Super Smash Bros. Clash of the best is a fan-made, Fighting, Action videogame, developed by Typhoon6. and published by Nintendo for the Nintendo 3DS. The game will be updated regularly. It is the 4th installment of the Super Smash Bros. series


Following many games it is a brawl feature game with attacking strenght and other stats.People can choose from many other characters new and old for an additional bonus to the game in either story mode or battle mode, where they will battle on the strongest,weirdest and difficult levels while you can make your own.The characters in Brawl include most of the same ones as the predecessors, such as the well-known Mario and Pikachu. In battle you start with 000 health and gain damage over and over untill they are hurt really damaged and you go flying out of course or hit our screen.When a character is unlocked after the battle it will say challenger appears and 1st player battles him if they lose they dont unlock him/her and have to try to unlock him/her again.

The characters battle each other with attacks and methods to be crowned the winner and get a traditional power bonus by items that will give a wide space to move and escape attacks or you can use a shield but after 5 seconds it blows up and you are confused and gives them a chance to defeat you. You can get a smash ball and use it against all who challenges you and smash them out of the stage. If an item flies you can control and pick it up and use it defeat all people like smash ball and alot others.


Players move around the stages using the Analog Stick, and can jump by pressing it upwards. It is possible to jump again in the air a single time. Some characters also have the ability to multi-jump in the air. By pressing the Analog Stick downwards, the player can crouch or move a layer down on the stage. Gameplay is mainly on the above screen, wich is wider. However, players can alter that in Screen Adjuster.

Smash Attacks:

Smashattacks are basic moves like punch, kick and combo attacks that do roughly about 008% damage done to you. However the attacks are weak but they are not slow moves they go rapid for many characters but others take 1 second to punch that is alot stronger. Each character has a different punch or kick in the game like one could be aura around the fist or a sword that slashes them instead of punch.

Puch or Kick:

Special Attacks are holding b or 1 either way they do 016% damage it is strong, depends what move shooting, heavy attacks and many more moves it's a secret what you do is find out by defeating with combo or just hold power attack. It is fast for 19 characters but the rest of the characters are really strong at special attack.


Shield is a protect move that will do no damage just if you hold for to long you would blow up and take 005% damage, there is a side effect when you blow up you're confused and they have 1 chance to hurt them but if you hit him/her you turn back to normal and you can still play again.


You have 3 taunts and after defeat an opponent use it but if anyone touches you, you will get hurt watch out make sure it's the back screen that will give you another time to use taunt. Taunt is mainlyused at wario ware inc because it is 1 of the use of it and might get an award find out go there.

Special Moves:

In addition to the Smash Attacks, each character has his/her own set of special moves, which are performed with the B Button or the Y Button. When pressing the Analog Stick at a certain direction, or not moving it at all, a different special move is performed. The Special Moves are influenced by the character's individual personality and have various effects rather than just damaging opponents such as sleeping, dizzying, reflecting, projectiles etc.

Playable Charcters:

Characters you start with at the start of the game you get 30 and there is 40 characters to unlock trough the wackiest events and other battles and modes. The characters you start with you can use to train in training mode and battle with the cpu or with you friends it goes up to 6 players but only 4 playable and 2 cpu to battle. The old new and even unlockable characters are playable just have to unlock him/her.


Sample: Name: Series: Description:
Waddle Doo Kirby Waddle Doo is a minion of king de de de and works with waddle dee, with lighning powers he can paralyse all of his opponents with quick dash attacks to finish the job.
Waddle Dee Kirby Waddle Dee is a servant from King de de de and is stuck doing all the hard work as the favourite and most loyal servant, he will burn you untill you are badly damaged then double smash kick to final blow him/her up.
Tails Sonic the Hedgehog Tails is sonic's best friend and feels like a brother he can fly 6 times then can dash into the edge with special jump that makes him really tricky to kill while he keeps flying around you.
Amy Sonic the Hedgehog Amy loves sonic and will and would do anything to have sonic as a husband, she uses her pico hammer to smash her enemies into the sky and then smash into the ground if your skilled[067% damage done].
Roy Fire Emblem Roy comes back from meelee but his moves are all different his blade get a power of ice that is so strong it can break a smash ball with one slash of the blade just to win a battle.
Primid Wii Primid is from brawl it is a enemy but on this game you can play and win with him with alot more health just to be popular and the best character out of all the characters.
Scaler Scaler Scaler comes from the original character scaler he is not popular but he changes forms to sneak attack and other forms to suprise all who seeks him in the game.
Spyro Spyro the Dragon Spyro is crashes enemy he likes fire,earth,ice and lightning moves with a good combo he can smash them and make them confused,burned,paralyzed or even frozen but they are worth nothing.
Crash Crash Bandicoot Crash comes from his own show and comes to join and defeat by using knockout moves like dizzy spin that does 009% but they are confused then finish with strike attack.

Unlockable Characters:

Sample: Name: Series: Description: How to Unlock:
Luigi Mario Defeat 100 enemies
Daisy Mario Play 100 battles
Bowser Mario Meet him in story mode
Bowser Jr Mario Play Bowser 150 times
Shiek Legend of Zelda Win 50 battles
Ganondorf Legend of Zelda Defeat him in story mode
Toon Link Legend of Zelda Defeat all Missions
Vaati Legend of Zelda Kill 300 Puppets in Story Mode
King De De De Kirby Defeat him in story mode
Ike Fire Emblem
Leaf Pokemon
Zoroark Pokemon
Krystal Krystal
Leon Star Fox
Wolf Star Fox
Sylux Metroid
Spire Metroid
Noxus Metroid
Funky Kong DK
Diddy Kong DK
Louie Pikmin
Ness Mother
Lucas Mother
Silver Sonic the Hedgehog
Shadow Sonic the Hedgehog
Snake Snake
Ice Climbers Wii
Black Shadow F Zero
Mii Wii
Bomberman Bomberman
Chibi-Robo Chibi-Robo
Sukapon Sukapon
Sackboy Little Big Planet
White Mage Final Fantasy
Black Mage Final Fantasy
Nights Sega
Reala Sega
Banjo & Kazooie Banjo & Kazooie
Leon Scaler
Megaman Megaman
Monkey D Luffy One Piece
Ratchet & Clank Ratchet & Clank
Green Alloy Wii
Red Alloy Wii
Yellow Alloy Wii
Blue Alloy Wii


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