Super Smash Bros. Vendetta is an upcoming game in the Super Smash Bros. series. It is 5th in the series, coming after Super Smash Bros. Wii U & 3DS.


Returning Gamemodes

  • Brawl: The main mode, where up to 4 people can duke it out, or you can just fight against 1-3 CPUs because you have no friends.... You can play a free-for-all, or team battle. You can also customize the rules to be stock match or time match. In time matches, whoever performs the most KOs in the ammount of time wins, while in stock matches the winner is the last one standing, as for every time you die, you lose a stock. 
  • Smash Run: A multiplayer mode, up to 4 players go through a large labyrinth, fight enemies, and collect boosts. After five minutes, the players use their boosts to duke it out!

New Gamemodes

  • Story Mode - The Lost Empire: Story Mode returns from Brawl, but completely reworked. The gameplay now focuses on combat while still having some platforming elements. It also incorporates more elements from Nintendo's star franchises. 


E3 Trailer

The trailer begins with Mario, Link, Samus, Pikachu, Kirby, Shulk, Pit, Yoshi, and Donkey Kong at a Grand Smash Bros. gathering when a young Toad warns the Smashers that Bowser and Wario have kidnapped Princess Peach. Just then, the two villains break in, with Peach in Bowser's clutches. Pit, Yoshi, and Kirby chase Wario out into the docks, while the other smashers face Bowser. A montage of gameplay is shown featuring a battle between Mario, Shulk, Bowser, and Donkey Kong. Donkey Kong then hits Bowser in the face with a devastating punch, before Bowser breathes fire at Samus, causing her suit to break down, turning her into Zero Suit Samus. A montage of Zero Suit Samus gameplay is shown, before cutting back to Pit, Yoshi, Kirby, and Wario at the docks.

The three have Wario outnumbered, but Wario overpowers them all. Suddenly, the Toad from earlier comes to the rescue, now armed with a searchlight and pickaxe while inside a minecart. "CAPTAIN TOAD BEGINS HIS JOURNEY!" Wario simply knocks him away, but then peculiar music begins to play as the Chorus Kids assault Wario. "CHORUS KIDS PLAY THEIR NOTES!" Gameplay footage of the Chorus Kids, Captain Toad, and Wario is shown before cutting back to Mario and the others. 

The villanous koopa is cornered by the heroes as Shulk frees Peach from Bowser's clutches. After some more gameplay footage, Wario is knocked back into the gathering building and Pit, Yoshi, Kirby, Captain Toad, and the Chorus Kids enter. The two villains are forced to retreat, and the screen flashes to show the logo.

In a post-credits scene, a young robotic figure is shown in some sort of containment unit, hinting at the return of Mega Man. 

Small and Mighty

Mega Man bursts out of his containment unit and runs down a long flight of stairs, before showing gameplay footage of how Mega Man fights. It then cuts to Mega Man, Mario, Shulk, Ness, Link, and Pikachu at a Team Rocket facility, where many Pokemon are being held hostage. They start freeing them, but are stopped by a small feline Pokemon. "MEOWTH, THAT'S RIGHT!" Meowth fights against the Smashers, and more gameplay footage is shown. This time it shows off two items: The return of the Pokeball, and also a brand new item called the False Pokeball. The False Pokeball's function is whenever it's picked up, it will capture the person who picked it up inside the Pokeball for a short amount of time. 

It then cuts to Ness and Meowth fighting, but both are knocked back by a shell. Stubby arms and legs and a head come out of the shell, revealing the Koopa Troopa. "KOOPA TROOPA MARCHES ON!" Soon, all of the fighters charge at each other as the trailer ends with a shot of the logo. 

Painting the Town

Mario and Peach are paying a visit to Delfino Plaza when they find splotches of orange paint left all around famous landmarks. The piantas are quick to blame Mario (because they're idiots) but soon the true culprit makes herself known: Inkling. "INKLING PAINTS THE TOWN ORANGE!" Gameplay footage of Inkling is shown before Mario and Inkling begin to duke it out. Other Smashers come to the scene before Inkling turns into her squid form and disappears in a splash of paint. 

Super Fighting Robots

The trailer begins in an arena, where Mega Man is fighting foe after foe. He goes up against Donkey Kong, Chorus Kids, Meta Knight, Ness, and Greninja and defeats them with fair ease. But then a new challenger returns to the fray: A white humanoid creature with a giant purple tail. "MEWTWO STRIKES BACK!" Mewtwo begins to pummel Mega Man, but a robot hand grabs him and flings him to the side. "BECK MORPHS IN!" Beck and Mewtwo face off, but Beck clearly has the upper hand.

In a post-credits scene, Mega Man, Beck, Mewtwo, Donkey Kong, Chorus Men, Meta Knight, Ness, and Greninja stand at the entrance to a pixellated maze, as they witness a yellow circle-like creature chomping on some pellets. 

