This is a list of reveal trailers for all newcomers in the game Super Smash Bros. Universe. The trailers are as follows.

Daisy Starts the Party!

The trailer begins with a cutscene of Peach, and Rosalina traveling through Super Bell Hill, and collecting power-ups. They proceed to defeat various enemies with Fireballs, and give each other a high-five upon the defeat and completion of the level. Unbeknownst to the duo, a shadowy figure is watching from up above. The figure's eyes proceed to glow turquoise in a fit of rage, and proceeds to jump off of the cliff for an ambush. The sudden appearance shocks both princesses (who are now cowering in fear), as an enraged princess says "Hi I'm Daisy!" while cracking her knuckles and saying "And I'm ready for some Smashing!"

Lily Flyer Flashes In!

The trailer begins with an F-Zero race in the middle of Mute City. Various machines crash and explode as is typical of an F-Zero race until only five machines are left in the race, being the Blue Falcon, the Fire Stingray, the White Cat, the Super Piranha, and the Black Bull. The five machines are brutally fighting each other for the 1st place win, with five cutouts of Captain Falcon, Samurai Goroh, Jody Summer, Kate Alen, and Black Shadow all gritting their teeth with the finish line in the distance. The camera then focuses on the pile of wreckage of the destroyed F-Zero machines, until a flash of pink light shows up in the distance. The pink light smashes through the wreckage at a tremendous speed, so fast that it goes right past all five remaining F-Zero racers whose cutouts now show shocked expressions on who the challenger could be. The pink light crosses the finish line, and the mysterious machine's number is seen, being the number 37. The camera then zooms in on the cockpit of the machine, whose pilot is revealed to be Lily Flyer who giggles, and jumps up and down in excitement. The five F-Zero pilots proceed to jump out of their machines, and gang up on Lily.

"Lily Flyer Flashes In!"

  • Gameplay Scenes Coming Soon!*

The trailer ends with Lily Flyer having her picture taken with her F-Zero trophy while Captain Falcon, Samurai Goroh, Jody Summer, Kate Alen, and Black Shadow are in a pile beaten up with their eyes in typical anime-style swirls. Lily Flyer then winks at the camera while giggling.

Frogger Hops into Battle!

King K. Rool Goes Bananas!

Shantae Shakes Things Up!

Popeye Sets Sail!

Tharja Stalks the Competition!

Heihachi Brings the Iron Fist!

Kasumi Prepares for Battle!

Kate Alen Brings the Sound of Smashing!

Waluigi Time!

Chibi-Robo Charges Up!

Mike Jones Batters Up!

Scrooge McDuck Cashes In!

Jody Summer Demands an Explanation!

Andross Experiments with the Battle!

Ayumi Tachibana Cracks the Case!

Professor Layton Solves the Puzzle!

Universal Fighting Tournament

The trailer begins with a shot of the Air Force Base from Street Fighter II complete with airplanes landing in the background, and soldiers making small talk in the background. The shot then zooms into a particular area that resembles Guile's Stage from the said game. The soldiers then look up to see a plane zoom by where a number of fighters jump out. The fighters are revealed in order to be Ryu, Kasumi, Heihachi, Axel Stone, Askua, Terry Bogard, Captain Falcon, Micheal Chain, Little Mac, and Disco Kid. They land and each proceed to begin fighting. Ryu shoots out a Hadouken towards Asuka who dodges it and then clashes blades with Kasumi. Terry then slams his fist on the ground and preforms a Power Wave. He is then uppercutted by Little Mac who ends up being grabbed by Micheal Chain's chains. Meanwhile, Disco Kid is trying to disco dance to distract Captain Falcon, who isn't amused and attempts a Falcon Punch on him only to be blocked by a smug looking Heihachi who then grabs Falcon and launches him towards Ryu at a tremendous speed. Captain Falcon slams into Ryu and knocks him unconscious. Before Heihachi gets the chance to launch both fighters away for good, a voice shouts out "Hey, you better not lay another finger on Ryu-san!" All of the conscious fighters turn around to see Sakura! "Sakura, if Ryu's in she's in! "Sakura then runs up to Heihachi and preforms a combo on him and Smashes him to the ground, causing the other fighters to start attempting to attack her for interrupting their fight. Sakura proceeds to dodge every attack, and laughs about how they can't get her. She then launches a Hadouken towards the opponents only for the projectile to be blocked. Sakura then looks up towards the sky upon hearing the words, "Get Over Here!". By this point both Ryu and Captain Falcon have awoken to see Scorpion jump onto the Air Force Base from a fiery pit. "Scorpion, Get Over Here!" He then proceeds to grab Sakura with his chain and is getting ready to finish her off by launching her into the other fighters when another voice says "Drop the Girl Scorpion, and I'll let you live!" which is revealed to be Jacqui Briggs. "Jacqui Briggs joins the Kombat!" She then clicks her gun and prepares for the battle, when yet another fighter lands on the Air Force Base interrupting her preparation. "Grandfather, I see we meet again on the field of battle it seems." The new challenger is revealed to be Jin Kazama who prepares to battle Heihachi, while Sakura, Scorpion, and Jacqui put aside their differences and proceed to battle with the opponents.

  • gameplay goes here*

The trailer ends with the four newcomers having defeated the opponents. Upon the defeat, the four fighters proceed to battle each other, only to be interrupted by Ken Masters who is late to the fight, and wants revenge for Ryu having been defeated.

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