Super Smash Bros. Versus
Game logo
Developer(s) Dark Heart Games,
Sora Ltd.,
Namco Bandai
Publisher(s) Fantendo Publishing Ltd.
Platform(s) Wii U, Nintendo Switch
Release Date(s)
Flag of Japan May 4, 2017
Flag of Europe May 24, 2017
Flag of USA May 25, 2017
Flag of Australia May 24, 2017
Flag of China June 2, 2017
1-4 Players local & online
Age Rating(s)
ESRB: T for Teen
Genre(s) Fighting
Media Included Nintendo Wii U optical disc

Super Smash Bros. Versus (大乱闘スマッシュブラザーズ対 Dai rantō Smash Brothers Tai, Great Melee Smash Bros. Versus in Japan) also often shortened to SSBVS or Versus is a fighting game developed by Sora Ltd., HAL Laboratory and Bandai Namco Games and is published by Nintendo for the next gen Nintendo console. It is the fifth game (sixth if 3DS and Wii U are counted serpate) in the series.


Like in previous games in the series, Super Smash Bros. is a fighting game in which up to four players use various attacks, techniques, and items to deal damage to their opponents. The aim of the game is for players to increase their opponents' damage percentage, causing them to fly back further when attacked, and knock them out of the playing field. Returning items first introduced in Super Smash Bros. Brawl include the Smash Ball, which allows characters to perform powerful Final Smash attacks, and Assist Trophies, which summon various other video game characters onto the field to attack opponents or help in other ways. And introduced back in he first game, Poké Ball Pokémon that help its summoner. Like its predecessors, Super Smash Bros. features collectible in-game trophies based on characters or items seen in various Nintendo or third-party games. Each stage features an alternate Omega form, which replaces the stage's layout with a flat surface and removes all stage hazards and items.

The fourth installment in the series introduces the ability to customize both existing characters and Mii Fighters, altering their movesets and giving them unique power-ups. The game supports local and online multiplayer. Whereas local and online matches with friends have fully customizable rules, online matches with strangers are divided into two modes: "For Fun" and "For Glory." For Fun features random stages and items, with Smash matches only and Omega stages omitted, while For Glory limits matches to Omega stages with no items and the option for 1-on-1 battles for more tournament-style gameplay. Customized characters, Mii Fighters, and Amiibos cannot be used in online matches against strangers.

Versus Mode

Versus Mode is a multiplayer mode that enables players or computer players to fight against each other or in a variety of settings. Versus mode appears in all Super Smash Bros. games. The characters can participate in a variety of battles, including Free-for-alls and team battles. The players can also set the rules for the battle including the amount of time, the amount of stock, the items that can be used, handicaps, and the stage that the battle will take place on. The players can also choose settings for the computer players including computer players' levels. Some of these features, however, have to be unlocked in order for them to be used.

8-Player Smash

A special mode of Versus in which it is able to battle with eight characters at the same time. The only perk to this mode is that only certain stages can be chosen to fight on, preventing from fighting on a stage that is too small for eight players.

Switch Mode

In this special mode, players fight with stocks as default, but only can go up to five stocks in a battle. For each stock the player has to select a different character. During the fight everything acts the same as in a regular versus battle, the only difference is that a new input has been added that let's you switch between the characters. One has a short reloading time after characters have been switched, preventing the players from keep switching the entire time.

There are three versions of this mode. You can either play 3 vs. 3, 5 vs. 5 or 3 vs. 3 with 2 additional assist trophies. In the later you can select three characters as stocks and additionally two assist trophies that you can activate in battle. They both count as a stock as well, thus when they are defeated the opponent gets an additional point. When all your normal stocks are gone, the assist trophies will automatically enter the battlefield.

Expand this to see the list of assist trophies that can be selected for this mode:


Smash Down

Smashdown renders the fighters selected in a given battle unavailable for use in following battles, forcing players to select a different fighter with every match they play.

Classic Mode

Classic Mode is a mode in which the player fought in a predetermined order: the player would always fight a specific character at a certain stage in a fixed order under static conditions. The player will be able to chose a path into which direction they are going and will eventually reach their Final Destination. The path will branch out so they will be able to choose which way they are heading. Each level is based on a specific theme of the series. Inbetween the stages there will be levels like Target Smash and Race-to-the-Finish.

If the player loses all their stock, they are brought to the Continue screen with a "Yes" or "No" answer to the Announcer's question "Continue?" Some points and coins - the number of which varies depending on the difficulty level - and half the points are lost if "Yes" is chosen, but a "GAME OVER" is shown if "No" is chosen or if the player does not have the required amount of coins.

