Kirby Symbol (Paper Smash Bros) Adeleine
200px-Adeleine Adeleine (アドレーヌ Adorēnu) is a character who first appeared in Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards as one of Kirby's friends as well as a boss.

When Adeleine appears out of an assist trophy, a canvas appears next to her. She will draw something on it which will come to live and attack the players on field, no matter who summoned her. The things that are drawn on it are enemies of the Kirby series.

Enemies: Blade Knight | Broom Hatter | Gordo | Ringle | Sir Kibble | Sparky | Spynum | Waddle Dee

Starfoxsymbol Andross
AndrossRender Andross (アンドルフ Andorufu) is the foremost villain in the Star Fox series.

When Andross appears out of an assist trophy, he floats up off the screen and flies towards the back of the stage and spits polygon panels out of his mouth. Characters hit by the panels will take around 12% damage, while the tiles go right through the one who summoned him.

WarioSymbol Ashley
Ashley SSB4 Ashley (アシュリー, Ashurī) is a recurring character from the WarioWare series who first appeared in WarioWare: Touched!

When Ashley appears out of an assist trophy, she conjures up a big purple cloud with an area of effect. Anyone caught up in the cloud will receive damage but will not flail when in it. She will stay there for a few seconds before disappearing again. The summoner of course will not receive any damage when in it.

Ffsymbol Bahamut
Mario Sports Mix Bahamut model Bahamut (バハムート, Bahamūto?), also called Gun Dragon and sometimes known by his epithet "The Dragon King," is one of the most prominent summons in the Final Fantasy series.

Bahamut hovers above the stage for a short time before disappearing into the background. From the background it beings to charge a Mega Flare which is then fired when finished charging. The flare goes from the left to the right on the screen hurting anyone who hasn't summoned it in its way.

Kirby Symbol (Paper Smash Bros) Bonkers
Bonkers Bonkers (ボンカース Bonkāsu) is a gorilla-like mid-boss that has armor and a giant hammer, who appears in the Kirby series. He made his first appearance in Kirby's Adventure.

When Bonkers appears out of an assist trophy, he can do two things depending on where the opponent is positioned. When the players isn't within the range of Bonkers' hammer he will throw explosive coconuts towards the opponent. When the opponent is within his range he will slam down with his hammer on the side the opponent is. It will have the same amount damage as Kirby's Hammer attack however you will first get slammed to the ground and go upwards instead of being send sidewards.

PikminSymbol2 Burrowing Snagret
473px-Burrowing snagret Burrowing Snagret (ヘビガラス, Hebigarasu) is an enemy in the Pikmin games, and the boss of White Flower Garden in Pikmin 2. They remain underground for the majority of the time, surfacing only when approached by Pikmin or a Captain.

When Burrowing Snagret appears out of an assist trophy, it will try to eat the opponent. When the opponent is close by it will peck down at the ground and can bite the opponent. It crunches the opponent in its beak. When the opponent runs away it can dig into the ground and reappear from another spot. It however won't be able to move on a platform that is not the main one.

Mario Symbol Chain Chomp
Chain-chomp Chain Chomp are recurring enemies in the Mario games, first appearing in Super Mario Bros. 3. Chain Chomps are a canine-like species that are round and made of metal. They have a giant mouth filled with large, sharp teeth. Chain Chomps are also very aggressive and will attempt to lunge and bite the player. Typically in Mario games, Chain Chomps are restrained by a metal chain.

When Chain Chomp appears out of an assist trophy, he will be chained to a wooden pole just like in the Mario games. Once summoned, it will try to lunge at enemy players nearby.

Smashicon Color TV-Game 15
Color-tv-game-15 Color TV-Game 15 (テレビゲーム15, Terebigēmu15) was one of the consoles of the Color TV-Game line, acting as one of Nintendo's first forays into the video game industry. Released in 1977, the console currently acts as the oldest entity in the Super Smash Bros. series, being three years older than Mr. Game & Watch and Pac-Man's debuts in 1980.

When Color TV-Game 15 appears out of an assist trophy, two paddles from the game appear on-screen, playing a game of Pong by themselves, with the score appearing above each paddle. While it has been confirmed that the ball that is hit between the two paddles can damage players, it is not known if the paddles themselves have any effect on gameplay.

FireEmblemSymbol2 Cordelia
Cordelia (FE13 Artwork) Cordelia (ティアモ Tiamo, Tiamo in the Japanese version) is a playable character in Fire Emblem: Awakening, and is the mother of Severa. Cordelia is a member of Ylisse's Pegasus Knights, and is a childhood friend of Sumia. Her duty is to protect the royal family, though she also guides Sumia when the latter is in trouble.

When Cordelia appears out of an assist trophy, she appears on a Pegasus with her Brave Lance in her hands. She then flies across the stage horizontally, she does this a few times. She slashes with her lance when she is close to an opponent, inflicting a nice amount of damage.

