This page goes in-depth with the new Assist Trophies in Super Smash Bros. V.

New Assist Trophies

AdeleineSSBV Adeleine

Universe: Kirby

When Adeleine appears on screen she’ll giggle then paint 1 of 3 items for only the summoner to make use of. She’ll either paint a 1-Up, a Maxim Tomato, or a Bomb. The 1-Up pretty much gives the summoner a free point in a time battle or an extra stock in a stock battle. In a coin battle it gives 100 coins. The Maxim Tomato heals about 60% health. The bomb can be thrown at opponents and explodes on contact dealing 34% damage with high knockback. Before she disappears (right after painting the item), she giggles again.

AmaterasuSSBV Amaterasu

Universe: Okami

When Amaterasu appears on screen, she howls as a large ray of sunlight appears in the background of the stage. This sunlight heals 1% health to the summoner every second. It disappears when Amaterasu disappears. Before she disappears, she lets out a soft growl.


Universe: Sonic

When Amy appears she brings her Piko Piko Hammer and exclaims “Watch out! I’ll destroy all of you!” then she begins to slam the hammer on opponents doing 15% damage with high knockback. On occasion it’ll ground the opponent instead. If a 2 or more female characters are in battle, she’ll instead exclaim “Watch out! I’m Sonic’s girlfriend!”. Before she dissappears, she makes a “Hmmmm” sound in an angry tone.

Cranky KongSSBV Cranky Kong

Universe: Donkey Kong

When Cranky Kong appears he puts his hand on his chin then begins to slowly walk back and forth tapping opponents with his cane with an angry expression. It does 4%. Before disappearing he simply stops walking.

DemilleDemiru DeMille

Universe: Tomato Adventure

When Demille appears he winks then begins to throw his large Gear Yo-Yo that bounces all over the stage before returning to him. The Gear Yo-Yo breaks shields on contact and does 14%. Before disappearing, he jumps up and down happily.

Eggplant WizardSSBV Eggplant Wizard

Universe: Kid Icarus

When he appears, he holds his hand up while exclaiming “Ah!” He then begins to teleport behind opponents attacking them with his staff as they turning into Eggplants. The effect is similar to that of Yoshi’s eggs. The opponents have to break free from spell. Before disappearing, he makes a “Hmph” sound.

GrooseSSBV Groose

Universe: The Legend of Zelda

When Groose appears he combs his hair and begins to throw eggs forward, similar to Meowth’s Payday, which do 5% each egg. Occasionally he slams forward doing 12% damage. Before disappearing he brushes his hands.

ImpaSSBV Impa

Universe: The Legend of Zelda

When Impa appears she leans back then zooms strikes forward with a powerful blow of her Naginata as an intense fire explosion pops up. The attack can KO at 30% or higher and does 25%.

Jeanne Jeanne

Universe: Bayonetta

When Jeanne appears she exclaims "I'll crush you!" then exectues an Umbran Climax string on any nearby opponent. Before she dissappears, she exclaims "Worthless!"

King BooSSBV King Boo

Universe: Mario

King Boo appears and begins to slowly hover around the stage spitting blue fire. He cannot be hit by any regular attack. Occasionally, he'll invert enemy fighters' movement (Left = Right etc.) when he touches his crown.

KnucklesSSBV Knuckles

Universe: Sonic

Knuckles appears and stretches his arm by spinning. He'll then begin to spin dash around the stage. The spin dash isn't as fast as Sonic's but it's stronger. When he stops, he'll lift a boulder and throw it at opponents. The boulder has high hitstun and damge. He lets out a "Hmph" before disappearing.

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