Super Smash Bros. Versus
Game logo
Developer(s) Dark Heart Games,
Sora Ltd.,
Namco Bandai
Publisher(s) Fantendo Publishing Ltd.
Platform(s) Wii U, Nintendo Switch
Release Date(s)
Flag of Japan May 4, 2017
Flag of Europe May 24, 2017
Flag of USA May 25, 2017
Flag of Australia May 24, 2017
Flag of China June 2, 2017
1-4 Players local & online
Age Rating(s)
ESRB: T for Teen
Genre(s) Fighting
Media Included Nintendo Wii U optical disc

Super Smash Bros. Versus (大乱闘スマッシュブラザーズ対 Dai rantō Smash Brothers Tai, Great Melee Smash Bros. Versus in Japan) also often shortened to SSBVS or Versus is a fighting game developed by Sora Ltd., HAL Laboratory and Bandai Namco Games and is published by Nintendo for the next gen Nintendo console. It is the fifth game (sixth if 3DS and Wii U are counted serpate) in the series.


Like in previous games in the series, Super Smash Bros. is a fighting game in which up to four players use various attacks, techniques, and items to deal damage to their opponents. The aim of the game is for players to increase their opponents' damage percentage, causing them to fly back further when attacked, and knock them out of the playing field. Returning items first introduced in Super Smash Bros. Brawl include the Smash Ball, which allows characters to perform powerful Final Smash attacks, and Assist Trophies, which summon various other video game characters onto the field to attack opponents or help in other ways. And introduced back in he first game, Poké Ball Pokémon that help its summoner. Like its predecessors, Super Smash Bros. features collectible in-game trophies based on characters or items seen in various Nintendo or third-party games. Each stage features an alternate Omega form, which replaces the stage's layout with a flat surface and removes all stage hazards and items.

The fourth installment in the series introduces the ability to customize both existing characters and Mii Fighters, altering their movesets and giving them unique power-ups. The game supports local and online multiplayer. Whereas local and online matches with friends have fully customizable rules, online matches with strangers are divided into two modes: "For Fun" and "For Glory." For Fun features random stages and items, with Smash matches only and Omega stages omitted, while For Glory limits matches to Omega stages with no items and the option for 1-on-1 battles for more tournament-style gameplay. Customized characters, Mii Fighters, and Amiibos cannot be used in online matches against strangers.

Versus Mode

Versus Mode is a multiplayer mode that enables players or computer players to fight against each other or in a variety of settings. Versus mode appears in all Super Smash Bros. games. The characters can participate in a variety of battles, including Free-for-alls and team battles. The players can also set the rules for the battle including the amount of time, the amount of stock, the items that can be used, handicaps, and the stage that the battle will take place on. The players can also choose settings for the computer players including computer players' levels. Some of these features, however, have to be unlocked in order for them to be used.

8-Player Smash

A special mode of Versus in which it is able to battle with eight characters at the same time. The only perk to this mode is that only certain stages can be chosen to fight on, preventing from fighting on a stage that is too small for eight players.

Switch Mode

In this special mode, players fight with stocks as default, but only can go up to five stocks in a battle. For each stock the player has to select a different character. During the fight everything acts the same as in a regular versus battle, the only difference is that a new input has been added that let's you switch between the characters. One has a short reloading time after characters have been switched, preventing the players from keep switching the entire time.

One is also able to play switch mode with instead of a different character on each stock, that an assist character can be called in to fight for the player. Certain of the assist trophy characters have been promoted to an assist character. They are a weaker version of a normal character that the player can control. They have a limited moveset, only three specials (neutral, up and down), and one basic attack on the ground and in the air.

Classic Mode

Classic Mode is a mode in which the player fought in a predetermined order: the player would always fight a specific character at a certain stage in a fixed order under static conditions. The player will be able to chose a path into which direction they are going and will eventually reach their Final Destination. The path will branch out so they will be able to choose which way they are heading. Each level is based on a specific theme of the series. Inbetween the stages there will be levels like Target Smash and Race-to-the-Finish.

