This article is about the game Super Smash Bros Universe for the Wii U. You may be looking for Darthtankengine's Super Smash Bros. Universe for Nintendo VR. I also apoligize for any grammar mistake there might be.

Super Smash Bros. Universe
大乱闘スマッシュブラザーズ·ユニバース(Great Melee Smash Brothers Universe)

Developer(s) Sora Ltd.

Namco Bandai Games

Publisher(s) Nintendo
Platform(s) WiI U
Genre(s) Fighting
Media Included Currently unknown

Super Smash Bros. Universe, known in Japan as Dairantō Smash Brothers Universe (大乱闘スマッシュブラザーズ·ユニバース, Dairantō Sumasshu Burazāzu Yunibāsu, lit. "Great Melee Smash Brothers Universe"), often abbreviated as SSBU or simply as Universe, is the fourth installment in the Super Smash Bros. series, and is part of the 13th Year Anniversary of Smashsing, Meleeing and Brawling. It will be released for the Wii U along with Super Smash Bros. Dimensions for the Nintendo 3DS and the Nintendo 3DS XL.

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