Chapter VI - Ring, The Dimensional Disaster

"Dimension Blade!" Ring shouted. Suddenly a huge Blade appeared on his back, and Ring reached for it, and sliced Tanks, armies, and Helicopters.

"Go after him!" The Leader of the army commanded. Suddenly the army and tanks started shooting at Ring.

"Idiots..." Ring whispered to himself. He started running very fast, dodging the bullets. "I must find that Dimension emerald..."

"Whatever you do, don't let that hedgehog get that Dimension emerald!" The Leader shouted.

"Yes sir!" The army said.

Ring looked at his watch. "Ok, The emerald finder says," Ring looked at it more closer. "Right after I pass this bridge!" Ring said excitedly. "I just hope those stalkers don't fire bullets at me, I will will aim them back at them.

"Fire!" All the bullets fired at Ring.

"Sigh..." Ring said, stopping in the middle of the bridge. He created a barrier and stopped the bullets from hitting him. "Get them!" Ring shouted. The bullets suddenly aimed right back at the army and hit them.

"He's too powerful!" One of the soldiers said.

"Retreat!" Another soldier said.

"No!" The Leader shouted. "We have to stop him somehow.

Ring stopped at the end of the bridge. He looked around from left to right, and saw the Dimensional Emerald straight ahead. Ring ran as fast as he could down to the Dimensional Emerald. "I've found it, I've found one of them." Ring smiled and looked at it. Ring suddenly heard noises and turned around. Suddenly he was surrounded and blocked by the army.

"Your surrounded," The Leader said grinning, "Now what are you going to do?"

Ring laughed. "Oh please, I can take you down now if I want too, but I have to find the last Dimensional Emerald." Ring said.

"Attack!" The Leader commanded. Everyone charged up there fire, but Ring was calm.

"Dimensional.......Warp!" Ring shouted. Suddenly the emerald glowed, and Ring disappeared, leaving a massive explosion.

"Ahhh!!!!" The whole army yelled. Once the massive explosion was finished, the bridge fell, many soldiers were wounded, and the city was destroyed.

"He, he destroyed the last of the cities on this planet." The Leader shouted. "That Dimensional Disaster, He destroyed our planet, and he's going to another one to destroy that one."

"Sir, we must rebuild our cities..."

"Yes," The Leader said, "We will..."

"Now, where am I?" Ring asked himself. Suddenly he saw a big, huge castle. "I must be on Earth, where the most powerful Dimensional Emerald is." Ring looked at his watch again. The watch could not find the Dimensional Emerald. "Grrrr....Stupid Watch." Ring said. "Well, once I get it, I will be unstoppable, controlling the whole Universe." Ring's mind suddenly showed him a flashback. "Oh no, not another flash back!"

"I am a monster...." a little six year old voice said, "I am a total monster..."

"Stop giving me this flash back!"

"I've destroyed something very important to me, and this is my destiny."

"Stop it!"

Suddenly a huge hammer hit Rings head, leaving Ring on the ground.

"Walking Hedgehog!!"

"Who are you!?"

"Walking Talking Hedgehog!" Suddenly the Hammer smashed Ring again.

"Don't hit me again!" Ring commanded.

"Who are you then?"

"Ring the hedgehog!" Ring answered, "What about your Hammer Whacking name?"

"You don't know me?"


"I am.....The amazing Mario!" Mario said, standing on a rock.

"Doesn't ring a bell."

"Everyone knows me!" Mario said. "Come on, let's go inside the castle. We can have food!" Mario said nicely, "Sounds good huh?"

"Well, yeah I guess..." Ring said. He thought for a second. "Maybe Mario could be a use to me, to help me find this emerald. "Yes, it is."

Mario and Ring walked into the Castle. Many Toads were walking around talking, cooking, and cleaning. Peach came out of her room to see who Mario brought in with him.

"Oh, Mario! You brought a Walking hedgehog in here?" Peach asked.

"he's a walking talking hedgehog." Mario answered.

"Hurry and hit him with your hammer!" Peach yelled.

"No, he's a good one!"

"Oh, have you seen Luigi?"

"Unfortunately no, I think he was taken by somebody or something.

"Who would want to take Luigi?" Peach asked.

"Bowser perhaps..." Mario said. "Or some new villain we don't know about."

"Uh, who's Luigi?" Ring asked.

"Oh! He's my brother. ever since yesterday, he's been taken or wondered off to somewhere we don't even know about." Mario answered.

"Wow, you worried about him?" Ring asked.

"Of course! he's my brother!" Mario said. "Do you have a brother."

"Well, I did."

"Did? did he die, and how?"

"Yeah, and somebody...killed him."

"That's terrible!" Peach said.

"Princess Peach! Mario!" shouted one of the Toads.

"Yes?" Princess Peach said.

"We think we know where Luigi is."

"Where?" Mario said excitedly.

"Luigi is probably kidnapped by an unknown villain, but we know he's at a temple place called Dimension Temple." Toad said.

"Oh no!" Mario shouted. "How are we going to get him out?"

Suddenly Ring heard the name "Dimension" in Temple and wondered is that wehre the last Dimension Emerald is.

"I have an idea." Ring said.


"How about you and me go out and search for him. I'm looking for the last Dimension Emerald to the world, and you can find Luigi in the temple.

"Cool! we can go adventuring! and rescue Luigi!"

"That's a great idea, Ring!" Princess Peach said.

"We'll start tomorrow, right now we can eat dinner, and sleep!" Mario said, running into the dinner room.

"Yes, and tomorrow, I will be the ruler of the universe." Ring said to himself walking into the dinner room with Mario.

"Did you here that Wario? Mario is gonna go adventuring!"

"Yes I heard him Waluigi!" Wario shouted, "We just have to find out how to end there adventure!" Wario said, laughing.

"Alright! but we have to follow them." Waluigi said.

End of Chapter 6. Why does Ring's Mind gives him flashbacks? is Ring good or bad? Why does he always talk about ruling the universe? and What are Waluigi and Wario going to do to end their adventure? Find out on the next chapters of Super Smash Bros. Unlimited!

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