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Picture Type Name Series Moveset
Mariossbi All Around Mario Super Mario Standard Special: Fire Ball

Side Special: Cape

Up Special: Super Jump

Down Special: Fire Spin

Final Smash: Mega Mushroom

150px-Luigi Artwork (alt) - Super Mario 3D World All Around Luigi Super Mario Standard Special: Green Fire

Side Special: Green Missile

Up Special: Super Jump Punch

Down Special: Flash Light Shot

Final Smash: King Boo Attack

PeachSmashNoBackGround Tricky Peach Super Mario Standard Special: Heart Blast

Side Special: Peach Crash

Up Special: Peach Parasol

Down Special: Vegetable Pull

Final Smash: Emotion Rage

640px-Bowsersfirebreath (1) Power Bowser Super Mario Standard Special: Fire Breath

Side Special: Claw Slash

Up Special: Shell Spin

Down Special: Bowser Slam

Final Smash: Bowsers Army

300px-BowserJrSSB4Render Tricky Bowser Jr. Super Mario Standard Special: Canonball

Side Special: Clown Kart

Up Special: Clown Car Rocket

Down Special: Mecha Koopa

Final Smash: Shadow Mario

Rosalina.SSB4 Tricky


Super Mario Standard Special: Luma Shot

Side Special: Star Bits

Up Special: Launch Star

Down Special: Luma Shield

Final Smash: Planet Crash

PaperMarioStand All Around Paper Mario Super Mario Standard Special: Hammer Smash

Side Special: Hammer Throw

Up Special: Ultra Jump

Down Special: Vivian's Veil

Final Smash:???????

WarioSSB4 Power


WarioWare Standard Special: Chomp

Side Special: Wario Bike

Up Special: Corkscrew

Down Special: Wario Fart

Final Smash: Wario Man

9 volt Tricky 9- Volt WarioWare Standard Special: NES Blaster

Side Special: Power Glove Punch

Up Special: Mario Jump

Down Special: Wii Board Shield

Final Smash: Nintendo Evolution

LinkSmash Projectile Link Legend Of Zelda Standard Special: Hero's Bow

Side Special: Gale Boomerang

Up Special: Spin Attack

Down Special: Bomb

Final Smash: Triforce Slash

ToonLinkSSB4 Projectile Toon Link Legend Of Zelda Standard Special: Hero's Bow

Side Special: Boomerang

Up Special: Spin Attack

Down Special: Bomb

Final Smash: Toon Triforce Slash

334px-Hyrule Warriors - Zelda Artwork Tricky Zelda Legend Of Zelda Standard Special: Nayru's Love

Side Special: Din's Fire

Up Special: Farore's Wind

Down Special: Phantom Slash

Hyrule Warriors Sheik Tricky Sheik Legend Of Zelda Standard Special: Needle Knifes

Side Special: Burst Grenade

Up Special: Vanish

Down Special: Bouncing Fish

Final Smash: Light Arrow Needle

480px-GanondorfSSB4Render Power Ganondorf Legend Of Zelda Standard Special: Warlock Punch

Side Special: Duel Swords

Up Special: Ghost Pounce

Down Special: Wizards Foot

Final Smash: Final Ganon

Hylanvaati Tricky Vaati Legend Of Zelda Standard Special: Pietra

Side Special: Fulmine

Up Special: Salita

Down Special: Braccio

Final Smash: Vaati's Wrath

Pikachu SSBR Speed Pikachu Pokemon Standard Special: Thunder Shot

Side Special: Skull Bash

Up Special: Quick Attack

Down Special: Thunderbolt

Final Smash: Volt Tackle

Lucario SSB4 Artwork All Around Lucario Pokemon Standard Special: Aura Sphere

Side Special: Force Palm

Up Special: ExtremeSpeed

Down Special: Double Team

Final Smash: Mega Lucario

Squirtlessbb Speed Pokemon Trainer


Pokemon Standard Special: Water Gun

Side Special: Withdraw

Up Special: Waterfall

Down Special: Return

BrawlIvysaur Projectile

Pokemon Trainer


Pokemon Standard Special: Bullet Seed

Side Special: Razor Leaf

Up Special: Vine Whip

Down Special: Return

548px-CharizardSSB4.Wii U Power

Pokemon Trainer


Pokemon Standard Special: Flame Thrower

Side Special: Flare Blitz

Up Special: Fly

Down Special Return

Final Smash: Triple Finish

Greninja-ssb4 Speed/Tricky Greninja Pokemon Standard Special: Water Shuriken

Side Special: Shadow Sneak

Up Special: Water Jet

Down Special: Subsitute

Final Smash: Mysterious Ninja

MewtwoSSBH Power/Tricky Mewtwo Pokemon Standard Special: Shadow Ball

Side Special: Confusion

Up Special: Teleport

Down Special: Disable

Final Smash: Mega Mewtwo Y

SceptileLightPD Projectile Sceptile Pokemon Standard Special: Leaf Blade

Side Special: Leaf Storm

Up Special: Leaf Tornado

Down Special: Grass Knot

Final Smash: Mega Sceptile

Pit KIU Projectile Pit  Kid Icarus Standard Special: God's Bow

Side Special: Upperdash Arm

Up Special: Power Of Flight

Down Special: Guardian Orbitars

Final Smash: Three sacred Treasures

Palutena SSB3M Power/Projectile Palutena Kid Icarus Standard Special: Auto Rectile

Side Special: Reflect Wall

Up Special: Warp

Down Special: Counter

Final Smash: Black Hole Mega Lazors

200px-Viridi Uprising Tricky/Power Viridi Kid Icarus Standard Special: Cragalanche Crush

Side Special: Phosphora Flash

Up Special: Parashoot

Down Special: Lunar Sancity

Final Smash: Reset Grenades

383px-SSB4 - Marth Artwork All Around Marth Fire Emblem
480px-Ike SSB4 Power Ike Fire Emblem

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