Hold on a tick, are you looking for Super Smash Bros. Universal Struggle? Look no further than here, my good chum.

The master of Subspace may have been defeated, but a new threat has arisen to take down the Smashers. Will you stand up to this new threat and stop them?
Description for Story Mode

Shadows of Destruction is the title of the story mode in Super Smash Bros. Universal Struggle. It can be considered a sequel to The Subspace Emissary, as it is hinted to take place after said story. The story follows the heroes as they face off against the mysterious Puppetmaster in order to prevent them from creating rifts that could tear apart the space time continuum.


The story mode is split into a total of 40 levels, and most of them are based on pre-existing locales from certain Nintendo franchises and games.

Level 1: Mario Kart Stadium

The story starts out with a Mario Kart race in progress as the racers zoom down the track. Mario has taken first place and is about to cross the finish line to enter the third lap before Wario overtakes him using a Super Horn. The heroic plumber grabs a Mushroom, boosting him forward. Wario is left in the dust when suddenly a rift opens and sucks him in. More rifts appear as more items are sucked in. Mario notices this right before a Banzai Bill strikes the track in front of him, exploding on contact. Mario is thrown from his kart as it is sucked into another rift. From up above, Wario has ended up on an airship being flown by Bowser Jr. and Bowser. The Koopa King tells his son to make it rain Bob-ombs as he's going down to finish off Mario. The two then engage in a fight to the death (BATTLE: VS. Bowser; TYPE: Time - 3 minutes; PLAYABLE CHARACTER: Mario). Mario wins the battle, but Bowser dissolves into a pile of Shadow Bugs, which then turn into Primids. Nearby, Yoshi has parked his bike in the pits before noticing his rider being attacked. The green dinosaur runs towards Mario to help him in fighting the horde (HORDE: Primids w/ Variants; PLAYABLE CHARACTERS: Mario and Yoshi). The two defeat the horde, but then Wario jumps in with a surprise - a Subspace Cannon!

He aims directly at Mario, but the blast is redirected towards Bowser Jr. (he is turned into a trophy, causing the airship to plummet) by a tennis racket held by Peach. Wario grumbles about how his plan didn't work and then realizes he's got the perfect thing to stop them - Kamek. The real Bowser is summoned as his airship plummets to the ground outside of the stadium; Kamek shows up a few seconds later and traps Peach in a cage while making Bowser larger. Mario and Yoshi team-up once more to face off against the Koopa King (BATTLE: VS. Giant Bowser; TYPE: Boss+Time; PLAYABLE CHARACTERS: Mario and Yoshi). Mario and Yoshi are victorious, but then a shot from a Subspace Cannon trophifies Yoshi and Peach. The shot was fired by King Dedede, who then snatches up the two trophies (we can also see Bowser Jr. has been captured as well). Mario is about to give chase when Wario activates a Subspace Bomb, covering the stadium in nothing but darkness. 

Level 40: The Remnants of Subspace

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