You have 2 stocks for every battle, aside from the mini-games inbetween of course. The opponent(s) and stage are random at each time, however the order of the fight conditions are the same.


All-Star Mode

All-Star Mode  is a gameplay mode, that pits the player against every playable character in the game. The character chosen has only one stock in this mode. In both games, it is unlocked by unlocking every character within the game. Because of the large cast this time around you'll fight the characters in waves in order of when they were introduced into the series, from latest to earliest.

DLC Wave
LycanrocHeadSSBUEdelgardRexHeadSSBUSpringmanHeadSSBUOctoling Stock
Wave 1
Shadow StockKen StockSteveSSBUGenoHeadSSBURaymanHeadSSBUIsabelle StockGothitelleHeadSSBUGardevoirHeadSSBUIsaacHeadSSBUGalactaKnightHeadSSBU
Wave 2
Wave 3
Wave 4
Wave 5
Wave 6
Wave 7
Wave 8

Story Mode

See: Super Smash Bros. Versus/Story

A mysterious entity felt that the border between all the Nintendo universes were very tiny and that he could break the walls inbetween. The person mashed up all the universes into one big dimension and trapped its heroes inside of it, who have to fight each other in order to survive. The villains on the other hand have started their own league, although that also doesn't go that well.

Tower Smash

A new and special mode in which you select five character who, together, enter the tower in order to reach the treasure locked at the top. There are a total of 70 floors. The first floor counts as a check-point, following that are 8 floors in which the player has to fight against another character. The floor after that consists out of three rooms, behind each of them is another boss character. After defeating them you advance to the next checkpoint floor and repeat. At the top you'll always fight Master Core and will obtain the treasure that he protected afterwards.


Event Matches return from previous installments of the franchise. Like before, players must complete various challenges, some of which involve fighting under unique circumstances. There are a total of 64 Events.


Home-Run Contest

The Home-Run Contest is a minigame in which the player(s) must knock a Sandbag as far as possible, usually with the Home-Run Bat given. The player has 10 seconds to rack up damage to lengthen the home-run. The most effective technique for dealing much damage very quickly is known as bat dropping.

The player starts on a platform with a Sandbag in the center, and the character about 1/3 of the way from the left of the platform facing right. Slightly to the left is a bat, which can be used to hit the bag extremely far. Hitting with the end of the bat, known as a tipper, makes Sandbag go farther than a mid hit, which goes farther than a close hit.

Target Smash

Target Smash!, known as Break the Targets! or Bonus 1: Break the Targets in Super Smash Bros., and Break the targets! and Target Test in Melee, is a mini-game appearing in all three installments of the Super Smash Bros. series. The goal of the game is to smash 10 targets as quickly as possible.

Like in Melee each character has their own Target Smash stage based around their series of origin often associated with their most well-known location. For example Luigi has one based around Luigi's Mansion. And attibutes of a certain character must be used to clear it as quickly as possible. The game records the lowest time taken to smash all ten targets. If a character has never smashed all the targets, the game will also record how many targets were smashed in that time. There is also a total time that is kept that includes the cumulative time taken to clear every character's stage. The total time only appears after all characters have cleared their stage.

Trophy Rush

Trophy Rush is a minigame in the game. Not much is known about it other than that it involves breaking falling objects. Masahiro Sakurai compares it to the Coin Launcher minigame from Super Smash Bros. Brawl, and the name implies that the game will in some way yield trophies.

Target Blast

Target Blast is a gameplay mode in the game. The mode is described as a combination of Target Smash and Home-Run Contest, with players beating on a time-bomb and launching it towards targets so as to time the explosion to blow them up, as well as blowing up terrain so as to create a physics-based chain reaction. Players get 2 attempts at this, and are scored based on the combined score of both attempts. The scores in this mode are used as part of Global Smash Power.

Multi-Man Mode

Multi-Man mode is a single-player mode which appears in the game. They challenge the player to defeat as many opponents as possible in a six-player battle, under various pretenses, before falling from the stage or self-destructing, themselves. Your opponents are the Mii's that are directly taken from your Mii Channel and friends on your console. During a Multi-Man Brawl, every 25th character spawned is a character, rather than an alloy.Multi-Man Mode can be played up to two players, and the game's compatibility with the Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection allowed one to play the mode online.

