Anyone can edit this game and it is a game for everyone to join in and make. I want this to be a game that we can all make and agree on together. So if you want you can help me and my game. Everyone can edit but you can not change the characters. :) You do not need permission. Do not delete this game if you want to help.

Super Smash Bros. Ultra* is a fan-made, Fighting, Action videogame, developed by Sora Ltd. and published by Nintendo for the Nintendo 3DS and Wii U. It is the 5th instalment of the Super Smash Bros. series. Super Smash Bros. Ultra can also be called Super Smash Bros. Universe. It is a 1-4 player game. As of ? date, this page will no longer be updated.


Following many games it is a brawl feature game with attacking strenght and other stats.People can choose from many other characters new and old for an additional bonus to the game in either story mode or battle mode, where they will battle on the strongest,weirdest and difficult levels while you can make your own.The characters in Brawl include most of the same ones as the predecessors, such as the well-known Mario and Pikachu. In battle you start with 000 health and gain damage over and over untill they are hurt really damaged and you go flying out of course or hit our screen.When a character is unlocked after the battle it will say challenger appears and 1st player battles him if they lose they dont unlock him/her and have to try to unlock him/her again.

The characters battle each other with attacks and methods to be crowned the winner and get a traditional power bonus by items that will give a wide space to move and escape attacks or you can use a shield but after 5 seconds it blows up and you are confused and gives them a chance to defeat you. You can get a smash ball and use it against all who challenges you and smash them out of the stage. If an item flies you can control and pick it up and use it defeat all people like smash ball and alot others.


If you use the Controls function under Options, you can assign controls to any button configuration you like. What’s important to know is that button configurations must be tied to a specific name. Once you do that, any time you choose that name afterward, you’ll automatically play with the button settings you chose. Huh? What’s that thing that says "Shake Smash" under Nunchuk? With this function, you just shake the Wii Remote to do a Smash Attack in the direction you shook it. It’s a little bonus we added. Also, if you turn Tap Jump off, you can cut the jump function out of the up direction on the Control Stick. This means it’s easier to do an up attack without jumping into the air. Use whichever way you prefer. Do it to your heart’s content. Try to find the perfect button combination! But, if you decide to play Smash at a friend’s house, your button configuration naturally won’t be there. And trying to set it up all over again is sort of a pain. When the menu screen pops up, press and hold both the 1 Button and the 2 Button. After a moment, your name will be saved to the Wii Remote. Of course, you can expect your control settings to carry over along with your name! Pack your name into your Wii Remote and transfer it the Wii at your friend’s house. Then choose that name to play with your button configuration. You can choose the Wii remote, Wii tablet, Gamecube controler and Wii remote with nunchuck.


Smashattacks are basic moves like punch, kick and combo attacks that do roughly about 008% damage done to you. However the attacks are weak but they are not slow moves they go rapid for many characters but others take 1 second to punch that is alot stronger. Each character has a different punch or kick in the game like one could be aura around the fist or a sword that slashes them instead of punch.

Special Moves

In addition to the Smash Attacks, each character has his/her own set of special moves, which are performed with the B Button or the Y Button (3ds). When pressing the Analog Stick at a certain direction, or not moving it at all, a different special move is performed. The Special Moves are influenced by the character's individual personality and have various effects rather than just damaging opponents such as sleeping, dizzying, reflecting, projectiles etc.

Item Use

Items appear on the stage at random and can be used by the players. Items have various effects and some trigger by themselves. They can also grant players with a special Effect like explode when hitting or used as a weapon. When the players are standing next to an item, they can press the A or X Button to pick the item up and press the R Button to throw it away.


By pressing the L Button or the C button for the nunchuck, the player can activate his/her shield. Shields can be used to prevent any kind of attack from a character or an item, only grabbing cannot be prevented. The shield's power decreases every time it is used, and when the shield breaks, the player will be unable to move for a short amount of time.

Other Actions

Each character has 3 Taunts which are unique to him/her and are inputed by pressing certain arrows in the D-Pad or using 1.

Playable Characters

The game features a total of 40 characters (excluding Zero Suit Samus, making it 5 more than Brawl). There are three categories in which each playable character is categorized. Veteran Fighters are the fighters who have previously appeared in the Super Smash Bros. universe, Newcomers, who are already acquired from the start of the game and are new to the Super Smash Bros. universe, and Secret Fighters, which have to be unlocked by completing a certain task. Secret Fighters can also be Newcomer fighters.