If the player loses all their stock, they are brought to the Continue screen with a "Yes" or "No" answer to the Announcer's question "Continue?" Some points and coins - the number of which varies depending on the difficulty level - and half the points are lost if "Yes" is chosen, but a "GAME OVER" is shown if "No" is chosen or if the player does not have the required amount of coins.

You have 2 stocks for every battle, aside from the mini-games inbetween of course. The opponent(s) and stage are random at each time, however the order of the fight conditions are the same.


All-Star Mode

All-Star Mode  is a gameplay mode, that pits the player against every playable character in the game. The character chosen has only one stock in this mode. In both games, it is unlocked by unlocking every character within the game. Because of the large cast this time around you'll fight the characters in waves in order of the first appearance. A stage will appear belonging to one of the characters in that round.


Story Mode

See: Super Smash Bros. Versus/Story

A mysterious entity felt that the border between all the Nintendo universes were very tiny and that he could break the walls inbetween. The person mashed up all the universes into one big dimension and trapped its heroes inside of it, who have to fight each other in order to survive. The villains on the other hand have started their own league, although that also doesn't go that well.

Tower Smash

See: Super Smash Bros. Versus/Bosses

Tower Smash is a special mode which features a party of five characters entering a huge tower. They have to battle their way to the top and claim the tower. The five characters act as the stocks throughout the mode. There is a boss on each level of the tower, also recycling bosses from Super Smash Bros. Brawl.

The tower has 7 levels. On each level are three doors, behind each door is a boss. The floors also have the same bosses each time you play the mode only they lie behind different doors. When you reach the final level, the rooftop, you will face the emperor of the tower: Game Boy.


Event Matches return from previous installments of the franchise. Like before, players must complete various challenges, some of which involve fighting under unique circumstances. There are a total of 64 Events.


Home-Run Contest

The Home-Run Contest is a minigame in which the player(s) must knock a Sandbag as far as possible, usually with the Home-Run Bat given. The player has 10 seconds to rack up damage to lengthen the home-run. The most effective technique for dealing much damage very quickly is known as bat dropping.

The player starts on a platform with a Sandbag in the center, and the character about 1/3 of the way from the left of the platform facing right. Slightly to the left is a bat, which can be used to hit the bag extremely far. Hitting with the end of the bat, known as a tipper, makes Sandbag go farther than a mid hit, which goes farther than a close hit.

Target Smash

Target Smash!, known as Break the Targets! or Bonus 1: Break the Targets in Super Smash Bros., and Break the targets! and Target Test in Melee, is a mini-game appearing in all three installments of the Super Smash Bros. series. The goal of the game is to smash 10 targets as quickly as possible.

Like in Melee each character has their own Target Smash stage based around their series of origin often associated with their most well-known location. For example Luigi has one based around Luigi's Mansion. And attibutes of a certain character must be used to clear it as quickly as possible. The game records the lowest time taken to smash all ten targets. If a character has never smashed all the targets, the game will also record how many targets were smashed in that time. There is also a total time that is kept that includes the cumulative time taken to clear every character's stage. The total time only appears after all characters have cleared their stage.

Trophy Rush

Trophy Rush is a minigame in the game. Not much is known about it other than that it involves breaking falling objects. Masahiro Sakurai compares it to the Coin Launcher minigame from Super Smash Bros. Brawl, and the name implies that the game will in some way yield trophies.

Target Blast

Target Blast is a gameplay mode in the game. The mode is described as a combination of Target Smash and Home-Run Contest, with players beating on a time-bomb and launching it towards targets so as to time the explosion to blow them up, as well as blowing up terrain so as to create a physics-based chain reaction. Players get 2 attempts at this, and are scored based on the combined score of both attempts. The scores in this mode are used as part of Global Smash Power.

Multi-Man Mode

Multi-Man mode is a single-player mode which appears in the game. They challenge the player to defeat as many opponents as possible in a six-player battle, under various pretenses, before falling from the stage or self-destructing, themselves. Your opponents are the Mii's that are directly taken from your Mii Channel and friends on your console. During a Multi-Man Brawl, every 25th character spawned is a character, rather than an alloy.Multi-Man Mode can be played up to two players, and the game's compatibility with the Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection allowed one to play the mode online.