Race to the Finish

Race to the Finish, written as Race to the finish! in-game, is a bonus game in the game in which you have to reach the finish line as quickly as possible. Unlike Melee's mode your time doesn't count down but just counts how long you take to cross the finish line. Similar to Target Smash each level is based on the same theme that the character has there. The levels feature obstacles that can be crossed with the character's special moves. 

Stage Builder

Stage builder returns from its previous incarnations. This time around a lot more things have been added to improve on the stage builder. It takes what Smash for Wii U improved in, and adds more to it. Last time the objects were limited to springs, canons, moving platforms and lava. This time more objects have been added, with some of them returning from Brawl like: tunnels, pillars, ice blocks, drop blocks, spikes, ladder, rotating platform and the conveyor belt. Water blocks now also are added.

Newly introduced objects are environmental objects. When selecting which background the stage has, a pack with objects belonging to that becomes available to decorate the stage with. Most of these either act as structures, but some are purely aesthetic. The background are:

  • Cloudy: A cloudy sky, similar to the backgrounds of Battlefield and Temple. Floating pillars appear in the background. Has clouds and ancient Greece-like structures.
  • Volcano: A rocky mountain area. A volcano is in the background and its lava flows all over the rock. Crumbled rocks and such are structures.
  • Ocean: A view of an ocean. Rocky structures appear in the water. Has multiple underwater structures like reef and mines.
  • Space: An area in outer space. A giant space craft appears in the background. Mainly futuristic machines as structures.
  • City: A modern city-like structure made of rounded shapes. The Super Smash Bros. logo acts as the sun. Structures include cars, hydrants, lanterns and such.
  • Forest: A view of a giant forest with a thick tree at it's center, popping out far above the other trees. More nature structures likes trees and bushes.
  • Darkness: A dark area, looking out over a van Gogh painting-like background with the moon shining bright in the sky. Structures here are often light-source based, like lanterns.

Target Builder

Completely new to the series is the Target Builder. It is implemented in the regular stage builder, but basically adds one new object for the stage builder, a Target. These are the same targets from Target Smash and Race to the Finish. When you place a target in the stage builder, it automatically changed to a Target Smash stage, allowing you to create your own Target Smash stage.