Name Image Series Special Move Special Attack
Mario SSBU
Mario Mario Finale
  • Up=coin uppercut
  • Side=Cape Swipe
  • Down=cloud mario
  • Regular=fireball
Luigi SSBU
Mario Negative Zone
  • Up=coin uppercut
  • Down=Spin
  • Side=Torpedo
  • Regular=fireball (green)
Bowser SSBU
Mario Koopaling Swarm
  • Up=Whirling Fortress
  • Side=Flying Slam
  • Down=Bowser Bomb
  • Regular=Flame breath
Bowser Jr
Bowser Jr SSBU
Mario Shadow Mario
  • Up=Bullet Bill
  • Side=Massive Shell
  • Down=Shadow Mario
  • Regular=Missle
Peach SSBU
Mario Sleepy Kisses
  • Up=Peach Parasol
  • Side=Peach Bomber
  • Down=Vegetable
  • Regular=Reflect toad(no damage)
Wario SSBU
Wario Super Wario
  • Up=Corkscrew
  • Side=Wario Bike
  • Down=Wario waft
  • Regular=Chomp
Yoshi SSBU
Yoshi Yoshi Stampede
  • Up=Egg throw
  • Side=Egg roll
  • Down=Yoshi Bomb
  • Regular=Egg lay
Donkey Kong
Donkey Kong SSBU
DK Barrel Blast
  • Up=Spinning Kong
  • Side=Headbutt
  • Down=Clap Down
  • Regular=Giant punch
Diddy Kong
Diddy Kong SSBU
DK Giant Banana
  • Up=Rocketbarrel blast
  • Side=Monkey Flip
  • Down=Bannana peel
  • Regular=Peanut popgun
King K Rool
King K Rool SSBU
DK Putrid smell
  • Up=Twister jump
  • Side=Crunch
  • Down=Quake bomb
  • Regular=Fire balls
Legend Of Zelda Tri force
  • Up=Spin Attack
  • Side=Gale Boomerang
  • Down=Bomb
  • Regular=Arrow
Zelda SSBU
Legend Of Zelda Light Arrow
  • Up=Farore`s Wind
  • Side=Din's Fire
  • Down=Transform
  • Regular=Naryu`s Love
Ganondorf SSBB
Legend Of Zelda Ganon Hog
  • Up=Dark Dive
  • Side=Flame Choke
  • Down=Wizard's Foot
  • Regular=Warlock Punch
Isaac Golden Sun Judgement
  • Up= Hover
  • Side=Force Palm
  • Down=Force Shield
  • Regular=Earth Blade
Marth SSBU
Fire Emblem Critical Hit
  • Up=Dolphin Slash
  • Side=Dancing Blade
  • Down=Counter
  • Regular=Shield Breaker
Samus SSBU
Metroid Turbo blaster
  • Up=Screw Attack
  • Side=Missile
  • Down=Bomb
  • Regular=Charge Shot
Ridley SSBU
Metroid Meta Ridley
  • Up=Rise
  • Side=Dragon Grab
  • Down=Primal Scream
  • Regular=Plasma Ball
Captain Falcon
Captain Falcon SSBU
F-Zero Blue Falcon
  • Up=Falcon Dive
  • Side=Raptor Boost
  • Down=Falcon Kick
  • Regular=Falcon Punch
Earthbound PK Starstorm
  • Up=PK Thunder
  • Side=PK Fire
  • Down=PK Magnet
  • Regular=PK Flash
Kid Icarus Paluteena's Army
  • Up=Wings of Icarus
  • Side=Angel Ring
  • Down=Mirror Shield
  • Regular=Palutena Arrow
Kirby SSBU
Kirby Cook Kirby
  • Up= Final Cutter
  • Side=Hammer
  • Down=Stone
  • Regular=Inhale
Meta Knight
Meta Knight SSBU
Kirby Galaxia Strike
  • Up=Shuttle Loop
  • Side=Drill Rush
  • Down=Dimensional Cape
  • Regular=Mach Tornado
King Dedede
King Dedede SSBU
Kirby Dedede Army
  • Up=Super Dedede Jump
  • Side=Waddle Dee Toss
  • Down=Jet Hammer
  • Regular=Inhale
Bomberman SSBU
Bomberman Grand Bomb
  • Up=Bomb Uppercut
  • Side=Bomb Kick
  • Down=Remote Bomb
  • Regular=Bomb Summon
Primid SSB Shadow Bug Wave
  • Up=Shadow Bug Spin
  • Side=Shadow Bug Boomerang
  • Down=Shadow Bug Trail
  • Regular=Shadow Bug Blaster
Pikacu brawler
Pokemon Volt Tackle
  • Up=Quick Attack
  • Side=Skull Bash
  • Down=Thunder
  • Regular=Thunder Jolt
Pokemon Trainer Pokemon
  • Flare Blitz
  • Aura Storm
  • Invinsible camouflague
  • Up= Fire Punch
  • Side=Super Grab
  • Down=Pokémon Change
  • Regular=Fire Flame
  • Up=Pounce
  • Side=Force Palm
  • Down=Counter
  • Regular= Aura sphere
  • Up= Tounge Spin
  • Side= Rolling Ball
  • Down= Invisible coat