Race to the Finish

Race to the Finish, written as Race to the finish! in-game, is a bonus game in the game in which you have to reach the finish line as quickly as possible. Unlike Melee's mode your time doesn't count down but just counts how long you take to cross the finish line. Similar to Target Smash each level is based on the same theme that the character has there. The levels feature obstacles that can be crossed with the character's special moves. 


See: List of Playable Characters


Unlocking Criteria

Character Criteria I Criteria II Stage of battle
Dr. Mario Clear Classic Mode with any default Mario Character. Play 70 VS matches. Delfino Plaza
Wario Complete Classic Mode without any continues Play 20 VS matches. Emerald Cave
Mr. Game&Watch Clear Target Smash with all default characters Play 60 VS matches. Flat Zone X
Medusa Clear Classic Mode with Pit or Palutena at Intensity 5.0 or higher Play 190 VS matches The Underworld
Duck Hunt Clear a time less than 10 minutes total with 10 characters in Race to the Finish Play 180 VS matches Hunting Grounds
Roy Clear Classic Mode with Marth Play 90 VS matches. Castle Siege
Lucina Complete Classic Mode with any default Fire Emblem character on Intensity 4.0 or higher. Play 30 VS matches. Arena Ferox
Galacta Knight Clear Tower of Smash for the first time. Play 80 VS matches. Halberd
Porky Clear Classic Mode with Ness or Lucas on Intensity 5.0 or higher

Play 130 VS matches

Falco Lombardi Complete Classic Mode Play 10 VS matches. Corneria
Wolf O'Donnell Clear Tower of Smash and play a VS match against Fox. Play 120 VS matches Orbital Gate Assault
Mewtwo Play a combined time of 20 hours. Play 100 VS matches Pokémon Stadium
Rotom Play 10 Online battles, and then complete Classic Mode with Pikachu. Play 40 VS matches. Distortion World
Gardevoir Summon every Legendary Pokémon from a Master Ball. Play 110 VS matches Kalos Pokémon League
Mach Rider Clear Race to the Finish in less than 10 minutes Play 50 VS matches. Dystopia
R.O.B. Collect 250 different trophies Play 160 VS matches Gyromite
Sami Clear Event #31 after clearing Classic Mode. Play 140 VS matches Advanced Warzone
Space Invaders Defeat Master Fortress. Play 170 VS matches Battlefield
Tetris Clear Target Smash with 70 characters Play 200 VS matches Dr. Mario
Cloud Use Sora in Tower of Smash. Play 150 VS matches Midgar



Palutena's Guidance

These conversations can occur when Pit performs his down taunt on Palutena's Temple. The conversations from the previous game game remain the same.

Super Smash Bros. Versus/Palutena's Guidance


Item Description Origin
Barrier Sphere Temporarily takes the damage of attacks, it will break after taking a certain amount of damage. Star Fox
Camera Obscura Stuns the opponents when a picture is taken, which leaves them vurnerable for an attack. Fatal Frame
Furniture Leaf When thrown in the air it transforms into a random piece of furniture like: a lamp, a chair, a fridge or even a car. Animal Crossing
Hermes Sandals Boosts the speed of a character. Final Fantasy
NES Zapper Allows you to shoot multiple times. It is less rapid than the super scope but deals more damage, however can't be charged. Duck Hunt
Potted Piranha Plant Can be held in front of you for protection. It will lunge at an opponent when close. Mario
Psynergy Stone Summons one of the various Summons from Golden Sun. Golden Sun
Stealth Suit Temporarily makes you invisible. Star Fox
Ultra-Ball When thrown a Mega-Evolution Pokémon will appear out of it. Pokémon

