Super Smash Bros Twisted(SSBT) is the tenth installment in the super smash bros series and the 1st to be done in conjunction with Simple Studios


The gameplay is mostly the same as the previous installments at its core,but there are added features such as:


Some stages have different levels of gravity which combined with the weight of the fighter can make them faster and floatier or slower and heavier,it can also change the way some projectiles move

Better Miis

Miis can now use any form of custom move from any character,as long as its in that class of mii(e.g. the falcon punch would be a brawler move while fox's blaster would be for gunner)

Better Custom Moves

Speaking of custom moves,characters have tons more custom moves,including custom taunts and even custom final smashes!

The Return Of Wavedashing

Thanks to a modification in the smash engine,wavedashing makes a return in this installment of smash,though its now balanced so everyone now has the same distance of wavedash(the distance being equal to ice climber's melee wavedash speed)


Info Here


Info Here

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