It's A Rumble In The Jungle

Diddy Kong and Dixie Kong are relaxing, eating bananas when Kremlings start destroying the jungle, led by a familiar foe. "KING K. ROOL TAKES SIEGE!" Diddy prepares to face him, but Dixie comes at his side. "DIXIE KONG IS READY TO RUMBLE!" Diddy and Dixie face King K. Rool's Kremlings, but a blast of magic knocks Diddy back. "ASHLEY BEWITCHES THE BATTLEFIELD!" Diddy and Dixie face off against Ashley and King K. Rool. Ashley sends out a shockwave knocking all of them back, but is soon attacked by troops of the Forces of Nature. "VIRIDI SENDS HER TROOPS!" A Smash Bros. airship then flies down, and Mario, Donkey Kong, Sheik, and Lucas eject from it. More of Viridi's troops begin to attack as Mario, Donkey Kong, Diddy Kong, Dixie Kong, Sheik, and Lucas face them. It then shows a brief montage of gameplay footage before cutting to the logo. 


Much like for Super Smash Bros. 3DS and some other recent Nintendo titles, cheesy commercials for the game were made to advertise the game a few days after the game's release. 

Hunger for Battle

The commercial begins with a kid watching the kitchen. He spots his dad working on his computer, and right across from him, on the kitchen counter, is a bowl of fruit. The kid sneaks into the kitchen and tries to steal a banana from the bowl, but his father catches him. The father bangs his fists against his chest, before transforming into Donkey Kong. Ness points at him, imitating the pose for Ness' official artwork for the game, before transforming into Ness

The commercial than cuts to a brief montage of gameplay with this narration playing over it: "Time to settle the score! Play as your favorite Nintendo fighters in SUPER SMASH BROTHERS VENDETTA!"  It then ends with a shot of the game's boxart. In a post credits scene, the kid is shown taking a time out. 

Turtle Troubles

Two boys and a girl are playing with a turtle, but the turtle runs away, causing the three to chase after it. The turtle then turns into Bowser, and the kids transform into Mario, Shulk, and Zelda. 

The commercial than cuts to a brief montage of gameplay with this narration playing over it: "Time to settle the score! Play as your favorite Nintendo fighters in SUPER SMASH BROTHERS VENDETTA!"  It then ends with a shot of the game's boxart. In a post credits scene, one of the kids puts the turtle in a box so that it can't escape. 

"Now, For My Next Trick...."

A young girl with pigtails is on stage, performing magic tricks. She does one involving cards that backfires, causing the other kids in the audience to boo her. Angered, the girl pulls out her 3DS and transforms into Ashley.

The commercial then cuts to a brief montage of Smash Run gameplay with this narration playing over it: "Use Smash Run to gather power ups and blast through foes in SUPER SMASH BROTHERS VENDETTA!"  It then ends with a shot of the game's boxart. 

Playable Characters

For more info on the characters' playstyles, see here.

Starting Characters

Mario SSB4
MarioSSB Mario Series
Hyrule Warriors Link TP Clothes
LinkSSB The Legend of Zelda Series
PikachuSSB Pokémon Series
Samus SSB4
SamusSSB Metroid Series
ShulkSSB Xenoblade Series
PeachSSB Mario Series
ZeldaSSB The Legend of Zelda Series
MeowthSSB Pokémon Series
480px-Zero Suit Samus SSB4
Zero Suit SamusSSB Metroid Series
480px-Marth SSB4
MarthSSB Fire Emblem Series
Bowser SSB4
BowserSSB Mario Series
KTD Kirby artwork
KirbySSB Kirby Series
GreninjaSSB Pokémon Series
Fox SSB4
FoxSSB Star Fox Series
Inkling SSBV
InklingSSB Splatoon
Cpt. ToadSSB Mario Series
Meta Knight(Clear)
Meta KnightSSB Kirby Series
548px-CharizardSSB4.Wii U
CharizardSSB Pokémon Series
480px-Ness SSB4 Render
NessSSB EarthBound Series
Pit SSB4
PitSSB Kid Icarus Series
Rosalina & LumaSSB Mario Series
Donkey KongSSB Donkey Kong Series
WarioSSB Wario Series
Chorus menjjj
Chorus KidsSSB RhythmHeaven
Palutena SSB3M
PalutenaSSB Kid Icarus Series
YoshiSSB Yoshi Series
90px-Diddy Kong Artwork - Donkey Kong Country Tropical Freeze
Diddy KongSSB Donkey Kong Series
RobinSSB Fire Emblem Series
Anna FE13 Artwork
AnnaSSB Fire Emblem Series
Chrom SSB3M
ChromSSB Fire Emblem Series
AshleySSB Wario Series
450px-Hyrule Warriors - Sheik Harp Artwork
SheikSSB The Legend of Zelda Series
LucasSSB EarthBound Series
200px-Viridi Uprising
ViridiSSB Kid Icarus Series
Dixie Kong - Donkey Kong Country Tropical Freeze
Dixie KongSSB Donkey Kong Series
KTD King Dedede
King DededeSSB Kirby Series
Bandana Waddle Dee KTD
Waddle DeeSSB Kirby Series
250px-Olimar SSB4
OlimarSSB Pikmin Series
Villager SSB
VillagerSSB Animal Crossing Series
Isabelle SSB4
IsabelleSSB Animal Crossing Series