Metroidicon Dark Samus
Dark-samus Dark Samus (ダークサムス, Dākusamusu) is a character from the Metroid series, specifically the Metroid Prime games. She is a doppelganger of Samus Aran, created when the defeated Metroid Prime absorbed the Hunter's Phazon Suit after the final battle of Metroid Prime. The result was a phenomenally strong creature, with the same abilites as the real Samus, as well as powerful Phazon-based attacks.

When Dark Samus appears out of an assist trophy, she will begin to attack the opponents. Her attacks have been confirmed to be firing her arm cannon and summoning Phazon tentacles from the ground. She also poses with her Arm Cannon in front of her face.

Smashicon Devil
Devil Devil (デビル, Debiru) (called Demon on the British version of the Smash Bros. DOJO!!) is the villain in the NES title, Devil World, developed by Shigeru Miyamoto, which was released for the Japanese Famicom and PAL NES systems only. In the game, he tried to thwart the efforts of the heroic dragon Tamagon to destroy him and seal Devil World away for eternity.

When Devil appears out of an assist trophy, he flies to the top of the screen. He points in various directions, which then causes the screen to scroll in the opposite direction, effectively altering the offscreen boundaries of the stage. The effect is great enough that it can leave just a small section of e.g. the Battlefield remaining. It is also possible to make the entire stage be moved offscreen when playing in Pirate Ship.

Smashicon Dillon
DillonAssist Dillon (ジロー, Jirō) is the main protagonist from Dillon's Rolling Western. Dillon is quested with saving villages from the Grocks, golem-like monsters that have a love for eating livestock.

Dillon appears in Super Smash Bros. 4 as an Assist Trophy. Not much is currently known about his function other than that he rolls and can perform quick charges.

Smashicon Dr. Kawashima
Dr-kawashima Ryuta Kawashima (川島 隆太 Kawashima Ryūta?, born May 23, 1959) is a Japanese neuroscientist known for his appearances in the Brain Training/Brain Age series of video games for the Nintendo DS and Nintendo 3DS.

When Dr. Kawashima appears his head will hover in the air for a few seconds before it ascends out of the screen. Dr. Kawashima then throws spheres with numbers inside of them across the stage. When the numbers collide and have a total of 10 a huge explosion appears on that spot. You can change the direction of the numbers by hitting them.

Smashicon Dr. Wright
Dr-wright Dr. Wright (ドクターライト Dokutā Raito) is a character that appeared in the SNES version of SimCity. In the SNES version of SimCity, the player was cast as mayor, assisted by Dr. Wright. Named after series creator Will Wright.

When Dr. Wright appears out of an assist trophy, he uses his baton to erect three skyscrapers beside him, hurling players into the air. There is a one in ten chance that he will instead create super scrapers, covering a larger area and dealing more damage.

Castlevaniaicon Dracula
Dracula Pachinko Dracula Vlad Ţepeş (formerly known as Mathias Cronqvist) is the primary antagonist of the Castlevania series. He is loosely based on the character of the same name in Bram Stoker's novel and the historical figure, Vlad Drăculea.

When he summoned he acts similar to how he does in the classic Castlevania games. He appears somewhere near the opponent, opens his cape and sends out bat that fly into the opponent causing damage. He immediately poofs away afterwards and repeats this several times.

Chibiroboicon Drake Redcrest
Space Hunter Drake Redcrest Space Hunter Drake Redcrest (usually shortened to Drake Redcrest) is one of the toys in Chibi Robo. He is an action figure that is supposed to be a Space Hunter and has his own TV show, which Mr. Sanderson loves to watch. He's the one who gives Chibi Robo the Drake Redcrest Suit and teaches Chibi how to pose.

Like in Chibi-Robo, when Drake Redcrest is summoned he will strike several poses that are originated from the game. After doing his poses it will give the summoner a boost in speed and jump for a shortened amount of time.

Kiiconnotrans Eggplant Wizard
Eggplant wiz Eggplant Wizard (ナスビ使い Nasubi Tsukai) is a recurring Underworld enemy in the Kid Icarus series and has, in fact, appeared in every Kid Icarus title to date. It's quite an infamous enemy due to its special ability of turning Pit into an eggplant.

When Eggplant Wizard appears out of an assist trophy, he will wave around with his staff and sends out purple homing spells towards the opponents. When the spells hit the opponent they will turn into eggplants but still will retain their feet. So characters like Captain Falcon will still stand taller than Jigglypuff. You can't attack in this state however it will only be temporary.

Mmiconnotrans Elec Man
Elec-Man Elec Man (エレキマン, Erekiman) is a character from the Mega Man universe who appeared in the first Mega Man game as one of the bosses. Elec Man is one of the six (eight in Mega Man Powered Up) Robot Masters in Mega Man. Like most of the other Robot Masters, Elec Man was created by Dr. Light, Mega Man's creator, as an advanced humanoid robot to perform industrial tasks.

When Elec Man appears out of an assist trophy, he runs and jumps about the stage, unleashing multiple Thunder Beam attacks. His attack pattern is similar to how his pattern is when you battle against him in the first Mega Man game.

