Floor 0

Mario Bros Petey
Name Petey Piranha
First Appearance Super Mario Sunshine
Stage Delfino Plaza Ω
Attack Description Petey has the ability to use his leaves to fly in the air for a short amount of time. He then will pound on the ground causing damage to nearby opponents. He can make Tweesters that may throw players off-stage. He will ocasionally sweep with his leaves to inflict damage as well as spit goo to make the ground slippery.
Yellow Devil SSB4
Name Yellow Devil
First Appearance Mega Man
Stage Wily Fortress
Attack Description It attacks players by shooting lasers out of its eye and splitting into sections and moving to the other side of the stage, mimicking its behavior in the original game. It can be damaged by attacking its eye.
Kracko KDL3D
Name Kracko
First Appearance Kirby's Dream Land
Stage Kracko's Lair
Attack Description Kracko mimics his attacks from the original game. He floats in the air and will either do an arc across the ground, engulf itself and the air around him with lightning, pour down acid rain from his cloud or his strongest attack: releasing lightning all over the stage, for which you have to stand between the lightning bolts to not get hit.

Floor 1

Plasm wraith
Name Plasm Wraith
First Appearance Pikmin 3
Stage Twilight River Ω
Attack Description It is a large boss that will idly walk around the stage. When you get close to it, its arms extend and will either slash down at the opponent or it will occasionally grab and throw you away. It will also sometimes scatter its goo around the stage which will slow you down in movement. When the Plasm Wraith then gathers all of its goo and you're in it, you'll receive massive damage. Sometimes it will also hover in the air and slash around the whole stage.
First Appearance
Attack Description
Forces of Nature - Cragalanche
Name Cragalanche
First Appearance Kid Icarus: Uprising
Stage Reset Bomb Forest Ω
Attack Description Cragalanche does several attacks taken from his battle in Uprising. He can ground pound on the player in which he makes a small hop and then crashes down on the ground creating a shockwave and inflict massive damage if hit directly. It can dash into them and may take them off-screen or roll over the stage which can take you into a staggering attack. When close he will try to hit you although the build up is slow, or he will send two meteor fists out as projectiles.

Floor 3

Name Bouldergeist
First Appearance Super Mario Galaxy
Stage Bowser's Castle
Attack Description Bouldergeist in is the center of the stage and isn't mobile at all, but he is very hard to reach as first his hands have to be taken out in order to attack the main body. When the hands are still intact he will use those to slam down on the opponent, and his hands cover a large amount of the stage, but he may also try to grab you and then slam you down on the stage. He also may grab boulders out of the ground and throw them on the stage. Once the hands are gone the former two powers disappear. He still can throw boulders through telekinesis. He now also will summon spikes from the grounds that will cover the entire stage.
Rayquaza SSB4
Name Rayquaza
First Appearance Pokémon Ruby & Sapphire
Stage Sky Pillar
Attack Description Rayquaza sweeps its tails across the ground and can duck down and rush to the other side of the stage. He can create a ball of electricity and shoots that away. It can also dig into the ground and then pop out somewhere else. Rayquaza's eyes may glow and create an explosion where the you last were, if made contact with the head you will be pushed back. It can also fly in a tight circle in the air engulfed with lightning. Rayquaza can fly across the screen from left to right till it almost hits the ground.
First Appearance
Attack Description

Floor 4

Name Metal Face
First Appearance Xenoblade Chronicles
Stage Gaur Plain
Attack Description Metal Face, when appearing on the stage will first just idly stand there and perform a claw swipe to anyone who dares to come near him. When you've managed to deplete some of its health he will go to the background and fire a laser to destroy the stage for some parts. It will come back and now also hunt the player to attack them. His swipes become faster and more powerful. After depleting more health he once again fires a laser and most of the stage is gone. He is now super fast and hard to hit.
Name Cynthia
First Appearance Pokémon Diamond & Pearl
Stage Pokémon Colosseum Ω
Attack Description

Cynthia will attack the opponent with her team of Pokémon. These all have their own attack patterns and can perform 4 different moves.

