Chapter II - Wonder, The Lucario

Two pokemon were inside a local gym throwing punches and kicks at each other, and blocking them as if they knew each others every move. Suddenly the two pokemon jumped back, and began charging attacks.

"Aura Sphere!"

"Flame Thrower!"

The Aura Sphere and Flame Thrower collided, leaving nothing but smoke. A Orange Ape and a Blue figure stared into each others eyes and chuckled.

"Well Wonder, I guess you could say I won that one, huh?" Flames, a very energetic Infernape said cooling down.

Wonder grinned. "What are you talking about? I won that one!" Wonder shouted.

"Let's just call it a tie then.." Flames said.

"Ok, even though I've won."

"No you didn't!"

"Guys, stop fighting!" A Croconaw said coming in. "Flames, the Bulbasaur Brothers called, they need your help again."

"Thanks for the info Jaws!" Flames said rushing out the door. "Catch you guys later!"

"So, what were you guys fighting about now?" Jaws asked

"Who won the last battle." Wonder responded, picking up a bottle of clear water.

"That again?" Jaws said chuckling. "You guys really need to stop fighting over stupid things."

"It's all for fun and games Jaws," Wonder said, "No worries."

"Well, if you say so...hey you wanna come to the pool with our team?"

"Nah, I'm gonna go get some rest." Wonder said.

"Oh, alright." He said, slowly walking out. "Hey, Wonder."


"Take care of yourself. You know we all worry about you."

Wonder closed his eyes and nodded. "Like I said Jaws, No worries."

Once Jaws was gone Wonder grabbed all of his training equipment and walked back home. As he walked back he looked at the time on the huge tower clock that was shown throughout the city. "Only five more hours til this day is done." Wonder thought to himself. This was the exact day Wonder's life changed.

Exactly a year ago Wonder's parents was killed by the evil Deoxys called DNA. No one knew where this being came from, but people say just before his appearance there was a shiny object in the sky that was heading towards the ground with great speed. He announced himself to be DNA and was looking for the Orbs that contained the power of Dialga and Palkia, Space and Time. Since then he's been destroying cities and wrecking villages to seek the orbs. While DNA was on the hunt he destroyed Wonder's city while he was a baby Riolu, and he was one of a few to survive the horrific destruction of his hometown. Having nothing left he trotted off to the next city, where he befriended Flames and become like a brother to him. Flames parents also took him in since he had no where else to go, and they became family. After three years Wonder and Flames decided to make a rescue team like how Flames father used to have, and went on many adventures and ended up saving the world from Chaos. Now that everything was settled, Wonder had time to think about many things.

Suddenly tears came down Wonder's eyes, suddenly getting flashbacks about his mother and father. He wanted to know why his name was Wonder, a very unique name that hardly anyone would give a child.

"I wish my parents never died..." Wonder mumbled to himself

"Wonder, why are you crying?" A Lopunny walked up to Wonder looking very worried.

Wonder wiped off his tears. "I'm not crying something in my eye."

Bunny sighed. "If you keep thinking about your parents, you will keep crying, and when you keep crying, I get worried."

Wonder laughed a bit. "Who said I was thinking about my parents.."

"Well, you only cry when you think about your parents."

"You've noticed that?"

"Mhm.." She said, "I notice alot of things about you Wonder."

Wonder stared at Bunny. "I'm sorry, I don't mean for all of you to worry about me. I'm fine, it's just that today is the exact day I lost my parents, I'll get over it I promise."

"We're all here for you." Bunny whispered, "I'm here for you, Flames is here for you, everyone is. If you ever need someone to talk to, just talk to me."

Wonder made a small smile at Bunny. "Thank you."

Somewhere on the mountains next to the city, a Red figure was jumping from platform to platform, holding a shiny pink object and heading towards a temple. The figure stopped in front of the dilapidated temple, and stared at it. "Now that I have Palkia's Orb," the figure said in a robotic voice, "I'll be able to lure Palkia right into my hands, and I'll be able to bend the fabric of space, becoming stronger then before." The Red Figure chuckled. "Today, DNA is going to rule this world!"