Smashicon Elite Beat Agents
Elitebeatagents Elite Beat Agents are an organization devoted to helping people using song and dance. They are led by Commander Kahn, a former CIA agent. the group consists out of Agent J, Agent Morris and Agent Derek.

When the Elite Beat Agents appear out of an assist trophy, a song will start to play. The agents will start to sing and dance. This causes all the opponents to constantly keep taunting for half a minute. However this won't apply in air so they can still recover if they are knocked off. Also you still can land one attack by keep mashing the same button over and over.

Zelda Symbol Ghirahim
GhirahimRadioactive Ghirahim, The Demon Lord who used Zelda’s spirit to resurrect the evil demonic entity Demise in The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword. While collective and flamboyant on the outside, Ghirahim is a sadistic and psychopathic fiend on the inside. When summoned, he will attack with his sword and knife while acrobatically moving about the stage. He can additionally blast a spray of diamonds at distant opponents. If he gets knocked off the stage, he’ll teleport back into action.

When summoned, he will attack with his sword and knife while acrobatically moving about the stage. If he gets knocked off the stage, he’ll teleport back into action.

Pmiconnotrans Ghost Gang
Ghostswiiu Ghost Gang are the original antagonists of the first Pac-Man game and in most of the other games in the Pac-Man series they are portrayed as either villainous or friendly. They are a group of four ghosts named Blinky, Inky, Pinky and Clyde whose roles in the series has been mostly varied, going from either villainous ghosts that like to torment Pac-Man for fun to allies that help Pac-Man during serious situations.

When the Ghost Gang appear out of an assist trophy, they will move in a similar way as they do in the original game. Blinky, the red ghost, will directly follow one opponent and will accelerate quickly. Inky, the blue one, chases the opponent who is the closest to him, and will shift as soon as someone come close. Pinky, the pink one, will follow the summoner but of course won't hurt the summoner. She also stops when the summoner stops moving. Clyde, the orange one, chases one opponent but when coming too close he turns around and decides to chase another opponent. If there's only one he will just roam around a bit before chasing the opponent again. Like some other assist trophies they will appear in 8-bit version.

SSB EarthBound Symbol Giygas
Sticker,375x360.u1 Giygas, also known as Gyiyg (ギーグ Gīgu) and Giegue, is the main antagonist in Mother and EarthBound. Known as both the "Embodiment of Evil" and the "Universal Cosmic Destroyer", Giygas is an evil alien who intends to sentence all of reality to the horror of infinite darkness.

When Giygas appears out of an assist trophy, he will begin to roam around the stage. When he passes an opponent he will keep swirling around that opponent and a timer will appear above that opponent's head of 5 seconds. When the timer reaches 0, you will hear: "You cannot grasp the true form of Giygas' attack." and it will be an instant KO.

Mario Symbol Hammer Bro.
Hammer-bro Hammer Bro. (ハンマーブロス Hanmāburosu, Hammer Bros.), or Hammer Brother, is a common enemy found in the Super Mario series and is a member of the Koopa Troop.

When Hammer Bro. appears out of an assist trophy, it throws its hammers at its enemies and is invulnerable. He does that exactly like in the Mario games. He will occasionally jump to throw hammers with further reach.

AdvanceWars-Symbol Infantry and Tanks
Infantry Infantry and Tanks (センシャ&ホヘイ, Sensha ando Hohei, Tanks & Infantry) are a group of characters taken from the Advance Wars series. They form the bulk of the player's fighting force in every game in which they appear.

When Infantry and Tanks appears out of an assist trophy, GBA sprites of Soldiers and Tanks will emerge, shooting bullets and missiles, which will damage any opposing players. While the soldiers and tanks are marching around, an air-raid siren will sound. Much like Excitebikes and Lakitu & Spinies, this Assist Trophy is represented by actual sprites instead of a newly created render.

Aciconnotrans Isabelle
Isabellewiiu Isabelle (しずえ, Shizue) is a major character from Animal Crossing: New Leaf. Isabelle made her debut in Animal Crossing: New Leaf as the Mayor's eager, although sometimes scatterbrained secretary. Slightly naïve but nonetheless hardworking, Isabelle tries to do anything to please the mayor.

When Isabelle appears out of an assist trophy, she will friendly wave at the players present at the battle. She will continue by tossing fruit to the player who summoned her in order to heal them. Anyone can grab the fruit. After a while she leaves again.

GoldenSunSymbol Ivan
Ivanrender Ivan (イワン Iwan) is a Jupiter Adept and a playable character in Golden Sun and Golden Sun: The Lost Age. As a party member, he is a mage-style Jupiter Adept who has an extremely similar successor in Sheba in the second game.

When Ivan appears out of an assist trophy, he will perform a Jupiter attack. He swings with his staff and creates four whirlwinds with electric charges in them. Two of them will be send to the left and two of them to the right. If Ivan would be summoned in the middle of Final Destination the whirlwinds go all the way to the end of the stage. When getting hit by one of the whirlwinds you will get trapped in it till it vanishes.