Item Description Origin
Apple Produced by Whispy Woods on Green Greens. Each apple can be either a throwing item or a recovery item, and in rare cases may explode when thrown. Kirby
Assist Trophy When picked up, once the character lands on the ground, they will perform a short animation and summon a random character to aid them in the fight. Super Smash Bros.
Back Shield Defends the wearer from attacks towards their back. Kid Icarus
Banana Peel Once thrown, trips opponents that touch it. Diddy Kong can summon these by using his down special, the banana peel, leading into deadly mindgames and combo/KO setups. Mario
Barrel When thrown, struck, or lands on a hill, may roll across the stage and damage what it hits before breaking. Super Smash Bros.
Beam Sword Starting in Melee, gets longer when swung depending on character. Super Smash Bros.
Beehive Currently unknown, although it seems to spawn bees that attack players. Animal Crossing
Beetle Currently unknown, although it seems to spawn bees that attack players. The Legend of Zelda
Blast Box Very poor throwing distance. Explodes upon taking 30 damage or a flame attack. Super Smash Bros.
Bob-Omb If not grabbed within a few seconds of its appearance, it lights its own fuse and begins walking around, exploding on any character it meets. If it doesn't meet a character it will blow itself up after a while. Mario
Bombchu If not grabbed within a few seconds of its appearance, it lights its own fuse and begins walking around, exploding on any character it meets. If it doesn't meet a character it will blow itself up after a while. The Legend of Zelda
Boomerang Can be thrown at and grabbed by opponents. Gains power when caught. Mario
Boss Galaga Carries foes upward to the top of the screen. Pac-Man
Bullet Bill Turns players into bullet bills and fire them in certain directions. Mario
Bumper Can be placed on the stage or (in Brawl) set in midair, where it will knock away characters that touch it. Super Smash Bros.
Bunny Hood Increases the user's movement speed, jump height, and falling speed. The Legend of Zelda
Capsule Contains a single item. Has a chance of exploding. Super Smash Bros.
CD Unlocks a random piece of stage music when picked up. Disappears extremely quickly. Will stop appearing in game after all music is unlocked. Super Smash Bros.
Cracker Launcher Limits the user to walking and a single jump, and automatically dropped from any flinch. Super Smash Bros.
Crate Limits the user to walking and a single jump, and automatically dropped from any flinch. Super Smash Bros.
Cucco Can be thrown at opponents. Once it hits, it summons various Cuccos that attack the target. You descend slowly when falling from the air while holding a Cucco. The Legend of Zelda
Daybreak Appears in three pieces that must be collected all at once; characters can lose pieces from their possession when hit or KO'd. Once one character has all the pieces it can be shot to inflict massive damage. Kid Icarus
Deku Nut When thrown, damaged, or after a short time (even if held), nearby characters are stunned (if grounded) or launched (if aerial). The Legend of Zelda
Dragoon Appears in three pieces that must be collected all at once; characters can lose pieces from their possession when hit or KO'd. Once one character has all the pieces the Dragoon is assembled and flown into the stage for a one-hit KO ram attack. Kirby
Drill Arm Allows the wearer to fire a large drill. Kid Icarus
Fairy Bottle Recovers an excess of 100% damage, but only if your damage is 100% or more The Legend of Zelda
Fan Fastest-swinging battering item. Super Smash Bros.
Fire Bar Causes fire damage. Grows shorter with each successful attack. Mario
Fire Flower Produces a continuous stream of fire. Mario
Flipper Once thrown, halts in the air and bops characters that run into it. Super Smash Bros.
Food Each type of food recovers a different amount of damage. Super Smash Bros.
Franklin Badge Temporarily makes the wearer immune to projectiles by automatically reflecting them. Can be knocked off. Earthbound
Freezie Slides across the stage, freezing characters when struck by it. Can be destroyed before being picked up. Mario
Golden Hammer Acts the same as the regular Hammer, though faster and with the ability to float. May be a Golden Squeaky Hammer as opposed to losing its head. Mario
Gooey Bomb When thrown, attaches to characters and can transfer to other characters that pass by. Explodes after a certain time or if attacked when not on a character. Super Smash Bros.
Green Shell When thrown, attacked, or landed on, slides across the stage and damages everything it hits. Mario
Gust Bellows Blows gusts of wind at other players to push them away. The Legend of Zelda
Hammer One of the most feared items in the game due to its range, damage, and knockback. However, it limits the user to walking and a single jump; the user cannot even choose to drop the item. May randomly lose its head and become useless; the head can be picked up and thrown for massive damage. Mario
Heart Container Strongest recovery item, recovering up to 100% damage. The Legend of Zelda
Hocotate Bomb A bomb shaped like the Hocotate Ship, that will fly off, and then crash down when "least expected". Pikmin
