This page contains the dojo descriptions for all the playable characters, detailing their playstyles:

Character Description Final Smash
Mario "Mario's playstyle is, as usual, balanced and is good for beginners. He throws fireballs, uses his cape, and can also use the Clone Cherry to create temporary doubles of himself. However, these doubles are destroyed if they take too much damage."

Mario Finale: Mario blasts a large beam of fire, causing a lot of damage to his opponents.

Peach "Peach is a quite a quirky character, using her parasol, throwing vegetables, and using her Peach Bomber attack to knock people away. For her Smash attacks, she uses an assortment of sports tools and other melee weapons to wack people with." Peach Blossom: Peach uses a song to put her opponents to sleep and then feasts on peaches, replenishing her health. 
Bowser TBA TBA
Rosalina TBA TBA
Koopa Troopa "The Koopa Troopa is Bowser's humble minion, who can hide in his shell for defense, knock into people in his shell, and can also sprout wings and fly for a short amount of time."  Blue Shell Rain: Koopa Troopa throws several Koopa shells up in the air, and they circle the top of the stage before gradually raining down at opponents. 
Dr. Mario TBA TBA
Captain Toad "Despite not being able to jump, Captain Toad has a wide array of attacks at his disposal. He can use his pickaxe for quick melee attacks, or roll around in his minecart."  Indiana Toad: Captain Toad jumps out of the way as a giant boulder comes tumbling down and smashing into opponents ala Indiana Jones. Works best on smaller stages like Final Destination or Battlefield. 
Link "Link is a slightly heavy character with a diverse set of moves. He has his traditional weapons such as his sword and bow, but also other items such as potions, bombs, and boomerangs." Triforce Slash: Link traps the character next to him in the Triforce, and begins slashing at him mercilessly, before one final blow that knocks the fighter away.
Toon Link TBA TBA
Ganondorf TBA TBA

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