SSB EarthBound Symbol Jeff Andonuts
100px-Jeff Jeff Andonuts (ジェフ・アンドーナッツ, Jefu Andōnattsu) is a character originally appearing in EarthBound, as one of Ness' friends and a party member. He is the only playable character in EarthBound to lack PSI powers, so he uses guns and rockets instead. He appears as a Trophy and Assist Trophy in all games that have them.

When Jeff appears out of an assist trophy, he sets it up and nervously takes cover, he launches four bottle rockets and one big bottle rocket, all of which home in on the nearest opponent. The number of times he does this is dependent on his summoner's standing in the current match; the lower their overall standing, the more volleys of rockets that Jeff will fire off.

Smashicon Karate Joe
KarateJoeSSBH Karate Joe is the very first character to appear in the Rhythm Heaven series. Not only that, but he is the most recurring character in the Rhythm Heaven franchise, having appeared in all three games in the series.

When Karate Joe appears out of an assist trophy, he will target the opponents. Karate Joe rushes towards the opponent, acting similar to Little Mac. He punches the opponent. When 3 HIT is heard he will do two punches and one hard punch right after. When COMBO is heard he will do multiple punches finishing with an uppercut. When SPECIAL is heard he will do a low kick to let the opponent trip.

WarioSymbol Kat & Ana
Kat-and-ana Kat & Ana are two ninja sisters from the WarioWare series.

When they are summoned, they fly off in different directions and damage the opponents by crossing each other in the air. An opponent hit by two ninjas will receive more damage than when hit by one.

Kirby Symbol (Paper Smash Bros) Knuckle Joe
Knuckle-joe Knuckle Joe (ナックルジョー, Nakkurujō) is a minor character from the Kirby universe. He originally appeared in Kirby Super Star (Kirby's Fun Pak in PAL regions), the first game in the Kirby series to utilize the Helper functionality. This allowed Kirby to create a Helper ally from his current power to assist him throughout the level. Knuckle Joe is the result of combining the Helper function with the Fighter ability. His attacks are inspired by Kirby's own when using this ability.

When Knuckle Joe appears out of an assist trophy, he uses his "Vulcan Jab" technique, which is a series of rapid punches, on the nearest foe. Afterwards, he finishes the opponent off with one of two "finisher" attacks: the strong, short-ranged "Smash Punch", or the electricity-charged uppercut known as the "Rising Break" technique. The finisher he uses is chosen at random. He will use the finisher either the second or third time he did the Vulcan Jab. He could be considered the most powerful Assist Trophy character, because if he manages to trap an opponent in his initial barrage, he can KO them from 0%.

Mario Symbol Lakitu & Spinies
LakituAssist Lakitu (ジュゲム, Jugemu), is a character in the Mario series of video games from Nintendo. He is typically depicted as a turtle-like creature (a Koopa in Mario terms) with a green shell, orange or yellow body, and thick, black glasses; throwing Spinies, spiky-shelled koopas. He usually rides in a cloud with a smiling face (known as Jugem's Cloud). In the Mario series, Mario can ride this cloud for a short period of time after stomping on Lakitu, as long as the cloud is not destroyed with him. The name Lakitu is also used for an entire species of Koopas, most of whom fly about in this fashion.

When Lakitu appears out of an assist trophy, he drops Spinies from the sky, which wander around and damage opponents upon touch. If the character is hit by a Spiny while airborne, they will be meteor smashed. Lakitu can be KO'd, which will prevent any additional Spinies from appearing. However, this can be hard, as reaching him can prove difficult, and hitting him correctly is also difficult. If he holds an egg, it could damage the player if he/she strike him. Sometimes it takes two hits to make Lakitu fall. The Spinies thrown walk back and forth, damaging all players who touch them. They can be devastating, but are slow and easy to avoid. If Lakitu is KO'd, the spinies will still remain on-screen, walking around until they all fall off the stage or automatically disappear. Despite being invunerable, the Spinies have hitboxes. This is likely so that Lakitu can use a Spiny as a shield to avoid taking a hit from a character.

Donkeykongtransicon Lanky Kong
Lanky Kong Lanky Kong is a character in the Donkey Kong series of video games, and is one of the main playable characters in the 1999 Nintendo 64 game, Donkey Kong 64. He is a distant cousin to Donkey Kong and the rest of the Kong clan and is an orangutan. His representative colour throughout the game is blue and he first appears in the Angry Aztec level, locked inside a cage. It is Donkey Kong himself who must rescue him using his Coconut Cannon. He might be related to the oranguatan enemy Manky Kong from Donkey Kong Country.

When Lanky Kong appears out of an assist trophy, he will start to target the opponent. He will extend his arms greatly grabbing the nearest opponent. When he has a grip of the opponent he jumps up and slams the opponent to the ground with his arms, sending them flying as result. He can do this three times after each other, unless the opponent it out of reach for him.

Feiconnotrans Lyn
Lyn Lyn (リン, Rin), whose full name is "Lyndis", is a character from the Fire Emblem series, specifically Fire Emblem. Lyn is the second female main character in the series and the first one since Fire Emblem Gaiden; she is the only one of three main lords of the game who does not appear in Fire Emblem: The Binding Blade.

