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Inkling pair da transparent by hextupleyoodot-d8vc4qs
Soldier of Ink
Universe Splatoon
Appears in Super Smash Bros. Versus
Debut Splatoon (2015)
Availability Starter
Tier N/A

Inkling (ほのめかし Honomekashi) was confirmed to be a playable character in Super Smash Bros. Versus. Inkling is a species appearing in the game Splatoon, and also is the species of the main protagonist. Inkling can has both gender versions as alternates just like: Villager, Wii Fit Trainer and Robin. The default form is the orange female Inkling. It is the only representative of Splatoon.


It was intended to make Inkling's gameplay as close as possible to the Splatoon game. Inkling's main form of attacking is by filling up the stage with ink, they use various weapons from the Splatoon series to do this. However when spraying ink, the tank of Inkling will deplete just like in the game. However this can be filled up again by going into the ink it created. Inkling can hide in the ink by pressing the down button. When there isn't any ink underneath, Inkling will just crouch. Inkling speed increases in the ink and the horizontal jump out of the ink also is much further. They can only jump once when coming from the ink, as opposed to their human form which, like every other character, has two jumps.

Inkling has an average speed, surpassing that of Mario. They however have a poor jump, though much better than Little Mac. Their power is also average when it comes to physical attacks, but can be quite strong when using certain weapons.


Name Description
Neutral attack Inkling slams the opponent with the Splattershot diagonally, finishing off with one, somewhat more powerful shot of ink with the Splattershot Pro.
Forward tilt Inkling kicks forward.
Up tilt Inkling does a quick somersault.
Down tilt Inkling performs a low kick.
Dash attack While in humanoid form it will transform into a squid during a jump and headbutts the opponent. In squid form it jumps out of the ink and headbutts the opponent but causes much more damage.
Forward smash Splat Bomb Inkling will throw a Splat Bomb forwards which explodes on impact, the more it is charge the more damage it will do, and the further it is thrown.
Up smash Burst Bomb Inkling creates a Burst Bomb, a balloon-type bomb, which it then throws a bit above its head before the bomb explodes. The longer it is charged the more damage it deals.
Down smash Splash Wall Inkling places a Splash Wall that lasts for a few seconds, damaging anyone who touches it as well as creating more ink. The longer it is charged the longer it will last. It may also serve as protection for Inkling.
Neutral aerial Inkling transforms into a squid and spins around.
Forward aerial Inkling kicks forward.
Back aerial Inkling kicks backwards.
Up aerial Does three quick shots upwards with the Splattershot Jr.
Down aerial Transforms into a squid and rushes down to the ground. When falling on ink Inkling immediately can swim in it, otherwise it'll stand.
Grab Inkling grabs the opponent with one arm.
Pummel Inkling shoots ink with the Splattershot Jr. which it holds in its other arm.
Forward throw Inkling throws the opponent forwards followed by three Splat Bombs.
Back throw Inkling throws them to the back and then places a Seeker to hit the opponent on the place they land.
Up throw Inkling throws the opponent up, followed by a barrage of shots with the 5.2 Gal.
Down throw Inkling briefly turns into a Kraken and stomps down on the opponent.
Floor attack (front) Inkling transforms into a squid, spins around and then either can go into ink if it is there or stand up.
Floor attack (trip) Inkling places a mine and then gets back up. The mine however immediately explodes.
Edge attack Inkling transforms into a squid and headbutts the opponent.
Neutral special

Default: Splattershot

Custom 1: Aerospray MG

Custom 2: Blaster

When using the Splattershot, Inkling will shoot around ink all over the stage. It has a medium range and does average damage. It deals about 4% damage per shot and has little knockback.

The Aerospray MG is a shooter which has a much more rapid fire rate and makes you continue to shoot endlessly until the tank is empty. However in compensation for that it has low range but does 3% damage instead of 4%. However it still gives a bit of knockback.

The Blaster is a type of shoot which has decent range, going further than the Splattershot, although not that much. When shot the ink bullet explodes when it reaches it range limit, or when it impacts with something else. The Blaster has a slow rating fire and the next shot can only be fired after the other has exploded. The shot does about 8% damage on impact.

Side special

Default: Splat Roller

Custom 1: Dynamo Roller

Custom 2: Inkbrush

When using the Splat Roller, Inkling will pull out a gigantic paint roller and will run across the stage with it hurting anyone who comes in their way. The move can be cancelled by jumping, going in the ink or using another special move. You can turn around, although it does take some time. An alternative to stop running is by pressing the A button which will cause Inkling to slam down with the Splat Roller causing quite some damage.

The Dynamo Roller is much stronger than the Splat Roller and will cause more damage when running into others. However it is much slower than the Splat Roller. This is also notable when turning around, which leaves Inkling very open for attacks and when slamming down on the ground. However the damage dealt by slamming on the ground is much greater.

The Inkbrush is the opposite of the Dynamo Roller. It is very fast compared to the Splat Roller, but only does little damage to the opponent. It is somewhat harder to control duo to its speed, but immediately turns around when it has to. When pressing the A-button however it will not slam down but instead will make a sweep which might make the opponent trip (depending if done successfully).

Up special Default: Splatter Jump

Custom 1: Spray Jump

Custom 2: Charged Jump

When using the Splatter Jump, Inkling will automatically change into a squid and jump upwards. They can charge up this jump by holding the special button. In their squid form they do damage to anyone who comes in their way. The Splatter Jump angles in an arc during the jump. The move can also be charged in the air, although Inkling will still fall down (albeit slower).

The Spray Jump requires a charge, so when used Inkling immediately charges. When the special button is pressed again it will jump while splattering some ink around. It doesn't jump as high as the Splatter Jump but does more damage as well as spray ink around the stage.

The Charged Jump doesn't need, as odd as it sounds, a charge and will automatically jump upwards to the max range it can go with the Splatter Jump. However while it is faster it doesn't inflict any damage on the opponent.

Down special Default: Splat Charger

Custom 1: Classic Squiffer

Custom 2: E-Liter 3K

When using the Splat Charger Inkling will pull out a rifle-looking weapon. Inkling then has to charge up the shot and can fire with long range. When charging a charge circle will be displayed at the point where the shot is going to be. Of course Inkling can change the position of this dot while it is still charging, but it will fire immediately when fully charged. The special button however has to be held when charging, else it will cancel the move.

The Classic Squiffer is similar to the Splat Charger, but it has less range than the Splat Charger. In exchange for that it has a very quick charging rate and can even be slightly angled after the shot is fully charged although it will fire immediately.

The E-Liter 3K has a much longer range than the Splat Charger, having such range that the range is larger than Final Destination stages. It however has a long charging time which leaves Inkling vulnerable. But even after being fully charged the angle of the bullet can still be changed and Inkling will only shoot when the special button is released.

Final Smash Inkzooka When the Final Smash is activated, Inkling will pull out an Inkzooka. This allows Inkling to fire as many pillars it desires within a 10 second time limit. The pillars extend very high and do massive damage easily sending the players flying. The pillars extend all the way from the stage and go through walls as well.


  • Inkling will stretch and yawn.
  • Inkling quickly turns into a squid, and jumps up and down into a puddle of ink.
  • Inkling pets a Zapfish.

On-Screen Appearance

  • The platform like in Turf War is on screen and Inkling goes into humanoid form out of the ink from the platform.

Victory Fanfare

Palette Swaps

  1. Female Orange
  2. Male Blue
  3. Female Lime-Green
  4. Male Magenta
  5. Female Violet
  6. Male Scarlet
  7. Female Cyan
  8. Male Yellow
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