The following is the Story Mode for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate All-StarsCredit goes to JDtheLuigiFan, who has thankfully helped me with this article.

Level 1-Mushroom Kingdom (Mario joins team)


The story starts in the Mushroom Kingdom, where Bowser is launching an attack, after having kidnapped Peach and turned her into a trophy. Mario and Luigi go through a grassland themed level (defeating some of Bowser's minions along the way), and arrive at Peach's Castle.


Bowser, after seeing the Mario Bros., uses a Dark Cannon to turn Luigi into a trophy, and escapes with the two trophies in his Koopa Clown Car through a Shadow Portal, leaving Mario with dark clones of himselfLuigi, and Peach. Mario defeats these clones. After that, a Warp Pipe appears and Mario enters it.

Level 2-The Jungle 


Meanwhile in the jungle, Diddy Kong is swinging on the jungle's vines. Suddenly, he hears and sees an explosion from a far distance. He goes to investigate. As he continues to go forward, a Hammer Bro. is sneaking up on him. Right when he was going to throw a hammer at him, Donkey Kong punched him from behind. They see Bowser Jr. in his Koopa Clown Car and follow him, but along the way, he throws Bob-ombs at them.

PART 2 CHARACTERS: Donkey Kong, Diddy Kong  

They finally caught up to Bowser Jr. Donkey Kong jumped to the Clown Car and knocked Bowser Jr. out of it. Just as they were about to battle Bowser Jr., Kamek came from up in the air and dropped a huge bomb at them, launching them in different directions away from each other, as Bowser Jr. and Kamek leave the area.

Level 3-Pokemon Stadium (Pikachu joins team)

PART 1 CHARACTERS: Pikachu/Jigglypuff (the character chosen faces off against the other)

Pikachu and Jigglypuff face off in a one-stock tournament match. After the end of the match, the winner revives the loser (who has turned into a trophy).

PART 2 CHARACTERS: Pikachu, Jigglypuff

Suddenly, Mewtwo and a dark clone of himself appear on the stadium, and challenge Pikachu and Jigglypuff. The latter two battle the former and win, turning them into trophies. However, Mewtwo revives himself, and instantly turns Jigglypuff into a trophy. After this, Mewtwo teleports away with the trophy.

Level 4-Space (Fox and Olimar join team)


Olimar and Alph are exploring space. After some looking around, Wolf finds them.


Using a Dark Cannon, he attempts to shoot both Olimar and Alph. Olimar avoids the shot, but Alph doesn't; turning into a trophy. Wolf instantly throws the Alph trophy through a Shadow Portal, and challenges Olimar. Just before the battle, Fox finds them, and jumps down onto the platform, assisting Olimar in the battle. After Fox and Olimar win, Wolf turns into a trophy, but is automatically revived, and exits through the Shadow Portal.

Level 5-Hyrule (Link and Young Link join team)

PART 1 CHARACTERS: LinkToon LinkYoung Link

The three Links are chasing Ganondorf, as he has kidnapped Zelda and turned her into a trophy. 

PART 2 CHARACTERS: Link, Young Link

The three Links catch up, but Ganondorf, using a Dark Cannon, instantly turns Toon Link into a trophy, and throws both of the trophies through a Shadow Portal. Ganondorf then challenges the remaining Links and loses. After this, he is revived, and exits through the Shadow Portal.

PART 3 CHARACTERS: Link, Young Link

Link and Young Link notice an explosion from a distance, and go off to investigate.

Level 6-The Grassland (Diddy Kong joins team)


Pikachu is exploring The Grassland, until coming across King K. Rool.

PART 2 CHARACTERS: Pikachu, Diddy Kong

Seeing King K. Rool, Diddy Kong appears and attacks him. Diddy Kong teams up with Pikachu to defeat K. Rool. After the battle, King K. Rool does the usual trophy then revive act. After that, finding out that they each have a goal of rescuing a friend (Donkey Kong and Jigglypuff respectively), Diddy Kong and Pikachu decide to team up and look for them together.

