Chapter V - Meeting the Castle

"This place is big..." Kai said looking around the castle.

"Come on, we have to ask my Dad if you can stay for dinner." The Girl said.

"Ok." Kai said.

The Girl and Kai walked into The Girl's Dad's room, where he was watching TV.

"Excuse me, Dad,"

"Yes Samantha?" King Harold said.

"So that's what your name is." Kai said.

"Be quiet!" Samantha said angrily. "Is it okay if my friend can stay for dinner?"

"Yes, as long as he doesn't break anything, smell anything, or touch anything!" King Harold said.

"Excuse me, but when you say touch anything, I'm already touching the floor, and I'm smelling your air, and...I just br-"

Samantha put her hand over Kai's mouth. "Ha ha ha! What a jokester! always playing around! I'll see you at dinner!" Samantha said rushing upstairs into her room.

Samantha threw Kai on her floor. "Are you stupid or crazy!?" Samantha asked him.

"Neither." Kai said.

"Well, you almost got yourself in trouble, and dinner is almost ready, so how about we talk?" Samantha asked him.

"I have a question."


"Why did you let me in your castle anyway?" Kai asked.

"Uh..." Samantha was quiet for a moment. "because it was guilt! yeah, guilt! I didn't want to turn you into the knights because you looked innocent." Samantha answered. "My turn to ask the question, Who and where did you come from?"

"My name is Kai and I can't tell you the rest." Kai said.

"How come?" Samantha said, clenaing up her room.

"It's a secret."

"Why does it have to be a secret."


"Because why?"

"......I don't know..."

"Well, after dinner can you tell me."

"Um...I don't..know...I-"

"Well its official!" Samantha said. "You are going to tell me everything about your life after dinner!"

"Ok..." Kai said.

"DINNER TIME!" The Butler shouted to the three rooms.

Everyone rushed down to dinner to find out what was for dinner.

"Today we're having the King's favorite dish! Turkey Dish!" The Chef said as the butlers served the food. Everyone sat down and waited on their food to be served.

"So Samantha," One of her mean sisters said, "Who's your new friend?"

"His name is Kai." Samantha answered.

"He seems like a nice fellow, aren't you Kai?" Samantha's mom said.

"Why thank you, and yes I am." Kai said eating his Turkey.

"And nice manners too." The King Harold said, stuffing his mouth with large turkey. The King accidently wasted some of his juice on the floor while he was eating. "Butler!"

"That's ok, I'll get it." Kai said jumping off his chair. he rushed up to the stained juice, took out a stain cleaner from his bookbag, and wiped it off.

"Unbelievable," Samantha's Mean Sisters said, "Kai's stain cleaner took off the stained juice from the floor!" The Mean Sisters said.

"Well, it's official," The King said, "This boy has talents, and as long as he abide by the rules, and if he doesn' have anywhere to live, he can stay here."

Kai looked up at the King. Suddenly the King reminded him of his dad. "Dad...." Kai said to him.


Kai then remembered who he was talking to. "Sorry sir, and thank you for letting me stay."

"Ok, Kai and I are going to talk some more about his life before he came here!" Samantha said. She grabbed Kai by the hand and rushed upstairs into her room, and closed the door.

"Your family is nice." Kai said.

"I know, I know, My Sisters are the only mean ones in this family. When I was little, they would always put a kick me sign on my back and they would kick me.


"I know, isn't it?" Samantha remembered why she wanted to talk to Kai. "Don't think I forgot, where are you from?"

"Ok, it will be hard to understand, but this seriously happened and I am not making it up.

He took out a Red Shaped Sphere and placed it on the ground. "This is one of my inventions that I recorded about my life." Kai tampered with it a bit, then pressed the blue button. Suddenly a huge video came out of the Sphere, making it fill almost the whole room.

"Pant...Pant..." Kai said running.

"Everyone run for your lives!" everyone was running and screaming.

"Kai! leave this town!" Kai's mom told him.

"Mommy, no! I want to stay with you!!!" Kai yelled.

"Mommy will be alright, I will take care of the Zombites!"

"I'm scared you might be gone!" Kai screamed.

"I said go!" Kai's mom yelled.

"Mommy, before I go, make sure you use your power on them."

"I will Kai, I will."

Suddenly the video showed Kai in his lab. "My name is Kai, and I am the last person on the Planet Tron. Zombites are humans, animals, and plants that have gotten the disease from a deadly villain named Skeleton X. Skeleton X is a very evil being. My whole family except me fought Skeleton X everyday. I was born intelligent, and not the power type. Skeleton X planned this plan ever since he was born. Fortunately He thinks I'm dead, and hasn't looked for me. My Mom, Dad, Brother, and Sister are gone, some might be Zombites, others not. So now I'm looking for a planet I call, Earth. I think I know my destiny. I found out that I am not from this Planet, I am from Earth, my home. My DNA did not match any other organism on this planet, So now I am making a invention of mine called Dimensional Warp that will help me get there. If you get this message, I might be dead, or turned into a Zombite by now. Skeleton X is out there.

"Kai....." Samantha looked at him.

"This is what happened, I am now trying to figure out how I was brought to that planet, and trying to destroy Skeleton X." Kai said.

"Wow..." Samantha said. Tears started coming out of her eyes. She had never seen anything like this before.

"Are you crying?" Kai asked.

"No, just have something in my eye..." Samantha answered.

"Want me to get it out for you?"

"No!" Samantha shouted. "How come you're not crying?"

"Because," Kai answered, "I've already cried enough.


"It looks like he's not dead after all...."

"He is still alive...on earth..."

"I, Skeleton X, will finish him and Earth with a bang, but it will take time, just like the Planet Tron."

End of Chapter 5. How was Kai sent to Tron, what paths await him, what does Skeleton X mean by finishing him and Earth with a bang, and what about Miles and Wonder? Have they found land yet? Find out on the next chapters of Super Smash Bros. Unlimited!

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