Super Smash Bros. Twist is the newest SSB installment created by Inora rather than Sora. Featuring a focus on an all out character blast, a number of them odd and unexpected(hence the Twist title). Other features are adjustable gameplay styles, a story mode, and a new Final Smash system. The game will be released in 2015. The roster has ??? characters. It is for Wii U and Nintendo 3DS.


  • Adjustable Styles: Players can tweak how the game plays here. The default mode is Smash 4, but Melee and Brawl can also be selected.
  • Final Smashes Revamped: The game no longer has Final Smashes as a luck based item. Instead, by pulling of combos players rank up Twist points. Once the Twist bar is full, a Final Smash can be used.
  • Stage Customization: Players can now play in Battlefield versions of every stage and turn of hazards in every stage.



  • Smash
  • Special Smash
  • Smash Run: More dungeon variation in addition to the occasional boss challenge.
  • Smashopoly: A version of Monopoly where players collect Smash Coins and buy Nintendo games to create a Smashopoly. Players who lose lose their gold to the winner.
  • Story Mode: Thieves of Power: An adventure mode that has similar gameplay to the Subspace Emissary.


  • Training
  • Vault
  • Trophy Twist: Players control a giant mecha, which they must use to capture gold, custom moves, equipment, and trophies. Players control the hands, which can pick up and fire a trophy gun. However, fighters are constantly attacking the mecha, and if it loses all HP it's over. Players must pay to play, with increasing gold amounts depending on what the worth of the prizes are.
  • Break the Targets: A fan favorite mode where players attempt to destroy every target in time. Each character has a unique stage.
  • Board the Platforms: A Smash 64 classic mode, players must board all platforms while avoiding falling and hazards. Each character has a unique stage.
  • Multi Man Smash: Here, the enemies faced are Twists, artificial beings made out of a morhping goo. The variations are Red(Mario), Green(Link), Purple(Samus), and Yellow(Pikachu).
  • All-Star Mode
  • Events
  • Story Mode: Thieves of Power

Story Mode: Thieves of Power

The Nintendo All-Stars are reunited after their worlds are raided by interdimensional thieves who steal their power. However, these thieves are all connected...


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