Dashing is a form of ground movement faster than waking. It is performed by tapping sideways on the control stick. The player's character enters his or her initial dash animation, in which they change directions with very little lag, and then proceeds to his or her running animation. In Brawl, a character attempting to dash can trip instead. While dashing, characters can also perform their dash attack, shield, or jump. The Bunny Hood item increases a character's running speed. In the Super Smash Bros. series, different characters run at different speeds.

List of Dashing Speeds

In Super Smash Bros. Thrash

2Captain Falcon2.3
4-11Louie, Falco, Wolf, Sheik, Ness, Meta Knight, Black Shadow, & Pikachu1.8
12-14Poo, Fox & The Balloon Fighter1.72
15-17Roy, King K. Rool & Mewtwo1.61
18-24Waluigi, Antasma, Little Mac, Funky Kong, Shovel Knight, King Dedede, & Amaterasu1.6
26-27Olimar & Yoshi1.51
28-34MegaMan, Jack Carver, Bandana Waddle Dee, Donkey Kong, Diddy Kong, Mr. Game & Watch, and Bowser1.5
35-41Solid Snake, Panther Caroso, Samus, Kirby, Boomerang Mario, Ice Climbers, & Lucas1.4
42-43Ganondorf, & Wario1.35
44-45Silver, & Mario1.34
46-47Link, Shantae & Zelda1.3
48-49Jigglypuff & Peach1.1

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