This page goes in-depth with the new Pokeball Pokemon in Super Smash Bros. V.

New Pokemon

AlakazamSSBV Alakazam

Move Used: Disable

When Alakazam appears it floats above the ground moving around slowly towards any nearby opponent. When it gets near, it blasts the opponent with a shock and after the shock the opponent cannot do anything but move and jump for a good amount of time.

BlazikenSSBV Blaziken

Move Used: Blaze Kick

When brought out, Blaziken jumps and runs about using Blaze Kick which has a similar animation to Captain Falcon's Falcon Kick. It does 15% and has good knockback. If used in the air and as it lands it immediately acts out of it unlike Captain Falcon's air Falcon Kick whihc has a good amount of lag to it.

ChesnaughtSSBV Chesnaught

Moves Used: Spiky Sheild and Needle Arm

Chesnaught appears and stays behind the user that brought it out at all times holding out a Spiky Shield which damages any opponent (21%) that touches it. At times Chesnaught will leave the summoner's back to attack any nearby opponent with Needle Arm which does 14%.

Delphox Delphox

Move Used: Mystical Fire

When summoned, Delphox blasts a large circular mass of fire forward which hits anybody in its path, except the summoner of course. Those hit take a total of 18%, as the ring of fire stays for a good amount of time before dissapearing, and are unable to use Special Attacks for a short period of time.

Machamp Machamp

Move Used: Close Combat

Machamp runs around the stage using Close Combat, which involves a flurry of punches that opponents are trapped in, that does a total of 24%. The final hit has alot of knockback being able to KO at later percents.

Mime Jr. Mime Jr.

Move Used: Mimic

For a short period of time before dissappearing Mime Jr. mimics every single movement and attack used by the player that summoned it on he opponent the summoner is attack. This makes for pretty much double damage if the moves are connecting. Mime Jr. just stands around if the summoner is idle.

PidgeotSSBV Ppidgeot

Move Used: Tailwind

Pidgeot appears and uses Tailwind which creates a large gust of wind all over the stage that pushes opponents back and gives the summoner a small speed boost.

SceptileSSBV Sceptile

Move Used: Fury Attack

Sceptile appears and slashes wildly at anybody. The slashes damage and knockback increaes over time. It starts at 10% and increases 4% each slash. The final slash can easily KO whoever's hit.

Scizor Scizor

Move Used: Bullet Punch

Scizor moves around attacking with Bullet Punch which does 12%. Even if opponents shield it, they still take the damage.

Smoochum Smoochum

Move Used: Sweet Kiss or Perish Song

Smoochum can use either Sweet Kiss or Perish Song when summoned. With Sweet Kiss, Smoochum will walk around using Sweet Kiss on opponents. Opponents hit with the kiss are automatically stunned as if their shield broke. With Perish Song, Smoochum begins to hum a tune and anybody in her radius get a timer above their heads that counts attacks used. After using 5 attacks, that fighter is automatically KOed, similarly to that effect of Jigglypuff's shield running out.

Tyranitar Tyranitar

Move Used: Sandstorm

Tyranitar appears and casts a Sandstorm all over the screen/stage. The Fighter that summoned Tyranitar puts on Safety Goggles which protect them from the Sandstorm. Sandstorm slows opponents a little bit and does 1% damage every few seconds.

Tyrouge Tyrouge

Move Used: Tackle

Tyrouge simply runs around Tackling opponents. Tackle does 7% and takes alot of shield.

Raikou Raikou

Move Used: Volt Switch

Raikou appears and slams into any nearby opponent with a shock of electricity then bounces off them. The shock does a total of 34% and if shielded the shield is most likely broken. It also has high knockback.

VolcanionSSBV Volcanion

Move Used: Steam Eruption

Volcanion appears and uses Steam Eruption in all types of directions. It has a similar effect to that of Mario's Scalding FLUDD and Kyogre;s Hyrdro Pump combined.

YveltalSSBV Yveltal

Move Used: Steam Eruption

Yveltal appears and uses its signature move Oblivion Wing which is a red beam shot from the sky that travels across the stage. It has no knockback but does a whopping 46% to those that make contact with it.

Zygarde Zygarde

Move Used: Thousand Arrowws

Zygarde appears and uses one of its signature moves, Thousand Arrows. It appears and shoots stalagmite like objects in the air. The objects come raining down from the sky, similar to PK Starstorm but with much moe force, damage, and knockback. They damage everyone but the summoner of course.

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