Boss Characters



Super Smash Bros. 64 logo
SSBU-Peach's Castle SSBU-Mushroom Kingdom (SSB) SSBU-Kongo Jungle 800px-SSBU-Yoshi's Island (SSB) SSBU-Hyrule Castle
Peach Castle Mushroom Kingdom Kongo Jungle Super Happy Tree Hyrule Castle
SSBU-Dream Land SSBU-Saffron City
Dream Land Saffron City
Super Smash Bros. Melee logo
800px-SSBU-Princess Peach's Castle SSBU-Mushroom Kingdom II 800px-SSBU-Kongo Falls SSBU-Jungle Japes SSBU-Yoshi's Island (SSBM)
Princess Peach's Castle Subcon Kongo Falls Jungle Japes Yoshi Island
SSBU-Great Bay 800px-SSBU-Temple SSBU-Brinstar SSBU-Brinstar Depths SSBU-Green Greens
Great Bay Temple Brinstar Brinstar Depths Green Greens
800px-SSBU-Fountain of Dreams SSBU-Corneria SSBU-Onett SSBU-Fourside SSBU-Big Blue
Fountain of Dreams Corneria Onett Fourside Big Blue
Super Smash Bros. Brawl logo
SSBU-Delfino Plaza SSBU-Mario Circuit (SSBB) SSBU-Luigi's Mansion SSBU-75m SSBU-Yoshi's Island (SSBB)
Delfino Plaza Figure 8-Circuit Luigi's Mansion 75M Yoshi's Story
SSBU-WarioWare, Inc. SSBU-Bridge of Eldin SSBU-Pirate Ship SSBU-Norfair SSBU-Frigate Orpheon
WarioWare, Inc. Bridge of Eldin Pirate Ship Norfair Frigate Orpheon
SSBU-Halberd 800px-SSBU-Lylat Cruise SSBU-Spear Pillar SSBU-Port Town Aero Dive SSBU-Castle Siege
Halberd Lylat Cruise Spear Pillar Port Town Aero Drive Castle Siege
SSBU-Distant Planet SSBU-New Pork City SSBU-Summit SSBU-Skyworld 800px-SSBU-Shadow Moses Island 2
Distant Planet New Pork City Summit Skyworld Shadow Moses Island
SSBU-Green Hill Zone
Green Hill Zone
Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS logo
SSBU-3D Land 800px-SSBU-Paper Mario SSBU-Gerudo Valley SSBU-Spirit Train 800px-SSBU-Dream Land (3DS)
3D Land Paper Mario Gerudo Valley Spirit Train Dream Land GB
SSBU-Unova Pokémon League SSBU-Prism Tower SSBU-Mute City (3DS) SSBU-Magicant SSBU-Arena Ferox
N's Castle Prism Tower Mute City Magicant Arena Ferox
SSBU-Reset Bomb Forest SSBU-Tortimer Island SSBU-Balloon Fight SSBU-Living Room SSBU-Find Mii
Reset Bomb Forest Tortimer Island Balloon Fight Living Room Find Mii
SSBU-Tomodachi Life SSBU-PictoChat 2 SSB4 Pac-Maze
Tomodachi Life Pictochat 2 Pac-Maze
Super Smash Bros. for Wii U logo
SSBU-Mushroom Kingdom U SSBU-Mario Galaxy SSBU-Mario Circuit (SSB4) SSBU-Super Mario Maker SSBU-Skyloft
Mushroom Kingdom U Mario Galaxy Mario Circuit Mario Maker Skyloft
SSBU-The Great Cave Offensive SSBU-Kalos Pokémon League SSBU-Coliseum SSBU-Flat Zone X SSBU-Palutena's Temple
The Great Cave Offensive Kalos Pokémon League Colosseum Flat Zone Palutena's Temple
SSBU-Gamer SSBU-Garden of Hope 800px-Town and City 2 SSBU-Wii Fit Studio 800px-Boxing Ring Punch Out
Gamer Garden of Hope Town & City Wii Fit Studio Boxing Ring
SSBU-Gaur Plain SSBU-Duck Hunt SSBU-Wrecking Crew SSBU-Pilotwings SSBU-Wuhu Island
Gaur Plains Duck Hunt Wrecking Crew Pilotwings Wuhu Island
800px-SSBU-Wily Castle SSBU-Suzaku Castle SSBU-Midgar SSBU-Umbra Clock Tower
Castle Wily Suzaku Castle Midgar Umbra Clock Tower
SSBU-New Donk City Hall 800px-SSBU-Great Plateau Tower 800px-SSBU-Moray Towers SSBU-Dracula's Castle
New Donk City Hall Great Plateau Tower Moray Towers Dracula's Castle
VS logoShattered
800px-SSBU-Battlefield SSBU-Big-Battlefield 800px-SSBU-Final Destination SSBVS-Bowser's-Castle SSBVS-Gangplank-Galleon
Battlefield Big Battlefield Final Destination Bowser's Castle Gangplank Galleon
SSBVS-Pokémon-Colosseum SSBVS-Lake-of-Rage SSBVS-Alola-Islands SSBVS-Pokémon-Go SSBVS-Bottomless-Canyon
Pokémon Colosseum Lake of Rage Alola Islands Pokémon Go Bottomless Canyon
SSBVS-Saturn-Valley SSBVS-Venus-Lighthouse SSBVS-Argentum-Trade-Guild SSBVS--NAME-REDACTED- SSBVS-Snipperclipspng
Saturn Valley Venus Lighthouse Argentum Trade Guild [NAME-REDACTED] Snipperclips
SSBVS-Excitebike SSBVS-Olympus-Maximus SSBVS-Minecraft
Excitebike Olympus Maximus Minecraft