Level 7-Skyworld (Donkey Kong and Pit join team)


Later, up in Skyworld, Pit is relaxing himself until he looks down below and sees the Halberd. He decides to investigate. As he does, Shadow Bugs come from the Halberd and form into Primids. Pit has to defeat all 25 of them.

PART 2 CHARACTERS: Donkey Kong, Pit

Along the way, he spots something in the clouds. He looks closer and sees Donkey Kong's trophy. He revives him and Donkey Kong thanks him. He told him he needed to find Diddy Kong and defeat Bowser Jr. They both headed out to set things right as they followed the Halberd.

Level 8-Nintown (Yoshi and Villager join team)

PART 1 CHARACTERS: Mario, VillagerTom Nook

Mario comes out of the Warp Pipe and finds himself in the Animal Crossing City. He finds the Villager, who says that he has the same situation as Mario. He said a big angry-looking turtle is invading the city. Mario was going to say it was Bowser, but Bowser suddenly came and pulled out his Dark Cannon. Luckily, Tom Nook came just in time and knocked aside. Bowser escaped in his Koopa Clown Car and did more damage. They tried to stop him, but Primids got in their way. They prepared to fight.

PART 2 CHARACTERS: Mario, Yoshi, Villager

Once they finally catch up to the clown car, they see Bowser's not in it. Suddenly, Bowser shoots his Dark Cannon. Mario and the Villager dodge it, but Tom Nook is turned to a trophy. Then, Bowser jumped over to him and took him away in his clown car and escaped in a Shadow Portal. Then, Mario notices the Warp Pipe he used, and sees Yoshi pop out of it. He decides to help Mario and the Villager. They headed out to stop the evil group.

Level 9-Fire Emblem Castle (Ike and Roy join team)


Ike, Marth, and Chrom are defending the Fire Emblem Castle from some Primids.


Suddenly, a shot from a Dark Cannon is seen, and Marth and Chrom get turned into trophies. After that, they are automatically teleported into a Shadow Portal, as Ike watches in disbelief. Then, Petey Piranha appears and challenges Ike. Just before the battle, Roy drops from the sky, assisting Ike in the battle.


After the battle, Ike and Roy further venture away from the castle to investigate.

Level 10-Dream Land (Kirby and Meta Knight join team)


Kirby is exploring Dream Land, while defeating some enemies. He meets up with Meta Knight, and they battle. Kirby wins, turning Meta Knight into a trophy. Kirby decides to revive Meta Knight.

PART 2 CHARACTERS: Kirby, Meta Knight

After that, dark clones of Kirby and Meta Knight appear, and challenge the real versions. The real versions win, and soon after see King Dedede on a Warp Star making his way to the Halberd. Kirby and Meta Knight team up, and follow him.

Level 11-Space Station (Zero Suit Samus and R.O.B. join team)

PART 1 CHARACTERS: Zero Suit Samus

Zero Suit Samus is in the Space Station looking for her Power Suit.

PART 2 CHARACTERS: Zero Suit Samus, R.O.B.

After some investigation, she comes across Wario and Waluigi. Waluigi is taunting R.O.B., as Wario gets out his Dark Cannon, threatening to shoot R.O.B. with it. Zero Suit Samus uses her Plasma Whip to temporarily stun Waluigi, as Wario escapes through a Shadow Portal. Before Waluigi can go in after Wario, the Shadow Portal disappears, so Waluigi challenges Zero Suit Samus and R.O.B. to a battle.

PART 3 CHARACTERS: Zero Suit Samus, R.O.B.

Zero Suit Samus and R.O.B. win, turning Waluigi into a trophy. The former two run past the trophy, and continue looking for the Power Suit.

Level 12-Space Depths (Captain Falcon joins team)

PART 1 CHARACTERS: Fox, Olimar, Captain Falcon

Fox and Olimar are continuing through space, when Fox sees Falco in the Arwing get shot down by a laser on top of the Space Station. Also seeing this, Captain Falcon in his Falcon Flyer lands in front of Fox and Olimar, and goes with them to the Space Station. 

