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This page goes in-depth with new items in Super Smash Bros. V. A list of returning items is featured. For an in-depth look at returning items see Item.

New Items

BirthdayCakeAnimalCrossingSSBV Birthday Cake

Universe: Animal Crossing

Type: Status/Recovery

Heavy: X mark 2

When taken, an animation occurs involving the fighter eating the whole cake in one intake. After consumption, 51% is healed to the fighter and the fighter gets a speed and jump boost for the rest of that stock/life.

BlessedMaceGoldenSunSSBV Blessed Mace

Universe: Golden Sun

Type: Battering/Recovery

Heavy: X mark 2

The Blessed Mace works similarly to the Baseball Bat item. The only difference is that it has no potential to one-hit KO. However, when opponents are hit, the user gets 10% restored.The user does not get any percentage restored if nothing is hit. While held, the holder is covered in a yellow aura.

CricketBatZombiUSSBV Cricket Bat

Universe: ZombiU

Type: Battering

Heavy: X mark 2

Simple battering item. No special effect.

DribbleStoneShantaeSSBV Dribble Stone

Universe: Shantae

Type: Special

Heavy: X mark 2

When picked up, an animation plays similar to that of the Assist Trophy pikc up animation. After that, an aggressive water current appears from the left side of the stage to take opponents with it as moves towards the right having the potential to KO any opponent caught in it.

DubiousDiscPokemonSSBV Dubious Disc

Universe: Pokemon

Type: Status

Heavy: X mark 2

When picked up, an animation plays involving the user strangely moving about before their eyes glow red and they glow a purple aura and hover. After the animation, the user is hovering and glowing a purple aura with glowing red eyes and they can move around freely attacking opponents. Their damage and knockback power is increased during the effect time.

FireVictoryTorpedoW101SSBV Fire Victory Torpedo

Universe: The Wonderful 101

Type: Special

Heavy: Checkmark

When picked up, it is held until thrown. When thrown, it's always thrown up, before crashing down causing a large explosion that does high damage and knockback. If thrown and opponent is in the way, they'll take heavy contact damage and knockback as it rises.

MedusaHeadKidIcarusSSBV Medusa Head

Universe: Kid Icarus

Type: Special

Heavy: X mark 2

When picked up, it can be held while moving around. When the special button is pressed while holding it directly in front of an opponent(s), they are turned into stone and frozen in place for an unlimited amount of time until hit. Can only be used once.

PulleysButterflyBayonettaSSBV Pulley's Butterfly

Universe: Bayonetta

Type: Recovery/Summoning

Heavy: X mark 2

When picked up, an animation plays similar to that of the Assist Trophy pikc up animation. After that, a swarm of magical butteflies appear and move around the stage covering opponent fighters. As long as they're covering an opponent fighter, that opponent's health is drained and transferred to the summoner. After some time, they dissappear.

StopwatchCastlevaniaSSBV Stopwatch

Universe: Castlevania

Type: Special

Heavy: X mark 2

When used, one of two will happen. Either the speed of battle will be slowed down or sped up for a short period of time.

SuperBellMarioSSBV Super Bell

Universe: Mario

Type: Status

Heavy: X mark 2

Can only be obtained on the Super Bell Hill stage. Randomly spawn around the stage and when taken, the user dones a gold cat-like costume. In which their agility, moblity, and speed is increased and they can float in the air.

SuperBombLoZSSBV Super Bomb

Universe: The Legend of Zelda

Type: Status

Heavy: Checkmark

Works very similar to Link's bombs but with more KO power, damage, knockback, and a much larger radius.

UndineBayonettaSSBV Undine

Universe: Bayonetta

Type: Status

Heavy: X mark 2

Work similar to how they do in the Bayonetta games. Can be used for melee attacks and when the special button is hit it alternates between shooting a burning fire shot or a freezing ice shot.

Returning Items

Items returning in Super Smash Bros. V include:

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