List of all items in SSB Ultimate.

List of Items


Item Name Series Use Description
Fire Flower NSMB2 Fire Flower Super Mario When a player picks up a Fire Flower, they'll equip it, which will effectively turn their Standard Special move into a fireball hurling attack. Each fireball they throw is about twice the size of Mario's standard Fireballs and burn twice as hot. Just like Mario's Fireballs, these projectiles will bounce along the ground after being thrown and burn out after four bounces or if they hit a wall. If a fireball hits an opponent, they'll take between 10% to 16% damage from each shot. 
Boomerang Flower Boomerang Flower Super Mario When a player picks up a Boomerang Flower, they will equip it similar to the Franklin Badge in Super Smash Bros. Brawl. After having equipped this flower, displayed as a blue Koopa shell worn on the character's torso and a blue helmet, the player can then toss Boomerangs, one at a time by executing their Standard Special move. If an enemy is struck by one of these boomerangs, they'll receive between 6% to 9% damage, but this weapon comes with a secondary purpose in the form that these boomerangs can also retrieve distant items and bring them back to the player on its return trip. Since the Boomerang Flower is an equippable item and uses the Special Move button, players can still pick up other items such as throwing or bludgeoning items and use them just fine while also still being able to throw Boomerangs. If KO'd or using up all available ammo, the Boomerang Flower will wear off and the player will regain the use of their Standard Special move.
HeartContainer Hearth Container The Legend of Zelda When a player picks up a Heart Container, they'll recover from exactly 100% damage. On some occassions, a Piece of Heart will appear instead of a Heart Container. These will only recover 25% damage of the player who picks it up. This healing item is one of the more reliable healing items in the game, as it doesn't have any delay and cannot be cancelled by opponent's attacks. In 1P Mode, such as All-Star Mode, these can be found in the room between each battle. These Heart Containers will heal all of the players damage up to 999%.
Kleever Kleever Donkey Kong In Super Smash Bros., Kleever can be used in a similar way to the Star Rod from the Kirby universe, a bludgeoning weapon that also allows the player to fire projectiles with Smash Attacks while holding the weapon. With normal attacks from Kleever, players can damage their foes for about 5% to 8% damage. By performing a Smash Attack with this weapon, Kleever will throw a burning fireball forwards as a projectile that can inflict fire-based damage upon its target, dealing about 8% to 11%. Each fireball projected from Kleever will use one charge of ammo.