The Codec Conversations is Template:Snake's secret taunt on Shadow Moses Island where Their's Talks about The otheR Opponentss with The support Team, consisting of Otacon, Roy Campbell, and Mei Ling. The President Of Hocotate Freight from The Pikmin Series also Talks with Snake when fighting Louie.

Each character Snake talks to has their own way of describing the opponent. The Colonel's descriptions are usually blunt and warning-like, and he may offer Snake careful advice about the character and encourage him to attack. Otacon's are the most descriptive, as he seems to know the most about them having conducted much research, and his attitude when speaking to Snake is either excited or worried. Mei Ling's descriptions are mostly emotional; she usually tells Snake of his opponent's dark or hurtful past if the character has one, but also shows sympathy for the characters and disdain for some of Snake's comments.

The taunt is performed by inputting the down taunt command for just one frame. If done correctly, Snake will kneel and touch the codec receiver in his ear. The codec message will begin soon afterward if Snake is left undisturbed.

The Voice Actors!


Colonel: Snake? I hope you know who this dude is?
Snake: Of course I know who this is! Its Mario!
Colonel: Mario is here again to try to take you down. Don't let him get in the way of accomplishing your goals!
Snake: Ok, thanks! But on the side note, I didn't say this last time, but I got to say this, now that I'm older now! I'm kind've jealous of Mario!
Colonel: Aren't we all


Snake: Oh look, theirs Luigi!
Otacon: Nice look Snake! Normally, people don't recognize him due to living in Mario's shadow.
Snake: But didn't he have his own year?
Otacon: Yes, in 2013! It was to celebrate the 30TH year anniversary, in which Luigi debuted in the original Mario Bros. arcade game! Did I mention the obvious fact that Luigi owns this haunted mansion with over $1,000,000,000,000 dollars?
Snake: 1,000,000,000,000 DOLLARS?!? Why didn't Colonel tell me that before! Luigi might just be The favorite character!


Colonel: Don't get to close Snake! He is dangerous!
Snake: How is this turtle supposed to danger me?!?
Colonel: This is no ordinary turtle, This is Bowser! He is Mario's arch-enemy. Bowser can breathe fire, and is somewhat attracted to Princess Peach!
Snake: Wait! Bowser can't date Peach! Bowser is the turtle, and the Princess is the human! That just sounds wrong!
Colonel: It will take some time to get that into Bowsers head, But until that time comes, Let's just defeat Bowser in those 100 Mario titles!

Boomerang Mario

Snake: Whats this? First Mario, Now its just Mario... with this hat....... This turtle shell............. and The boomerang and they just call him "Boomerang Mario?"................. Very creative!
Colonel: Yes it is Mario, But hes quicker, and more stronger! It may not seem like much, but its interesting to fight someone with different personalities!
Snake: I guess you got that point!


Colonel: Oh, Wario is interesting to talk about! This dude is one true jokster right here!
Snake: What do you mean?
Colonel: Well, one of the attacks the awful dreaded farting
Snake: You mean, I called you up just for you to tell me about this dude who... Farts?
Colonel: That's not all! Wario can also ride this motorcycle onto the track! He can also stuff you in his mouth and...
Snake: -Please Colonel, Nomore before I Throw-up


Otacon: I think you might remember who Waluigi is!
Snake: Wasn't Waluigi one of those characters who would've come out of one of the assist trophies?
Otacon: Yes! I guess he decided to join the fighters then... Well... assist!
Snake: Thats what it looks like.
Otacon: Waluigi is Wario's partner in crime and is Luigi's rival. Even though Luigi is Mario's brother, Waluigi is just Wario's best friend!
Snake: Well, at least he isn't that disgusting as Wario is!


Otacon: Look over their Snake, its Yoshi!
Snake: I know everything their is to know about Yoshi!
Otacon: Ok then, How about YOU telling ME the facts!
Snake: Ok then, Well, Yoshi lives at Yoshi's Island and The Mushroom Kingdom and Mario is well-known for riding on Yoshi's back! He can also eat things with the very stretchy tongue!
Otacon: I taught you well Snake! I taught you well!

Bowser Jr.

Colonel: Looks like your fighting Bowser Jr. Snake!
Snake: Just a littler version of Bowser that Otacon stated as DANGEROUS?!?
Colonel: Well, Bowser Jr. is interesting because he fights in The Koopa Clown Car
Snake: Very creative!

Princess Peach

Snake: Who is this Mei Ling?
Mei Ling: I see your fighting Princess Peach!
Snake: Isn't she the one that get's kidnapped ton's of times from Bowser?
Mei Ling: Just because she get's kidnapped all the time, doesn't mean she's not good! Peach has the power to throw vegetables and she can float in the air for the longest time!
Snake: To me, it just sounds like another excuse to add another women character!


Snake: Y'know, I don't get scared of ton's of things, However this batlike thing is scaring me!
Otacon: Thats Antasma Snake. He is the lord of The Dream Land!
Snake: Whats after that?
Otacon: Legend has it, that Antasma destroyed The Stone Pillows to combine the Dream & Real Land's! Luigi actually had to sleep to transfer Mario into The Dream Land!
Snake: Hmmm... Maybe if I slept on one of those, Then I Could defeat Metal Gear Ray & get him to surrender!
Otacon: I do not think it works like that, Snake!