Unlockable Characters

Dr. Mario SSB4
Dr. MarioSSB Mario Series
Mega ManSSB Mega Man Series
Toon LinkSSB The Legend of Zelda Series
MewtwoSSB Pokémon Series
Captain Falcon SSB4
Cpt. FalconSSB F-Zero Series
Koopa Troopa SMBU
Koopa TroopaSSB Mario Series
Beck MightyNo9Elb
GanondorfSSB The Legend of Zelda Series
JigglypuffSSB Pokémon Series
480px-Duck Hunt SSB4 Render
Duck Hunt DogSSB Duck Hunt Series
150px-Luigi Artwork (alt) - Super Mario 3D World
LuigiSSB Mario Series
Pac-Man SSB
Pac-ManPac-Man SSB symbol
King K. Rool
SSB Donkey Kong Series
Masked Man by AverageJoey543
The Masked ManSSB EarthBound Series
Black MageFinal Fantasy symbol
Bowser Jr. Icon SSB5
Bowser Jr.SSB Mario Series
Mii Brawler SSB4
Mii BrawlerSSB Super Smash Bros. Series
Mii Swordfighter SSB4
Mii SwordfighterSSB Super Smash Bros. Series
Mii Gunner SSB4
Mii GunnerSSB Super Smash Bros. Series
480px-Wii Fit Trainer SSB4
Wii Fit TrainerSSB Wii Fit Series
Little Mac Smash
Little MacSSB Punch-Out Series
Ice climbers
Ice ClimbersSSB Ice Climber Series
480px-Rob SSB4 Render
R.O.B.SSB R.O.B. Series
250px-Mr. Game & Watch SSB4 Render
Mr. Game & WatchSSB Game & Watch Series
Falco SSB4 Art
FalcoSSB Star Fox Series
Chibi-RoboSSB Chibi-Robo Series
Shantae HalfGenieHero new shantae design 9671669863 l-1
ShantaeSBB Shantae
Sonic SSB3M
SonicSSB Sonic Series
LipPanelDePon Symbol
ChesnaughtSSB Pokémon Series


Default Stages

Stage Dojo Description
BattlefieldSSB Super Smash Bros. Series

"The one and only Battlefield! It's a small stage, but you can use the floating platforms to get the high ground and pummel opponents! There are also alternate skins of the stage that resemble the Brawl, Melee, and 64 versions of the stage."

640px-SSB4 WiiU FinalDestination
Final DestinationSSB Super Smash Bros. Series
"The Final Destination stage admittedly doesn't offer much, but you have to admit it looks epic with that sun and moon colliding and stuff. Like the Battlefield stage, there are alternate skins of the stage that resemble the Brawl, Melee, and 64 versions of the stage."
Mushroom Kingdom 3D by Kritter5x
Mushroom KingdomSSB Mario Series
"The first level of Super Mario Bros. comes to life in Smash!....again. Goombas and Piranna Plants serve as stage hazards, not to mention that it is a side-scrolling stage, so you better keep up with the screen!" 

Unlockable Stages

Stage Dojo Description How to Unlock
640px-MK8 RainbowRoad
Rainbow RoadSSB Mario Series
"Unlike most iterations of the famed racetrack in Smash Bros, this stage is a side-scrolling stage as you fight through the racetrack, with all the twists and turns and reversals of gravity. Good luck with this stage, you'll need it." Unlock Koopa Troopa


Item Function
Beam Sword SSBR
Beam SwordSSB Super Smash Bros. Series
Used as a melee weapon, the Beam Sword can deliver strong strikes and has decent range. In this version, the beam sword can come in a different variety of colors such as blue, red, green, and orange. 
PokeballSSB Pokémon Series
Summons a randomly selected Pokemon to help you for a short amount of time.
False PokeballSSB Pokémon Series
This pokeball is slightly darker in hue then the regular one, and when used it captures the user in a pokeball for a short amount of time, rendering him/her immobile. 
Assist TrophiesSSB Super Smash Bros. Series
When used, this item will summon a fighter that will attack other players for a short amount of time. 

Pokeball Pokemon

Assist Trophies