When Lyn appears out of an assist trophy, she charges her sword, and then teleports near an enemy, slashing them. This is a mix of her critical attack and her normal attack as a Lord before she is promoted in Fire Emblem. This attack is amazingly powerful and accurate, even against a moving or airborne foe as well as being capable of hitting Sonic out of his Final Smash. It can also hit an enemy that is edge grabbing. Her attack can KO at damages as low as 32%, and can only be avoided with a well timed airdodge or roll. She usually hits the opponent closest to her. In this appearance, Lyn wields the Mani Katti, not her more powerful quasi-legendary Weapon, the Sol Katti. In comparison, the playable Fire Emblem characters (Marth, Roy and Ike), who fight with their legendary weapons (the Falchion, the Sword of Seals, and Ragnell, respectively). However, the Mani Katti is the partner blade of Sol Katti, both of which are unique to Lyn.

Zelda Symbol Lynel
Lynel The Lynel is a centaur-like being common to the overworld of The Legend of Zelda, A Link to the Past, Oracle of Ages, Oracle of Seasons, A Link Between Worlds, and Breath of the Wild that is known not only for its varying coloration, but its resistance to all forms of close combat attack. These foes are often seen prowling around, but not exclusive to, mountainous climates in the titles they appear in.

When they are summoned various things can happen depending on the location of the opponent. When they are close to Lynel, they will begin to slash at them with their weapon, which most commonly is just a Lynel sword. At some point they will begin to shoot three consecutive fireballs. When an opponent tries to flee from Lynel, they will grab their bow and arrow and shoot three shock arrows down on them.

Kiiconnotrans Magnus
Magnuswiiu Magnus (マグナ Maguna) is a character from Kid Icarus: Uprising. He is a man of Herculean strength, and he is considered the mightiest human swordsman in the world, as well as being a skilled mercenary.

When Magnus appears out of an assist trophy, he will attack the summoner's foes. Unlike most assist trophies, he is not completely immune to attacks or thrown items, and he can occasionally dodge. However his slashes are more powerful than regular Assist Trophies.

Starfy Emblem Mermaid
Mermaidstarfyrender Mermaid (Mameido, マーメイド), is a character who aids Starfy throughout his adventures. She has appeared in every game in the Starfy series so far. In the games she allows the player to save their progress and heal all of the player's health. Mermaid is seen throughout various levels at different points, and is identified by her signature purple shell. She appears very nice, and is a good friend to the Starfy characters. There appear to be different ways to save throughout the games, because when you spin into it in the GBA games, it saves, while in the DS games, you press the X button.

When the Mermaid appears out of an assist trophy, she will grant the summoner with a full heal. She will restore all of the summoners damage. However this will be cancelled the moment the summoner receives damage from something else.

Metroidicon Metroid
Metroidassist Metroid (メトロイド Metoroido) is a species of extraterrestrial creature from the Metroid universe. Metroids are parasitic life forms that suck the life out of other living things to sustain themselves. This makes them a constant target for Samus' arch enemies, the Space Pirates. Samus eventually puts them into extinction, which causes their prey, the X-Parasites, to come back from suppression and attack Samus, so she has to get a Metroid vaccination in Metroid Fusion.

When Metroid appears out of an assist trophy, it will attempt to latch onto a character's head, slightly immobilize them, and sap their health. It can be shaken off by moving about rapidly (or with a simple air dodge), upon which it may seek another victim. It moves in a rather inertial way (like Super Sonic and Volt Tackle), floating about the stage lazily. It can also pass through walls. The Metroid does damage much like a faster version of the flower effect, except that it makes characters flinch - this makes it very difficult to accomplish anything while being sucked, and it causes CPU opponents to use their up special move repeatedly while attempting to recover. However, recovery moves like Spin Attack if used repeatedly while a Metroid is latched, the player is able to go very high, and possibly get past the upper blast line. Like Starfy and Lakitu, Metroid can be attacked, but it will only flinch away a little bit and then attempts to find a victim again. It does not harm the summoner.

Zelda Symbol Midna
Midna (Hyrule Warriors) Midna (ミドナ, Midona) the Twilight Princess, is a main character in Twilight Princess. She is a resident of the Twilight Realm and a descendant of the ancient Twili people. At first she seems to be a strange, dark creature with an agenda of her own and little regard for Link, but she ends up changing her attitude towards those who are willing to help her.

When Midna appears out of an assist trophy, she will attack the players with her hair extended into an arm form. It has also been stated her arm will grab and throw anything she can get at. Her throws are very powerful and most of the times will result in an KO, especially if the throws them close from the edge.

Metroidicon Mother Brain
Mother-brain Mother Brain (マザーブレイン, Mazā Burein) is a recurring antagonist and boss in the Metroid series. She is a cold and ill-tempered AI created by the Chozo, but turned against them when the Space Pirates and Ridley invaded Zebes.

When Mother Brain appears out of an assist trophy, her glass breaks and she shoots out her signature laser. The laser will go up and down but will stick on one place when it hits an opponent. She is guarded by Rinka enemies.