Level 13-Space Station Exterior (Samus and Mega Man join team)

PART 1 CHARACTERS: Fox, Olimar, Zero Suit Samus, Captain Falcon, R.O.B.

Fox, Olimar, and Captain Falcon arrive at the Space Station, where they find Zero Suit Samus and R.O.B. Soon after, Ridley appears and challenges them to a battle. After Ridley is defeated, the characters continue around the exterior. 

PART 2 CHARACTERS: Fox, Olimar, Zero Suit Samus, Captain Falcon, R.O.B.

They eventually come across Samus's Power Suit, but it is guarded by dark clones of FoxOlimar, and Captain Falcon, who challenge the heroes to a battle and lose.

PART 3 CHARACTERS: Samus, Fox, Olimar, Captain Falcon, R.O.B., Mega Man

Samus obtains her Power Suit, and then Mega Man appears to help them. The group then go off to get rid of a group of enemies.

Level 14-The Portal Lake (Ness joins team)


Bowser is in his Clown Car with the Tom Nook Trophy and spots a Waddle Dee. He's about to attack when suddenly, King Dedede attacks him from behind and knocks Bowser and the trophy of Tom Nook out of the car and takes the trophy. King Dedede looks back and notices Bowser also had Luigi's trophy. The greedy king tried to get it, but Bowser launced him up in the air turning him to a trophy. However, a weird-looking 2D portal appears and sucks the Luigi, Tom Nook, and King Dedede trophies into it. But Ness saw everything happen and tried to get in the portal too, but Bowser blocked his way and the two had to fight.


Bowser was turned to a trophy and Ness went in the portal, but then Professor Layton appears and tells him he will join him. Suddenly, King K. Rool and Wario appear and revive Bowser, and then turn Professor Layton into a trophy, but he got blasted into the portal somewhere. Ness jumps in before they could get him. When he enters the portal, he doesn't see Professor Layton, Luigi, Tom Nook, or King Dedede. He finds out they all warped to different locations so he went to save them, but enemies appeared. He had to defeat all 35.

Level 15-Nintown (2) (King Dedede joins team)

PART 1 CHARACTERS: Mario, Yoshi, Villager

Mario, Yoshi, and Villager are further into Nintown, when they see the King Dedede trophy. They decide to revive it. When revived, King Dedede immediately battles the three. Mario, Yoshi, and Villager win, and revive King Dedede again.

PART 2 CHARACTERS: Mario, Yoshi, King Dedede, Villager

Mario explains the situation to King Dedede, and he decides to join them, because Bowser harmed a Waddle Dee, and turned him into a trophy earlier. Suddenly, enemies generate from Shadow Bugs. The group has to defeat all 40 of them.

Level 16-Snowy Mountain (Ice Climbers join team)

PART 1 CHARACTERS: Pikachu, Diddy Kong, Ice Climbers

Pikachu and Diddy Kong have made their way to Snowy Mountain, where they meet up with the Ice Climbers. They notice a building resembling a dojo at the summit, and decide to climb it to investigate.

Level 17-The Summit (Lucario and Wii Fit Trainer join team)


At the entrance of the building, they find Lucario, who challenges Pikachu to a duel. Pikachu wins, and revives Lucario. After that action, Lucario decides to join them as they enter the building.

PART 2 CHARACTERS: Pikachu, Diddy Kong, Ice Climbers, LucarioWii Fit Trainer

Inside the building, the group finds Wii Fit Trainer, who is excercising. Suddenly, Wario appears and challenges them, but is defeated and turned into a trophy. After that, the group heads back outside, where they meet up with Donkey Kong, Pit, and the space group. After being reunited, Donkey Kong and Diddy Kong rejoice.

Level 18-Desert Path (Zelda, Luigi, Toon Link, and Dixie Kong join team)

PART 1 CHARACTERS: Kirby, Meta Knight

Kirby and Meta Knight are going along the Desert Path.

PART 2 CHARACTERS: Kirby, Meta Knight, Luigi

They find the Luigi trophy, and revive it. Luigi thanks them, and they continue. They then come across Dixie Kong, who joins them.