Home-Run Bat An extremely powerful item. Its forward smash is among the most powerful attacks in all three games, being a one-hit KO in every one. As a throwing item, it maintains its high knockback and is a semi-spike. In Brawl, forward smash uses a unique animation. It becomes stronger when hit on the tip. Super Smash Bros.
Hothead Follows the contours of the stage once thrown. Grows in size and damage but lasts for a shorter time when hit by flame or electric attacks. Mario
Killer Eye When placed, can fire energy beams in the direction it faces. Kid Icarus
Lightning Bolt When touched, shrinks all opponents. Can backfire and shrink the user or enlarge all opponents. Mario
Lip's Stick Flowers opponents. Has a limited supply of short-range spore projectiles produced on f-tilt or f-smash. Panel de Pon
Master Ball Just like the Poké Ball but it is guaranteed to release a rare or Legendary Pokémon. Pokémon
Maxim Tomato The third most powerful recovery item, healing up to 50% damage. Kirby
Metal Box Increases the weight and falling speed of the user, while also reducing the chances of flinching. Can be activated by pickup or by direct attack; indirect attacks will either destroy it do nothing. Mario
Motion-Sensor Bomb Attaches to the stage once thrown; characters that approach it after a short time cause it to explode. Super Smash Bros.
Mr. Saturn Walks around the stage and can be knocked about by attacks. Earthbound
Ore Club Can be swung or used to unleash tornadoes. Kid Icarus
Party Ball Once activated by being thrown or damaged, float into the air and opens, dropping its items. Super Smash Bros.
Pitfall Embeds itself into the ground once thrown; characters that approach it after a short time will be buried or plunged. Animal Crossing
Poison Mushroom Slides across the stage. When touched, shrinks the character. Mario
Poké Ball Once thrown and lands on the ground, unleashes a Pokémon to aid the user. Pokémon
POW Block When thrown it causes an earthquake, launching all characters (including the player) straight up if on the ground. Shrinks with each throw. Mario
Ray Gun Fires blasts of energy that have infinite horizontal range. Super Smash Bros.
Red Shell When thrown, attacked, or landed on, slides across the stage and damages everything it hits. Aims for nearby characters and avoids sliding off edges. Mario
Rocket Belt Can be equipped and used to increase upward momentum at will. Pilotwings
Rolling Crate When thrown, struck, or lands on a hill, will roll across the stage and damage what it hits without breaking. Can be stood on. Super Smash Bros.
Sandbag When attacked, produces items. Super Smash Bros.
Screw Attack Turns the holder's jumps into Screw Attacks. In Melee, applies for as long as the holder keeps the item, and a forced Screw Attack will be applied to those the item is thrown at. In Brawl, applies until the item wears off and does not need to be held in-hand once picked up. Metroid
Smart Bomb Produces a large explosion when thrown or attacked. Has a chance to be a dud. Star Fox
Smash Ball Flies around the stage. Characters must break in order to obtain. Once broken, player presses their neutral special button to use. Will fly off-stage after a short period if not obtained and used. Final Smash. Super Smash Bros.
Smoke Ball Once thrown, spews smoke around its immediate area. May stick to opponents. Super Smash Bros.
Soccer Ball Cannot be picked up. When attacked, careens in the knockback direction with high damage and knockback. Mario
Special Flag Can be held above the user's head for a long period to gain either a KO point in a timed match or a stock in a stock match. Namco
Spiny Shell Hovers above a player before dropping onto them. It aims for the character in lead, and if you're that one if will hit the one after you. Mario
Spring When idle, repels characters when touched depending on whether it is upright or sideways. Donkey Kong
Star Rod Has a limited supply of long-range star shots produced on f-tilt or f-smash. Kirby
Starman Renders the character it touches invincible for a limited time. Mario
Steel Diver A smaller gun-like version of the Steel Diver from the self-titled game for the Nintendo 3DS. Fires a torpedo which travels slowly at first. Steel Diver
Super Leaf Gives the user raccoon ears and tail. Allows the user to float in mid-air using the jump button. Mario
Super Mushroom Slides across the stage. When touched, enlarges the character. Mario
Super Scope Can shoot a total of 48 small rapid-fire pulses of energy or charge 3 large blobs of energy. Super Smash Bros.
Superspicy Curry Causes the user to constantly shoot short-range fireballs and be incapable of walking slowly. Kirby
Team Healer Heals teammates when thrown at them. When thrown at opponents, can heal or damage them at random. Only appears during team battles. Super Smash Bros.
Timer Slows down all opponents. Can backfire and slow down the user, or slow down the entire game. Super Smash Bros.
Unira Attaches to the stage once thrown or attacked and pokes opponents that come near. Can be set or reset with a direct attack; indirect ones do nothing. Clu Clu Land
Warp Star Once picked up, the user flies into the sky and then crashes down with an explosion. Kirby
X Bomb Creates a cross-shaped explosion that spans most of the screen. Kid Icarus