Snake: I'm searching myself fighting this dice block?
Colonel: Thats Tumble, He wants to challenge you
Snake: .......
Colonel: Once this dice block opens That Smash Ball, he will encounter Chance Time, To get things luckier for this dice block


Snake: Otacon, who's the guy with the sword?
Otacon: That's Link. Hes the hero of Hyrule. That blade in his hand is called the Master Sword, also known as the 'Blade of Evil's Bane'. He also has a whole arsenal of items at his disposal--bombs and arrows, The shield, The boomerang, and The Clawshot. He's The force to get reckoned with.
Snake: Gear is only useful when it's used at the right time and place. Just lugging the ton of it around doesn't do you any good.
Otacon: ...I, uh... I wouldn't be talking if I were you, Snake.
Snake: What's that supposed to mean?
Otacon: You tell me, Mr. Utility Belt.
Snake: ...


Snake: Ah, nice to see Zelda here!
Mei Ling: Yeah, Zelda is here to defend herself from the wrath of Ganondorf!
Snake: I Thought Zelda contained magical abilities! She should defend herself
Mei Ling: Well, Ganondorf is The lord of darkness and is just stronger Then Zelda & Its just sad
Snake: Uhhh.......


Snake: What's going on here? What happened to Zelda?!
Mei Ling: Snake, Princess Zelda transformed into Sheik. I can understand the clothes, but to change her skin and eye color? That must take some strong magic.
Snake: ...Magic...?
Mei Ling: Come on, Snake! Don't get all grouchy and start talking about how unscientific it is. Science is technically just another form of magic that creates our lives easier.
Snake: I never thought I'd hear that coming from you, Mei Ling.
Mei Ling: Don't you think talking to someone halfway around the world is a kind of magic? Or flying across entire continents?
Snake: No. I think that is completely different.


Snake: The dude is giving off The murderous vibe! Even getting close to him get's the skin crawling...
Otacon: Snake! Ganondorf is dangerous! The ambition is to rule the land, and he's got the power to do it. It's no wonder they call him 'The King of Evil'.
Snake: Do modern weapons even work against him? Do I even have The chance?
Otacon: Take The look around you. There are ton's of human's fighting with swords or even their own hands. At least you've got firepower! Count yourself lucky! It's not like you to whine, Snake.
Snake: I was just asking, sheesh.

Toon Link

Snake: Colonel, who is this kid with the cat eyes...?
Colonel: Oh, they call The Toon Link. Doesn't he look familiar?
Snake: Yeah, he looks just like Link.
Colonel: But you know there've been several human's who've gone To that name, right? They all have certain things in common--green clothes, The sword, The shield... But they all came from different lands and lived in different eras. And yet the spirit of the hero of The Triforce is Timeless. It's The essence that transcends history.
Snake: I think I can relate to that.
Colonel: Huh? What do you mean?
Snake: There's been Ton's than one 'Snake', too, you know...

Toon Ganondorf

Snake: Whats this? First Toon Link, Now Toon GANONDORF?!? These cartoony version of the characters are really starting to get on the nerves!
Colonel: Well, Their Are cartoons everywhere! On Video Games, On TV, On Advertisements, Even on promotional content! Without cartoons, Thing's could get very old
Snake: Well, I guess so, but some cartoons are useless
Colonel: Well, Toon Ganondorf is different then that!


Snake: Wow their is this mouse with electricity!
Mei Ling: Thats Pikachu! Can I please have him and keep him all to myself?
Snake: No.
Mei Ling: Why not?!
Snake: Because I've got a job to do.
Mei Ling: Awwwwwww... But I wanted to hug him, and squeeze him forever and ever and ever and never let him go. If I was their, I'd kidnap him.
Snake: Ugh


Snake: Who is this dude?!?
Otacon: This is Captain Olimar! He is the leader of Planet Hocotate and his job is to guard these little Pikmin! The red one is immune to fire, and the second strongest, the blue one can survive in the water, the yellow one is immune to thunder and electricity and can get thrown the highest, The purple one is the strongest and the slowest of them, and the white one can see things the other Pikmin can't see! I could explain more, but I just created the point!
Snake: .......
Otacon: Don't you think thats terrible! These little Pikmin listen to Olimars demonstrations all the time! Like the legend says,

Pulled out again, they'll follow you alone.
 Today once again they'll carry, fight, multiply and get consumed.
 Left alone again, they'll meet again and be thrown around again.
 But they'll follow you forever.

Isn't that just sad?!? I'm tearing up Snake!

Snake: If you want sad stories, I was once killed!
Otacon: Sorry to tell, but its just not the same!


Snake: This is Snake!
The President Of Hocotate Freight: Copy Snake, This is the president!
Snake: What?!? Who is this? Your not Otacon!
The President Of Hocotate Freight: Well, I wanted to let you know about Louie!
Snake: Okay!
The President Of Hocotate Freight: Just so y'know, Louie contains Pikmin, More then Olimar! Their is Rock Pikmin which they can thrash into their opponents! Their is The Winged Pikmin, which can carry him up high!
Snake: You guy's are all interesting! In fact, I should hire Louie & Olimar to work at FOXHOUND!
The President Of Hocotate Freight: Thanks, but no thanks! They get TON'S of work to do!

The KnockOut Screens

If Snake gets KO'ed during The codec conversation, these special screens Do appear, based on which of the four characters Snake is talking with. These screens also appear in the Metal Gear Solid series when Their is The Game Over and Snake dies, with the obvious exception of The President Of Hocotate Freight

Note, these screens do not appear if Snake loses The last life in The stock duel!

Colonel Campbell

"Snake, do you copy? Snake! Snaaake!!!"


"Snake! What's going on? Snake! Snaaake!!!"

Mei Ling

"Snake! Don't quit now! Snake! Snaaake!!!"

The President Of Hocotate Freight

"Snake! C'mon you can do this! Snake! Snaaake!!!"

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