Aciconnotrans Mr. Resetti
ResettiSSBB Mr. Resetti (リセットさん, Risetto-san) is a recurring character who appears in Animal Crossing.

When Mr. Resetti appears out of an assist trophy, he simply sits where he was released and lectures the players with long monologues that can last for over a minute before leaving with his signature "SCRAM!". His large text boxes obscure a large section of the upper playing field, which can be distracting to fighters, or the lower area of the screen (depending on his position), obscuring the damage percentages. He will respond to certain events, such as him falling off the playing field on a moving stage, where he will say, "H-hey! Don't you ditch me punk!".

Depending on the time of day, Mr. Resetti may make a comment (for example, at night, Mr. Resetti tells players to "Get some shut-eye", adding that "Staying up late is for punks"). He will also do impressions of characters on the field (calling them by their player name if those are being used, and usually their win screen taunt). It's possible to interact with him by attacking him, but doing so only adds to his complaining. He will also block projectiles that are thrown at him. Also, he can occasionally explode when attacked enough by players. Mr. Resetti's text box will be visible regardless of the camera position, and even show up on Snapshots.

Smashicon Muddy Mole
Muddymolerender Muddy Mole (泥だらけのモル Doro-darake no moru), usually called Muddy, is the main character and protagonist of the Game Boy game, Mole Mania. While Muddy was underground, the local groundskeeper, Jinbe, captured his children and his wife and ran off with them. When he finally pops up out of the ground, an elderly mole tells him about what happened and Muddy runs off to save his family.

When Muddy Mole appears out of an assist trophy, he will run around carrying bombs above his head. He will occasionally drop bombs on the ground that will explode on impact. He can jump, but doesn't seem to follow someone. He has a total of 10 bombs.

Kirby Symbol (Paper Smash Bros) Nightmare
Nightmare-wizard Nightmare (ナイトメア Naitomea) (eNeMeE in the English dub of the anime) is a wicked final boss character and major character in the Kirby series, despite only making three major appearances in the games. His goal is to spread dark nightmares and influences throughout the galaxy, and uses his cunning wit to accomplish the feat.

When Nightmare appears out of an assist trophy, a star patterned purple ball appears and floats into the background. Nightmare then appears as a gigantic version of himself in the background and begins the laugh manically. He then turns the screen black for a few seconds. When it tuns light again he had disappeared.

SSB Nintendogs Symbol Nintendog
Nintendogs-bulldog Nintendog (ニンテンドッグ, Nintendoggu) appears in the Nintendogs series of games. The franchise was originally conceived by Shigeru Miyamoto, and is now one of the most successful series of games on the Nintendo DS handheld system. In this simulation title, the player takes the role of a dog owner and uses the various capabilities of the DS to look after their chosen puppies. They can walk them to several different locations, buy them different types of essentials and train them for competitions. The game was released in four different versions: Labrador & Friends (known in Japan as Shiba & Friends), Chihuahua & Friends, Dachshund & Friends and Dalmatian & Friends.

When Nintendog appears out of an assist trophy, it covers the whole screen, including players' names. Also, any CPU characters that are covered by the Nintendog do not do anything until the dog incursion subsides. The puppy will always bark twice at the bottom left corner of the screen before leaving.

Splatoonicon Octoling
Octoling3D Octolings (Japanese: タコゾネス Takozonesu, portmanteau of 蛸 tako "octopus" and アマゾネス amazonesu "Amazoness") are elite Octarian fighters that are the octopus equivalent to an Inkling.

The Octoling is an aggressive AI. When summoned they will chase the opponent by turning into an octopus and swim across the stage. They will jump often and shoot with their gun and may even throw bombs occasionally. They stay around the same amount of time as similar assist trophies and act like they do in their original game.

Kiiconnotrans Phosphora
Phosphorawiiu Phosphora the Lightning Flash (電光のエレカ Denkou no Ereka "Eleka the Lightning") is a boss in Kid Icarus: Uprising and one of Viridi's commanders of the Forces of Nature. She appears in Super Smash Bros. for Wii U and 3DS as an Assist Trophy.

When Phosphora appears out of an assist trophy, she will soar through the air at high speed. During her flight she will send out multiple yellow spheres of electricity and throws them at the opponent. She can also throw a bigger and slightly slower ball of blue electricity at the opponent. And of course multiple lightning-fast lightning bolts. She also can teleport through the sky to get close from the opponent or make distance between them.

Smashicon Prince of Sablé
Sable-prince Prince of Sablé (サブレ王国の王子, Sabure ōkoku no ōji) is the main protagonist from the Japan-only game Kaeru no Tame ni Kane wa Naru. He is set to appear in at least Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS as an Assist Trophy.

When Prince of Sablé appears out of an assist trophy, he will either chant a spell to transform himself into a snake or a frog. He then will charge at the opponent and when making contact with them a cloud appears in which he beats up the opponent. He does this three times, one time being a snake, another time being a frog and one at random. Although the transformations are exactly the same.