Assist Trophies

See: List of Super Smash Bros. Versus Assist Trophies



See: Pokémon

Poké Ball Pokémon are the kind of Pokémon who can be summoned out of a Poké Ball when it is thrown. It will release a random Pokémon which will perform a move afterwards, most being physical but some also affect status' of players. Aside from regular Poké Balls there are also Master Balls which only contain legendary Pokémon.

052MeowthVersusIcon101ElectrodeVersusIcon110WeezingVersusIcon120StaryuVersusIcon129MagikarpVersusIcon133EeveeVersusIcon143SnorlaxVersusIcon146MoltresVersusIcon151MewVersusIcon152ChikoritaVersusIcon163HoothootVersusIcon175TogepiVersusIcon178XatuVersusIcon182BellossomVersusIcon201UnownVersusIcon202WobuffetVersusIcon245SuicuneVersusIcon249LugiaVersusIcon255TorchicVersusIcon285ShroomishVersusIcon308MedichamVersusIcon310ManectricVersusIcon316GulpinVersusIcon330FlygonVersusIcon376MetagrossVersusIcon380&381Latias&LatiosVersusIcon382KyogreVersusIcon393PiplupVersusIcon425DrifloonVersusIcon438BonslyVersusIcon460AbomasnowVersusIcon461WeavileVersusIcon484PalkiaVersusIcon485HeatranVersusIcon491DarkraiVersusIcon493ArceusVersusIcon494VictiniVersusIcon530ExcadrillVersusIcon563CofagrigusVersusIcon571ZoroarkVersusIcon579ReuniclusVersusIcon637VolcaronaVersusIcon646KyuremVersusIcon647KeldeoVersusIcon648MeloettaVersusIcon650ChespinVersusIcon673GogoatVersusIcon677EspurrVersusIcon679HonedgeVersusIcon686InkayVersusIcon701HawluchaVersusIcon702DedenneVersusIcon716XerneasVersusIcon720HoopaVersusIcon730PrimarinaVersusIcon748ToxapexVersusIcon755MorelullVersusIcon760BewearVersusIcon770PalossandVersusIcon776TurtonatorVersusIcon785Tapu KokoVersusIconMissingno.VersusIcon


 As in every Smash Bros. game since Melee, trophies make an appearance. They can be characters, final smashes, items, stages, moves, or just other things that appeared in a series.


  • There never was a limit for how many characters would make it into the game. However there was a number of how many characters could be in. In the end there were some additions of clones, to fill up some representation.
  • There is a total of seven clones. There are no straight-up clones howevers, only semi-clones. These being: Dr. Mario, Toon Link, Dark Pit, Lucina, Falco from previous games and Galacta Knight and Captain Rainbow.
    • Dr. Mario, Toon Link, Lucina and Falco all got new Final Smashes.
    • Galacta Knight is a clone of Meta Knight only slower one the ground and much faster in the air. And his special moves are performed slightly different.
    • Captain Rainbow is a Captain Falcon clone who basically takes all the moves of Ganondorf, while Ganondorf gets a brand new moveset. Captain Rainbow was included for people who liked Ganondorf's gameplay. All his moves are rainbow themed.
    • Lucas has been altered so much that he was decloned completely, just like Luigi.