This subpage contains news and updates about Super Smash Bros. Throwdown, it will be updated regularly with some information about gameplay and more.

10/11/14: The Power Tree

The Power Tree is one of the new features in this game, a "upgrade" system where you can have new techniques, custom moves (all of them return from the previous installment and they are also added to the new fighters), and unique moves.

Leveling up your character involves receiving Guts, an experience system that you gain by the amount of damage you deal against opponents. So basically, after a battle you will get both Coins and Guts.

amiibo has the same effect like the previous installment and it does pretty much the exact same thing but adds the new Power Tree in the mix...

Lets take a look at what Mario can upgrade into. First off, all the characters have some basic upgrades like slightly faster speed and better shields; Mario still has his custom moves, his new upgrades include fireballs possibly burning the foes and the ability to shoot two fireballs at once. If you missed the Mario Tornado you are able to bring that back if you customize your character with that option. This upgrading feature requires the use of coins, and by the way.

These upgrades do not exactly work in For Fun or For Glory. There is a mode which allows you to filter things which will be explained in a future update. If you are playing With Friends you are able to use these upgrades without that specific mode.

There is a special place called the Hall of Smash, where you will see trophies of all the playable characters like Link, Kirby, and more. Note that certain areas don't appear until you unlock characters so the area will expand. The trophies you see are the default trophies unlocked from Classic Mode, they do not count into your Trophy Collection until you beat the mode with the specific character.

Aside from that, as you level up your character the trophies will change form:

  • Trophy Changes
    • Standard: Unlocked instantly by playing as the character, nothing added to it.
    • Bronze: Unlocked by reaching Level 10, if you manage to make it to that level; You will unlock a special costume/palette.
    • Silver: Unlocked by reaching Level 25, if you manage to make it to that level; You will unlock a secret move that you cannot obtain from the Power Tree by coins.
    • Gold: Unlocked by reaching Level 50, if you manage to make it to that level; You will unlock a second Final Smash.
    • Master Unlock: It is unknown what this does, details to come later.

That wraps it up for todays update.

10/12/14: Jigglypuff Buffed

Jigglypuff returns once again in the throwdown, but in this update I will be discussing new features of this puff Pokémon. First off, Jigglypuff now gains Fairy Wind as a special-up, it causes Jigglypuff to exhale a magical air that can be charged to possibly knock back other players, a good form of recovery.

The Power Tree also helps out Jiggly as the fighter gains Wake Up Slap, you can use it to deal damage but it is doubled if you put your opponent asleep with rest. Other moves include Gyro Ball as a replacement to Rollout, Gyro Ball does more damage to the lighter fighters while it does regular damage to the heavier ones.

Custom Moves return to the puff ball and new ones are introduced. Sleep Talk can be combined with Rest to use other moves so you don't get hit so easily, but it will use random moves, it is not always going to use an attacking move. Echoed Voice is also one of Jigglypuffs best move upgrades, unleash an echoing voice that can hit multiple opponents if they are close enough; Charge the move if you want to hit the players from farther range. The closer the opponent is, the bigger the damage, but if they are far then it won't really do that much.

Jigglypuff isn't the only fighter that has new moves to use, there are plenty more fighters that have unique abilities to test out against other players in this throwdown.

This has been todays update.

10/17/14: Story Mode

There will be an Story Mode in the game where almost all of the roster will appear (some do not appear and they are secret unlockables)

The world of Smash has been invaded by robotic creatures from another world, the villains are part of this and are planning on killing off the fun of the tournaments and destroying the heroes to rule the world.

Or are they really? A new foe rises, a vicious metal cyborg named Vectros. He teams up with the Nintendo villains so the villains will rule the world, but he isn't the real antagonist, the story will get revealed as you reach farther parts of the story.

Where did these mysterious creatures come from? The answers will be revealed in this new story.

10/24/14: It's No Dream For Luigi

With the amazing new Power Tree, Luigi gains a interesting moveset, but these moves are hard to unlock. These moves are based off of the Luiginary Attacks in Mario & Luigi: Dream Team. The attacks are very strong and there are slight chances for some Luiginoids to crash or fall to do extra damage to the opponents.

Neutral B is Luiginary Flame, a stronger version of Luigis fireball, the Luiginoids will help you charge a huge fireball that can be thrown to hit the ground, it also causes flames to be scattered to deal little damage or even more if the opponents are closer.

Side B is the Luiginary Ball, a fast ball like recovery that has the possibility to knock you back if you touch it.

Up B is the Luiginary Typhoon, a spinning recovery move that helps Luigi a lot, it has a chance to suck the player in and do greater damage.

Down B is the Luiginary Hammer, smash the ground hard or charge it even more to deliver a huge smash that will crush your opponents.

These aren't the only new moves Luigi can unlock, one new move involves thunder and the use of a Polterpup. The combinations are endless, Luigi is definitely one improved character with his new Luiginary moves to use against opponents.

11/1/14: A Deadly Fighter Drifts In + Pac Is Back

One of the new interesting fighters to join the roster is Deathborn. A new F-Zero rep, Black Shadow fears him as he is the claimed "Champion of the Underworld". Appearing F-Zero GX, Deathborn is a frightening villain to join the brawl.

Deathborn has a similar play style to Captain Falcon and Ganondorf, he is both melee and ranged but a heavyweight, his dodging is great though. Standard attacks include punching and launching electric like jabs.

While his moveset isn't confirmed, his Neutral-B (tentative name: Death Pulse) will work out like Samus' Charge Shot, except fully charging it shows four balls of electricity that home into the player almost like Palutena's Autoreticle. If the fighter is quick they won't take as much damage if all the shots don't home on them.

His Up-B move (tentative name: Death Ball) is like Fox' Fire Fox, you can launch yourself with a electrical ball up to recovery, even vertical as well. If you charge it enough the ball gets bigger - this move also has a chance to paralyze the opponent for a bit.

His Side-B (may change to Down-B) is like Meta Knights Dimensional Cape. This move is where Deathborn goes a bit quicker and does not have a helpless state, Deathborn lunges but teleports to the side and chokes the player hard.

His Down-B is most likely to change, when Deathborn executes this move, glowing arrows rush down upon the opponents as Deathborn slams down his mysterious dark saber, it acts a bit like a counter and it will hurt aerial opponents.

Final Smash: Wings of Darkness - The Dark Schnieder appears and hits the player and brings them into the vehicle if they make contact and finally crashes down into the battlefield, stay away from the impact; you might get knocked back!

As you can see Deathborn is a strong but heavy fighter, if you can control him well he can do better against the quick agile foes.

That isn't just all... Pac-Man is back into the battle, with the Power Tree, some new abilties include a Pac-Dot Chain which is a strong version of Pac-Mans Side-B, a upgrade that boosts the yellow fighters speed a little, and more.

Some unique new moves include the Rev Roll, speed up and ram into the opponent - it could flinch or knock back the foe as it is pretty powerful. Another move you are able to execute with this is the Butt Bounce, acting like the Bowser Bomb except you can use it more quickly (more combos will get greater damage!) and if the enemy dodges your Rev Roll, quickly stop by butt bouncing hard on them.

That is all for today.

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