& Regular= Power Lick

Zoroark Pokemon Night Daze
  • Up=Darkness Spin
  • Side=Shadow Claw
  • Down=Dark pulse
  • Regular=Fury Swipes
Minun & Plusle pokemon Double shock wave
  • Up=Speed Shot
  • Side=Speeding Bullet
  • Down=Helping Hand
  • Regular=Power Surge
Chibi Robo Chibi-Robo Electronic stage
  • Up=Plug grab
  • Side=Plug Swing
  • Down=Shock Wave
  • Regular=Shock Tail
Sonic Sonic The hedgehog Super Sonic
  • Up=Spring Jump
  • Side=Spin Dash
  • Down=Spin Charge
  • Regular=Homing Attack
Star Fox Land Master Blue
  • Up=Fire Fox
  • Side=Fox Illusion
  • Down=Reflector
  • Regular=Blaster
Star Fox Land master Red
  • Up=Fire Wolf
  • Side=Wolf Flash
  • Down=Reflector
  • Regular=Blaster
Krystal Star Fox Land Master Purple
  • Up=Double Jump
  • Side=Krystal Illusion
  • Down=Fox Spear
  • RegularTail Swing
Ice Climbers
Ice Climbers SSBU
Summit Summit
  • Up=Belay
  • Side=Squall Hammer
  • Down=Blizzard
  • Regular=Ice Shot
Maxwell SSBU
Scribblenauts Notebook
  • Up=Drawn Spring
  • Side=Drawn Skateboard
  • Down=Drawn Shield
  • Regular=Drawn Sword
Olimar Pikmin Pikmin Ship
  • Up=Pikmin Chain
  • Side=Pikmin Throw
  • Down=Pikmin Order
  • Regular=Pikmin Pluck
Klonoa SSBU
Klonoa Ring Explosion
  • Up=Ring Teleport
  • Side=Ring Blast
  • Down=Ring Force Shield
  • Regular=Ring Sword
Sin and Punishment Ruffian Attack
  • Up=Flip Jump
  • Side=Power Slash
  • Down=Spin Attack
  • Regular=Blaster
Nintendo Mii Parade
  • Side=Mii Throw
  • Down=Mii Spin

Super Smash Bros. Ultra Palette Swap

Super Smash Bros. Ultra Items

Super Smash Bros. Ultra Pokeballs and Assist Trophies

Super Smash Bros. Ultra Music and Trophies

Since the game is only for the Nintendo 3DS and Wii U, if a player wants to battle against a human player 2, he/she must battle them via Wi-Fi Connection or just join in by clicking A+B. This can be done in all modes. Up to 4 players can play online. The following modes without links mean that they have remained the same from Brawl.


Story Mode

Super Smash Bros. Ultra Story Mode

Classic Mode

Super Smash Bros. Ultra Classic Mode

Adventure Mode

Super Smash Bros. Ultra Adventure Mode

All-Star Mode

Super Smash Bros. Ultra All-Star Mode


Super Smash Bros. Ultra Stadium


Super Smash Bros. Ultra Group


Super Smash Bros. Ultra Vault


Super Smash Bros. Ultra Options


Super Smash Bros. Universe Bosses


Each character specializes in 1 stage and owns. There are a total of 40 stages and 15 to unlock. To unlock stages you just have to unlock thte character who owns the stage.

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