Assist Trophies

WaluigiSSBVS Lakitu&SpiniesSSBVS HammerBroSSBVS ChainChompSSBVS FawfulSSBVS FunkyKongSSBVS
Will attack players with his tennis racket, and stomp them into the ground. Will hover above the stage and drop spinies that deal damage. Throws hammers at players as in his games. Chained to a pole, will lunge at the nearest player. Will fly across the stage shooting energy balls at players. Surfs across the stage and jump on player with his surfboard.
Targets players and grabs them, followed by slamming them against the ground. Latches onto a player and bite them rapidly and will sent them flying. Spawns a dark cloud around her damaging players inside of it. Will slash through the sky, converging and crossing swords as well for more damage. Summons a random effect, effecting all players. Will crash into the stage, damaging at the place of impact.
MidnaSSBVS GhirahimSSBVS UrbosaSSBVS MetroidSSBVS MotherBrainSSBVS SyluxSSBVS
Will teleport around the stage and will grab and slam players with her hair. Will attack the player with his rapier and throwing dart knives. Will use Urbosa's Fury, surrounding herself with lightning crashing down from the sky. Will latch onto a player, repeatedly inflicting damage. Shoots out her signature laser, while surrounding herself with Rinka's. Will attack players with his Shock Coil, damage increasing faster the longer attacked by it.
MagnusSSBVS PhosphoraSSBVS EggplantWizardSSBVS LynSSBVS SotheSSBVS CordeliaSSBVS
Deals heavy slashes with his sword and occasionally dodges. Speeds across the stage sending out lightning spheres, a large slower one and fast lightning darts. Turns everyone's upper body into eggplants. Deals a quick and effective slash with her katana to the nearest player. Performs a stun slash followed by multiple heavy attacks if successful. Horizontally flies across the stage on her pegasus, piercing with her spear.
TakumiSSBVS KnuckleJoeSSBVS AdeleineSSBVS NightmareSSBVS ChefKawasakiSSBVS JeffSSBVS
Performs a precise arrow attack similar to Zelda and Sheik's old Final Smash. Deals a powerful series of punches at the player, finishing with an uppercut. Paints a Kirby enemy on a canvas that will walk out and attack. Turns the stage pitch black for a couple of seconds. Grabs the nearest players with his pan and cooks them similar to Kirby's old Final Smash. Shoots out multiple homing rockets.
StarmanSSBVS MaskedManSSBVS AndrossSSBVS KrystalSSBVS Mr.ResettiSSBVS Kapp'nSSBVS
Teleports around the stage and shoots out many lightning bolt projectiles. Will jet around the stage, shooting bullets from far and slashing when close. Will spit polygon projectiles to the stage from the background. Will stab or freeze players with her staff. Starts complaining about the game in a text cloud that blocks sight of the stage. Drives a bus off-stage, giving a lift to anyone on his path.
RikiSSBVS Nia&DromarchSSBVS GorohSSBVS BurrowingSnagretSSBVS SquidSistersSSBVS ColorTV-Game15SSBVS
Uses magic to boost stats/freeze/pull items/induce sleep/heal/trip players. Shoot forwards a wave of ether, followed up by an overwhelming assault. Attacks players by continually slashing with his katana. Pops out of the ground and picks at nearby players. Perform a show that makes the screen close in to them, KO'ing those outside of it. It plays a game of pong, the ball damaging players hit by it.
SheriffSSBVS ExcitebikesSSBVS Infantry&TankSSBVS DevilSSBVS SukaponSSBVS TakamaruSSBVS
Moves around the stage in the air, shooting bullets in all directions. Ride across the stage in a large group. Parade through the stage, attacking and shooting forwards. Moves the camera out of the center of the stage. Will grab and throw players. Slashes with his katana and throws shuriken in four directions at a time.
Dr.WrightSSBVS Chibi-RoboSSBVS DillonSSBVS Dr.KawashimaSSBVS KarateJoeSSBVS NikkiSSBVS
Will spawn large buildings next to him, sending those hit flying. Slides with a toothbrush across the stage and shoots with his Chibi-Blaster. Charges a roll and dashes into players. Numbers float across the stage, when combined to ten, an explosion occurs. A rhythm plays to which he punches and kicks the players. Will appear on the foreground and draw things that appear on the stage.
NintendogSSBVS SablePrinceSSBVS SakiSSBVS ArcadeBunnySSBVS KnucklesSSBVS TailsSSBVS
Will appear in the foreground, blocking everyone's sight. Will transform into a snake or frog to attack the player. Moves quick and agile while shooting arrows or slashing when close in midair. Summons a claw from the top of the screen that pulls players up. Digs and uppercuts from underground, home attacks and deals out punches. Flies around, shoots electroballs from his canon and home attacks.
BombermanSSBVS GrayFoxSSBVS RaidenSSBVS ElecManSSBVS ZeroSSBVS RathalosSSBVS
Places bombs around the stage and detonates them randomly. Deflects attacks, and slashes with his blade. Rushes forwards with a cut, leaving a trail of lightning or teleports and cuts legs making them trip. Similar to his original battle he moves around the stage unleashing Thunder Beams. Dashes forwards and slashes players or release a wave beam. Flies on the stage, shooting balls of fire.
GhostsSSBVS SephirothSSBVS RodinSSBVS AlucardSSBVS RabbidsSSBVS EndermanSSBVS
Move around the stage with the same properties as in their original game. Will rise into the sky and perform Heartless Angel, adding 100& damage/bring HP down to 1. Fights by spawning portals with giant fists and drops a weapon when leaving. Turns into bat, slash players, dodge in mist and dash backwards. Really annoying drive around with a shopping cart. Stalks players and KO's them if they face him.
CrashBandicootSSBVS ShovelKnightSSBVS SansSSBVS ShantaeSSBVS CupheadSSBVS BulletSSBVS
Will walk and spin around on stage, a more aggressive Starfy. Smashes down with his shovel, and digs up items or digs in players. Reenacts his own fight in Undertale in the background, sending out bones and Gaster Blasters. Bellydances into an animal and unleashes that animal's corresponding attack. Runs around shooting projectiles, will also parry your attacks. Shoots at anyone in sight, can easily be KO'd.