  • Spiritomb: Shadow Sneak allows it to appear behind the last place you were and attack. Sucker Punch makes it do 3 powerful hits when close. Dark Pulse sends out of blast of dark energy into your direction and Ominious Wind will make a very strong wind that could blow you off-stage.
  • Garchomp: When using Dragon Claw its claws glow and it slashes you repeatedly, with Dragon Rage it shoots out a charging ball of energy. It can Dig into the ground and pop up somewhere else to slash and with Dragon Rush it will rush to you on high speed and when hit deals massive damage and knockback.
  • Roserade: it can perform a Magical Leaf in which a trail of leafs follow you until it hits you, or if you manage to shake it off. It can use Poison Sting which, if hit, will cause continuous damage. Another close-range attack is Mega-Drain which will heal Roserade and lastly Petal Blizzard which will scatter leafs around it and cause decent damage.
  • Milotic: it can do a Hydro Pump to blast a thick column of water forwards, Aqua Tail, with which it will move its tail followed by an extension of water to hurt you. Dragon Tail which is a quick swipe with the tail which has massive knockback and Wrap which wraps you in Milotic and repeatedly deals damage.
  • Togekiss: Sky Attack causes it to fly down at you from the sky at high speed. Air Slice will let it make buzz saw-like forms of air that are thrown all over the stage. With Aura Sphere it forms a ball of energy in front of itself and fires it forwards. And finally Double Edge in which it flies at super high speed from one side of the screen to the other, huring anyone in that path.
  • Lucario: because he also appears as a playable character, he is fought as a normal CPU boss and is always the last Pokémon to fight.
Queen Gohma (Hyrule Warriors)
Name Gohma
First Appearance The Legend of Zelda
Stage Hyrule Castle Ω
Attack Description Gohma will walk sidewards, similar to Porky, across the stage. She can shoot lasers that are hard to avoid. She also constantly can damage you when walking around. What makes it hard is that only the eye can take deplete her health meter. However she can also hide her eye behind her shield, so you have to attack immediately after she has shot the laser.

Floor 5

Lost age bosses star magician by jackitk-d5tytvv
Name Star Magician
First Appearance Golden Sun
Stage Venus Lighthouse
Attack Description His primary used attack is Mystic Call where he summons one of his four balls: Thunder, Refresh, Guardian and Anger Ball. Each of his balls give him a different 'moveset'. With his normal attack he throws away his ball and has to summon another one. This is the same case with his side smash.
Name Nightmare
First Appearance Metroid Fusion
Stage Phendera Drifts
Attack Description Nightmare will float around in the air and shoot giant balls of energy on the stage. He can also shoot a gigantic laser across the whole stage which only can be dodged if airplay is long enough or if you manage to get in the little space behind him. He can also grind along with floor. After defeating him his masks falls off and his attacks are buffed, and you have to defeat him again.
3379 doctor-eggman-prev
Name Dr. Eggman
First Appearance Sonic the Hedgehog
Stage Green Hill Zone Ω
Attack Description Eggman has to be fought 3 times, each one in another one of his vehicles. His first one is the Egg Mobile which carries the gigantic ball underneath it. After destroying the ball he will enter the Drill Eggman and lastly Flying Eggman.

Floor 6

Name Behemoth
First Appearance Final Fantasy
Stage Chaos Shrine
Attack Description Behemoth is a hard boss. It occasionally jumps in the and lands on the player. It can summon lightning bolts at random places on the stage. It can also conjure a big ball of energy on its horn, which when shot lets it rain down orbs of dark energy. He also only can be damaged on its horn.
Giratina Origin
Name Giratina
First Appearance Pokémon Diamond & Pearl
Stage Distortion World
Attack Description Giratina is hard to fight. It will be in its Origin form and fly around the screen. He can do Dragon Breath, shoots a mighty gust, Ominous Wind, which blows the player away while damaging, Dragon Claw, does a strong slash with its tail, Earth Power, cracks the ground of almost the entire stage and Shadow Force where Giratina appears behind the player and does massive damage.
Name Kraid
First Appearance Metroid
Stage Crateria Ω
Attack Description The gigantic Kraid basically is the same as in the Metroid games. He can shoot claws out of his hole in his belly. He can shoot claws that act like boomerangs. He can also slash the player when they are close, or even grab you and throw you away. The only hitpoint is its head, and it keeps getting harder as the main platform next to his head keeps getting smaller and if you fall down you have to climb up much higher depending on Kraid's health.


MasterCore render
Name Master Core
First Appearance Super Smash Bros. for 3DS
Stage Final Destination
Attack Description TBA