Super Smash Bros. Thunder was the next project created by the creators of Super Smash Bros. Crusade and contain removed & new characters! The game features characters & series that would never actually enter smash! The game is set to release in 2017!


The Characters The Series!
Mario Super Mario Bros. (series)
Princess Peach Super Mario Bros. (series)
Donkey Kong Donkey Kong (series)
Diddy Kong Donkey Kong (series)
King K. Rool Donkey Kong (series)
Yoshi Yoshi (series)
Wario Wario (series)
Link The Legend of Zelda (series)
Zelda The Legend of Zelda (series)
Sheik The Legend of Zelda (series)
Kirby Kirby (series)
King DeDeDe Kirby (series)
Pikachu Pokémon (series)
Samus Metroid (series)
Fox Star Fox
Lucas EarthBound
Snake Metal Gear

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