Smashicon Ray MK III
CustomRoboAT Ray MK III (カスタムロボ, Kasutamu Robo, Custom Robo) is the third iteration of the 'Ray' model in the Custom Robo series. It is a well balanced 'Jumper Model' from the shining fighter line.

When Ray MK III appears out of an assist trophy, this small yet hardy fighter leaps around the arena while firing a volley of lasers from its hand-held blaster and occasionally, an explosive charge with his bomb launcher.

Xenobladeiconnotr Riki
Rikiwiiu Riki (リキ; English dub: /ˈrɪki/) is one of the seven playable characters in Xenoblade Chronicles and a member of the mercantile Nopon race. Although he looks like a child, he is actually 40 years old and six of his children can be found in Frontier Village. In the English version, Riki eventually reveals (during a side quest) that he has a total of 11 children (Although in the epilogue, Reyn remarks that he will be in trouble if he doesn't catch enough food for fourteen, possibly meaning Oka gave him another "littlepon" after the storyline events). A natural story-teller, he will go on at length about how he is actually a legendary hero spoken of in Nopon prophecy. He seems to eat a lot despite his small size, a trait shared by his children, and he accompanies Shulk and the group as a way to pay off the heavy debts that have arisen from this. It is revealed in a Heart-to-Heart that Riki actually has a crush on Melia but will not act on it due to his wife, Oka.

When Riki appears out of an assist trophy, he will perform one of his many arts. He can do Happy Happy, which boosts the players stats for a certain amount of time, Yoink!, [idk], Freezinate, which freezes nearby opponents, Bedtime, which puts opponents to sleep (full list coming soon!)

Smashicon Saki Amamiya
Saki-amamiya Saki Amamiya (サキ・アマミヤ) is the main character from the game Sin and Punishment: Successor of the Earth. His main weapon of attack is the Cannon Sword, a gun/beam-sword hybrid which he uses to slash and shoot with.

When Saki appears out of an assist trophy, she uses his Cannon Sword to attack opponents. Depending on their location relative to him, Saki will either shoot straight ahead of him, or slash with his weapon in order to inflict damage; the shots have relatively little knockback and easily combo into each other, while the sword packs more knockback and can potentially KO at high percentages.

As to reference his agility in his source game, Saki is able to quickly run and jump all over the stage that he has been summoned on; while doing so, he can shoot his weapon while jumping, as well as immediately end his dashing to slash with his weapon some more.

Fzeroiconnotrans Samurai Goroh
Samurai-goroh Samurai Goroh (サムライ ゴロー, Samurai Gorō), is a rival racer to Captain Falcon in the F-Zero series of futuristic Nintendo racing games. The character's first appearance took place in the instruction manual of 1990 video game F-Zero, not until a later release has the character actually appeared in-game and his model conveyed by a computer-generated image.

When Samurai Goroh appears out of an assist trophy, he uses his katana to slash at opponents. He runs forwards while he constantly slashing in front of him. He also is able to jump. He can be easily evaded and can walk off-stage.

Sonic Symbol Shadow the Hedgehog
Shadowwiiu Shadow the Hedgehog (シャドウ・ザ・ヘッジホッグ, Shadō za Hejjihoggu) is a character from the Sonic the Hedgehog series who, like Knuckles, is a rival of Sonic. He is a hedgehog known as the "Ultimate Lifeform." He has his own game that mainly features him, the self-titled Shadow the Hedgehog, which was released in 2005 for all three sixth-generation consoles (except the Sega Dreamcast, which was discontinued before Shadow the Hedgehog was planned). Since his debut, he consistently holds second place as the most popular character in the franchise, trailing the eponymous character. Unlike his heroic counterpart, Shadow is a much darker and developed character, willing to do whatever it takes to reach his goals. However, in the recent games, he has become a somewhat lighter, anti-hero character.

When Shadow appears out of an assist trophy, he uses his "Chaos Control" ability to slow down everyone except the summoner (similar to the effects of the Timer item, though with a shorter duration, and without the risk of it backfiring). Shadow the Hedgehog is unlocked when the player unlocks Sonic as a playable character.

Smashicon Sheriff
Sherrif render Sheriff (シェリフ?) also known as Bandido is an arcade game developed by Nintendo R&D1 in 1979, designed by Genyo Takeda with art by Shigeru Miyamoto. Some sources claim that Ikegami Tsushinki also did design work on Sheriff. It is one of the earliest Western-style video games developed (following Gun Fight). The player controls a county sheriff tasked with defense of a town against bandits.

When Sheriff appears out of an assist trophy, he will walk through the air on the screen into random direction. While he is walking around he will shoot into one of the eight direction (horizontally, vertically, diagonally). When he makes contact with the opponent for the first time he will keep shooting towards the opponent's direction. The shots cannot be absorbed but they can be reflected and deflected.

Starfoxsymbol Slippy Toad
SFZ-Slippy Toad Slippy Toad (スリッピー・トード Surippī Tōdo) is a childhood friend of Fox, and has been flying alongside him for several years. Slippy serves as the inventor and mechanic of the team. His inventions, from the Arwing, Landmaster, and Blue-Marine to the Reflector and Blaster, have helped the Star Fox Team prevail over the enemy, making Slippy a major contribution to the Star Fox team's success.

