Super Smash Bros. Universe is a game created by GamerTendo.

Super Smash Bros. Universe (GamerTendo)
Super Smash Bros. Universe GamerTendo
Developer(s) Nintendo
Publisher(s) Nintendo
Platform(s) Wii. U
Genre(s) Fighting
Series Super Smash Bros.
Predecessor Super Smash Bros. for Wii U and 3DS


The Gameplay is rather simple. Being a Smash Bros game, it just..well has the exact gameplay of a Smash Bros.

Return of the Subspace Emissary


Starting Characters

Character Character Information Special Moves FinalSmash
Mario Union

Mario of the Super Mario Series. He's known being one of the most famous fictional characters ever, if not the most famous.

Mario uses basic things from his games, and has a normal fighting style. He's a all around fighter, but a rather good one also. 

Special - Fireball

Side Special - Cape

Up Special - Super Jump Punch

Down Special - Mario Tornado

Mario Finale
Peach union

Princess Peach is a main protagonist of the Mario Series.

She has different types of attacks, ranging from throwing vegetables, using golf clubs, and other attacks.

Special - Toad

Side Special - Peach Bomber

Up Special - Parasol

Down Special - Vegetable

Peach Beam

Bowser is the main antagonist of the Mario Series.

He's a powerful powerhouse, that is somewhat slow. He has powerful fire, and several deadly attacks.

Special - Fire Breath

Side Special - Flying Slam

Up Special - Whirling Fortress

Down Special - Flying Slam

Giga Bowser

Link of the Legend of Zelda series.

Link wields the Master Sword, alongside other equipment from his games. A bonus as him is Linkle from Hyrule Warriors Legends is also a Alternate Costume of his.

Special - Bow and Arrow

Side Special - Boomerang

Up Special - Hero's Spin

Down Special - Bomb

Triforce Slash
Kirby union

Kirby is the hero of Dream Land, and main protagonist of the Kirby series.

He can copy his foes abilities, and has several abilities he could copy from his games. He also has Meta Knight and Waddle Dee colors as Alternate Costumes. Also a color costume based off his apperance in his first game, Kirby's Dreamland.

Special - Inhale

Side Special - Hammer

Up Special - Final Cutter

Down Special - Stone

Ultra Sword
Waddle Dee

NEW CHALLENGER APPROACHING! Bandana Dee is one of the main protagonist of the Kirby Series.

He has a Spear, and is very light and agile.

Special - Spear Throw

Side Special - Shotzo

Up Special - Spear Copter

Down Special - Megaton Punch

Waddle Dee Tank
Pikachu union

Pikachu is the mascot of the Pokemon Series, and the Electric Mouse Pokemon.

He uses various moves from the Pokemon series in his moveset. His alternate costumes include him wearing hats of several past male protagonist of the Pokemon games. He also has a costume giving him his look from a Pokemon Mystery Dungeon game.

Special - Thundershock

Side Special - Skullbash

Up Special - Quick Attack

Down Special - Thunder

Volt Tackle

NEW CHALLENGER APPROACHING! Inklings are the main protagonists of the Splatoon Series.

Alongside using their paint and different weapons, the Inklings' alternate costumes are based off their clolors from the game, including genders. This includes Orange/Pink/Purple as Girl, and Blue/Turqoise/Green as Boy.

Special - Splattershot

Side Special - Splat Roller

Up Special - Ink Railing

Down Special - Squid/Kid Transformation (Primarily works by traveling through paint shot onto the area)

Donkey kong union

Donkey Kong is the main protagonist of the Donkey Kong Series, alongside a character of the Mario Series.

Donkey Kong is a powerhouse character, alongside being rather fast for one.

Special - Giant Punch

Side Special - Headbutt

Up Special - Spinning Kong

Down Special - Hand Slap

Boss Finish Combo

Unlockable Characters

Note: All characters can be unlocked by meeting them in the Subspace Story Mode.

Character Character Information CharacterSpecialMoves FinalSmash How to Unlock
Luigi SSB4

Luigi is the brother of Mario, and one of the main protagonist of the Mario series.

He fights very differently then Mario, alongside having some different attacks too. He can jump higher then Mario, also.

Special - Ice Ball 

Side Special - Green Missile

Up Special - Super Jump Punch

Down Special - Luigi Cyclone

Poltergust 5000 Play 5 Battles

Wario is the main protagonist of the WarioWare Series, and a enemy in the Mario series.

He uses brute force and cheap combos normally for fighting. His alternate costumes come in both biker form and normal form.

Special - Chomp

Side Special - Wario Bike

Up Special - Corkscrew

Down Special - Wario Waft

Wario Man Lose as Mario 15 times
MTUS Waluigi


WAAAA, Waluigi of the Mario (Sports) Series joins the fight!

He's a rather strange fighter. His most powerful non special/Final Smash attacks are his kicking attacks. He also wields a tennis racket, and other random items.

Special - Tennis Ball

Side Special - Into the Ground Kick

Up Special - Super Waluigi Jump Punch

Down Special - Bob-Omb Bowling Ball

Whiskered Eggplant Bomb Play 100 Battles as any Mario character

Sonic is the mascot of Sega, and the protagonist of the Sonic Series.

He's extremely fast, and uses that to his advantage in fighting. One of his alternate costumes is also his design in Sonic Boom.

Special - Spindash

Side Special - Homing Attack

Up Special - Spring Bounce

Down Special - Light Speed Dash

Super Sonic Play 200 Battles, or have the game on for 6 hours, or complete All Star Mode on Hard
Mega Man - Super Smash Bros.

Mega Man is the protagonist of the Mega Man series, and likely the mascot of Capcom.

He uses weapons from several of his games in the battle, alongside Rush.

Special - Metal Blade

Side Special - Crash Bomb

Up Special - Rush Coil

Down Special - Leaf Shield

Mega Man Legends Play 50 Battles

Pac-Man is the protagonist of the Pac-Man series, and mascot of Namco.

Pac-Man uses attacks based off Namco's games, and his own.

Special - Bonus Fruit

Side Special - Power Pellet

Up Special - Pac-Jump

Down Special - Fire Hydrant

8-Bit Pac-Man Play 500 Battles, or have the game on for 12 hours, or complet Classic Mode with 25 Characters


Stage Information/Hazzards/Bosses
Final Destination is one of the two main stages in Smash Bros that always appears. It's only the one platform, and doesn't have any hazzards or bosses.
Battlefield is one of the two main stages in Smash Bros that always appears. It's a basic stage with three platforms, and the below area. No hazzards or anything.


Item Description/Use/Information and ect.
The Smash Ball is very useful object. It is rare to appear, but it gives whoever breaks it their Final Smash.
The Assist Trophy summons a fighter that isn't a player. The fighter assist whoever grabs the object first, and the list of Assist Tropy summons is below this section.

Assist Trophy Characters

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