Chapter III - The Team up!

"Leave the boy to us you fool!" The Wolflike creature shouted at Wonder.

Wonder grinned. "You don't know who your messing with..."

"Get him!" The Leader shouted. Suddenly five creatures came out attacking him.

"I'll help!" Miles shouted.

The creatures charged at Wonder. Wonder dashed towards the creatures and used double team, making five of him. The real Wonder took care of the leader.

"I guess you don't need help..." Miles said.

Wonder and The Leader stared at each other until The Leader made his first strike. Wonder dodged to the left, and hit the leader in the stomach. Wonder then took his two hands, grabbed the leaders head, and threw him down on the ground.

"Give up?" Wonder said.

"Never!" The Leader shouted angrily.

"Your choice." Wonder said laughing. Wonder put his foot on the leaders face. "Hmph..."

The other Wonders beat the other creatures up. Suddenly the creatures turned into purple liquid and disappeared except the leader.

"Your teams gone, quit now?" Wonder asked.

"Yes..." The Leader said. The Leader turned into Purple liquid and disappeared.

"So...what are you doing here?" Miles asked.

"I wish I could know myself." Wonder answered.

Miles suddenly remembered something. "Marty!" Miles shouted out and ran into his house. "Marty!? Where are you!" Miles ran from the kitchen into his room.

"Miles, is that you?" Marty asked quietly.

Miles rushed into his closet. Marty was curled up and had wounds like a wolf really beat him up. "Don't worry Marty, we'll get you to safety."

Marty coughed a bit. "You don't understand..."

"Understand what?" Miles asked sadly.

"I...I have the virus..." Marty said.

"What Virus!?"

Suddenly Marties skin was covered in black fur, a blue diamond appeared on his forhead, and his eyes turned red. "This Virus!" Marty roared.

Miles couldn't believe it. His own best friend he knew since he was little, turned into a wolf like creature, and now is trying to kill him.

"I'm Sorry Marty...." Miles said to himself. Miles took out his sword and slashed him in half. Marty was stunned for a a few seconds, feeling the pain, then he turned into purple liquid and disappeared into the air.

Wonder came into the room. "There's a boat out there, if we hurry, we can escape from this death island!" Wonder said.

Miles nodded. "Let's go."

When Wonder and Miles ran out the house. There were no one else on the island except them both.

"So many people on this island and they turned into wolf like creatures. But where are all of them?" Miles asked Wonder.

"I think all the People who turned into Wolf like creatures went somewhere else to try to spread the virus." Wonder answered. Wonder took the boat and jumped inside the boat. "hurry, this is a danger zone now."

"Ok." Miles said.

Miles and Wonder were in the boat and they paddled until the wind started guiding them.

one day after the incident...

"One day and we still haven't found a city or island um...uh..." Miles said. "What, is your name anyway?" Miles asked.

Wonder looked at him. "Wonder..." Wonder answered quietly.

"Cool name! My names Miles! I was living in Coconut Island until the wolve creatures attacked. What about you?"

"I lived in Town Square with my team mates until DNA....DNA attacked."

"You got attacked too? I never heard of Town Square..."

"But..." Wonder thought. "I must be somewhere else then..."

"Your on Earth!"

"Earth..." Wonder thought for a second. "That was the name of of the planet I lived in."

Miles took out a basket. "You must be hungry, want some Coconut Milk and Cookies?" Miles asked.

"Well, my stomach is growling...sure!" Wonder answered happily taking the Milk and Cookies. Wonder chugged the milk down his throat and gobbled the Cookies up. "That was good." Wonder felt his stomach.

"I don't have anymore though."

"Did I eat all of them?" Wonder asked.

"No, I ate some, then left some for you." Miles said. "Hey, how old are you anyway?"

"Thirteen years old." Wonder answered.

"I'm Thirteen too!" Miles said. "That was unexpected."

"Well, I guess it was a coincidence." Wonder said.

"What about your parents? What do they do? and why did they call you Wonder?"

Wonder put his head down for a minute, then put it back up. "My parents died when I was nine years old..." Wonder answered, "My father was a scientists and my mother was the Mayor of the city. They cared about their job more then me, they never had time for me, but I still loved them. I didn't even know why they called me Wonder. What about you?"

"My Parents are still alive. They live somewhere else with their lives. My mom is a sorcerer and my dad is a warrior, I live by myself because I wanted to and my dad said to be a great warrior is to live by yourself, but I think he was lieing. And I don't know why they called me Miles either. I will have to ask them.

"I'm glad your parents aren't dead." Wonder said happily.

"I'm sad yours are dead." Miles said sadly. "Wait, I have an idea!"


"Maybe we both can find all these answers. DNA, Why did our parents call us our names, Why those creatures started coming after me, many different answers!"

"But, my parents are dead, and I might be in another dimension." Wonder said.

"Somehow we can maybe find out why your parents called you Wonder and many other things." Miles said happily. "All we have to do is team up and find out."

"Yes, but when are we going to find land? I see piles and piles of water."

"Don't worry, for we will find land." Miles said eagerly.

End of Chapter 3. Now that Wonder and Miles are teamed up, what is going to happen? Are they going to find out any of the answers? Find out on the next chapters of Super Smash Bros. Unlimited!

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