This is a Subpage for Super Smash Bros. Universe (GamerTendo).

E3 Trailer

The camera goes through the sky, wind blowing a little heavily, no sound at all.

But then the camera zooms into Battlefield.

MarioLinkKirby, and Pikachu jump down onto Battlefield, and all get in battle stances, preparing to fight each other.

Gameplay is shown of the 4 battling on Battlefield. Mario attacks Link, and Kirby fights Pikachu. Kirby uses his Up Special on Pikachu, while Mario punched Link a couple times, and then after knocking him back, did a slide kick on him.

Link lands, as Pikachu uses Thunderbolt on Kirby. Kirby went flying into the air, but then uses his turning into rock, Down Special on Pikachu. But Kirby hit a platform, as Mario throws Fireballs at Link, and Link shoots arrows as counters.

But then a Smash Ball appeared. Pikachu used Quick Attack, but the Smash Ball moved out of the way. Kirby used his Sword Up Special on it, but the Smash Ball moved to the left, dodging it. Then Link shot several arrows at it, but it once again moved. Finally, Mario used the Super Jump Punch on it, but it moved again.

But then a charge shot was heard.

Mega Man blasted the Smash Ball, damaging it. A Fire Hydrant then fell on it, revealing Pac-Man, but then finally Sonic used a Homing Attack on it. Mario, Link, Pikachu, Kirby, Sonic, Mega Man, and Pac-Man all stood there looking at the Smash Ball.

But then a blast of something orange hit the Smash Ball, shattering it.

An orange Inkling then stood there, holding the Splattershot.

Inkling paints the town orange!

Gameplay of Inkling was then shown, including: Inkling shooting paint at Mario, Inkling swimming in squid form through a trail of paint on a Splatoon stage, a grenade falling in between Link and Meag Man, and then exploding knocking them away, and all colors of the Inkling lined up, some male Inklings, some female Inklings.

Various gameplay showing all the currently revealed characters was then shown afterwards.

The logo for the game then showed, followed by the ending of the trailer.

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