When Slippy Toad appears out of an assist trophy, he will run around the stage. He searches for opponents and keep stalking them. He will constantly talk to them about stories that don't even make any sense. Other than that he doesn't do anything and actually is a joke assist trophy.

Feiconnotrans Sothe
Sothe Sothe (サザ Saza) is a playable character in Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance and Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn. Sothe first appeared as an orphaned stowaway seeking a lost, unnamed companion; in Radiant Dawn, it is revealed that that this companion was Micaiah, who fled Daein to prevent him from being affected by her identity as a Branded.

When Sothe appears out of an assist trophy, he will charge at the opponent and perform a stun slash and immediately afterwards does a couple of other attacks that doesn't have much knockback but deals massive damage.

SSB EarthBound Symbol Starman
Starman-mother A Starman is an enemy from the EarthBound series. They are a notable type of enemy working for Giygas. They appear as both Assist Trophy as well as an enemy in Smash Run. Starmen reappear in EarthBound, where they are found in the Stonehenge Base. Here, they are significantly stronger; they can fire a beam, guard, use PSI Magnet α, Shield α, or use a Sudden Guts Pill. Solidifying them with items such as Jeff's Slime Generator or the Monkey's Love has a relatively high chance of success. They provide a substantial amount of experience when defeated.

When Starman appears out of an assist trophy, he can do two things. He is able to teleport around the stage in various directions, without moving an inch. The attack he uses is PK Beam, a PSI attack only appearing in Mother and used by Starman. It basically sends out four lightning bolts out of the top of his head into four diagonal directions.

Feiconnotrans Takumi
Takumi art Takumi (タクミ) is a major playable character from Fire Emblem Fates on the Birthright and Revelation routes. The third eldest of the Hoshidan royal siblings, Takumi is a skilled archer who wields the Fujin Yumi and commands the loyalty of Hinata and Oboro as his personal retainers. If he achieves an S support, he will bear a son named Kiragi with his spouse.

Takumi's ability as a summon is similar to the final smash of Zelda. When he appears he will aim at the nearest opponent and ready his bow and arrow. He will release the arrow which when made impact with the opponent will sent them flying. It is somewhat slower and less powerful than Zelda's final smash but works the same other than that.

Zelda Symbol Tingle
Tingle.png.png Tingle (チンクル, Chinkuru) is a character originally from The Legend of Zelda universe. Tingle first appeared in The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask. He is often considered one of the Zelda series' oddest and most noticeable recurring characters. Tingle is a short character that resembles a middle-aged, half-sized man dressed in a green suit. Equally as odd or perhaps more so than that is his personality, primarily his delusional insistence that he is a reincarnation of a fairy.

When Tingle appears out of an assist trophy, he summons random effects while chanting "Tingle! Tingle! Kooloo-limpah!". These effects include:

  • Creating a plethora of Hammers & Golden Hammers. Note that Hammers and Golden Hammers will appear even if those items are turned off.
  • Flies away releasing a plethora of balloons, no negative effects other than a possible minor distraction to the fighters.
  • Throws banana peels in the air, making the whole ground slippery, resulting in a lot of tripping. Note that if the match is a team battle, this will also affect the player's teammates. Surprisingly, when one lands to the ground, he/she will automatically trip.
  • Releases lots of flowers, making the camera zoom in on the fighter who summoned him.
  • Gives everyone Superspicy Curry status.

Mario Symbol Waluigi
Waluigiwiiu Waluigi (ワルイージ, Waruīji) is a character from the Mario series. He is Luigi's self-appointed and anti-hero counterpart of Wario; just as Wario is the rival of Mario. Waluigi made his first appearance in Mario Tennis and has appeared in nearly every Mario spin-off since.

When Waluigi appears out of an assist trophy, he dashes at a random opponent on stage and stomps them into the ground (although he can stomp multiple opponents at once if others around are caught in the stomps), in a manner similar to Donkey Kong's Headbutt or the Pitfall. He stomps the victim(s) multiple times before unleashing a finishing blow with his tennis racket or a kick. His kicks spike if the opponent is a little outside the stage. Unless he attacks constantly, his final attack has a pause which lasts about 3 seconds. Also, he is relatively easy to avoid on the stage, but chances are he is going to attack someone once.

Smashicon Wonder Red
Character 09 red Wonder-Red (ワンダ•レッド Wanda Reddo?) is the main hero of The Wonderful 101, and a member of the CENTINELS Planetary Secret Service. His real name is Will Wedgewood (ウィル•ウェッジウッド Wiru Wejjiuddo?), and he is a school teacher outside of being a superhero. He attacks with a giant fist.

When Wonder-Red appears out of an assist trophy, he will run around the stage and slam around with his giant fist. He does this several times for a short period until his time is up and he disappears. When he slams on the ground a shockwave is created around him that also damages opponents.

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