Chapter I - Miles, The Warrior

"BEEP BEEP!!" The Alarm Clock went.

Miles jumped up from the bed as soon as he heard the repetitive clock. "Ugh...Morning already?" he grumbled. Miles glanced at the silver clock. "Only 8:00 A.M...." He slowly made it out of his bed and grabbed his yellow duckling house shoes, then trotted down his wooden stairs right into the small kitchen.

Miles grabbed some cereal from the cabinet and sat it on the circular wooden table and began finding a bowl. He looked into the Cabinet and got a small bowl out of the cabinet and got a spoon. When he looked in the fridge to get some milk, there was none!

"What Luck..." Miles whispered to himself. "I guess I'll have to go and get some milk at the market."

So Miles walked back up the wooden stairs and changed into his clothes. when he was finished, he had a blue shirt and orange pants on. He put his sword and shield on his back just in case anything went wrong. Miles walked out the door and walked down the three steps.

"Hey Miles!"

Miles turned to his left. "Oh, hey Marty!"

Marty jumped off of the palm tree. "Where ya going?" he asked.

"To the market to get some Milk." Miles answered.

"Ya know you should try the cereal with Coconut Milk."

"What does it taste like?"

Marty reached into his bookbag. he took out some Coconut Milk in a bottle. "Try it!"

Miles took it from Marty and took a sip. "Delicious!" Miles gave the bottle back to Marty. "Where'd you get it?"

Marty pointed North. "Some guys selling it at the beach north of here." Marty explained, "You should go take a look."

"Thanks Marty." Miles said.

"Your welcome buddy!" Marty said excitedly.

Miles started walking north. He was thinking about what he should do today. He has a whole Island to explore, and he could go into that forest he always wanted, or he could go visit the market to see what they have. First he had to get some Coconut Milk though.

"It sure is hard living in Coconut Island..." Miles said to hismelf, "especially when you run out of stuff you really need.

Miles kept walking until he was at the beach. Miles looked for some coconuts and found three of them on the palm tree. He climbed up the palm tree and grabbed the three coconuts from the tree and jumped down.

After Miles came back to his house and ate breakfast, he suddenly felt drowzy for some odd reason.


"...Huh? Whos there?"


Miles awaken with a frighten. He looked at the clock to see what time it was.

"10:00 P.M." Miles said, "Slept along time..." Miles sat on his bed. "What was that dream?" He sat on his bed for a minute, then heard roaring and screaming everywhere.

Miles looked out the window to see wolves. Wait...not wolves.....they couldn't be wolves, those..creatures were larger then wolves, about the size of a Car, and had red eyes., he could here them talk too. He hurried and picked his sword up and ran outside to fight them.

The Wolves sensed someone coming out of the house and turned to Miles.

"We've found 'em...." The Wolf said.

"What do you want from me!?" Miles asked screaming.

"You have what we want!" Five wolves started charging at Miles and Miles didn't know what to do. He had saved the world once from Ganondorf, and he mastered to be a warrior, but it felt like they're eyes were stunning him from doing anything. They were as scary as ever.

"What am I supposed to do...."

End of Chapter 1. What Will Miles do? Who will save him? and Who are these creatures? Find out on the chapters of Super Smash Bros Unlimited

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