PART 3 CHARACTERS: Kirby, Meta Knight, Luigi, Dixie Kong

The group come across Ganondorf with the Zelda and Toon Link trophies. The group defeat Ganondorf, and Luigi revives the trophies. Zelda and Toon Link thank them. After that, they look up and see the Snowy Mountain.

Level 19-Outside Nintown (Peach and Falco join team)

PART 1 CHARACTERS: Mario, Yoshi, Peach, King Dedede, Villager

The group are walking outside Nintown until King Dedede stops to tell them something. He has just remembered that he stole the Peach trophy from Bowser, and has been keeping it in his pocket. He gets it out, and revives Peach. After this, she joins the group as they defeat some enemies on the way.

PART 2 CHARACTERS: Mario, Yoshi, Peach, King Dedede, Villager, Falco

They come across the Falco trophy after some investigation. Before they can revive it, Giant Dark Falco appears in front of them. Villager revives the trophy, and the group beat the enemy.

Level 20-The Old Ruins (Tom Nook joins team)


Ike and Roy have made their way to The Old Ruins. They see enemies ahead, and go to defeat them.

PART 2 CHARACTERS: Ike, Roy, Tom Nook

The two spot the Tom Nook trophy, and revive it. Suddenly, Bowser Jr. appears and challenges them. The group defeat Bowser Jr., turning him into a trophy.

Level 21-Paper World (Dr. Mario and Paper Mario join team)


Ness travels and sees a dark portal open up. He realizes that Ancient Minister opened it up. Ness remembered him but he looked different. He wore a purple and black outfit. He turned around and noticed him. He goes into the portal, sends his army after him, and sets a subspace bomb. Ness has to fight them, but he has to fight them before the subspace bomb explodes.

PART 2 CHARACTERS: Ness, Dr. MarioPaper Mario

Ness defeats them all, but the bomb is about to explode. Ness tries to run to the portal but he trips and falls. The bomb explodes, but Dr. Mario comes in, saves Ness, and jumps in the portal. Ness thanks him and Dr. Mario says he needs help getting his home back. Ness and Dr. Mario continue until they come to Paper Mario who was turned to a trophy by Ganondorf. They revive the trophy and fight Ganondorf. He's defeated and turned to a trophy. Paper Mario joins them and they all went forward. Meanwhile, it shows a video of a mysterious shadow collecting the Wolf trophy and going in a dark portal and saving the Bowser Jr. trophy. They escape in the portal when behind them without noticing, another shadow is shown with only showing his red shoes. Then, the mysterious figure follows them.

Level 22-Purple Swamp (Zoroark joins team)

PART 1 CHARACTERS: Link, Young Link

Link and Young Link end up in the Purple Swamp, where they encounter Zoroark, who has seemingly appeared from nowhere. Zoroark challenges the Links, but is defeated. Link decides to revive Zoroark, who then joins them. After that, a video is shown of Zoroark teleporting them (and himself) somewhere.

Level 23-Halberd (Snake joins team)

PART 1 CHARACTERS: Kirby, Meta Knight

Kirby and Meta Knight get to the Halberd, but discover that King Dedede had already came earlier, and then they see Waddle Dees and the others. They all decide to go to the Halberd's control room so they can stop who's controlling it.

PART 2 CHARACTERS: Mario, Kirby, Yoshi, Peach, King Dedede, Meta Knight, Villager

The group reach the control room, and discover that the Halberd is being controlled by Ganondorf. He orders part of Bowser's Koopa Troop to attack them. The heroes must defeat 50 enemies, consisting of Goombas, Koopa Troopas, Paratroopas, and Bullet Bills.

PART 3 CHARACTERS: Mario, Kirby, Yoshi, Peach, King Dedede, Meta Knight, Villager, Snake

After seeing the defeat of the minions, Ganondorf prepares to battle them, after he puts the Halberd in an "auto-control" state. Just before the battle, Snake drops down from the roof of the Halberd, also fighting Ganondorf. He is defeated and turned into a trophy. After that, a cutscene plays of the Halberd crashing and an alarm going off. It is not seen where it crashed, or what it crashed into.

