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The Plasma Pokémon
Universe Pokémon
Appears in Super Smash Bros. Versus
Debut Pokémon Diamond and Pearl Versions (September 2006)
Availability Unlockable
Tier N/A

Rotom (ロトム Rotom) was confirmed to be a playable character in Super Smash Bros. Versus.


Name Description
Neutral attack slashes with its right bolt arm, then its left, finishing with a horizontal slash with its right.
Forward tilt does a downwards slash down on the ground, as its bolt grows larger.
Up tilt does an upwards arc with its left bolt.
Down tilt spreads both bolts to each side.
Dash attack does a backwards salto, leaving an electric trail behind.
Forward smash creates an Electro Ball in front of itself and sends it forwards. Long range and good damage, less knockback.
Up smash the bolt on its head extends upwards.
Down smash transforms into a stove and summons two flames on each side.
Neutral aerial does an Uproar which makes waves, with music notes in them, around itself.
Forward aerial shoots itself forwards engulfed with electricity.
Back aerial shoots a thunderbolt backwards.
Up aerial transforms into an air fan and blows a bit upwards with slashes in it.
Down aerial faces downwards and twirls while engulfed with electricity.
Grab Grabs the opponent with its electric bolts.
Pummel an eye appears above Rotom meaning he has trapped the opponent. He does diagonal slashes as pummel.
Forward throw transforms into a refrigerator and falls down on the opponent sending them flying.
Back throw transforms into a washing machine and shoots the opponent away with water behind them.
Up throw transforms into an oven and blasts the opponent upwards with a pillar of fire.
Down throw transforms into the lawn mower and drives a few times back and fort on the opponent.
Floor attack (front) Rotom gets up while spinning around with its bolt arms.
Floor attack (trip) Rotom gets up and does a small Uproar.
Edge attack Rotom gets on the stage again and does a few quick slashes in front of itself.
Neutral special Default: Hydro Pump----

Custom 1: Water Gun

Custom 2: Water Spout

Rotom transforms into a washing machine and shoots a blast of water forwards. It pushes the opponent away while also dealing a bit of damage.----

shoots a smaller blast of water which reaches much farther but only pushes the opponent away, thus not dealing any damage.

small blasts of water are shot. They deal good damage but don't push the opponent away.

Side special Default: Leaf Storm----

Custom 1: Magical Leaf

Custom 2: Razor Leaf

Rotom transforms into a lawn mower and drives forwards while leafs stir up behind it, which can also damage the opponent. Of course bashing into them does too.----

the leafs don't damage the opponent but drag the opponents upwards a bit, causing Rotom to dash into the opponent even if they jump. Rotom won't go up unless you tilt upwards during the move.

Rotom goes slower but shoots out big leafs from behind that stagger the opponent.

Up special Default: Air Slash----

Custom 1: Gust

Custom 2: Hurricane

Rotom transforms into an air fan and faces downwards and blows itself upwards while it slashes below with the air.----

covers a very high range for a perfect recovery but doesn't do any damage.

the recovery isn't as great as the others, but wind it unleashes below damage the opponent more greatly.

Down special Default: Overheat----

Custom 1: Ember

Custom 2: Fire Spin

Rotom transforms into a stove and engulfs itself with fire damaging anyone around Rotom. It doesn't have any range.----

sends out fire in front of himself that stays there, similar to PK Fire but without the distance.

two balls of fire spin around Rotom, it is staggering but it doesn't do as much staggering damage as Overheat.

Final Smash Blizzard Rotom transforms into his refrigerator form and opens its doors. It shoots out a gigantic Blizzard forwards. The direction of the Blizzard can be changed in any direction. It will last about as long as Ness' PK Starstorm.


  • Transforms into one of his other forms: Wash machine, Lawn mower, Air fan, Stove and Refrigerator.
  • Makes a salto in the air.
  • Shoots a few bolts in the air around itself.

On-Screen Appearance

An old television appears. An electric trail will come out of the television and transform into Rotom.

Victory Fanfare

An edited version of Rotom's Battle Theme and the Victory Fanfare from Pokémon Platinum.

Palette Swaps

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