DNA floated inside as Defense form just in case he was attacked unexpectedly by anything. "Now, where to place this thing so I can get things going."

Suddenly Wonder felt a disturbance in the Aura, and began staring at the mountains. "Somethings wrong.."

"Whats wrong?" Bunny asked. She watched as Wonder's hands become engulfed in Aura, and suddenly dashed off into the mountains. "Wonder!" She screamed.

Wonder completely ignored Bunny and continued to dash towards the mountains with extreme speed. "Whats going on up here..."

"Wonder the Lucario! Get back here!" Bunny continued to scream.

Flames and two bulbasaurs walked up to Bunny. "Bunny, whats wrong?"

"You have to follow Wonder! He just ran into the mountains for now reason!"

"Stay and watch the Bulbasaurs, I'ma go after 'im!" Flames shouted, chasing after Wonder.

Wonder stood at the temples entrance. "This is where I sensed the power..Now where is it..?"

"What the..." DNA said in his robotic voice, also noticing a presence of power. He hurried and placed the orb on the platform he found that would lure Palkia, and suddenly it began to shine pink. DNA turned around and looked around. "Someone's here..."

Wonder noticed the pink glowing and ran into the room, glaring at DNA who also noticed Wonder. "Could it be..." Wonder said, "DNA?"

DNA glared at Wonder still in his defensive form. DNA's eye analysis told him exactly who Wonder was. He was the Lucario that DNA spared back years ago when he attacked Orange City. "Well well well, if it isn't that weak Riolu that I saw back at Orange City. I knew I should've killed you when I had the start!"

"How do you know I'm that Lucario??"

"Oh please," DNA grunted, "I know everything."

"Listen," Wonder explained, "I don't want you to destroy this City like you did mine, killing all my loved ones again. You're going down this time DNA!"

DNA chuckled. "I'm not trying to destroy this City idiot! I'm going to rule this entire planet now that I will soon have Palkia's powers. Then once I obtain Dialgas...Oh my no one will be able to stop me!"

"Shut up!" Wonder screamed, "You killed my mother, father, everyone in Orange City! You're not getting away with this!"

Suddenly Wonder and DNA could hear roaring coming from the north. "Look's like I already have." DNA transformed into his attack form. "Get ready Lucario, you're about to meet Palkia!" DNA floated up into the sky, awaiting for Palkia's presence.

"Get back here!" Wonder screamed jumping up and tackling DNA from the back.

"Off of me you imbecile!" DNA said throwing Wonder off of him onto the ground. Wonder quickly landed on his feet and shot a huge Aura sphere straight into DNA. DNA was hit critically in the body and fell down. while DNA was standing up Wonder shot his fist at him with a Force Palm, but DNA evaded the attack, shooting a Psybeam at Wonder.

"Crap!" Wonder shouted falling down.

Suddenly Palkia appeared in front of DNA. It was silent for a moment until Palkia finally spoke. "Were you the one who summoned me?" Palkia said in a deep voice.

"Yes, I would like a request from you sir." DNA said.

Wonder slowly got up and watched Palkia. "Run Palkia..."

"I would like to take your powers and take control of this world," DNA said, "So that way I will be able to transform this planet into my former one."

Palkia chuckled. "And what makes you think I"d let you do that?"

"Simple.." DNA suddenly shot out his tentacles straight and grabbed Palkia's arms.

"......What......" Wonder woke up on a tree. "Where am I!?" Wonder jumped off the tree and looked around. It seemed he was on a beach. Wonder walked around a little around the beach, trying to find out what happened, but soon he heard growling, attacking, and trees falling. Wonder jumped onto the tallest roof and looked around.

"Who is that?" Wonder said looking at a boy. He then used his Aura Powers to look closer. "He's in trouble!" Wonder jumped down and rushed in front of the boy.

"Not another Wolf!" Miles said.

"I am not a wolf!" Wonder shouted, in battle position.

End of Chapter 2. How did Wonder find Miles world? Are Wonder and Miles going to be friends? and How are they going to defeat the Wolves, or are they wolves? find out on the next chapters of Super Smash Bros. Unlimited.

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