All-Star Mode (オールスター) is a gameplay mode available in Super Smash Bros. Melee, Super Smash Bros. Brawl, and Super Smash Bros. 4, and Super Smash Bros. V that pits the player against every playable character in the game. The character chosen has a stock of only one life in this mode and is given extremely limited opportunities to recover health. In Melee and Brawl, it is unlocked by unlocking every character within the game, but it is available from the start in Smash V.

All-Star Mode in Smash V works most like Smash 4's All-Star Mode. Up to 4 players can now co-op in All-Star Mode. The recovery items in the rest area do remain and the concept is just as in Smash 4. When the player finishes All-Star Mode with a character, the credits will roll (Solo mode only), and they will earn the character's "All-Star" trophy.

Level 1: 2007-2015

Characters Stages
Rosalina (November 1, 2007)RosalinaHeadSSBV

Wii Fit Trainer (December 1, 2007)WiiFitHeadSSBV

Bayonetta (October 29, 2009)BayonettaHeadSSBV

Shulk (June 10, 2010)ShulkHeadSSBV

Genesect (September 18, 2010)GenesectHeadSSBV

Matthew (October 28, 2010)MatthewHeadSSBV

Dillon (February 22, 2012)DillonHeadSSBV

Hades (March 22, 2012)HadesHeadSSBV

Magnus (March 22, 2012)MagnusHeadSSBV

Robin (April 19, 2012)RobinHeadSSBV

Wonder Red (August 23, 2013)RedHeadSSBV

Greninja (October 12, 2013)GreninjaHeadSSBV

Captain Toad (November 13, 2014)CaptainToadHeadSSBV

Inkling (May 28, 2015)InklingHeadSSBV

Kamui (June 25, 2015)KamuiHeadSSBV

Aqua RockBlackbelly Skatepark


Gaur Plains


Wii Fit StudioSSBV

Level 2: 2001-2006

Characters Stages
Villager (April 14, 2001)VillagerHeadSSBV

Olimar (October 26, 2001)OlimarHeadSSBV

Roy (November 21, 2001)RoyHeadSSBV

Shantae (June 2, 2002)ShantaeHeadSSBV

Krystal (September 23, 2002)KrystalHeadSSBV

Zero Suit Samus (February 9, 2004)ZSSHeadSSBV

Ike (April 20, 2005)IkeHeadSSBV

Chibi-Robo (June 23, 2005)ChibiRoboHeadSSBV

Lucas (April 20, 2006) LucasHeadSSBV

Lucario (September 28, 2006)LucarioHeadSSBV

Weavile (September 28, 2006)WeavileHeadSSBV

Midna (November 19, 2006)MidnaHeadSSBV

Garden of HopeLighthouse

Pokemon Stadium 3


Town and CitySSBV

Twilight Palace

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