Chapter IV - Kai, the Sorcerer of Light

"I remember like it was yesterday....."

"Run for your lives! its a monster!"


Suddenly Kai woke up from the horror. "Another horrible dream." Kai said to himself. "I better get dressed."

Kai jumped off of his creaky bed and went into his closet. He put on a blue shirt, blue jean shorts, brushed his blonde hair, and put on his blue shoes. He was a very short, chubby boy that couldn't run to fast.

"Time to go downstairs to make some food." Kai went downstairs and made his favorite, peanut butter and jelly sandwhich, and it was the only thing he had.

He sat down at the table and ate his sandwhich. He ate about half of it and threw it away in the garbage can. unexpectedly, he remembered why today was an important day. It was the day, the day he've been waiting for three years, the day he completed his invention.

"I have to hurry!"

Kai rushed downstairs, grabbing his lab coat while running downstairs to the basement, and put it on. He looked at his invention happily.

"This is what I call my greatest invention." Kai ran to the controls and tampered with it a bit, then got on track. He took parts out and finished his project, he took out a test dummy just in case it didn't work, and if it didn't work, he would be very sad. This is about his fifth time making this project, and he hoped it worked.

"Time for the test dummy." Kai said. He took the test dummy, and put it into a capsule. He added a technological in the eyes of the dummy so he could see what the dummy was seeing. Kai started it up, and the invention made some sounds, then began working.

"Time to start!" Kai pressed the "Go" button and suddenly the dummy disappeared. He rushed to the camera view to see what the dummy was seeing. At first, Kai couldn't see nothing, thinking he was hopeless, but suddenly...He saw a world that appeared to him, he saw grass, water, and humans walking around.

"It...It..." Kai couldn't say nothing else. he was too shocked to say anything. "IT WORKS!" Kai hurried and took his lab coat off, and put himself inside the capsule. He quickly made a wireless "Go" button to push so he wouldn't have to figure out how to press the go button in his lab and try to rush to his capsule before the capsule leaves him.

"Ok...Here I go." Kai jumped into the capsule and pressed the wireless "Go" button.

Suddenly Kai's body felt light, and his head began to hurt, he couldn't see nothing, and he was scared.

"This isn't supposed to be happening!" Kai said crying a bit. Suddenly he heard footsteps around his lab. He couldn't see so he just stayed inside the capsule until it started. He heard roaring, and electricity blowing. Then he knew who it was. The effected Zombites, and they were destroying his lab. He had an emergency button just in case Zombites attacked, but it was going to cost his life.

Kai took a blue button out of his pocket. "I am going to die..." Kai said. he pressed the button and suddenly his whole house exploded and the Zombites were getting killed. Before it struck the lab, The Capsule teleported. Kai did feel the explosion and he fainted.

"I can remember like it was only yesterday....."

"Kai! Leave now!"

"I'm not leaving you mommy!"


"Yes Mommy." feeling sad, Kai ran, horribly looking at his town be destroyed.


"What?" Kai woke up, laying on grass, and feeling the air. "Where am I?" Kai jumped up and looked around. "I must be here..." Kai thought. "This must be the place I have been wanting to come here for many years.....Earth."


"Huh?" Kai turned around.

"Yeah, Hey!" said a girl in a Princess Suit rushing towards Kai. "Who are you? You know you can get caught running around here!" The girl said.

"No I don't..." Kai said puzzled.

"Well you have to remember, ok?"

"Yes ma'am."

The Girl and Kai just stared at each other for a minute, then The girl was frustrated.

"Aren't you going home?"

"I have no home here." Kai said.

The Girl looked at Kai puzzled. Then felt sorry for him. "Ok, I don't do this to people like you, but this is the only time I'm going to do it ok?" The Girl said.

"Ok." Kai answered.

"Now come on, boy, lets get goin!" The Girl said grabbing Kais hand and running into the Castle. End of Chapter 4.

Who is this Kid, Kai? Where does he come from? Exactly Who are these Zombites, and why does he have these disturbing dreams? Find out on the next chapters of Super Smash Bros. Unlimited!

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