See: Pokémon

Poké Ball Pokémon are the kind of Pokémon who can be summoned out of a Poké Ball when it is thrown. It will release a random Pokémon which will perform a move afterwards, most being physical but some also affect status' of players. Aside from regular Poké Balls there are also Master Balls which only contain legendary Pokémon.

Missingno. Alola Raichu Meowth Abra Electrode Alola Exeggutor Goldeen Staryu
000Missingno.SSBVS 026AlolaRaichuSSBVS 052MeowthSSBVS 063AbraSSBVS 101ElectrodeSSBVS 103AlolaExeggutorSSBVS 118GoldeenSSBVS 120StaryuSSBVS
Glitch Stoked Sparksurfer Pay Day Teleport Explosion ??? Splash Swift

Ditto Eevee Vulpix Alola Vulpix Snorlax Mew Chikorita Togepi
132DittoSSBVS 133EeveeSSBVS 137VulpixSSBVS 137AlolaVulpixSSBVS 143SnorlaxSSBVS 151MewSSBVS 152ChikoritaSSBVS 175TogepiSSBVS
Transform Take Down Ember Icy Wind Body Slam Fly Razor Leaf Metronome

Belossom Wobbuffet Scizor Entei Suicune Lugia Torchic Schroomish
182BellossomSSBVS 202WobbuffetSSBVS 212ScizorSSBVS 244EnteiSSBVS 245SuicuneSSBVS 249LugiaSSBVS 255TorchicSSBVS 285ShroomishSSBVS
Sweet Scent Counter Metal Claw Fire Spin Aurora Beam Aeroblast Fire Spin Stun Spore
Poison Powder

Medicham Gulpin Metagross Latias & Latios Kyogre Deoxys Piplup Drifloon
308MedichamSSBVS 316GulpinSSBVS 376MetagrossSSBVS 3801Latias&LatiosSSBVS 382KyogreSSBVS 386DeoxysSSBVS 393PiplupSSBVS 425DrifloonSSBVS
High Jump Kick Swallow Earthquacke Steel Wing Hydrop Pump Hyper Beam Surf Gust

Bonsly Abomasnow Weavile Palkia Giratina Darkrai Arceus Victini
438BonslySSBVS 460AbomasnowSSBVS 461WeavileSSBVS 484PalkiaSSBVS 487GiratinaSSBVS 491DarkraiSSBVS 493ArceusSSBVS 494VictiniSSBVS
Tackle Blizzard
Ice Punch
False Swipe Spacial Rend Dragon Breath Dark Void Gravity Victory Star

Excadrill Zoroark Kyurem Keldeo Meloetta Genesect Chespin Fletchling
530ExcadrillSSBVS 571ZoroarkSSBVS 646KyuremSSBVS 647KeldeoSSBVS 648MeloettaSSBVS 649GenesectSSBVS 650ChespinSSBVS 661FletchlingSSBVS
Dig Fury Swipes Icy Wind Secret Sword Echoed Voice Techno Blast Seed Bomb Peck

Gogoat Honedge Swirlix Inkay Hawlucha Xerneas Diancie Mareanie
673GogoatSSBVS 679HonedgeSSBVS 684SwirlixSSBVS 686InkaySSBVS 701HawluchaSSBVS 716XerneasSSBVS 719DiancieSSBVS 747MareanieSSBVS
Take Down Cut Cotton Spore Topsy-Turvy Flying Press Geomancy Diamond Storm Venoshock

Bewear Palossand Pyukumuku Togedemaru Mimikyu Solgaleo Lunala Marshadow
760BewearSSBVS 770PalossandSSBVS 771PyukumukuSSBVS 777TogedemaruSSBVS 778MimikyuSSBVS 791SolgaleoSSBVS 792LunalaSSBVS 802MarshadowSSBVS
Brutal Swing Shore Up Counter Zing Zap Let's Snuggle Forever Sunsteel Strike Moongeist Beam Spectral Thief