Level 24-Unknown Dark Area (Sonic the Hedgehog and Yarn Kirby join team)


Wolf, Bowser Jr., and a mysterious caped person (the one that revived them) walk to a huge dark cannon that's facing the dark sky. They aimed it at Delfino Coast and turned it to subspace because of what they saw there (which will be revealed later). Suddenly, Sonic comes and attacks the mysterious caped person, but when Sonic made the cape fall off him, he was revealed as Wreck it Ralph. Ralph was brainwashed and prepared to attack, but he decided to let his army battle first. Sonic has to defeat 35 enemies.

PART 2 CHARACTERS: Sonic, Yarn Kirby

After defeating the enemies, Sonic rushes through a hallway of enemies in glass capsules but he stops when he sees the Yarn Kirby Trophy in one. He breaks the glass and revives him, but it sets an alarm. They go further into the hallway while fighting enemies. After that, a cutscene is shown of Sonic and Yarn Kirby escaping through a dark portal somewhere.

Level 25-Delfino Beach

PART 1 CHARACTERS: Kirby, Meta Knight

Turns out, Ganondorf, Bowser Jr., and Ralph (Still Brainwashed) turned Delfino Coast to subspace because the halberd crashed there. Mario and his team were turned to trophies, but Kirby and Meta Knight escape using Meta Knight's wings. They land in Delfino Beach and continue their adventure.

PART 2 CHARACTERS: Donkey Kong, Kirby, Pikachu, Meta Knight, Diddy Kong, Pit, Ice Climbers, Lucario, Mega Man, Wii Fit Trainer

As they go forward, Donkey Kong's group fall from up above. They start to think they're enemies, but they realize they're all not evil when enemies appear and they start to attack. They go further in the beach and defeat enemies along the way. Then, a cut-scene is shown of them going in a cave with a Bowser shaped head on top of it, Then, they go in it hoping to find Bowser.

Level 26-Bowser's Cave

PART 1 CHARACTERS: Donkey Kong, Kirby, Pikachu, Meta Knight, Diddy Kong, Pit, Ice Climbers, Lucario, Wii Fit Trainer

The group find that the cave contains many of Bowser's minions, and that it is under Corona Mountain. After going through the cave, they found who they were looking for: Bowser. He is seen operating a machine with a screen that seems focused on Ralph, when the heroes realise that the machine is the cause of him being brainwashed. Before fighting the heroes, Bowser summons Kamek, who puts a magical force field around the machine. 

PART 2 CHARACTERS: Donkey Kong, Kirby, Pikachu, Meta Knight, Diddy Kong, Pit, Ice Climbers, Lucario, Mega Man, Wii Fit Trainer

The heroes battle Bowser and defeat him. However, the trophy and Kamek teleport away, and the force field is still active. The group try to destroy it, but fail.

Level 27-Delfino Volcano (Alph joins team)


Fox and Olimar land Fox's Arwing. They decide to go on foot for now and continue their journey. But they look up and see Wolf's arwing heading towards a volcano. They follow him hoping to stop his evil plan. Along the way, they fight goombas, koopas, and others that are part of Bowser's army.


Wolf's arwing lands and he goes inside a cave at the bottom of the volcano. Fox and Olimar follow him, but Wolf spots them. He was preparing to fight but decided to fight them later. Suddenly, Giga Lakitu comes from above and prepares to fight the two.

PART 3 CHARACTERS: Fox, Olimar, Alph

Once they defeat Giga Lakitu, they see Wolf who retreats into the cave. However, before they went after him, they saw the Alph trophy in his arwing. They revive Alph and three head into the volcano. After that, a cut-scene is shown of them catching up with Wolf. Wolf calls his arwing to him, but Fox attacks it as it comes and it goes out of control. Wolf in anger runs after it. But the arwing flies towards the shield around the controls and somehow manages to break it. However, the shield exploded turning everyone to trophies and blasting Alph, Fox, and Olimar out of the cave outside of it as trophies.

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