a snake, and then is able to control the direction it is heading. The move is performed slowly but is fast when in action. During the attack Tetris can only attack by bumping into opponents. It also can be attacked itself but won't receive any knockback.
    • Custom 1: Tether Snake - the snake will be used as a tether recovery, similar to Olimar's up special in Brawl.
    • Custom 2: Spinning Snake - the snake will go upwards and make a circle in the air before transforming back into an L-shape.
  • Down Special: Block Drop - When performed on the ground Tetris will transform into a sitting-block(?) on the ground and another block drops down on him from the sky that fits exactly. When performed in the air, Tetris will transform into a square block and drop down on the stage.
    • Custom 1: Block Pound - will pound a few times on the spot where it has fallen, only the damage will be less. When performed in the air only a small block drops down and when performed on the ground is doesn't fall from high.
    • Custom 2: Block Turn - will turn on its place a few times inflicting staggering damage. When performed in the air the block will slowly fall down as well.
  • Final Smash: Please Insert Coin - All the opponents on the stage will be trapped inside of a Tetris play screen. Tetris blocks will rapidly start falling down on the stage, inflicting massive damage and knockback to anyone getting hit by it. Eventually there is only one safe spot where the long Tetris block can fit in (or if you managed to make your way on top of the other blocks). When the last block drops and the rows are completed, said blocks in the rows will cause a giant explosion.
Special Move Basic Custom 1 Custom 2
Neutral Special Pong Arc Pong Angled Pong
Side Special Block Shot Rapid Block Shot Mega Block Shot
Up Special Snake Tether Snake Spinning Snake
Down Special Block Drop Block Pound Block Turn
Final Smash Please Insert Coin - -


  • Neutral: Circles through a variety of blocks in Tetris.
  • Side: Dislocated its blocks and then returns to its normal form.
  • Down: Turns into a vitamin pill, but quickly turns back.

On-Screen Appearance

The L-shaped block slowly descends and turns a few times until it is in the right position.

Victory Fanfare

The first 4 seconds of this Tetris Fanfare.

Palette Swaps

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